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2019-08-21ars_technicaGameStop lays off 120 corporate staffers as stock continues to tumble
2019-08-20ars_technicaFacebook audit of alleged anti-conservative bias fails to pinpoint any
2019-08-20ars_technicaWhoa: Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss sign on to star in The Matrix 4
2019-08-20ars_technicaApple TV+ will launch in November for $9.99, facing off against Disney+ at $6.99
2019-08-20ars_technicaThe Porsche Taycan electric car gets Apple Music, 3 years free data
2019-08-20ars_technicaAnonymous “Anonymous Cowards” are, for now, not welcome on Slashdot
2019-08-20ars_technicaThe best Ars Technica video games, 1998-2008
2019-08-20ars_technicaThe ambitious Europa Clipper has cleared an important step toward flight
2019-08-20ars_technicaDicey Dungeons review: Well, there goes another 100 hours of my life
2019-08-20ars_technicaMan sued for using bogus YouTube takedowns to get address for swatting
2019-08-20ars_technicaStates reportedly plan monopoly investigation of Google, Facebook, Amazon
2019-08-20ars_technicaSuper-Earth at a nearby star is a Mercury-like hunk of rock
2019-08-20ars_technicaApple Card is now available to all US iPhone owners, adds new cash-back rewards
2019-08-20ars_technicaNew Nvidia driver update cuts latency down to the bone
2019-08-20ars_technicaAT&T brings cable TV prices to online streaming with $135 monthly plan
2019-08-20ars_technicaThe death of “Works with Nest” begins now with Google account migrations
2019-08-20ars_technicaWith Artemis, NASA at risk of repeating Apollo mistakes, scientist warns
2019-08-20ars_technicaSpider-Man is out of the MCU thanks to Sony/Disney standoff
2019-08-19ars_technicaGoogle Stadia exclusives push potential players to data centers
2019-08-19ars_technicaMinecraft is getting an official visual upgrade after all… only on Nvidia RTX
2019-08-19ars_technicaMapmaker: The Gerrymandering game that puts the fun in undermining democracy
2019-08-19ars_technicaGuidemaster: Navigating the hazy world of gaming laptops in 2019
2019-08-19ars_technicaWhy one PC developer turned down the security of Epic’s exclusivity offer
2019-08-19ars_technicaVaping linked to 94 mysterious cases of severe lung disease in 14 states
2019-08-19ars_technicaGoogle Play Store’s blindingly white redesign starts rolling out
2019-08-19ars_technicaRansomware strike takes down 23 Texas local government agencies
2019-08-19ars_technicaThey called you a troll, deal with it—court slaps down libel lawsuit
2019-08-19ars_technicaInsomniac Games acquired by Sony, calls out “a special relationship”
2019-08-19ars_technicaNewt Gingrich proposes a $2 billion prize for a human Moon lander
2019-08-19ars_technicaNeanderthals suffered from a veritable epidemic of swimmer’s ear
2019-08-19ars_technicaHow malformed packets caused CenturyLink’s 37-hour, nationwide outage
2019-08-19ars_technica85 Google Play apps with 8 million downloads forced fullscreen ads on users
2019-08-19ars_technicaReview: Fight scenes are the only bright spot in grim, joyless Wu Assassins
2019-08-19ars_technicaKerbal Space Program 2 will take flight in 2020—here’s the first trailer
2019-08-18ars_technicaI put myself through hell as an IPCC convening lead author, but it was worth it
2019-08-18ars_technicaWhat does Amazon’s “Top Brand” badge actually mean?
2019-08-17ars_technicaSurprise! Uber and Lyft don’t like NYC’s new ride-hail rules
2019-08-17ars_technicaReport: US expected to give Huawei another 90-day export license
2019-08-17ars_technicaNew Attack exploiting serious Bluetooth weakness can intercept sensitive data
2019-08-17ars_technicaWind power prices now lower than the cost of natural gas