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2019-11-12FiveThirtyEightSignificant Digits for Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2019
2019-11-12FiveThirtyEightWhat The Polls Say About Impeachment Before The First Public Hearing
2019-11-12FiveThirtyEightFour Ways Republicans Are Defending Trump Against Impeachment
2019-11-12FiveThirtyEightShould We Blame Analytics For Kawhi Sitting Out?
2019-11-12FiveThirtyEightWhy Even More Democrats Are Thinking About Entering The Presidential Race
2019-11-12FiveThirtyEightWant To Confuse An NBA Defense? Have A Guard Set A Ball Screen.
2019-11-12FiveThirtyEightWhat We Know About Tulsi Gabbard’s Base
2019-11-12FiveThirtyEightCan Public Impeachment Hearings Drag Down Trump’s Approval Ratings?
2019-11-12FiveThirtyEightWhere Do Women’s College Basketball’s Top Prospects Need To Improve?
2019-11-11FiveThirtyEightThe Good, The Bad And The Weird Of NFL Week 10
2019-11-11FiveThirtyEightSignificant Digits for Monday, Nov. 11, 2019
2019-11-11FiveThirtyEightLeBron Is Great At Everything — Even Point Guard
2019-11-11FiveThirtyEightDo You Buy That … Last Week’s Governors Races Are Reason For Trump To Panic?
2019-11-11FiveThirtyEightJeff Sessions Might Struggle To Win Back His Old Senate Seat
2019-11-11FiveThirtyEightHow To Improve The Conversation About Electability
2019-11-11FiveThirtyEightPolitics Podcast: Could Trump Lose The Popular Vote And Win, Again?
2019-11-11FiveThirtyEightRunning For President May Make You More Unpopular In Your Home State