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2019-10-22VentureBeatNvidia partners with Red Hat, Microsoft, and Ericsson to grow edge and 5G offerings
2019-10-22VentureBeatGoogle pilots Duplex in New Zealand, brings booking to Maps and Search
2019-10-21VentureBeatWhy smart search is the cornerstone of digital transformation (VB Live)
2019-10-21VentureBeatTwitch snags chief marketing officer Doug Scott from Zynga
2019-10-21VentureBeatMicrosoft acquires Mover to bolster cloud migration solutions
2019-10-21VentureBeatMicrosoft’s DreamWalker lets you see VR cities during real world walks
2019-10-21VentureBeatSteam officially launches Remote Play Together beta for everyone
2019-10-21VentureBeatVerizon’s new 5G home router has Wi-Fi 6, Alexa, and self-setup option
2019-10-21VentureBeatSamsung Q80R QLED TV review — Built for gaming
2019-10-21VentureBeatDo you have what it takes to win the talent war? (VB Live)
2019-10-21VentureBeatMicrosoft’s AI rewrites sentences based on context
2019-10-21VentureBeatMicrosoft announces Secured-core PCs to counter firmware attacks
2019-10-21VentureBeatXbox Live change enables you to choose any gamertag you want
2019-10-21VentureBeatTetris 99 gets Luigi’s Mansion 3 event starring Gooigi
2019-10-21VentureBeatHyperX’s Cloud Mix Rose Gold is excellent and looks better than ever
2019-10-21VentureBeatGoogle’s Motion Sense hands-on: Controlling games and apps with gestures
2019-10-21VentureBeatAnuman Interactive adopts Microids name, opens Japan office
2019-10-21VentureBeatHow AI powers the Pixel 4
2019-10-21VentureBeatMediView XR raises $4.5 million to give surgeons X-ray vision with AR
2019-10-21VentureBeatNBA Now shows how Gamevil wants to dunk into the mobile sports game market
2019-10-21VentureBeatThe GamesBeat call for speakers has respawned! Apply now for the 2020 Summit
2019-10-21VentureBeatSuper League Gaming and ggCircuit create global amateur Fortnite Chapter 2 tournament with $130,000 in prizes
2019-10-21VentureBeatUpstream Security raises $30 million to protect connected cars from cyberattacks
2019-10-21VentureBeatTobii’s eye-tracking I-Series has a second screen for face-to-face communication
2019-10-21VentureBeatPixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL review: Function over form
2019-10-21VentureBeatReiko’s Fragments will arrive just in time for Halloween VR social scares
2019-10-21VentureBeatXiaomi plans to launch more than 10 5G phones in 2020
2019-10-21VentureBeatResearchers use AI to detect schools of herring from acoustic data
2019-10-20VentureBeatHTC launches Exodus 1s smartphone with built-in Bitcoin wallet in Europe
2019-10-20VentureBeatBBC’s VR hub is shutting down
2019-10-20VentureBeatDaydream is dying, but its 4 best exclusives live on
2019-10-20VentureBeatWhy unicorns love recessions
2019-10-20VentureBeatWhy have hyper-casual games replaced gacha in Japan?
2019-10-20VentureBeatHow Arm wants to bring machine learning to ordinary computing devices
2019-10-20VentureBeatAdjust panel: The state of user acquisition for mobile games
2019-10-19VentureBeatTilt Five adds new partners for AR tabletop game project: Tabletopia and Monocle Socity
2019-10-19VentureBeatHarold Ryan interview — Why ProbablyMonsters is making a huge bet on triple-A games
2019-10-19VentureBeatFormer Eidos president and frequent game startup adviser Keith Boesky passes away
2019-10-19VentureBeatWill the rise of IoT and slowing of Moore’s Law contribute to climate change?
2019-10-19VentureBeatAge of Wonders: Planetfall’s first expansion is Revelations, launching November 19
2019-10-19VentureBeatBattletech gets Heavy Metal expansion on November 21
2019-10-19VentureBeatHuawei is in early talks about licensing 5G tech to U.S. firms
2019-10-18VentureBeatResearchers demo AR hand tracking controls for smartphones
2019-10-18VentureBeatJedi: Fallen Order — The satisfaction of creating new Star Wars canon
2019-10-18VentureBeatToday’s 4G LTE puts you on the pathway to tomorrow’s 5G
2019-10-18VentureBeatNVMe vs. SATA: Which NAND storage do you need?
2019-10-18VentureBeatNVMe vs. SATA, Part 2: Industry insider interview
2019-10-18VentureBeatAI Weekly: Why Google still needs the cloud even with on-device ML
2019-10-18VentureBeatVerizon debuts GPU-based 5G edge services for mobile VR/XR developers
2019-10-18VentureBeatWing launches drone delivery in Christiansburg, Virginia
2019-10-18VentureBeatProBeat: Google’s Pixel 4 ups the AI ante to offline language models
2019-10-18VentureBeatHands-on: Roku’s Apple TV app helped me cut the cord — from Apple
2019-10-18VentureBeatHere’s how to blow everyone’s minds with your company’s AI product at Transform 2020
2019-10-18VentureBeatThe DeanBeat: Riot Games sheds its image as a single-game company
2019-10-18VentureBeatGamesBeat Decides 128: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order rules
2019-10-18VentureBeatFitbit strikes healthcare partnership to detect irregular heart rhythm
2019-10-18VentureBeatElectronic Theatre brings immersive group gaming to physical rooms
2019-10-18VentureBeatCall of Duty League: How Activision reimagined its city-based esports structure
2019-10-18VentureBeatSaber Interactive buys Bigmoon Entertainment, announces two new projects
2019-10-18VentureBeatHow does society create an ethics guide for AI?
2019-10-18VentureBeatVolvo will report autonomous truck financials from 2020
2019-10-18VentureBeat5 predictions for AI’s impact on customer experience in 2020 (VB Live)
2019-10-18VentureBeatThe RetroBeat: Sonic & Knuckles turned a problem into success 25 years ago
2019-10-18VentureBeatFortnite is finally getting better spatial audio
2019-10-18VentureBeatBipartisan group condemns Blizzard and Apple for bowing to China