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2019-06-25ars_technicaAmazon takes on TCL’s Roku TV with low-cost HDR Fire TV television
2019-06-24ars_technicaAncient Peruvian engineering could help solve modern water shortages
2019-06-24ars_technicaAT&T sued over hidden fee that raises mobile prices above advertised rate
2019-06-24ars_technicaBill Gates calls failure to fight Android his “greatest mistake”
2019-06-24ars_technicaCapuchin monkeys have a 3,000-year archaeological record
2019-06-24ars_technicaDHS cyber director warns of surge in Iranian “wiper” hack attacks
2019-06-24ars_technicaThe 2019 Audi A7 might be all the car anyone ever needs
2019-06-24ars_technicaGerman regulator says it discovered new illegal software on Daimler diesels
2019-06-24ars_technicaSCOTUS: Ban on “FUCT” trademark registration violates First Amendment
2019-06-24ars_technicaEx-chair of FCC broadband committee gets five years in prison for fraud
2019-06-24ars_technicaReview: Jessica Jones S3 is flawed but packs a powerful payoff in the end
2019-06-24ars_technicaThe Raspberry Pi 4 launch site runs on a Pi 4 cluster
2019-06-24ars_technicaThe Raspberry Pi 4 brings faster CPU, up to 4GB of RAM
2019-06-24ars_technicaFalcon Heavy rocket set to attempt SpaceX’s “most difficult launch ever”
2019-06-23ars_technicaIt’s possible to build a Turing machine within Magic: The Gathering
2019-06-23ars_technicaReview: Teenagers must ward off mischievous supernatural beings in Jinn
2019-06-23ars_technicaVia the BBC, find out how Apollo 11’s Eagle actually landed
2019-06-23ars_technicaMinnesota cop awarded $585,000 after colleagues snooped on her DMV data
2019-06-22ars_technicaArgentina’s blackout and the storm-battered future of the grid
2019-06-22ars_technicaJedi: Fallen Order hands-on: Finally, a solid EA Star Wars game⁠—is that enough?
2019-06-22ars_technicaClaims of Tesla hack wide of the mark—we dig into GNSS hacking
2019-06-22ars_technicaSorcerer’s greatest trick? Shrinking a CCG experience into a single box
2019-06-22ars_technicaBitcoin rises above $10,000 for the first time in a year
2019-06-21ars_technicaGoogle Hardware quits the tablet business, again
2019-06-21ars_technicaA tale of two cities: Why ransomware will just get worse
2019-06-21ars_technicaWe’re one step closer to atomic radio
2019-06-21ars_technicaWizards Unite is a bloated, slow, Harry Potter-ified Pokémon Go
2019-06-21ars_technicaNew Stranger Things S3 trailer teases: What if the Mind Flayer never left?
2019-06-21ars_technicaPhysics indicates some of Earth’s earliest animals helped each other feed
2019-06-21ars_technicaDebunked: The absurd story about smartphones causing kids to sprout horns
2019-06-21ars_technicaGoogle is killing YouTube’s “Hangouts on Air” this year
2019-06-21ars_technicaManufacturing memory means scribing silicon in a sea of sensors
2019-06-21ars_technicaRocket Report: Falcon Heavy ready to fly, Stratolaunch plane put up for sale
2019-06-20ars_technicaNew study takes a bird’s-eye view of the Nasca Lines
2019-06-20ars_technicaDigging into the new features in OpenZFS post-Linux migration
2019-06-20ars_technicaNation-sponsored hackers likely carried out hostile takeover of rival groups’s servers
2019-06-20ars_technicaHackers, farmers, and doctors unite! Support for Right to Repair laws slowly grows
2019-06-20ars_technicaWaymo forges self-driving alliance with Renault and Nissan
2019-06-20ars_technicaOne legacy of Carl Sagan may take flight next week—a working solar sail
2019-06-20ars_technicaThe trick to saving human factory jobs might be teaming up with the machines
2019-06-20ars_technicaArs on your lunch break: There’s hope, and we’ll all be fine… probably
2019-06-20ars_technicaEA: Loot boxes actually “surprise mechanics” that are “ethical and fun”
2019-06-20ars_technicaDealmaster: A bunch of Logitech PC accessories are on sale today
2019-06-20ars_technicaPrinting vaccines at the pharmacy or at home will be the way of the future
2019-06-20ars_technica28 years later, a no-disc version of the Sega CD finally exists—and it works
2019-06-20ars_technicaAmericans aren’t interested in the Moon and Mars—and that’s understandable
2019-06-20ars_technicaEvil shapeshifters stalk by night in first trailer for AMC’s The Terror: Infamy
2019-06-20ars_technicaAjit Pai tries to kill San Francisco’s attempt to spur broadband competition
2019-06-20ars_technicaWhat’s it like to race a Jaguar I-Pace electric car?
2019-06-20ars_technicaInterview: Baldur’s Gate 3’s creators talk D&D, turn-based RPGs, and dreams coming true
2019-06-20ars_technicaPotent Firefox 0-day used to install undetected backdoors on Macs
2019-06-20ars_technicaSurvey: Autopilot name causes people to overestimate Tesla capabilities
2019-06-20ars_technicaAt House hearing, witnesses for Trump admin defend fuel-economy rollback
2019-06-20ars_technicaApple introduces a recall program for some MacBook Pro laptops with faulty batteries
2019-06-19ars_technicaNew report finds NASA awarded Boeing large fees despite SLS launch slips
2019-06-19ars_technicaTrump administration finalizes replacement for Obama’s Clean Power Plan
2019-06-19ars_technicaStarry aims to bring its $50, 200Mbps broadband to 25 more US states
2019-06-19ars_technicaOracle issues emergency update to patch actively exploited WebLogic flaw
2019-06-19ars_technicaDeclassified satellite images show how Himalayan glaciers have shrunk
2019-06-19ars_technicaAre these the first pictures of the “Switch Mini”?
2019-06-19ars_technicaHow many people did it take to colonize Australia?
2019-06-19ars_technicaResearchers make a robotic fish with a battery for blood
2019-06-19ars_technicaHow do you improve a great racing game? Just add Lego bricks
2019-06-19ars_technicaWe should create a global DNA threat-detection network to fight future pathogens
2019-06-19ars_technicaArs on your lunch break: engineering superbugs, accidentally or otherwise
2019-06-19ars_technicaTwitch sues users who posted porn, racism, and more to Artifact stream page
2019-06-19ars_technicaFor the industrial Internet of Things, defense in depth is a requirement
2019-06-19ars_technicaTwo new papers explore the complicated physics behind bubbles and foams
2019-06-18ars_technicaCloudflare aims to make HTTPS certificates safe from BGP hijacking attacks
2019-06-18ars_technicaSamsung asks users to please virus-scan their TVs
2019-06-18ars_technicaPeople keep spotting Teslas with snoozing drivers on the freeway
2019-06-18ars_technicaiOS 13 will remind you to cancel your subscription when you delete an app
2019-06-18ars_technicaHorrified researchers want out of “infomercial” for shady stem-cell clinics
2019-06-18ars_technicaNew vulnerabilities may let hackers remotely SACK Linux and FreeBSD systems
2019-06-18ars_technicaNew Zealand judge sends neo-Nazi to prison for sharing mosque shooting video
2019-06-18ars_technicaGoogle’s ninth attempt at a messaging service will be based on RCS
2019-06-18ars_technicaElectric car charging interoperability is the next big thing in mobility
2019-06-18ars_technicaDealmaster: Get a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for $50
2019-06-18ars_technicaFacebook launches cryptocurrency with Visa, MasterCard, Uber, and others
2019-06-18ars_technicaIn the not-so-distant future, “synbio” could lead to global catastrophe—maybe
2019-06-18ars_technicaArs on your lunch break: the fate we might be making for ourselves
2019-06-18ars_technicaAre Russian space satellites failing? It is now harder to find out
2019-06-18ars_technicaThe fourth Industrial revolution emerges from AI and the Internet of Things
2019-06-18ars_technicaWe may have inadvertently selected for muscles on dogs’ faces
2019-06-18ars_technicaA bride must play the most dangerous game in Ready or Not red band trailer
2019-06-17ars_technicaArs on your lunch break: Let’s talk about the extinction of humanity
2019-06-17ars_technica“We are very sorry”—Boeing division CEO apologizes for 737 Max deaths
2019-06-17ars_technicaPSA: Upgrade 3 years of Xbox Live to Game Pass Ultimate for just $1
2019-06-17ars_technicaNvidia pushes ARM supercomputing
2019-06-17ars_technicaAT&T cuts another 1,800 jobs as it finishes fiber-Internet buildout
2019-06-17ars_technicaRussia warns of “cyberwar” following report the US attacked its power grid
2019-06-17ars_technicaAMD says its Ryzen 3000 isn’t just cheaper—it’s better
2019-06-17ars_technicaFederal bill would allow clean energy companies to structure like oil companies
2019-06-17ars_technicaFirefly opens first Alpha rocket launch to academic and educational payloads
2019-06-17ars_technicaHuawei bracing for a 40% to 60% drop in international smartphone shipments
2019-06-17ars_technicaDomino’s will start robot pizza deliveries in Houston this year
2019-06-16ars_technicaE3 2019 in photos: Gooigi, crazy arcade machines, and a DOOM museum
2019-06-16ars_technicaAfter June fires, energy group says hydrogen is future’s fuel