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2019-10-22SlateAn Interview With the SkyCam Operator Who Filmed the Year’s Most Incredible NFL Highlight
2019-10-22SlateThe President Is Always Direct and Honest
2019-10-21SlateHow “Medicare for All” Took Over the Democratic Primary
2019-10-21SlateWhat Is This “Highly Anticipated” FISA Report That Conservatives Keep Talking About?
2019-10-21SlateThe Angle: John Roberts Won’t Stand for a Sham Impeachment Trial
2019-10-21SlateDespite a Court Ruling, Most of Florida’s Ex-Felons Will Still Face a “Poll Tax”
2019-10-21SlateLindsey Graham Isn’t Breaking From Donald Trump. He’s Backing Him.
2019-10-21SlateWhat It’s Like to Play Tevye at a Time of Increasing Anti-Semitism
2019-10-21SlateHow Edward Norton Transformed Motherless Brooklyn Into a Warning About the Dangers of Unchecked Political Power
2019-10-21SlateHelp! My Co-Worker Is a 37-Year-Old Virgin. Should I Take Her on a Pity Date?
2019-10-21SlateFacebook Wants to Change the Meaning of “Authenticity” to Benefit Itself
2019-10-21SlateHelen Mirren’s Catherine the Great Is Hot Stuff
2019-10-21SlateJoker Is On Track to Become the Highest-Grossing Rated R Movie Ever
2019-10-21SlateWhy Computer Programmers Struggle to Code for the Future
2019-10-21SlateTrump’s War on California Will Test the Court’s Tolerance for Lies
2019-10-21SlatePrivate Equity Is Trying to Sell Medical Residencies for Profit
2019-10-21SlateJohn Roberts Won’t Let Mitch McConnell Derail a Trump Impeachment Trial
2019-10-21SlateFrancis Ford Coppola Thinks Marvel Movies Are “Despicable”
2019-10-21SlateIf He Can Walk 2,000 Miles Protecting Two Children, I Can Get Up Early to Drive Him to the Airport
2019-10-21SlateThis Remarkably Simple and Effective Food Chopper Is on Sale
2019-10-21SlateProcter Hug, a Former 9th Circuit Chief Judge Who Led With Grace, Dies at 88
2019-10-21SlateWhat’s It Like to Be a Beauty Influencer?
2019-10-21SlateGerri Herself Graces Slate Money: Succession
2019-10-21SlateThe Latest Desperate Move From Instagram Influencer Wannabes
2019-10-21SlateWhy Haven’t We Found a Better Name for Electroconvulsive Therapy?
2019-10-21SlateI Am Deeply Traumatized From Hearing My Parents Have Sex as a Kid
2019-10-21SlateDear Care and Feeding: My 12-Year-Old Won’t Stop Sucking His Thumb
2019-10-21SlateWarren and Obama: It Got Messy
2019-10-21SlateThe Trailer for Silicon Valley’s Final Season Reminds Us That Succession Wasn’t the First HBO Show About Rich Sociopaths
2019-10-21SlateFrances Ford Coppola Thinks Marvel Movies Are “Despicable”
2019-10-21SlateThe Los Angeles Chargers are Trapped in Hell and the Gods Are Laughing at Them
2019-10-21SlateEric Trump: “Sickening” How “Every Family in Politics Enriches Themselves”
2019-10-21SlateThe Genius of José Altuve, the Houston Astros’ Tiny Superstar
2019-10-20SlateThis Video of Jerry O’Connell Tormenting His Kids by Singing Along to Prince Has Off-the-Charts Dad Energy
2019-10-20SlateOcasio-Cortez Endorses Sanders at Massive “Bernie’s Back” New York Rally
2019-10-20SlateJared Leto’s Joker Tried to Foil Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker’s Fiendish Plot to Make a Movie About the Joker
2019-10-20SlateFlashback: The Awful Truth (1937)
2019-10-20SlateDear Care and Feeding: My Future In-Laws Have No Boundaries. What Should I Do?
2019-10-20SlateTrump Drops Plan to Host G7 at His Florida Golf Resort
2019-10-20SlateTrump Refers to Defense Secretary Esper as “Esperanto” in Rambling Tweet About Syria
2019-10-20SlateWatch Fox’s Wallace Grill Mulvaney as He Tries to Walk Back Quid Pro Quo Remarks
2019-10-20SlateConsider This Before You Discuss Politics at Work
2019-10-20SlateThis Sure Looks Like Mitt Romney’s Secret Twitter Account
2019-10-20SlateViolent Protests Continue in Chile Despite Backtrack on Subway Fare Hike
2019-10-19SlateHow Jia Tolentino Disconnects From the Internet
2019-10-19SlateHelp! My Friend Refused to Go to My Abortion Appointment.
2019-10-19SlateProbe of Clinton Emails Ends: No “Deliberate Mishandling of Classified Information”
2019-10-19SlateSusan Rice Recalls “Totally Gross” Hug From Trump Amid Twitter Feud Over Syria
2019-10-19SlateU.K. Lawmakers Deal Humiliating Defeat to Boris Johnson by Voting for Brexit Delay
2019-10-19SlateRep. Francis Rooney, First House Republican to Not Rule Out Impeachment, Will Retire
2019-10-19SlateMeghan Daum Has a Problem With Everything
2019-10-19SlateAre Robots Taking Over?
2019-10-19SlateMick Mulvaney’s Ukraine Confession
2019-10-19SlateThis Week in Rudy: A Lot of People Seemed to Accuse Him of Crimes
2019-10-18SlateDon’t Assume ISIS Will Come Roaring Back if U.S. Troops Leave Syria
2019-10-18SlateThe Angle: Why Andrew Yang’s Automation Fearmongering Is Way Overblown
2019-10-18SlateWhat Is This “Fourth Industrial Revolution” Andrew Yang Keeps Talking About?
2019-10-18SlateHow Watchmen’s Director Staged One of the Worst Race Riots in American History
2019-10-18SlateTrump Isn’t Just Pushing Ukraine to “Investigate Democrats.” He’s Doing Something Much Weirder.
2019-10-18SlateThe Supreme Court’s Inability to Understand Transgender People Could Lead to Legal Catastrophe
2019-10-18SlateThis Week in Brexit: We (Maybe) Have a Deal!
2019-10-18SlateHow Manchester United Finally Hit Rock Bottom
2019-10-18SlateWomen on Historic Spacewalk Pause to Politely Correct Man’s Error
2019-10-18SlateChina May Cancel Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’s Release Over Its Depiction of Bruce Lee
2019-10-18SlateLiving With Yourself Is a Netflix Series Only Paul Rudd Could Pull Off
2019-10-18SlateIf the Democratic Primary Were Decided by Library Book Holds, Two Unlikely Candidates Would Be Front-Runners
2019-10-18SlateWatchmen Is Goofy, Daring, and Packs a Punch
2019-10-18SlateIn Praise of Michael Sheen, the Positively Possessed Audio Narrator of The Book of Dust
2019-10-18SlateSlate Spoiler Specials: Parasite
2019-10-18SlateNew York City Council Votes to Close Notorious Rikers Island Jail
2019-10-18SlateThe U.S. Needs a Sperm Donor Registry
2019-10-18SlateTa-Nehisi Coates Ponders the Legacy of Slavery With Historian Ibram X. Kendi
2019-10-18SlateMy Kitten Refuses to Use Her Litter Box
2019-10-18SlateDear Prudence Podcast: Help! My Future Mother-in-Law Is Trying to Upstage My Wedding.
2019-10-18SlateNow on Sale: A Kit to Make the Perfect Jack-o-Lantern Without Stabbing Yourself or Ruining Your Good Knives
2019-10-18SlateWell, That Was a Surprise, Bernie
2019-10-18SlateThink You’re Smarter Than Slate’s Features Editor? Find Out With This Week’s News Quiz.
2019-10-18SlateDear Care and Feeding: How Do I Tell My Mom I’m Not Having Kids?
2019-10-18SlateThis Week in Impeachment: Testifying Anyway
2019-10-18SlateDonald Trump Skewers the Pax Americana
2019-10-18SlateWhat Led Us to the Current Syria Situation?
2019-10-18SlateHillary Clinton Backs Out of Fortune Event Co-Starring Kirstjen Nielsen
2019-10-18SlateThe Last 31 Presidential Debates Have Ignored Voting Rights
2019-10-18SlateWhat Facebook’s “Free Speech” Lets Slide