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2019-10-22ReutersUKFirst polls close in Canada as Trudeau tries to hold power
2019-10-22ReutersUKFirst polls close in Canadian election that experts say is too close to call
2019-10-22ReutersUKU.S. House defeats Republican bid to censure Schiff in impeachment probe
2019-10-22ReutersUKAsia tries to see light in trade talks, Brexit votes
2019-10-22ReutersUKTrudeau's Liberals take early lead after first Canadian polls close
2019-10-22ReutersUK'Horror and shame' - U.S. senators, Kurdish leader call for Turkey sanctions
2019-10-22ReutersUKTrudeau's Liberals to form Canadian minority government - CBC
2019-10-22ReutersUKCanada's Trudeau set to form government - CBC TV
2019-10-22ReutersUKAsia hopes for best in trade talks, Brexit vote
2019-10-21ReutersUKFactbox: Key seats to watch in Canada's federal election
2019-10-21ReutersUKCanada votes as Trudeau, his 'sunny ways' dimmed by scandals, seeks to retain power
2019-10-21ReutersUKBritain says EU is considering PM Johnson's delay letter
2019-10-21ReutersUKUK can still get Brexit deal approved this month - parliament speaker
2019-10-21ReutersUKPM Johnson is disappointed Brexit vote will not go ahead on Monday - spokesman
2019-10-21ReutersUKGlobal stocks climb on hopes for progress in trade; sterling edges up
2019-10-21ReutersUKJohnson faces perilous Brexit ratification after Brexit deal vote blocked
2019-10-21ReutersUKHong Kong riot police teargas, chase protesters, residents jeer officers
2019-10-21ReutersUKDemocrats try to build support for Trump impeachment as more officials stonewall
2019-10-21ReutersUKDemocrats' lay out case for Trump impeachment probe, more key witnesses set to appear
2019-10-21ReutersUKKudlow: December tariffs could be removed if U.S.-China trade talks go well
2019-10-21ReutersUKU.S. Commerce chief: U.S.-China trade deal doesn't need to be inked next month
2019-10-21ReutersUKPutin, Erdogan to discuss Turkey's operation in Syria on Tuesday
2019-10-21ReutersUKWikiLeaks founder Assange appears confused at extradition hearing
2019-10-21ReutersUKHong Kong riot police confront protesters a day after violent clashes
2019-10-21ReutersUKTimeline: Key moments leading up to Johnson's Brexit deal
2019-10-21ReutersUKBoeing may face billions more in losses as MAX crisis deepens - analysts
2019-10-21ReutersUKScottish court delays decision on whether PM Johnson obeyed law
2019-10-21ReutersUKIndonesian president taps opposition rival, tech CEO for reform cabinet
2019-10-21ReutersUKRussia says militants in 12 Syrian prisons left unguarded due to Turkish incursion - Ifax
2019-10-21ReutersUKSpanish PM visits Barcelona, criticises regional chief
2019-10-21ReutersUKFactbox: Canada's political party positions ahead of Oct. 21 election
2019-10-21ReutersUKFactbox: Details on Canada's federal election
2019-10-21ReutersUKEU revises up German 2018 budget surplus, next year's easing seen small
2019-10-21ReutersUKChinese Communist Party newspaper attacks Hong Kong schools 'liberal studies'
2019-10-21ReutersUKHopes for progress in trade war and Brexit buoy stocks
2019-10-21ReutersUKSome U.S. troops may stay in Syria - Pentagon chief
2019-10-21ReutersUKU.S. mulls leaving some troops in Syria to guard oil - Pentagon
2019-10-21ReutersUK'If anyone can do it, it's him': how Boris won a Brexit deal
2019-10-21ReutersUKPM Johnson will not allow changes to Brexit deal - spokesman
2019-10-21ReutersUKGerman minister doesn't rule out short Brexit extension
2019-10-21ReutersUKTimeline: Key dates in the U.S. House's impeachment inquiry into Trump
2019-10-21ReutersUKTrump impeachment probe to focus on more key witnesses this week
2019-10-21ReutersUKDeutsche Bank plans job cuts of at least 10% in rates unit - Bloomberg
2019-10-21ReutersUKA vote against Brexit timetable is a vote against October 31 departure - UK government
2019-10-21ReutersUKJohnson faces perilous Brexit ratification after deal vote blocked
2019-10-21ReutersUKTrump says ceasefire in Syria is holding despite few skirmishes
2019-10-21ReutersUKTrump - Republicans need to get tougher and fight amid impeachment inquiry
2019-10-21ReutersUKTrump: Republicans need to get tougher and fight amid impeachment inquiry
2019-10-21ReutersUKWary foes Turkey and Syria hold covert contacts to avoid conflict
2019-10-21ReutersUKUK stocks hold firm as no-deal Brexit fears fade
2019-10-21ReutersUKUK speaker rules against government trying to get another vote on Brexit deal
2019-10-21ReutersUKApology accepted, Hong Kong's Muslims lament water cannon staining mosque
2019-10-21ReutersUKHong Kong leader apologises after mosque hit by police water cannon
2019-10-21ReutersUKUK government will pull planned vote on Brexit deal if lawmakers try to change it
2019-10-21ReutersUKWikiLeaks founder Assange denied delay to extradition hearing by London judge
2019-10-21ReutersUKU.S. soldiers who fought alongside Kurds blast Trump's Syria retreat
2019-10-21ReutersUKPentagon chief says keeping some troops in northeastern Syria under discussion
2019-10-21ReutersUKErdogan says to take next steps in Syria after meeting Putin
2019-10-21ReutersUKUK midcaps recover on lower risk of no-deal Brexit
2019-10-21ReutersUKJohnson on right side of the law over Brexit delay letter - lawyer
2019-10-21ReutersUKExplainer: What happens next after Johnson writes Brexit delay letter?
2019-10-21ReutersUKWikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, minus beard, appears in London court
2019-10-21ReutersUKNorthern Irish DUP lawmaker: we shall not support EU customs union proposal
2019-10-21ReutersUKU.S. troops cross into Iraq as part of withdrawal from Syria
2019-10-21ReutersUKCanada's Trudeau, his 'sunny ways' darkened by scandals, seeks to retain power in election
2019-10-21ReutersUKHong Kong leader apologises for mosque incident after day of violence
2019-10-21ReutersUKIran rejects Turkey's establishing of military posts in Syria - TV
2019-10-21ReutersUKU.S. troops cross into Iraq from Syria
2019-10-21ReutersUKIndonesia president targets 'innovative' cabinet, taps Gojek CEO
2019-10-21ReutersUKPM pushes for Brexit deal vote after being forced to seek delay
2019-10-21ReutersUKBrexit within ten days time remains possible - French minister
2019-10-21ReutersUKRussia hopes Syria coordination with Turkey, U.S. will help stability - RIA
2019-10-21ReutersUKIndonesia president may delay cabinet announcement to Wednesday
2019-10-21ReutersUKNorthern Ireland prepares for momentous abortion, same-sex marriage changes
2019-10-21ReutersUKHong Kong leader apologises for mosque water cannon incident after day of violence
2019-10-21ReutersUKAsian shares tick up, pound skids on Brexit tumult
2019-10-21ReutersUKGlobal renewable power capacity to rise by 50% in five years - IEA
2019-10-21ReutersUKHacking the hackers: Russian group hijacked Iranian spying operation, officials say
2019-10-21ReutersUKChina unexpectedly keeps LPR lending benchmark unchanged, but outlook for rates down
2019-10-21ReutersUKAsian shares edge higher, pound stumbles on Brexit drama
2019-10-21ReutersUKChina unexpectedly keeps LPR lending benchmark unchanged in October
2019-10-21ReutersUKSouth Korea exports dive as China woes dent sales, darken outlook
2019-10-21ReutersUKHong Kong leader to visit Japan after huge rally, night of violence
2019-10-21ReutersUKAsian share markets cautious, pound stumbles on Brexit drama
2019-10-21ReutersUKThomson Reuters says engaged in CEO succession planning
2019-10-21ReutersUKUK property asking prices show weakest October rise since 2008 - Rightmove
2019-10-21ReutersUKShowered in blaze of bullets, upscale Mexican neighbourhood in shock after cartel assault
2019-10-21ReutersUKNo more delays, Johnson appeals to parliament to back Brexit bill
2019-10-21ReutersUKTrump fielding ideas for replacing acting chief of staff Mulvaney - sources
2019-10-21ReutersUKIraqi Kurds appreciate U.S. forces despite Syria pullout, president says
2019-10-21ReutersUKCanada votes as Trudeau, his 'sunny ways' clouded by scandals, tries to hold power
2019-10-21ReutersUKCanada votes as Trudeau, his 'sunny ways' clouded by scandals, seeks to retain power
2019-10-21ReutersUKGermany proposes security zone for northern Syria
2019-10-21ReutersUKGlobal stocks climb on hopes for progress in trade; Canadian dollar gains
2019-10-21ReutersUKIraqi Kurds appreciate role of U.S. forces despite Syria pullout: regional president
2019-10-21ReutersUKGlobal stocks climb on hopes for progress in trade; dollar up
2019-10-21ReutersUKAs PM Johnson pushes ahead with Brexit, what happens now in parliament?
2019-10-21ReutersUKBritain's Prince William worried about Harry after TV interview - BBC
2019-10-21ReutersUKTrump exhorts Republicans to 'get tougher' against impeachment inquiry
2019-10-21ReutersUKTrump: U.S. troops won't immediately return from Syria, ceasefire could be extended
2019-10-21ReutersUKPutin, Macron discussed Syria, Ukraine over phone - Kremlin
2019-10-21ReutersUKUK government wants Brexit bill to go through lower house of parliament this week
2019-10-21ReutersUKTrump says it is foregone conclusion he will be impeached in U.S. House
2019-10-21ReutersUKTrump says ceasefire in Syria is holding despite a few skirmishes
2019-10-21ReutersUKIn Putin call, French president urges ceasefire extension in Syria
2019-10-21ReutersUKUK's Gove says stepping up no-deal contingency planning
2019-10-20ReutersUKAll U.S. troops withdrawing from Syria expected to go to western Iraq - Pentagon chief
2019-10-20ReutersUKTurkey says Kurdish militia kills one soldier in northeast Syria despite ceasefire
2019-10-20ReutersUKTurkey says Kurdish militia kills soldier in northeast Syria despite ceasefire
2019-10-20ReutersUKThousands of Hong Kong protesters stage illegal march; metro stations close
2019-10-20ReutersUKLabour will try to amend Brexit deal legislation
2019-10-20ReutersUKTurkey, Russia to discuss removal of Kurdish militia from Syria's Manbij, Kobani
2019-10-20ReutersUKThousands stage illegal Hong Kong march; shops, metro stations trashed
2019-10-20ReutersUKHong Kong police and protesters exchange tear gas and petrol bombs
2019-10-20ReutersUKBrexit delay and election better than Johnson's deal - Farage
2019-10-20ReutersUKEU plays for time as Johnson spars with UK parliament on Brexit
2019-10-20ReutersUKLetwin says: Johnson will probably get Brexit deal through
2019-10-20ReutersUKLabour's Starmer: Johnson should have sent one letter to EU
2019-10-20ReutersUKRaab: we have the numbers to pass a Brexit deal
2019-10-20ReutersUKHong Kong police, protesters exchange tear gas, petrol bombs
2019-10-20ReutersUKHundreds of shops trashed as Hong Kong police, protesters clash
2019-10-20ReutersUKTurkey and Russia to discuss removal of Kurdish militia from Syrian towns
2019-10-20ReutersUKBrexit will happen on Oct. 31 despite PM's unsigned delay request, UK says
2019-10-20ReutersUKChina's Xiaomi says plans to launch more than 10 5G phones next year
2019-10-20ReutersUKExplainer: What happens next after UK PM Johnson writes Brexit delay letter?
2019-10-20ReutersUKLong-haul, fuel efficient jets underpin demand at Las Vegas air show
2019-10-20ReutersUKAnti-separatists rally in Barcelona after pro-independence unrest
2019-10-20ReutersUKPrince Harry: 'I will not be bullied into playing a game that killed my mum'
2019-10-20ReutersUKScottish court asked to delay ruling on Johnson's Brexit extension request
2019-10-20ReutersUKThere is no good reason to delay Brexit - Hancock
2019-10-20ReutersUKBrexit stumble slightly dents pound's euphoria as trading resumes
2019-10-20ReutersUKExclusive: Ireland's Orange Order discourages protests over Brexit deal
2019-10-20ReutersUKGoldman Sachs lowers 'no deal' Brexit probability to 5% from 10%
2019-10-20ReutersUKResurgent Hong Kong protesters stage huge rally, violence erupts again
2019-10-20ReutersUKCanada's frontrunners slam Quebec sovereignty comment on final day of election campaign
2019-10-20ReutersUKNorthern Ireland's Orange Order discourages protests over Brexit deal
2019-10-20ReutersUKKurdish-led forces say they have pulled out of Syria border town
2019-10-20ReutersUKEU will delay Brexit until February if Johnson fails to ratify deal this week - The Sunday Times
2019-10-20ReutersUKBattered Trudeau team sees sign of Canadian election hope after scandals
2019-10-20ReutersUKPro-separatists stage new Barcelona rallies, government says violence fading
2019-10-20ReutersUKA crude performance: Semi-naked climate activists protest BP art sponsorship
2019-10-20ReutersUKBrexit stumble to dent euphoric pound but bulk of gains to hold
2019-10-20ReutersUKWhite House's Mulvaney did not mull quitting over "quid pro quo" flap
2019-10-20ReutersUKSyria critic Lindsey Graham reverses stance, says Trump's policy could succeed
2019-10-20ReutersUKU.S. Box Office: 'Maleficent: Mistress of Evil' Dominates With Soft $36 Million
2019-10-20ReutersUKErdogan says Turkey expects U.S. to keep promises, not stall Syria truce deal
2019-10-20ReutersUKSurprised over Doral flap, Trump thinks he's still in hospitality business -Mulvaney
2019-10-20ReutersUKHong Kong protesters stage major rally; tear gas, petrol bombs shatter calm
2019-10-20ReutersUKAt home of Mona Lisa, a retrospective on da Vinci's life and work
2019-10-20ReutersUKEU's incoming economy chief calls for less restrictive budget policies
2019-10-20ReutersUKPetrol bombs and tear gas scar Hong Kong streets as police, protesters clash
2019-10-20ReutersUKSheep take over streets of Madrid for annual migration
2019-10-20ReutersUKOsram labour reps reaffirm opposition to AMS takeover offer
2019-10-20ReutersUKJohnson sends unsigned letter to EU asking for Brexit delay
2019-10-20ReutersUKHong Kong tightens security ahead of planned protest
2019-10-20ReutersUKChile army declares curfew, president reverses fare hikes after unrest
2019-10-20ReutersUKChina's central banker says yuan level 'appropriate', trade tensions risk to global economy
2019-10-20ReutersUKCanada's Trudeau, main rival trade attacks as campaign grinds to conclusion
2019-10-20ReutersUKExclusive: Kuroda says BOJ can 'certainly' cut short-term rates if it were to ease
2019-10-20ReutersUKBernie Sanders draws thousands to rally in New York in comeback from heart attack
2019-10-20ReutersUKNegative rates forever? Central bankers look for an exit
2019-10-19ReutersUKIreland's Varadkar says no British request to delay Brexit yet
2019-10-19ReutersUKAngry over Brexit, thousands to gather in London demanding new referendum
2019-10-19ReutersUKBoeing 737 MAX test pilot grappled with simulator flaws, too
2019-10-19ReutersUKExclusive: Huawei in early talks with U.S. firms to licence 5G platform - Huawei executive
2019-10-19ReutersUKHong Kong's leader backs police use of force as protesters plan 'illegal' march
2019-10-19ReutersUKChile President Pinera declares emergency as capital rocked by riots
2019-10-19ReutersUKDUP will consider backing amendment to Johnson's Brexit deal
2019-10-19ReutersUKConservative lawmaker Duncan Smith says time to get Brexit done
2019-10-19ReutersUKUK has no intention of asking for longer Brexit transition - Barclay
2019-10-19ReutersUKBrexiteer Baker tells Conservative faction to vote for Johnson's deal
2019-10-19ReutersUKBrexit day of reckoning: Johnson battles further delay
2019-10-19ReutersUKPeople should have final say on Brexit - Corbyn
2019-10-19ReutersUKLebanon's Hezbollah says does not want government to resign
2019-10-19ReutersUKJohnson says hopes this is the moment to get Brexit resolution
2019-10-19ReutersUKJohnson says there's little appetite in the EU for further delay
2019-10-19ReutersUKParliament speaker selects Letwin amendment for vote
2019-10-19ReutersUKExplainer: Britain's 'Super Saturday' Brexit showdown in parliament
2019-10-19ReutersUKGovernment will not participate in Brexit deal vote if Letwin amendment passes - BBC
2019-10-19ReutersUKAfghans search for bodies after at least 69 killed in mosque explosions
2019-10-19ReutersUKCalm reigns in northeast Syria as fragile U.S.-Turkey ceasefire holds
2019-10-19ReutersUKRussian officials discuss with Syria's Assad de-escalating tensions in northeast Syria
2019-10-19ReutersUKChina to further reduce tariffs and remove non-tariff barriers for foreign investors - Xinhua
2019-10-19ReutersUKBernie Sanders to rally in New York in comeback from heart attack
2019-10-19ReutersUKUK government focused on defeating Letwin amendment - Johnson's spokesman
2019-10-19ReutersUKCatalan regional leader calls for talks with Madrid following clashes
2019-10-19ReutersUKAngry over Brexit, thousands gather in London demanding new referendum
2019-10-19ReutersUKLabour to back proposal to withhold support for Brexit deal
2019-10-19ReutersUKRebel with a cause plots ruin of Johnson's big Brexit day
2019-10-19ReutersUKStreet clashes spur Catalan leader to call for Madrid talks
2019-10-19ReutersUKNot responsible for PM to threaten 'my deal or no deal' - UK lawmaker Letwin
2019-10-19ReutersUKHong Kong protest leaders urge turnout for march, despite risk of arrest
2019-10-19ReutersUKSculptor transforms Rome's dead trees into art
2019-10-19ReutersUKUK lawmakers vote for Letwin proposals, forcing Johnson towards Brexit delay
2019-10-19ReutersUKErdogan to discuss Syrian deployment in 'safe zone' with Putin next week
2019-10-19ReutersUK"We are voiceless": Hundreds of thousands protest in London for new Brexit vote
2019-10-19ReutersUKTurkish troops ready to continue Syria offensive if truce deal not implemented - minister
2019-10-19ReutersUKEgypt unveils biggest ancient coffin find in over a century
2019-10-19ReutersUKNorthern Ireland's DUP say they will use every strategy to seek changes to Brexit deal
2019-10-19ReutersUKJohnson defiant after British parliament votes to force Brexit delay
2019-10-19ReutersUKUK parliament to debate Brexit deal on Monday - House of Commons leader
2019-10-19ReutersUKEU Commission: up to UK to inform of next steps as soon as possible
2019-10-19ReutersUKProtesters cheer as British parliament votes to force Brexit delay
2019-10-19ReutersUKPM Johnson's spokesman refuses to answer any questions on next Brexit steps
2019-10-19ReutersUKPM Johnson: I will not negotiate Brexit delay
2019-10-19ReutersUKSpanish government dismisses call for Catalan talks; police brace for more unrest
2019-10-19ReutersUKSpanish PM tells Catalan leader to denounce violence
2019-10-19ReutersUKErdogan says Turkey to resume Syria offensive if truce deal falters
2019-10-19ReutersUKEU executive asks UK to inform of next Brexit steps ASAP
2019-10-19ReutersUKNew Brexit delay in no one's interest - French diplomatic source
2019-10-19ReutersUKUK parliament speaker to rule on Monday if govt can put Brexit deal to vote again
2019-10-19ReutersUKIreland warns any UK request for Brexit extension not straightforward
2019-10-19ReutersUKExplainer: What happens next after UK PM Johnson loses Brexit vote?
2019-10-19ReutersUKEU sick of Brexit, but likely to grant an extension if asked
2019-10-19ReutersUKPutin and Merkel discussed Syria, Ukraine and Libya in phone call - Kremlin
2019-10-19ReutersUKCanada's Trudeau, main rival exchange attacks as campaign grinds to an end
2019-10-19ReutersUKFrance's Macron calls on Johnson to clarify Brexit
2019-10-19ReutersUKDirty tactics and awkward moments dominate Canada's meandering campaign
2019-10-19ReutersUKPompeo says U.S. committed to Afghan peace after deadly explosions
2019-10-19ReutersUKNestor slows to post-tropical cyclone, makes Florida landfall
2019-10-19ReutersUKJohnson says: I'll tell the EU that Brexit delay is not a solution
2019-10-19ReutersUKJohnson will ask for Brexit delay after losing parliament vote -EU official
2019-10-19ReutersUKEU sick of Brexit, but likely to grant an extension
2019-10-19ReutersUKDutch PM Rutte: spoke with UK's Johnson, wished him success in 'next steps'
2019-10-19ReutersUKEU's Tusk gets British request for third Brexit extension
2019-10-19ReutersUKJohnson sends photocopied letter to EU asking for Brexit delay - S.Times
2019-10-19ReutersUKEU's Tusk gets British request for third Brexit extension
2019-10-19ReutersUKUK PM sends unsigned letter to EU asking for Brexit delay
2019-10-19ReutersUKFallout from Trump's trade wars felt by economies around the world
2019-10-19ReutersUKChina's central bank chief says trade tensions major risk to global economy
2019-10-19ReutersUKJohnson sends unsigned Brexit delay request to EU - source
2019-10-19ReutersUKText of Brexit delay letter Johnson had to send to EU
2019-10-18ReutersUKTrump defends Middle East policy, says Islamic State is under control
2019-10-18ReutersUKBarcelona rocked by violence on fifth day of separatist protests
2019-10-18ReutersUKExplainer: Mexico's week of bloodshed. What is going on?
2019-10-18ReutersUKBoeing pilots' messages on 737 MAX safety raise new questions
2019-10-18ReutersUKFAA turns over emails from former Boeing 737 pilot
2019-10-18ReutersUKSenior Brexiteer Conservative Francois to back Brexit deal - Sky News
2019-10-18ReutersUKU.S. lawmakers urge Apple to restore HKMap app used in Hong Kong
2019-10-18ReutersUKBrexit day of reckoning - parliament to vote on Johnson's deal
2019-10-18ReutersUKJohnson promises parliament role in post-Brexit talks with EU
2019-10-18ReutersUKFrance under fire for 'historic error' of blocking Balkan EU hopefuls
2019-10-18ReutersUKA day in Elton John's life - Buy Rolls, write hit song, dine with Ringo
2019-10-18ReutersUKProtests sweep Lebanon as fury at ruling elite grows over economic corruption
2019-10-18ReutersUKJ&J recalls 33,000 bottles of baby powder as FDA finds asbestos in sample
2019-10-18ReutersUKViolent clashes rock Barcelona on fifth day of separatist protests
2019-10-18ReutersUKBrexit deal 'good news' but global growth key for BoE rates too - Carney
2019-10-18ReutersUKParis art market reaps benefits of Brexit uncertainty
2019-10-18ReutersUKBahrain urges its citizens to leave Lebanon immediately - foreign ministry
2019-10-18ReutersUKSpanish minister warns protesters face up to six years in prison
2019-10-18ReutersUKBOE's Carney says Johnson's Brexit deal 'net economic positive' - BBC reporter tweet
2019-10-18ReutersUK'Failure:' Mexico admits bungled arrest of kingpin's son after mayhem
2019-10-18ReutersUKDollar weakens on Brexit, shares sapped by weaker China growth
2019-10-18ReutersUKSecurity forces chase down Beirut protesters - Reuters witnesses
2019-10-18ReutersUKU.S. ground troops will not enforce Syria safe zone - defense secretary
2019-10-18ReutersUKSpain closes Catalan protest group website and probes riots
2019-10-18ReutersUKLebanon, pushed to the brink, faces reckoning over graft
2019-10-18ReutersUKFDA alerts consumers of J&J baby powder recall, says it stands by tests
2019-10-18ReutersUKU.S. lawmakers urge Apple to restore HKMap app used in Hong Kong - letter
2019-10-18ReutersUKTrump says 'pause' in fighting in northeast Syria is back on
2019-10-18ReutersUKPM Johnson says UK will leave EU on Oct. 31 if Brexit deal voted down
2019-10-18ReutersUKWorld economy, not just Brexit, key for BoE rate hike - Carney
2019-10-18ReutersUKLebanese forces fire tear gas to disperse downtown Beirut protests -Lebanese TV
2019-10-18ReutersUKSpain calls in civil guard to outskirts of Barcelona
2019-10-18ReutersUKClashes in central Barcelona on fifth day of separatist protests
2019-10-18ReutersUKU.S. ground troops will not enforce Syria so-called safe zone - defence secretary
2019-10-18ReutersUKScottish court rejects bid to declare Johnson's Brexit deal unlawful
2019-10-18ReutersUKTurkey plans presence across northeast Syria, Erdogan says
2019-10-18ReutersUKSaudi Arabia's foreign ministry urges its citizens not to travel to Lebanon - SPA
2019-10-18ReutersUKString of weak earnings leave European stocks barely up on the week
2019-10-18ReutersUKJ&J to recall some baby powder as FDA finds traces of asbestos
2019-10-18ReutersUK'Failure:' Mexico admits bungled arrest of kingpin's son amid mayhem
2019-10-18ReutersUKBoeing 2016 internal messages suggest employees may have misled FAA on 737 MAX - sources
2019-10-18ReutersUKTrump says Turkey's Erdogan wants Syria agreement to work
2019-10-18ReutersUKLebanon's Hariri gives government 72-hour deadline to act amid protests
2019-10-18ReutersUKEU leaders: united over Brexit, divided over much else
2019-10-18ReutersUKIrish PM to skip UK Brexit debate for Rugby World Cup clash
2019-10-18ReutersUKHong Kong protesters vow to hit the streets in major 'illegal' march
2019-10-18ReutersUKProtesters clash with police in central Barcelona
2019-10-18ReutersUKCatalan protesters flood Barcelona on fifth day of rallies
2019-10-18ReutersUKIn oil-rich region, Venezuelans fear catastrophe if Trump forces Chevron to leave
2019-10-18ReutersUKFTSE feels IHG's pain amid caution ahead of Brexit vote
2019-10-18ReutersUKProtests sweep Lebanon as fury at ruling elite grows
2019-10-18ReutersUKBrexit basics: What is Brexit and why does it matter?
2019-10-18ReutersUKMexican president hails decision to release Guzman son; critics slam security policy
2019-10-18ReutersUKUK lawmaker Letwin says his amendment designed to block accidental no-deal
2019-10-18ReutersUKClimate protester scales London's Big Ben on final day of action
2019-10-18ReutersUKSpanish judge orders closure of Catalan protest group website
2019-10-18ReutersUKBlasts collapse roof at Afghan mosque, killing at least 62 at Friday prayers
2019-10-18ReutersUKIrish PM's party primed for snap election if Brexit sealed - party sources
2019-10-18ReutersUKPM's 'deal or no deal' Saturday showdown faces wrecking attempt
2019-10-18ReutersUKBlasts in Afghanistan mosque kill at least 62, wound more than 100
2019-10-18ReutersUKErdogan says he will discuss Syria 'safe zone' moves with Putin next week
2019-10-18ReutersUKTurkey plans to establish 12 posts in Syria 'safe zone' - Erdogan
2019-10-18ReutersUKFrance's Macron criticises NATO reaction over Turkish offensive
2019-10-18ReutersUKLebanon's Bassil urges reforms, no new taxes amid protests
2019-10-18ReutersUKEU leaders split over $1.2 trillion post-Brexit budget
2019-10-18ReutersUKEU finance sector prepared for hard Brexit, if deal fails - Scholz
2019-10-18ReutersUKProtests sweep Lebanon as fury at ruling elite, graft grows
2019-10-18ReutersUK'Historic error': France under fire in EU for blocking Balkan hopefuls
2019-10-18ReutersUKErdogan says Syria offensive will continue if truce deal not fully implemented
2019-10-18ReutersUKWhite House says ceasefire will 'takes time' at Syria-Turkey border
2019-10-18ReutersUKMacron says opposes Brexit extension if UK parliament rejects deal
2019-10-18ReutersUKBrexit reversed: How could Britain end up with a second referendum?
2019-10-18ReutersUKMexico 'did well' in releasing Guzman son to avoid violence, president says
2019-10-18ReutersUKEU talks over enlargement to Balkans should restart in November -Italy's PM
2019-10-18ReutersUKProtests grip Lebanon as fury at ruling elite, corruption grows
2019-10-18ReutersUKEU's Tusk: Turkish halt of military operations 'not a ceasefire'
2019-10-18ReutersUKBrussels court to hear Puigdemont arrest warrant case on Oct. 29
2019-10-18ReutersUKBarcelona's Sagrada Familia shut down due to separatist protests
2019-10-18ReutersUKThousands converge on Barcelona for fifth day of Catalan protests
2019-10-18ReutersUKWhat Hunter Biden did on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma
2019-10-18ReutersUKShells fall in northeast Syria despite five-day ceasefire agreement
2019-10-18ReutersUKGermany counting on British lawmakers to back Brexit deal -minister
2019-10-18ReutersUKEgyptian Embassy in Lebanon calls on its nationals to avoid protest areas
2019-10-18ReutersUKKurdish mayors replaced in Turkey in crackdown on criticism of Syria assault
2019-10-18ReutersUKKuwait issues travel warning over Lebanon protests
2019-10-18ReutersUKLebanese Christian leader calls for govt resignation amid protests
2019-10-18ReutersUKShares sapped by poor China growth, dollar gets weekly mauling
2019-10-18ReutersUKPrince William and wife Kate leave Pakistan, day after aborted flight
2019-10-18ReutersUKProtests grip Lebanon demanding government resigns
2019-10-18ReutersUKErdogan says there are no ongoing clashes in northeast Syria
2019-10-18ReutersUKExplainer: Britain's 'Super Saturday' Brexit showdown in parliament
2019-10-18ReutersUKFrance resists EU membership talks for North Macedonia and Albania
2019-10-18ReutersUKGerman business lobby see withdrawal deal as cushioning Brexit impact
2019-10-18ReutersUK'Stablecoins' could hinder efforts to stamp out money laundering - global watchdog
2019-10-18ReutersUKChina stops couriers from shipping black clothing to Hong Kong amid protests
2019-10-18ReutersUKLSE gets earnings boost ahead of Refinitiv deal vote
2019-10-18ReutersUKBolivia's 'Evo': socialist icon or would-be dictator?
2019-10-18ReutersUKEU leaders confirm Christine Lagarde's appointment as head of ECB
2019-10-18ReutersUKPM Johnson to hold cabinet meeting at 1500 GMT
2019-10-18ReutersUKBritain's 'Super Saturday' Brexit showdown in parliament
2019-10-18ReutersUKMann expects more than nine Labour lawmakers to back PM Johnson's deal - RTE
2019-10-18ReutersUKKurdish-led SDF says Turkish forces shelling civilian areas in ceasefire violation
2019-10-18ReutersUKFactbox: Hundreds of dignitaries to attend as Japan's emperor declares enthronement
2019-10-18ReutersUKShells still fall in northeast Syria despite pause agreement
2019-10-18ReutersUKAnti-Brexit campaigners plough giant message into an English field
2019-10-18ReutersUKBrexit on a knife edge as PM Johnson stakes all on 'Super Saturday' vote
2019-10-18ReutersUKUK parliament demands new Brexit analysis before key vote
2019-10-18ReutersUKShares slip on weak China growth, dollar suffers weekly mauling
2019-10-18ReutersUKBrexit on a knife edge as Johnson stakes all on 'Super Saturday' vote
2019-10-18ReutersUKEU leaders discuss 1.1 trillion euros post-Brexit budget
2019-10-18ReutersUKShelling heard around Syrian town after Turkish-U.S. ceasefire deal
2019-10-18ReutersUKFTSE 250 up ahead of Brexit deal vote; miners hit by dismal China GDP
2019-10-18ReutersUKCartel gunmen terrorise Mexican city, free El Chapo's son
2019-10-18ReutersUKAs Troubles cast long shadow, Brexit stakes are high in Northern Ireland's border city
2019-10-18ReutersUKPrince William and wife Kate land in Pakistan capital after aborted flight
2019-10-18ReutersUKFTSE falls as banks weaken on China GDP, Brexit nerves
2019-10-18ReutersUKLSE's third-quarter income rises ahead of Refinitiv deal vote
2019-10-18ReutersUKAsian shares slump after weak China GDP, pound retreats
2019-10-18ReutersUKDUP will lobby lawmakers to vote against Johnson's deal - Wilson
2019-10-18ReutersUKLSE Group third-quarter income rises ahead of Refinitiv deal vote
2019-10-18ReutersUKApple's Cook meets China regulator after pulling Hong Kong app
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2019-10-18ReutersUKCartel gunmen chase away security forces, free El Chapo's son
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2019-10-18ReutersUKChina third-quarter GDP grows 6%, slowest pace in almost three decades
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