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2019-10-21TheNextWebThis unsettling DIY ‘skin’ interface will definitely end up on a sex robot
2019-10-21TheNextWebScientists create cancer-resistant mouse chimeras that age 25% slower
2019-10-21TheNextWebDiablo 4 leak may have just spoiled a BlizzCon reveal
2019-10-21TheNextWebVatican launches smart rosary, someone already found a security flaw
2019-10-21TheNextWebJBL 100 Classic Review: An iconic 70’s speaker revived as a modern standout
2019-10-21TheNextWebFacebook’s Libra ‘cryptocurrency’ gets desperate as it considers stablecoins
2019-10-21TheNextWebMicrosoft’s open-source election software now has a bug bounty program
2019-10-21TheNextWebFacebook begins testing dark mode and a Twitter-like interface for desktop
2019-10-21TheNextWebInstagram is testing a feature to clean up your pity follows
2019-10-21TheNextWebThe iPhone Pro 11’s 4k 60fps recording gives it a leg-up on the Pixel 4
2019-10-21TheNextWebQurator found a way to fix Rotten Tomatoes: Quiz the trolls
2019-10-21TheNextWebFormer NBA player nets $825K from Ghanaian firm in alleged Bitcoin scam
2019-10-21TheNextWebBig meanies use science to debunk the Loch Ness Monster myth
2019-10-21TheNextWebRe-live the golden days with this boss repository of macOS screensavers
2019-10-21TheNextWebFor $45, get all the training you need to learn coding like a pro
2019-10-21TheNextWebOpportunistic fraudsters use El Chapo’s son’s arrest in bid to steal Bitcoin
2019-10-21TheNextWebBitfinex wants to subpoena former banking exec to recover its ‘lost’ $880M
2019-10-21TheNextWebA-Z guide to launching your digital product
2019-10-21TheNextWebNew test shows dark mode helps increase battery life on OLED iPhones
2019-10-21TheNextWebSatoshi Nakaboto: ‘Bitcoin halving prediction leads to $55K price, $1T market cap’
2019-10-21TheNextWebCHEAP: Stop, thief! There’s $90 off a Ring Video Doorbell 2 and an Echo Dot
2019-10-21TheNextWebMoonday Mornings: Another cryptocurrency SIM-swap victim sues AT&T, this time for $1.8M
2019-10-21TheNextWebCEO of ride-hailing giant Gojek departs $10B startup to join Indonesian government
2019-10-21TheNextWebHighly recommended: The MV1 is my favorite dry-herb vape
2019-10-21TheNextWebThe WiCub 2 is an air quality monitor for data nerds like me
2019-10-21TheNextWebTikTok fights back against ISIS propaganda
2019-10-20TheNextWebRIP: How to stop Google from stealing all your data after you die
2019-10-20TheNextWebSatoshi Nakaboto: ‘HTC’s latest phone can run a full Bitcoin node’
2019-10-20TheNextWebNab a lifetime of VPN protection & block trackers for only $20
2019-10-20TheNextWebA psychotherapist explains why some adults react badly to young climate strikers
2019-10-20TheNextWebWhy Elon Musk is wrong about LiDAR technology
2019-10-19TheNextWebHow climate change infiltrated popular culture
2019-10-19TheNextWebGaming industry veteran on how the Store Wars will end
2019-10-19TheNextWebHideo Kojima’s games rely on sexist tropes — and Death Stranding will probably be no different
2019-10-19TheNextWebMoon rocks could help us resurrect extinct species???
2019-10-19TheNextWebSatoshi Nakaboto: ‘18 million of the 21 million Bitcoins have now been mined’
2019-10-19TheNextWebCHEAP: This DJI Mavic Air drone kit is $150 off — fly my pretties, fly!
2019-10-19TheNextWebCHEAP: $35 for a Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 controller? TAKE MY THUMBS
2019-10-19TheNextWebWant to make $100K a year as a project manager? Start by mastering Agile
2019-10-19TheNextWebWhy startup founders should open up about their mental health
2019-10-18TheNextWebPixel 4’s ‘Face Unlock’ works even if you’re asleep or dead — and that’s a problem
2019-10-18TheNextWebCapcom wants to revive dead titles. Gamers have some suggestions
2019-10-18TheNextWebGoogle Maps just made it easier to report traffic incidents
2019-10-18TheNextWebReport: Apple will announce AirPods Pro with noise cancelling this month
2019-10-18TheNextWebThe US nukes will no longer run on plate-sized floppy disks
2019-10-18TheNextWebHey Google, why the hell doesn’t the Pixel 4’s camera app have a pro mode?
2019-10-18TheNextWebHonor’s latest fitness wearable wants to prevent sports injuries
2019-10-18TheNextWebResearchers find fake WordPress plugins that secretly mine cryptocurrency
2019-10-18TheNextWebMy beloved Master & Dynamic MW07 earbuds have been upgraded — and I’m hyped
2019-10-18TheNextWebThe iPhone 11 convinced me that Apple’s a photography powerhouse again
2019-10-18TheNextWebCHEAP: Wreck your friends all year long with $20 off PlayStation Plus subscription
2019-10-18TheNextWebThis $39 app will have you producing brilliant marketing graphics in minutes
2019-10-18TheNextWebIntel to publicly share its gender and race pay gap data by the end of 2019
2019-10-18TheNextWebFake Russian Tor browser purloins $40,000 in Bitcoin from dark web shoppers
2019-10-18TheNextWebSatoshi Nakaboto: ‘Republican congressman says Facebook should embrace Bitcoin and drop Libra’
2019-10-18TheNextWebTelegram is postponing its token sale, and it’s still not happy with the SEC
2019-10-18TheNextWebRed Dead Redemption 2 gets a glorious 4K trailer ahead of its PC release
2019-10-18TheNextWebJupiter’s Europa could contain life — and these missions aim to find it
2019-10-18TheNextWebG7 countries caution against Facebook’s ‘risky’ Libra
2019-10-18TheNextWebThese new implants are helping us link our brains to computers
2019-10-18TheNextWebAn entrepreneur’s guide to Copenhagen’s thriving startup scene
2019-10-18TheNextWebWindows users can now use Yubico’s security keys to log in to their PCs
2019-10-18TheNextWebMoto’s foldable Razr might launch next month