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2019-10-22AndroidAuthorityResearchers turn Amazon and Google smart speakers into smart spies
2019-10-22AndroidAuthority10 best tower assault games like Clash Royale
2019-10-22AndroidAuthoritySharpen your mind with the brain booster bundle
2019-10-21AndroidAuthorityThe best OnePlus 7T cases
2019-10-21AndroidAuthorityLG V50 ThinQ review: Phone more widely available as 5G coverage grows
2019-10-21AndroidAuthorityGoogle Pixel 4 DxOMark score reveals a solid camera upgrade over Pixel 3
2019-10-21AndroidAuthorityGoogle Pixel 4 wireless charging is fast on all docks, not just Pixel Stand
2019-10-21AndroidAuthorityOnePlus 7T and 7T Pro update brings better low-light selfies
2019-10-21AndroidAuthorityWide-angle or telephoto smartphone camera: Choosing not to choose
2019-10-21AndroidAuthorityWatch your favorite shows unrestricted with Stream Unblocker (96% off)
2019-10-21AndroidAuthority10 best new Android apps from October 2019!
2019-10-21AndroidAuthorityCall of Duty Mobile update: Halloween event kicks off today with daily rewards
2019-10-21AndroidAuthorityCombine music and light with Sengled Pulse Smart Bulbs for $26.99
2019-10-21AndroidAuthorityGmail’s Smart Compose feature is likely coming to Gboard
2019-10-21AndroidAuthorityPromo deal: Get AWS and DevOps certification training for just $23
2019-10-21AndroidAuthorityHuawei may have figured out a way to work around the US ban when it comes to 5G
2019-10-21AndroidAuthorityCamera shootout: Google Pixel 4 vs Pixel 3 vs Pixel 2 vs Pixel
2019-10-21AndroidAuthorityIt’s 2019, and you can pinch, tickle, and poke a phone covered in fake skin
2019-10-21AndroidAuthorityDo you use haptics while typing on your phone? (Poll of the Week)
2019-10-21AndroidAuthorityThis brand revealed a Snapdragon 865 phone, but Snapdragon 865 isn’t a thing yet
2019-10-21AndroidAuthorityCamera shootout: Pixel 4 vs the best smartphone cameras around
2019-10-21AndroidAuthorityGallery: Google Pixel 4’s Astro mode is out of this world
2019-10-21AndroidAuthorityOnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T get a taste of Android 10 with open beta
2019-10-21AndroidAuthorityUnlock a future as a certified computer hacker
2019-10-21AndroidAuthorityBecome an optimization expert with the 2020 Google SEO Bundle
2019-10-21AndroidAuthorityGoogle has a very sad excuse for not supporting 4K 60fps videos on the Pixel 4
2019-10-21AndroidAuthorityPixel 4 Dual Exposure Controls, Live HDR won’t come to Google Pixel 3, 3a
2019-10-21AndroidAuthorityGoogle to fix Google Photos bug that gave iPhones unlimited original storage
2019-10-21AndroidAuthorityXiaomi plans to launch more than 10 5G smartphones in 2020
2019-10-21AndroidAuthorityThe 10 best Indian original series to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video
2019-10-21AndroidAuthorityGoogle Pixel 4 will get eye detection toggle for face unlock, but when?
2019-10-21AndroidAuthoritySony Xperia 1 review: Ahead of the curve
2019-10-21AndroidAuthorityOnePlus 7 Pro camera review: Average at best
2019-10-20AndroidAuthorityGoogle Pixel 4 and MNML Case international giveaway!
2019-10-20AndroidAuthorityBest Fitbit alternatives: Garmin, Samsung, Xiaomi, and more
2019-10-20AndroidAuthority15 crossword solvers for Android, iOS, and the web that actually work!
2019-10-20AndroidAuthorityNokia 7.2 review: When good enough isn’t good enough
2019-10-20AndroidAuthorityFotor makes photo edits easy for only $19.99
2019-10-20AndroidAuthority(Gallery) Here’s what the Pixel 4’s Astro mode can do
2019-10-20AndroidAuthorityNow might be the perfect time to buy a OG Pixelbook
2019-10-20AndroidAuthorityDeal: Launch your data science future for under $20
2019-10-20AndroidAuthorityThis week in Android: Pixel mania, Samsung security flaws, and more!
2019-10-20AndroidAuthority5 reasons why you should (and shouldn’t) pre-order a Google Pixel 4
2019-10-20AndroidAuthorityFor only $19, learn the ways of Linux with this popular online kit
2019-10-20AndroidAuthoritySave 64% on this recertified Ratsel gaming sound system
2019-10-20AndroidAuthorityBest podcasts you can listen to in 2019
2019-10-20AndroidAuthorityBecome an AutoCAD ace and launch your design career
2019-10-19AndroidAuthority5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Apps Weekly
2019-10-19AndroidAuthorityFriendly reminder: Fingerprints are a bad way to secure your phone
2019-10-19AndroidAuthorityPromo deal: Jumpstart a career in graphic design for only $17
2019-10-19AndroidAuthority5 bad ways Google is copying iPhones past and present with Pixel 4
2019-10-19AndroidAuthorityFine-tune your tunes with Boom 3D for less than $13
2019-10-19AndroidAuthorityThe best Razer laptops you can buy right now
2019-10-19AndroidAuthoritySmartphone quiz: Which statement is true?
2019-10-19AndroidAuthorityWe asked, you told us: Unsurprisingly, you have some feelings about the Pixel 4
2019-10-19AndroidAuthorityDeal: Save up to 89% off 5TB of Polar Backup cloud storage
2019-10-19AndroidAuthorityRecord your roads in 1080p with the GoSafe S37 for under $100
2019-10-19AndroidAuthorityLearn how to turn posts into paychecks with the Social Media Rockstar Bundle
2019-10-18AndroidAuthorityMinecraft Earth early access launches in select countries, more coming soon
2019-10-18AndroidAuthorityOnePlus 7T: Price, release date, and availability (Update: US sales active!)
2019-10-18AndroidAuthorityThe best clear Google Pixel 4 XL cases
2019-10-18AndroidAuthorityHonor 9X, Band 5 Sport, and Sport Pro Earphones coming to Europe
2019-10-18AndroidAuthorityThe best cheap Pixel 4 XL cases
2019-10-18AndroidAuthorityGoogle Pixel 4 not for serious video creators. Here’s why.
2019-10-18AndroidAuthorityPass on the GoPro: The 4K XtremePro Action Cam is only $49.99
2019-10-18AndroidAuthorityDeal: Burst into Bubble and build apps without coding
2019-10-18AndroidAuthority6 best smartphone gimbals (October 2019)
2019-10-18AndroidAuthorityIn the market for a new budget phone? Motorola has a few options for you
2019-10-18AndroidAuthoritySamsung to fix major flagship fingerprint flaw with imminent patch
2019-10-18AndroidAuthorityHuawei Mate 30 Pro vs Mate 20 Pro: Worth a yearly upgrade?
2019-10-18AndroidAuthorityThe best MediaTek phones (October 2019)
2019-10-18AndroidAuthorityThis could be the OnePlus 8 Pro
2019-10-18AndroidAuthorityAndroid 10 gesture navigation now works with third-party launchers on Pixel 4
2019-10-18AndroidAuthorityMotorola event next month, could be foldable phone launch
2019-10-18AndroidAuthority10 best crossword games for Android!
2019-10-18AndroidAuthorityMaster Matlab and Labview with this massive learning kit
2019-10-18AndroidAuthorityStadia won’t work on mobile data connection at first, Wi-Fi or Ethernet required
2019-10-18AndroidAuthorityHuawei PR stunt sends people swimming in the Thames waterway for smartwatches
2019-10-18AndroidAuthorityDeal: Rock out for hours with Owlee Artus headphones
2019-10-18AndroidAuthorityAlarming study shows how much money wasted in US on unused mobile data
2019-10-18AndroidAuthorityThis week in Apple: iPhone 12 concept renders and iPhone SE 2 rumor mill churns
2019-10-18AndroidAuthorityHow to take a screenshot on Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL smartphones
2019-10-18AndroidAuthorityVPN deal: Save 97% on the award-winning Ivacy VPN today