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2019-10-22breitbartMiley Cyrus Message to Women: 'You Don’t Have To Be Gay, There Are Good People with D*cks Out There'
2019-10-22breitbart'A New Low’: Mitt Romney Admits Embarrassment at Revelation of Being Twitter ‘Lurker’
2019-10-22breitbartExit Polls: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau's Liberals Will Stay in Power
2019-10-22breitbartThe Nuclear Option: AG Barr, Religious Freedom vs. Secular Zealots
2019-10-21breitbartWATCH: Tulsi Gabbard Spars with UFC Champ Weili Zhang
2019-10-21breitbartSinger Brandi Carlile Drops Out of Fortune Mag Summit over 'Human Rights Violator' Kirstjen Nielsen
2019-10-21breitbartRomney: Mulvaney's Presser 'of Real Concern' - Holding Funding for Political Purposes 'a Real Problem'
2019-10-21breitbartSanders: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Will Work in My Administration
2019-10-21breitbartMonica Lewinsky to Produce ‘15 Minutes of Shame’ Documentary for HBO Max
2019-10-21breitbartBernie Sanders: 'Outrageous' to Suggest Tulsi Gabbard is 'Foreign Asset'
2019-10-21breitbartWoods Returning After Fifth Surgical Procedure on Left Knee
2019-10-21breitbartMom with Rare Breast Cancer Gives Birth to Son: 'He Was Fighting, So I Had to Fight, Too'
2019-10-21breitbartPersecuted Turkish Journalist: ‘Turkey Has Been Hosting ISIS for Years’
2019-10-21breitbartDonald Trump: Withdrawing Troops from Middle East 'Not Very Popular Inside the Beltway'
2019-10-21breitbartPompeo Warns Turkey: Trump 'Fully Prepared' to Take Military Action over Syria
2019-10-21breitbartApple Begins to Manufacture iPhones in India
2019-10-21breitbart184 House Republicans Back Bill to Censure Adam Schiff Ahead of Monday Vote
2019-10-21breitbartVeteran in Hospice Reunited with Beloved Dog for Final Goodbye
2019-10-21breitbartOhio Mom Claims She Found Intruder Attempting to Bathe Her Toddler
2019-10-21breitbartDelingpole: 'Princess Pushy go Home' - Britain Tires of Meghan Markle
2019-10-21breitbartBrexit Elephant in the Room: If Politicians Shouldn't Answer Questions Twice, Why Should Voters?
2019-10-21breitbart'Modern Slavery': Nigeria Rescues Hundreds of Abducted Boys from 'Islamic Reform School'
2019-10-21breitbartWatch: Lebanon Mass Protest Turns into Dance Party
2019-10-21breitbartSusan Rice: Trump's Syria Ceasefire 'Definition of Ethnic Cleansing'
2019-10-21breitbartWatch: Kudlow Says December Tariffs Could Be Avoided If Talks with China Go Well
2019-10-21breitbartNolte: Media Memory-Hole Reports Confirming Trump's Ukraine ‘Conspiracy Theory’
2019-10-21breitbartNetflix Takes on $2 Billion in Debt as Disney, Apple Launch Competition
2019-10-21breitbartSean Spicer Says Next Round of DWTS 'Big Test' for Conservative Voice: 'It’s Not Just About Me, It’s About We'
2019-10-21breitbartIsrael’s Netanyahu Gives Up on Forming New Coalition
2019-10-21breitbartDaily Mail: Ilhan Omar and Boyfriend Share Nights at 'Secret' D.C. Apartment
2019-10-21breitbartCher: Nancy Pelosi Should Be President, Not That 'Whore' Trump
2019-10-21breitbartSpeaker Rejects Government Bid to Hold Vote on New Brexit Deal
2019-10-21breitbart55 Pounds of Meth, Cocaine, Heroin Seized in Failed Texas Border Crossing
2019-10-21breitbartMexican Border State Musician Beheaded by Boyfriend’s Drug Rivals
2019-10-21breitbart15 Bipartisan Senators Urge Mitch McConnell to Curb Trump National Emergency Authority
2019-10-21breitbartCanada Election a Deadlock After Trudeau Blackface Scandal
2019-10-21breitbartScaramucci: 'President Trump Will Not Be the Nominee Come November'
2019-10-21breitbartReport: Lindsey Graham Would Consider Impeachment if ‘Crime’ Uncovered
2019-10-21breitbartReport: CIA Deep State Actors Linked to Origin of Russia Hoax Lawyer Up
2019-10-21breitbartLane: On Trafalgar Day a Reminder for Britain to Go Big or Go Home
2019-10-21breitbartElizabeth Warren Teases Upcoming Plan to Fund Medicare for All
2019-10-21breitbartReport: 66% of Millennials Have No Student Debt
2019-10-21breitbartBeto O'Rourke: We Must Listen to Children Who Promote Gun Control
2019-10-21breitbartFurman University May Punish Students that Wear 'Offensive' Halloween Costumes
2019-10-21breitbartVeteran Accuses Arizona State Professor of Penalizing Him for Military Service
2019-10-21breitbartTransgender Activists Force Always Brand to Remove 'Female' Symbol from Sanitary Products
2019-10-21breitbartDonald Trump Quietly Reduces Military Force in Afghanistan by 2,000
2019-10-21breitbartFlashback – Elizabeth Warren Championed School Vouchers: ‘Takes Pressure off Parents, Produces Results’
2019-10-21breitbartElizabeth Warren Education Plan: Protect Illegal Aliens, End Parental Choice
2019-10-21breitbartTrump: Hillary Clinton Helping Tulsi Gabbard by Calling Her Russian Agent
2019-10-21breitbartAbby Huntsman: Mick Mulvaney Is an 'Idiot' -- He Shouldn't Be on Television
2019-10-21breitbartGOP Rep. Palmer: 'Schiff's a Liar -- I Hope It Gets Back to Him'
2019-10-21breitbartReport: AG Barr Expands Probe into Russia Investigation Origin After Finding 'Something Significant'
2019-10-21breitbartGreta Van Susteren: Fox News' Wallace Wants to 'Smear and Cause Trouble' with Anonymous Impeachment Claim
2019-10-21breitbartActress Jennifer Lawrence Marries Art Dealer Cooke Maroney
2019-10-21breitbartAlec Baldwin: Lorne Michaels Convinced Me to Return as Trump on ‘SNL’
2019-10-21breitbartLebanon’s Government Scrambles to Respond to Mass Protests
2019-10-21breitbartBennet: Warren's 'Not Being Honest' About Medicare for All
2019-10-21breitbartEric Trump: 'Sickening' Bidens 'Went into Politics to Enrich Themselves'
2019-10-21breitbartPope Francis: Christian Mission to Give ‘Fresh Air’ to Those Living in ‘the Pollution of Our World’
2019-10-21breitbartBoris Govt Prepares for No Deal Brexit, But EU Could Delay It Until 2020
2019-10-21breitbartTrump Critic Megan Rapinoe Lands Nike Ad Campaign
2019-10-21breitbartNolte: Norah O'Donnell Is a Ratings Disaster for CBS News
2019-10-21breitbartBeto O'Rourke: Donald Trump Tells Big Lies Just like Hitler
2019-10-21breitbartJulian Castro: My Campaign Is Over Unless I Raise $800,000 in 10 Days
2019-10-21breitbartChina: Criticizing Pro-Communist LeBron James Has 'Nasty Racial Connotations'
2019-10-21breitbartHorse Injured in Race at Santa Anita; 34th to Die at Track
2019-10-21breitbartMark Zuckerberg Secretly Advised Buttigieg on Campaign Hires
2019-10-21breitbartCBS's Killion to AOC: 'As a Woman of Color, Why Back an Old White Guy?'
2019-10-21breitbartWatch Live: Andrew Yang Holds 'Humanity First' Press Conference
2019-10-21breitbartHuckabee on Romney's Fake Twitter Account: 'The Work of Kids, Cowards, Couch Potatoes and Perverts'
2019-10-21breitbartJustice Dept. Approves Breakthrough DNA Testing on Migrants
2019-10-21breitbartLobbyist for India's Outsourcing Industry May Take Over DHS
2019-10-21breitbartTransgender Cyclist Rachel McKinnon Keeps Smashing Women's Records
2019-10-21breitbartCNN's Stelter 'Worried' Facebook Allowing Free Speech Means Ads Will Reach 'the Most Vulnerable People' with 'Lies'
2019-10-21breitbartRobert Shiller: Trump 'Inspiration' Will Keep Recession at Bay and Expansion Rolling On
2019-10-21breitbartCourt Banned Mention of Jared Vargas Killer's Illegal Alien Status in Trial
2019-10-21breitbart'Islamists Are Islamic Nazis': Imam, Three Others Convicted of ISIS Recruiting
2019-10-21breitbartLindsey Graham: Trump’s Syria Policy Could Bring ‘Historic Solutions’
2019-10-21breitbartSaudi Arabia's New 100% Shisha Tax Sparks Fury
2019-10-21breitbartNY, Tel Aviv Rallies Demand Russia Free Israeli-American Woman
2019-10-21breitbartMale NZ Navy Personnel Allowed to Wear False Eyelashes and Makeup
2019-10-21breitbartMichael Moore Pushes Gun Control: America's Founders Couldn't Foresee 100-Round 'Magazine Clips'
2019-10-21breitbartVatican Says Christians and Hindus Must Be ‘Builders of Fraternity’
2019-10-21breitbart'It's Hard': Meghan Markle Laments the Pressures of Royal Life
2019-10-21breitbartCNN Signs Former GOP Rep. Sean Duffy as Contributor
2019-10-21breitbartPete Buttigieg Ad Reaches for Voters in Decaying 'Rust Belt'
2019-10-21breitbartGOP Sen. Johnson: Media 'Has No Curiosity' to Get Answers on Ukraine
2019-10-21breitbartNolte: Mitt Romney Caught with Secret 'Pierre Delecto' Twitter Account to Champion Himself
2019-10-21breitbartMark Zuckerberg Claims Facebook Disrupted 'More Than 50' Election Interference Campaigns in 2019
2019-10-21breitbartSex Crimes on Britain's Railways Near Doubles in Five Years
2019-10-21breitbartDrug Companies Reach Tentative Deal to Settle Opioids Lawsuit
2019-10-21breitbartGOP Sen. Braun: China Negotiations a Wake-Up Call for Companies That Manufacture in China to 'Get Some Eggs Out of That Basket'
2019-10-21breitbartObama Headlining Democrat Redistricting Fundraiser at Alex Soros's Home
2019-10-21breitbartMayor Pete Buttigieg Polls Third in Iowa
2019-10-21breitbartPoll: Only 6% of Iowa Voters Say Impeachment Is Most Important Issue
2019-10-21breitbartDick Morris: 'If You Feel a Pulse, You Know Hillary’s Going to Run'
2019-10-21breitbartVirgil: Five Takeaways from Capitalism’s Kowtow to China
2019-10-21breitbartMitt Romney: Impeachment of Trump an 'Inflection Point in American History'
2019-10-21breitbartVideo: Kurds Throw Tomatoes at Withdrawing U.S. Troops in Syria
2019-10-21breitbartFeminist Backlash After Sanitary Pad Company Caves to Trans-Activists
2019-10-21breitbartExclusive -- Rand Paul: Rising Support for Socialism Among American Youth Is 'Mind-Boggling'
2019-10-21breitbartAngel Mom Calls Out Beto O'Rourke: Open Borders Is 'Slap in the Face' to Angel Families
2019-10-21breitbartLeft-wing Website Urges Louis Vuitton Boycott After Trump Visits Texas Factory
2019-10-20breitbartLabour Demands Second Referendum as EU Consults on Brexit Delay Request
2019-10-20breitbartBernie Sanders Rally: 'Lock Him Up' Chant Erupts as San Juan Mayor Attacks Trump
2019-10-20breitbartMarianne Williamson Defends Tulsi Gabbard, Accuses Democrats of 'Smearing Women it Finds Inconvenient'
2019-10-20breitbartJury in Video Journalist Trial Views Clip of Abortionist Lunching While Discussing Baby Organs
2019-10-20breitbartTrump: Hillary Clinton 'Crazy' to Claim Tulsi Gabbard Is Russia's 'Favorite'
2019-10-20breitbartMy Socialist Hell: The Death of Free Speech in Venezuela
2019-10-20breitbartBoris Sends EU Letters: One Asking for Brexit Delay, One Saying He Doesn't Want One
2019-10-20breitbartWatch: Bernie Sanders Expresses Intention to 'Create a New America’
2019-10-20breitbartBernie Sanders Claims Bigger NYC Crowd than Elizabeth Warren
2019-10-20breitbartFNC's Wallace: 'Well-Connected Republican' Said 20% Chance GOP Will Vote for Impeachment
2019-10-20breitbartFNC's Wallace to Mulvaney: ‘Your Fingerprints Are All Over Linking Aide to Ukraine with Investigating the Bidens'
2019-10-20breitbartFans Support Hong Kong, Tibet at Nets’ 1st Game Since China
2019-10-20breitbartButtigieg: Trump Is Making 'American Less Safe' with Syria Withdrawal
2019-10-20breitbartJohn McCain Strategist: Trump ‘Unleashed Vast Quantities of Human Suffering’ with Syria Move
2019-10-20breitbartPrince Harry, Meghan Markle Reveal Wish to 'Move to Africa' as they Break from Royal Duties
2019-10-20breitbartAfrican Nations Moving to Close Their Own Borders
2019-10-20breitbartSalvini: Migrant Drownings Caused by 'Do-Gooders' Re-opening Ports, Encouraging Smugglers
2019-10-20breitbartSalvini: Being Called a Populist 'Is a Compliment'
2019-10-20breitbartLone Woman Shoots Home Invasion Suspect Dead
2019-10-20breitbartWATCH: Jose Altuve on Game Winning Hit: 'I Was Just Thanking God'
2019-10-20breitbartE.U. Seeks Globalist Role: Calls for Immediate Afghanistan Ceasefire
2019-10-20breitbartFresh Protests Rock Lebanon After Christian Party Quits Government
2019-10-20breitbartWATCH: James Lovelock, Godfather of Green, Calls Out Extinction Rebellion Activists as 'Silly Buggers'
2019-10-20breitbartPolice vs Public: London Commuters Who Stopped Tube Protesters Investigated
2019-10-20breitbartBackfire: Tulsi Gabbard Elevated in Iowa After Clinton Attacks as Russia's 'Favorite'
2019-10-20breitbartStudy: Latino-Owned Businesses Growing at Record Pace in Trump Economy
2019-10-20breitbartBeto O'Rourke: People of This Country 'Will Force' Republican Senators to Impeach Trump
2019-10-20breitbartSen. Menendez: 'All Roads Lead to Russia with The President'
2019-10-20breitbartPompeo: I Never Saw a Quid Pro Quo with Ukraine Aide
2019-10-20breitbartHurd: No Ukrainian Officials Said 'They Felt Like Their Arms Were Being Twisted'
2019-10-20breitbartAmash: Trump Is Using U.S. Troops Like 'Paid Mercenaries'
2019-10-20breitbartPetraeus: Trump Gave Ukraine the Weapons That Were Appropriated But Denied by Obama
2019-10-20breitbart'Maleficent: Mistress of Evil' Dethrones 'Joker' with Weak $36M Opening
2019-10-20breitbartFelicity Huffman Seen in Green Jumpsuit During Prison Visitation
2019-10-20breitbartFemale Islamic State Member on Trial in Germany Kept Three Slaves
2019-10-20breitbartLet Islamic State Terrorists Return Home, French Magistrate Urges
2019-10-20breitbartUK: 20-strong Gang Target 'White Bastards', Cut Off Teenager's Hand with Axe
2019-10-20breitbartEuropean Cocaine Use Hits Record Highs, Khan's London Worst City
2019-10-20breitbartTrump: Doral Resort will No Longer Host G-7 Summit
2019-10-20breitbartBooker: 'I'm Praying' for Peaceful Transfer of Power Because Trump Is Trying to 'Incite People' with 'Incendiary Language'
2019-10-20breitbartMaxine Waters: McConnell Can't Save Trump from Impeachment — 'It's Not Going to Work'
2019-10-20breitbartPompeo: ‘Adam Schiff Ought to Be Embarrassed by the Kangaroo Court That He’s Running’
2019-10-20breitbartThree U.S. Army Soldiers Killed, Three Hospitalized After Training Accident
2019-10-20breitbartBooker: 'Having a Sound Mind' I Will Restore Dignity Lost Under Trump's Leadership
2019-10-20breitbartSheriff: My Deputies Won't Be in Beto O'Rourke's Anti-Gun 'Gestapo'
2019-10-20breitbartPictures: Turkish Invasion of Syria Protested by Thousands in Germany, France
2019-10-20breitbartNancy Kaufman: Tulsi Gabbard Rises Above Corporate Media Smears
2019-10-20breitbartWATCH: Miami Rookie Wilkins Ejected for Throwing Punch
2019-10-20breitbartTulsi Gabbard Declares War on Hillary Clinton and Democrat Party Establishment
2019-10-20breitbartExclusive - Lebanese Leader Walid Jumblatt on Massive Protests: ‘Dialogue Is a Must’
2019-10-20breitbartElizabeth Warren: Transgender Border Crossers 'Must' Be Released into U.S.
2019-10-20breitbartCalifornia Governor Pardons Three Immigrant Felons to Avoid Deportation
2019-10-20breitbartWeak Seven: Empty Seats Outnumber Fans in Several NFL Stadiums
2019-10-20breitbartWATCH: Oklahoma's Sooner Schooner Wagon Crashes on Football Field
2019-10-20breitbart23 House Republicans Have Yet to Back Movement to Censure Adam Schiff
2019-10-20breitbartPublic Defender: Illegal Alien Charged with Murdering Four Americans Unfit for Death Penalty Due to Low IQ
2019-10-20breitbartVideo: 'New Girl' Actor Lamorne Morris Restrained, Handcuffed Outside Hollywood Club
2019-10-20breitbartPuerto Rican Mayor a ‘Climate Change Survivor’ After Trump’s Failed Hurricane Response: President ‘Killing Us’
2019-10-20breitbartUK Police Tell Public: Report 'Hateful' Behaviour 'Even If It Isn't a Crime', 'You Don't Even Need Evidence'
2019-10-20breitbartPictures: Coffins of 3,000-Year-Old Mummies Opened in Egypt
2019-10-20breitbartTwo Nearly Drowned Migrants Rescued from Rio Grande Border River
2019-10-20breitbartDistressed Vehicle Assist Leads to Arrest of Multinational Migrants in Maine
2019-10-20breitbartHuman Waste from Homeless People Seeps into Miami Streets
2019-10-20breitbartPolice: Violence over Prophet Muhammad Facebook Post Kills Four
2019-10-19breitbart#MeThree: Democrat Rep. Katie Hill Reportedly Involved in 'Throuple' Relationship with Female Staffer
2019-10-19breitbartSweden: Govt Minister Claims Country Needs MORE Refugees to Fill Jobs
2019-10-19breitbartCleaver: I Don't Want to Remove Trump from Twitter, It's Dangerous to Mess with the 1st Amendment
2019-10-19breitbartDonald Trump Fires Back at 'Disaster' Susan Rice
2019-10-19breitbartMo Brooks Applauds Trump Decision to Pull Out of Syria -- 'Folly' to Sacrifice U.S. Troops in the Face of a Turkish Onslaught
2019-10-19breitbartAndrew Yang: Tulsi Gabbard 'Deserves Much More Respect'
2019-10-19breitbartWatch: Michael Moore Claims Hillary Clinton 'Beat' Donald Trump
2019-10-19breitbartRick Perry Refuses to Comply with Subpoena for Ukraine Documents
2019-10-19breitbartMichael Moore: The Electoral College Is 'Too Old' But Bernie Is Not
2019-10-19breitbartParliament Meets for First Saturday Sitting since Falklands War to Vote on Boris Brexit Deal
2019-10-19breitbartWATCH: Coach Disarms, Hugs Student Who Brought Shotgun to School
2019-10-19breitbart5-Time Deportee Gets 10 Years for Illegal Re-Entry
2019-10-19breitbartMexican Army Reinforcements Arrive in Culiacan, Sinaloa
2019-10-19breitbartMaher: Doesn't Biden Have to 'Go Away' to Avoid Hurting Party Like Franken Did?
2019-10-19breitbartU.S. Navy Conducts 'High-End Warfighting' Exercises with 2 Large Deck Warships in South China Sea
2019-10-19breitbartHillary Clinton Ditches Event Featuring Tulsi Gabbard, Kirstjen Nielsen
2019-10-19breitbartDelingpole: Britain Stands on the Brink of Brexit Victory
2019-10-19breitbartUK: Illegal Migrant Jailed for Strangling, Sexually Assaulting Teenager
2019-10-19breitbartIlhan Omar: 'Disturbing' for Trump to Host G-7 Summit at Doral
2019-10-19breitbartTropical Storm Nestor Batters Florida; Tornado Leaves Thousands with No Power
2019-10-19breitbartFeminist Activists Prepare for First 'National Period Day,' Tout 'Menstrual Movement Manifesto'
2019-10-19breitbartNancy Pelosi Compares Impeachment Effort to American Revolution: 'The Times Have Found Us'
2019-10-19breitbartBarbra Streisand Shares Photo of Nancy Pelosi Killing Trump
2019-10-19breitbartBrooks: 'Hard Not to Vote for Impeachment' if Your Defense Was No Quid Pro Quo
2019-10-19breitbartUkrainian Official: Hunter Biden Appointed to Burisma’s Board to ‘Protect’ the Company
2019-10-19breitbartMichael Moore Endorses Bernie Sanders: He 'Absolutely Can' Beat Trump
2019-10-19breitbartBeto O'Rourke Adds Gun Ban for Boyfriends to AR-15 Grab
2019-10-19breitbartLeftist Brand Dhvani Shuts Down Instagram Comments amid Backlash for Anti-Trump Billboard
2019-10-19breitbartMore Delay: 'Super Saturday' Vote on Boris Brexit Deal Cancelled by MPs
2019-10-19breitbartExclusive--Rand Paul Responds to Being Kamala Harris 'Surprising Friend' and Working with Bernie Sanders
2019-10-19breitbartDonald Trump Nominates Dan Brouillette to Replace Rick Perry at Department of Energy
2019-10-19breitbartTrump Brands Romney a 'Democrat Secret Asset' in Video
2019-10-19breitbartHungary: Orban Will 'Use Force' If Turkey 'Opens the Gates' of Europe to Migrants
2019-10-19breitbartVan Jones: Hillary's 'Smear' on Gabbard 'Playing Right into' Russia's Hands
2019-10-19breitbartNine Migrants Rescued from Texas Border River
2019-10-19breitbartBritain's First Chick-fil-A to Be Shut Down After LGBTQ Lobbying
2019-10-19breitbart'No Surrender' – Ian Paisley, Nigel Farage Denounce Boris's Brexit Deal
2019-10-19breitbartBernie Sanders: ‘Racist’ and ‘Sexist’ Trump Is a ‘Very Formidable Opponent’
2019-10-19breitbartWatch Live: AOC Endorses Bernie Sanders at New York Campaign Rally
2019-10-19breitbartWatch: Michael Moore Downplays Bernie Sanders Heart Attack -- 'Talk About the Health of This Planet That’s Dying'
2019-10-19breitbartBacklash: Planned Parenthood Refuses to Endorse Anti-Trump Dhvani Brand
2019-10-19breitbartTulsi Gabbard Uses Clinton Attack to Raise Campaign Funds
2019-10-19breitbartStein: Hillary's Pushing 'Conspiracy Theory' to Explain Why She Lost
2019-10-19breitbartOil and Gas Workers in Canada Counter Greta Thunberg: Don’t Kill Our Jobs, We Power Your Cell Phone
2019-10-19breitbartLawmakers Stump for ‘National Period Day’: People Don't Have Access to Menstrual Products Due to ‘Gender Identity’
2019-10-19breitbartGOP Rep. Rooney: I'm Not Running for Re-Election in 2020
2019-10-19breitbartReport: Elijah Cummings' Widow May Run for His Congressional Seat
2019-10-19breitbartFormer HGTV Pilot Host Convicted of Molesting Daughter's Best Friend
2019-10-19breitbartU.S. Military Will Retire Floppy Disks from Nuclear Weapon Systems
2019-10-19breitbartRoyal Caribbean Passenger Banned for Life After Risking Life for Selfie
2019-10-19breitbartDelingpole: Fight the Culture Wars and Own the Libs with Jack Posobiec's Comic Book Crowdfunder...
2019-10-19breitbartWatch Live: Trump Supporters Rally Outside Bernie Sanders Event
2019-10-19breitbartWATCH: Remainer Mob Hounds Rees-Mogg and Young Son Through the Streets
2019-10-19breitbartWSJ: Trump Is Converting GOP to Populist, Pro-Employee Party
2019-10-19breitbartCDC: Youth Suicide Rate Up 56% in Decade, Homicide Rate Up 18% After Decline
2019-10-19breitbartHillary Clinton Decries 'Bankrupt' DNC: 'We're Going to Be 'Outgunned, Outspent, Out-Lied'
2019-10-19breitbartOcasio-Cortez: We Need a ‘Multigendered, Multigeographic’ United States
2019-10-18breitbartTexas Rally Crowd Chants 'Bring Them Home' in Support of Trump's Foreign Policy
2019-10-18breitbart173 House Republicans Move to Condemn Adam Schiff as Floor Vote Approaches
2019-10-18breitbartArnold Schwarzenegger 'Disappointed' He Can't 'Jump in and Run' for President
2019-10-18breitbartUber Lays Off 400 U.S. Employees, Imports Hundreds of Foreign Workers
2019-10-18breitbartQuentin Tarantino Defies China Censors, Won't Re-Cut 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'
2019-10-18breitbartRep. David Kustoff: Impeachment Is Nothing More than a 'Time Suck'
2019-10-18breitbartHouse Democrats to Formally Condemn Trump's Decision to Hold G7 Summit at Doral
2019-10-18breitbartMaxine Waters: Mulvaney 'Outed' Trump as 'the Most Corrupt Man in America'
2019-10-18breitbartHillary Clinton Suggests Tulsi Gabbard a 'Russian Asset' Groomed to Ensure Trump Reelection
2019-10-18breitbartMichael Jordan Donates $7 Million to Medical Clinic: 'This Is Just the Beginning'
2019-10-18breitbartMichael Irvin Suggests Cowboys Sign Antonio Brown
2019-10-18breitbartKellogg's Teams with GLAAD for ‘Anti-Bullying’ Campaign with ‘All Together’ Cereal
2019-10-18breitbartPoll Shows Trump Topping Biden, Warren in Iowa Matchups
2019-10-18breitbartTulsi Gabbard Rips Hillary Clinton: 'Queen of Warmongers'
2019-10-18breitbartDonald Trump Speaks with First All-Woman Spacewalk Team
2019-10-18breitbartScientists Detect Movement on Major California Fault for First Time
2019-10-18breitbartKasich: After Mulvaney Presser, Trump Deserves to Be Impeached
2019-10-18breitbartGOP Rep. Rooney: Mulvaney Made Quid Pro Quo 'Quite Clear'
2019-10-18breitbartGOP Sen. Mike Lee Thanks India's Visa-Workers for Pressuring U.S. Senators to Export U.S. Jobs
2019-10-18breitbartU.S. Attorneys Prosecute 110.5K Illegal Aliens in 2019, Highest Level in History
2019-10-18breitbartExclusive -- Rand Paul: LeBron James Should Stand Up for the People in Hong Kong
2019-10-18breitbartClinton Email Probe: State Department Finds 38 People Committed Violations
2019-10-18breitbartHillary Clinton: Trump 'Is Trying' to 'Rig' 2020 Election So He Can't Be Forced Out of Power
2019-10-18breitbartJoe Biden Campaign Selling 'Beat Him Like a Drum' T-Shirt
2019-10-18breitbartDonald Trump: State Department Official ‘Excoriated’ Hunter Biden's Position in Ukraine
2019-10-18breitbartTom Steyer Calls for Impeachment Inquiry to Be Made Public
2019-10-18breitbartRasmussen: 51% of Voters Suspect High-Level Crimes to Stop Trump Presidency
2019-10-18breitbartHong Kong Exec Carrie Lam Defends Policies on Facebook (Which Is Banned in China)
2019-10-18breitbartUyghur-American to Congress: Testifying Against China ‘May Cost the Lives of My Parents’
2019-10-18breitbartSacha Baron Cohen: Zuckerberg Has 'Moral Duty' to Throw More People Off Facebook
2019-10-18breitbartFox News Interviews Mark Zuckerberg, No Questions on Blacklisted Conservatives
2019-10-18breitbartChapman University Places Restrictions on Student Reporting at George W. Bush Event
2019-10-18breitbartReport: Emails Show Bill de Blasio's 2017 Campaign Coordinated with City Hall Staff
2019-10-18breitbartWatch: Single Dad Adopts Five Siblings at Once to Keep Them Together
2019-10-18breitbartWatch: Larry Summers Assails Elizabeth Warren's Wealth Tax
2019-10-18breitbartDennis Rodman Charged with Battery After Allegedly Slapping a Man
2019-10-18breitbartReport: Boeing Instant Messages Suggest Company Misled FAA
2019-10-18breitbartVenezuela Returns to Human Rights Council Month After U.N. Condemned Maduro
2019-10-18breitbartReport: Vatican's Amazon Synod Funded by Pro-Abortion Ford Foundation
2019-10-18breitbartMartin Luther King Jr.'s Daughter Blasts Zuckerberg: Free Speech Got Him Killed
2019-10-18breitbartTrump Campaign Vows to Sue CNN for Bias After Project Veritas' Latest Leaks
2019-10-18breitbartVideo: Lady Gaga Falls off Stage While Dancing with Fan
2019-10-18breitbartChina Halts Shipments of Black Clothing to Hong Kong Protesters
2019-10-18breitbartDem Lawmaker Says Ambassador Sondland Lied After He Denied Inviting Ukraine to Influence U.S. Election
2019-10-18breitbartSanctuary County: Two Illegal MS-13 Gang Members Accused of Hacking to Death 16-Year-Old Boy
2019-10-18breitbartSanctuary City Chicago Freed Nigerian Illegal Alien Accused of Stealing $22K
2019-10-18breitbartFishing: House Democrats Impeachment Lawyer Suggests Probe May Extend Beyond Ukraine
2019-10-18breitbartInternal Democrat Memo: Blame Trump, but Health Care, Wages More Popular than Impeachment
2019-10-18breitbartGOP's Rispone Now Tied with Dem John Bel Edwards in Poll of Louisiana Governor Race
2019-10-18breitbartChris Sununu Lone GOP Governor in States Trump Lost to Oppose Impeachment Inquiry
2019-10-18breitbartCNN Political Analyst April Ryan Backs Out of Pete Buttigieg Fundraiser
2019-10-18breitbartClimate-Concerned 2020 Democrats Spending Hundreds of Thousands on Private Air Travel
2019-10-18breitbartThe ‘Squad’ Praises ‘Forever Chairman’ Elijah Cummings for Signing Subpoenas in Hospital Bed
2019-10-18breitbartWatch: Kanye West Releases Trailer for 'Jesus is King'
2019-10-18breitbartChina Opens Billion-Dollar Railroad with Uncertain Future in Kenya
2019-10-18breitbartFNC's Wallace on Trump Ceasefire: Is This a Surrender?
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2019-10-18breitbartJane Fonda, Sam Waterston Arrested at D.C. Climate Change Protest
2019-10-18breitbartChina: Nominating Hong Kong Protesters for Nobel Peace Prize Is 'Advocating Violence'
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2019-10-18breitbartDonald Trump Calls Turkish President to Ensure Syria Ceasefire
2019-10-18breitbartTurkey: Ceasefire with Kurds 'Not a Ceasefire'
2019-10-18breitbartClinton Takes Veiled Shot at Gabbard: ‘She’s the Favorite of the Russians’ to Run Third-Party
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