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2019-10-22ars_technicaFinal trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker plays up the “Reylo” angle
2019-10-21ars_technicaHackers steal secret crypto keys for NordVPN. Here’s what we know so far
2019-10-21ars_technicaApple releases new version of macOS Catalina Supplemental Update
2019-10-21ars_technicaFacebook promises to beef up “election integrity” efforts heading into 2020
2019-10-21ars_technicaCoast-to-coast in under 33 hours? Apex: The Secret Race Across America
2019-10-21ars_technicaWatchmen on HBO trades the Cold War for the culture war, keeps superheroes
2019-10-21ars_technicaVerizon’s 5G network can’t cover an entire basketball arena, either
2019-10-21ars_technicaIn the Amazon, deforestation is linked to higher malaria rates
2019-10-21ars_technicaGoogle says a fix for Pixel 4 face unlock is “months” away
2019-10-21ars_technicaMagic: The Gathering pro uses win to show Hong Kong protest support
2019-10-21ars_technicaReview: Jojo Rabbit walks a fine line between humor and heart
2019-10-21ars_technicaRemember Sure-Fi? Lostik is open standards Lora you can play with
2019-10-21ars_technicaRocket Lab—yep, Rocket Lab—has a plan to deliver satellites to the Moon
2019-10-21ars_technicaLong stretches of Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA helped Homo sapiens adapt
2019-10-20ars_technicaHow meme culture changed the PSAT
2019-10-20ars_technicaAccessibility, the future, and why Domino’s matters
2019-10-20ars_technicaNeurons hide their memories in their imaginary fluctuations
2019-10-20ars_technicaAlexa and Google Home abused to eavesdrop and phish passwords
2019-10-19ars_technicaMinecraft becomes a board game, and the results are faithful, fantastic
2019-10-19ars_technicaZuckerberg doubles down on free speech—the Facebook way
2019-10-19ars_technicaWhen MS Paint ruled the fandom world: An innovative webcomic, 10 years later
2019-10-19ars_technicaLawmakers express “deep concern” over Blizzard’s Hong Kong protest response
2019-10-19ars_technicaNice but not necessary: El Camino is a fitting coda to Jesse Pinkman’s story
2019-10-18ars_technicaGoogle defends its use of Wi-Fi 5 in Nest Wifi
2019-10-18ars_technicaTwo women completed a seven-hour spacewalk on Friday
2019-10-18ars_technicaReview: Zombieland: Double Tap delivers wise-cracking, brain-splattering fun
2019-10-18ars_technicaReport: Home builders ditch Nest products after Google takeover
2019-10-18ars_technicaMan has massive, rotting scrotum removed after avoiding doctors for decades
2019-10-18ars_technica“You’re going to flip”: Motorola teases the new Razr in November event invitation
2019-10-18ars_technicaAT&T hits online TV customers with second big price increase this year
2019-10-18ars_technicaThe Pixel 4’s face unlock works on sleeping, unconscious people
2019-10-18ars_technicaProject Xcloud preview serves as a passable, portable Xbox One
2019-10-18ars_technicaArchaeologists unearth a Bronze Age warrior’s personal toolkit
2019-10-18ars_technicaFrontier gets away with “paltry” settlement after breaking 35 laws and rules
2019-10-18ars_technicaReport: More than half of all US doctors get money from pharma each year
2019-10-18ars_technicaShould all connected cars have a physical network kill switch?
2019-10-18ars_technicaAir Force finally retires 8-inch floppies from missile launch control system
2019-10-18ars_technicaExplaining how fighting games use delay-based and rollback netcode
2019-10-18ars_technicaA new pesticide is all the buzz
2019-10-18ars_technicaClone Rudd: Living with Yourself is great sci-fi in the Orphan Black mold
2019-10-18ars_technicaRocket Report: The Falcon 9 goes for four, Boeing’s big cost-plus deal