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2019-08-21breitbartJoe Biden Attacks Reporter: ‘You're Going To Go After Me No Matter What’
2019-08-21breitbartPoll: 63% Democrats, 20% Republicans Support In-State College Tuition Rates for Illegal Aliens
2019-08-21breitbart1,000+ Kentucky Teachers Get Warning: They Broke Law in #RedforEd 'Sick Outs'
2019-08-21breitbartJoe Biden Gets Shut Down Bragging About Crowd Size in Iowa
2019-08-21breitbartPoll: 60% of Americans Favor Free Public Four-Year College
2019-08-21breitbartPollak: Trump Just Told Liberal Jews What They've Been Telling Conservative Jews for Years About Disloyalty
2019-08-21breitbartSpike Lee on Trump: 'Why Are We Still Asking Is This Guy a White Supremacist?' -- 'It’s Not Even the Question'
2019-08-21breitbartTrump to Stop Fast-Tracking Work Permits for Migrants to Take U.S. Jobs
2019-08-21breitbartTlaib Goes Toe to Toe with Detroit Police Department over 'Facial Recognition Bulls**t'
2019-08-20breitbartMom Hosts At-Home Job Fair to Teach Kids the Value of Hard Work
2019-08-20breitbartHong Kong Exec Carrie Lam Promises ‘Platform for Dialogue’ with Protesters
2019-08-20breitbartPlayboy Reporter Brian Karem Sues White House over Suspended Press Pass
2019-08-20breitbartTrump Ready to Leave Afghanistan: At a Certain Point You Have to Say 'Enough'
2019-08-20breitbartSan Francisco Homelessness Crisis Escalates, Politicians Pass the Buck
2019-08-20breitbartMedia Bails on Bernie Sanders 'Field of Dreams' Game Due to Fundraising Email
2019-08-20breitbartJames Comey and His Wife Donated Nearly $20,000 to Democrats in 2019
2019-08-20breitbartCalifornia's Homeless Crisis Pushes Business Owner Out
2019-08-20breitbartJustice Department Tells Supreme Court: DACA Amnesty Is Illegal
2019-08-20breitbartCarney: A Payroll Tax Cut Would Give Americans the Raise They Deserve
2019-08-20breitbartPresident Trump: We Won't Sacrifice Gun Rights to 'Slippery Slope'
2019-08-20breitbartDonald Trump: Many in Establishment Media 'Would Love to See a Recession'
2019-08-20breitbartBritish Consulate Official Detained by China on Hong Kong Border
2019-08-20breitbartFact Check: Elizabeth Warren Crowd Was 6,000 at Most, not 12,000
2019-08-20breitbartKyl Report: Facebook Faces Workplace Viewpoint Diversity Challenges
2019-08-20breitbartFTC Chairman: Facebook's Integration with Instagram, WhatsApp Could Complicate Antitrust Measures
2019-08-20breitbartGoogle Nest Security Cameras Can Be Hijacked Due to Vulnerabilities
2019-08-20breitbartPoll: College Students Prefer Socialist Bernie Sanders over Other Candidates
2019-08-20breitbartUniversity of Alabama Receives Millions in Taxpayer Funding for Diversity Programs
2019-08-20breitbartDianne Feinstein Falsely Claims 'Assault Weapons' Ban Lowered Crime
2019-08-20breitbartFamily Dollar Store Cashier Tells Alleged Robber 'Not Today'
2019-08-20breitbartNetanyahu Hints Israel Behind Attacks on Iranian Targets In Iraq
2019-08-20breitbartMazie Hirono: 'There Is Going to Be a New Arms Race'
2019-08-20breitbartEllen DeGeneres Defends Meghan Markle, Prince Harry from Private Jet Criticism
2019-08-20breitbartReport: Harvard 'Tweeting Tree' Project on Climate Change Funded by Taxpayer Dollars
2019-08-20breitbartNolte: Don Lemon's Accuser Has Witness to Alleged Sexual Assault
2019-08-20breitbartPope Francis Calls for ‘Antidote’ to Populism
2019-08-20breitbartBernie Sanders Busts Kamala Harris for Bashing His Medicare for All Plan in Front of Big Donors
2019-08-20breitbartElizabeth Warren Deletes DNA Test Results from Campaign Website
2019-08-20breitbartBokhari: The Koch-Soros Alliance to Censor the Internet
2019-08-20breitbartFacebook Releases Interim Findings of 'Political Bias Review'
2019-08-20breitbartKaepernick Points to 2015 Police Shooting As Inspiration for Kneeling
2019-08-20breitbartFan Who Used Blistering Fastball to Land Oakland A's Contract, Makes Pro Debut
2019-08-20breitbartKaepernick Attorney Blasts Jay-Z for 'Cold-Blooded' Social Justice Deal with NFL
2019-08-20breitbartAlyssa Milano Reveals She Had Two Abortions in 1993
2019-08-20breitbartVideo: Jon Voight Praises Donald Trump as 'Greatest President of This Century'
2019-08-20breitbartGeorge Takei: 'Level of Cruelty and Evil' of Trump Border Enforcement a 'Grotesque Low'
2019-08-20breitbartDebra Messing Demands We 'Stop All of Trump’s Torture': 'Vote Blue No Matter Who'
2019-08-20breitbartCotton: 'A Grave Miscalculation of Historic Proportion for Beijing to Crack Down on Hong Kong'
2019-08-20breitbartPoll: Bernie Sanders Leads Joe Biden in Colorado
2019-08-20breitbartAZ Poll: Democrat Challenger Mark Kelly Overtakes Martha McSally
2019-08-20breitbartWarren Emphasizes LGBT Protections in Criminal Justice Reform Plan
2019-08-20breitbartPoll: Democrats Divided on School Choice Along Racial, Ethnic Lines
2019-08-20breitbartNevada Poll: Joe Biden Leads Elizabeth Warren by Double Digits
2019-08-20breitbartNew York Times Hides $$$ to Smear Donald Trump's Policies as 'Anti-Immigrant'
2019-08-20breitbartBorder Patrol Apprehends 15 Migrants with Fake IDs in Louisiana
2019-08-20breitbart200 Migrants Apprehended After Crossing New Mexico Border
2019-08-20breitbartHogan Gidley: Reps. Omar, Tlaib 'Are Clearly Against the Existence of Israel'
2019-08-20breitbartWATCH: Migrants Fail to Scale New Border Wall Section
2019-08-20breitbartVideo: Ocasio-Cortez Mocks Middle America in Effort to Delegitimize Electoral College
2019-08-20breitbartNurses: Florida Clinic Allege They Would Be Fired for Speaking Spanish on the Job
2019-08-20breitbartGreenland New Deal: Trump Promises No High-rise Tower in the Arctic
2019-08-20breitbartHong Kong’s Cathay Pacific Employees Fear ‘White Terror’ of Chinese Political Purge
2019-08-20breitbartFlight Logs Prove Alleged Epstein Victim Linked to Prince Andrew
2019-08-20breitbartDelaney: Other Dem Candidates Running on 'Impossible Promises and Fairy-Tale Economics'
2019-08-20breitbartScarborough on Biden's First Political Ad: 'Reaganesque Vision of Where This Country Can Be'
2019-08-20breitbartMcCain's Family, McCain Institute to Start #ActsofCivility Campaign
2019-08-20breitbartReports: Epstein Partner Ghislaine Maxwell's In-N-Out Picture Is Photoshopped
2019-08-20breitbartReport: DNC Chair Tom Perez to Fundraise in Mexico
2019-08-20breitbartPresident Trump Shifts Away from Background Check Push
2019-08-20breitbartExclusive--Bernie Kerik: NYC Cops Demoralized, 'Afraid' to Do Their Jobs After Firing of Officer in Eric Garner Case
2019-08-20breitbartItalian PM Resigns, Attacks Populist Salvini As Government Collapses
2019-08-20breitbartNolte: Politico Wants Us to Deny Evidence of Joe Biden's Cognitive Decline
2019-08-20breitbartTwitter Stops Ads from Chinese State Media After Backlash
2019-08-20breitbartProfessor Robert Epstein: Hillary Clinton Is Wrong About Google
2019-08-20breitbartFacebook Hiring Corporate Media Veterans to Manually Curate 'News Tab'
2019-08-20breitbartAfghanistan Vows to 'Eliminate' ISIS Safe Havens After Wedding Bombing Killed 63
2019-08-20breitbartParis Dennard Sues Arizona Board of Regents over Malicious Leak to Washington Post
2019-08-20breitbartEU Rejects Boris Johnson's Last-Ditch Appeal to Strike Brexit Deal
2019-08-20breitbartServer in Paris No-Go Suburb Murdered Over Sandwich
2019-08-20breitbartSanctuary City New York Likely Freed 3K Criminal Illegal Aliens in Last Year
2019-08-20breitbartGov't Delivers 100,000 Cheap Visa-Workers to Disney, Hilton, Tourist Industry, for Summer Work
2019-08-20breitbartReport: Ties Between Environmentalism and Eugenics ‘Run Deep’
2019-08-20breitbartEric and Lara Trump Reveal Birth of Baby Girl Carolina Dorothy
2019-08-20breitbartBeto O'Rourke: 'I Don't Support the Death Penalty' for El Paso Shooter
2019-08-20breitbartNolte: Elizabeth Warren Tries to Buy Off American Indian with 1/1024th Apology
2019-08-20breitbartCNN Poll: Kamala Harris Drops 12 Percent After Second Debates
2019-08-20breitbart'Against Trump' National Review Editor Writes 'The Case for Nationalism' After Trashing Victims of Globalism in 2016
2019-08-20breitbartPaul Ryan to Move Family from Wisconsin to Washington, DC
2019-08-20breitbartGordon Chang: 'We Need' a Reagan-Style 'Resolute Statement' from Trump on Hong Kong
2019-08-20breitbartMississippi ICE Raids: No Employers Charged Yet for Hiring Illegal Aliens
2019-08-20breitbartFlashback—Obama: ‘How Many Times Is Biden Gonna Say Something Stupid?’
2019-08-20breitbartZOA Fact-Checks Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib's Press Conference: 'Egregious Lies'
2019-08-20breitbartJill Biden: You May Like Another Candidate Better, But You Have to Beat Trump, and 'Maybe You Have to Swallow a Little Bit'
2019-08-20breitbartRep. Cohen: Trump Is a 'Paranoid, Delusional Individual'
2019-08-20breitbartParents Sue School District, Claim Parental Rights Were Undermined Due to Catholic Faith
2019-08-20breitbart'Impeachment August' Campaign Falls Short of Goals with Month Halfway Over
2019-08-20breitbartReport: Disney Whistleblower Claims Parks Revenue Was Overstated By Billions
2019-08-20breitbartGeorge Conway: Trump White House Staff 'Work for a Rapist'
2019-08-20breitbartU.S. Steel to Lay Off Nearly 200 American Workers, Idle Michigan Plant
2019-08-20breitbartDonald Trump: Jews Voting Democrat Show 'Total Lack of Knowledge or Great Disloyalty'
2019-08-20breitbartJosh Hawley: Facebook Political Bias 'Audit' a 'Smokescreen Disguised as a Solution'
2019-08-20breitbartFacebook Tool Shows Users Which Websites Have Tracked Them
2019-08-20breitbartAlec Baldwin: Trump Supporters Only Care About Money
2019-08-20breitbartRonda Rousey Suffers Gruesome Finger Injury While Filming '9-1-1'
2019-08-20breitbartReport: U.S. in Talks with Venezuelan 'Drug Kingpin' Diosdado Cabello About Ousting Maduro
2019-08-19breitbartReport: Attorneys General Probe of Big Tech Could Launch in September
2019-08-19breitbartKlein: Dems Side with Rabid Antisemites over Israel
2019-08-19breitbartIllegal Alien Accused of Rape, Child Sex Crimes Released by Sanctuary County
2019-08-19breitbartReport: House Democrats Weighing Action Against Israeli, U.S. Envoys over Tlaib, Omar Ban
2019-08-19breitbartPinkerton: Why Buying Greenland Is One of Donald Trump’s Best Ideas
2019-08-19breitbartLewandowski on Senate Bid: If I Run, 'I'm Going to Win'
2019-08-19breitbartNYC Mayor’s Wife Nixes Popular Saint to Honor Drag Queens
2019-08-19breitbartTrump: U.S. Likely Waiting Until After Israeli Elections for Peace Plan
2019-08-19breitbartDonald Trump: Anthony Scaramucci a 'Mental Wreck' and an 'Unstable Nut Job'
2019-08-19breitbartLeft-Wing Protesters Adopted 'Gauntlet' at New Hampshire Rally
2019-08-19breitbartGermany To Strip Asylum Status of 'Refugees' Who Go Home on Holiday
2019-08-19breitbartDem Rep. Haaland: Trump Lashing Out at Warren Because of Her Success on Campaign Trail
2019-08-19breitbartSchool Examiners Fail 16-year-old Vegetarian for Objecting to Halal Slaughter
2019-08-19breitbartDelingpole: Remainers Launch Desperate 'Operation Yellowhammer' - a.k.a. Project Fear 3.0
2019-08-19breitbartPatel: UK Government to End Free Migration Regime on Brexit Day
2019-08-19breitbartAnthony Scaramucci Wants to Recruit Former Cabinet Members to Denounce Trump
2019-08-19breitbartScaramucci Calls on GOP to Break From Trump: 'You Have to Break for Your Children'
2019-08-19breitbartStacey Abrams: 'Voter Fraud Is a Myth, It Does Not Exist -- But Voter Suppression Is Real'
2019-08-19breitbartKudlow: 'There's No Recession on the Horizon'
2019-08-19breitbartSwedish Pepper Spray Sales Soar After Wave of Rape Attacks
2019-08-19breitbartIranian Tanker Sought by U.S. Steaming Toward Greece
2019-08-19breitbartMigrants Rescued After Being Abandoned for 10 Days in AZ Desert
2019-08-19breitbartVideo: Kanye West Takes 'Sunday Service' to North California Church
2019-08-19breitbartNolte: Accusers Blast Elite Democrats Who Contributed to Mark Halperin's Upcoming Book
2019-08-19breitbartExclusive: Michael Savage Slams Media Silence over His U.K. Ban Amid Omar, Tlaib Uproar
2019-08-19breitbart28 Shot, 5 Fatally, over Weekend in Democrat-Controlled Chicago
2019-08-19breitbartSanders: Cut Prison Population in Half, Create Civilian Corps of Unarmed First Responders
2019-08-19breitbart'The Hunt' Director: Shelved Movie was Meant to 'Entertain and Unify, Not Enrage and Divide'
2019-08-19breitbartTwitter Accepts Chinese Regime Ads Smearing Hong Kong Protesters
2019-08-19breitbartWhite House, Treasury Considering Actions to Protect American Business Interests in Angola
2019-08-19breitbartIran Warns of 'Heavy Consequences' if U.S. Seizes Oil Tanker Released by Gibraltar
2019-08-19breitbartStudy: Toxic Compounds in 'Compostable' Fiber Bowls 'Never Break Down'
2019-08-19breitbartBeto O'Rourke Visiting Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial to Condemn White Supremacy
2019-08-19breitbartNetanyahu: Israel Greatly Respects Congress but Can’t Tolerate BDS
2019-08-19breitbartDelingpole: Prince Harry and Meghan are Saving the Planet One Private Jet Flight at a Time
2019-08-19breitbartClimate Change Activists Hold ‘Funeral’ for Defunct Glacier in Iceland
2019-08-19breitbartBarr Removes Federal Prisons Chief in Wake of Epstein Death
2019-08-19breitbartNYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo Fired over Eric Garner's Death
2019-08-19breitbartFashion Notes: Melania Trump Returns Sun-Kissed in White Tee, Fendi Skirt
2019-08-19breitbartLimbaugh: 'I Think Trump Is Already Reelected'
2019-08-19breitbartThe Nuclear Option: Lives at Stake as Left Blames Law-Abiding for Shootings
2019-08-19breitbartPutin’s Chernobyl: Russian Nuke Monitors Went Dark After Mysterious Missile Explosion
2019-08-19breitbartLA City Council Bans Sleeping in Vehicles Overnight amid Homeless Crisis
2019-08-19breitbartNew Jersey Woman Accused of Torching Man's House for Ignoring Booty Call
2019-08-19breitbartItalian Psychologist Proposes Electric Shock Treatment to Eliminate Prejudices
2019-08-19breitbart'Godfather' Star Gianni Russo: Chris Cuomo Embarrassed Himself with 'Fredo' Rant
2019-08-19breitbartMexican Man Extradited to U.S. for Alleged Child Sex Trafficking
2019-08-19breitbartEXCLUSIVE: New Leader of Los Zetas Cartel Behind Mexican Border City Attack
2019-08-19breitbartWarren Working to Displace Biden and Appeal to Black Voters in South Carolina
2019-08-19breitbartBeto O'Rourke Goes to Arkansas Gun Show, Denounces AR-15 Sales
2019-08-19breitbart1.7 Million March for Democracy in Hong Kong as China Increases Pressure Against Supporters
2019-08-19breitbartEurozone Inflation Even Lower Than Hoped, Central Bank Eyes Monetary Stimulus Again
2019-08-19breitbartPalestinian Authority Bans LGBTQ Community from Holding Events
2019-08-19breitbart'I Have Made Mistakes': Elizabeth Warren Apologizes at Native American Forum
2019-08-19breitbartMSNBC's Ruhle: A Recession Would Be 'Normal' and 'OK'
2019-08-19breitbartPete Buttigieg: Country 'Cannot Make It' with Four More Years of Donald Trump
2019-08-19breitbartNolte: Democrat Fundraiser Features Simulated Donald Trump Assassination
2019-08-19breitbartCharlie Kirk: The Left Wants to 'Deconstruct Our Country from Within'
2019-08-19breitbartSanders: Medicare for All Will 'Absolutely' Erase Union Health Benefits
2019-08-19breitbartKamala Harris Uncomfortable with Bernie Sanders' Medicare for All Plan She Previously Endorsed
2019-08-19breitbartWorld Jewish Congress Slams Rashida Tlaib for Suggesting Boycott of Bill Maher
2019-08-19breitbartMarianne Williamson Vows to Remove Andrew Jackson Painting from Oval Office
2019-08-19breitbartYang Slams Drug Arrests: Not Individuals' Fault, Feds and Big Pharma to Blame for Opioid Crisis
2019-08-19breitbartCEOs Say They Will Prioritize Political and Social Goals Alongside Profits
2019-08-19breitbartTim Cook Warns Donald Trump that China Tariffs Could Hurt Apple
2019-08-19breitbartVisiting France's Macron, Putin Claims No Radiation Threat From Missile Test Site Explosion
2019-08-19breitbartPoll: Trump Leads in 2020 Matchup Against Top Democrat Candidates
2019-08-19breitbartIlhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib Fail to Criticize Palestinian Terrorism at Presser
2019-08-19breitbartPeter Schweizer: Hunter Biden Helped China Buy Our 'National Security' Assets
2019-08-19breitbartCNN's Daniel Dale Compares Breitbart to New York Times
2019-08-19breitbartSurrounded: Left Corners Pelosi's Deputies, Lines Up Primaries Against Seven Democrat Committee Chairs
2019-08-19breitbartPlanned Parenthood Defunds Itself by Withdrawing as Title X Recipient
2019-08-19breitbartIlhan Omar: Trump Wants to Pit Muslims, Jewish Americans Against Each Other
2019-08-19breitbartPalestinian Authority Offers Grants to Graduates Willing to Move to Jordan Valley
2019-08-19breitbartKirsten Gillibrand Open to 'Second Chances' for Mark Halperin, Al Franken
2019-08-19breitbartReport: White House Considering Payroll Tax Cut to Boost Economy
2019-08-19breitbartRashida Tlaib Claims Grandmother Told Her Not to Visit
2019-08-19breitbartSummons Issued to April Ryan's Security Guard Who Allegedly Roughed Up a Reporter
2019-08-19breitbartElton John Defends Prince Harry, Meghan Markle's Private Jet Use
2019-08-19breitbartPete Buttigieg: 'Flat Out False' Christians Have to Support Donald Trump
2019-08-19breitbartMarianne Williamson's Presidential Campaign Renews Interest in Book that Launched her Career
2019-08-19breitbartParis Dennard on CNN Fredo Flap: 'Yet to Hear an Apology to the Black Community'
2019-08-19breitbartAlabama GOP Senate Candidate Wants Illegals to Fill American Jobs, Hires Zuckerberg Cheap Labor Aide
2019-08-19breitbartRepublican Rep. Joins with Democrats to Ban 'Weapons of Mass Slaughter'
2019-08-19breitbartDisney, Charter Communications Teaming Up to Prevent Streaming Password Sharing
2019-08-19breitbartReport: Chinese Missiles Could Wipe Out U.S. and Allied Pacific Bases in ‘Opening Hours of Conflict’
2019-08-19breitbart‘Credit Card Joe’: Biden Sided with Top Donor to Make Bankruptcy Harder
2019-08-19breitbartAndrew Cuomo Comments on Brother Chris's 'Fredo' Meltdown
2019-08-19breitbartTrump Accuses Fed Chair of 'Horrendous Lack of Vision'
2019-08-19breitbartTwitter, Facebook Suspend 'Inauthentic' Chinese Accounts Attacking Hong Kong Protesters
2019-08-18breitbartMegan Rapinoe Says Her Father Voted for Trump, Watches Fox News
2019-08-18breitbartJoe Biden: My Plan Will Make 'Health Care More Affordable'
2019-08-18breitbartEpstein Allegedly Bought Women's Panties During 2008 Incarceration
2019-08-18breitbartBernie Wants to End Cash Bail: ‘Hundreds of Thousands’ in Jail ‘Convicted of Nothing’
2019-08-18breitbartReport: Billionaire Kochs Peddled Job-Killing Free Trade Agenda to Democrats
2019-08-18breitbartWatch--Peter Navarro: 'Wall Street Journal Never Saw an American Job It Didn't Want to Offshore'
2019-08-18breitbartReport: Illegal Workers Flee Georgia Food Plants After Mississippi ICE Raids
2019-08-18breitbartMost New York Manufacturers Report Slight or No Tariff Price Pressures
2019-08-18breitbartHong Kong Activist Urges Christians to Take ‘Major Role’ in Protests
2019-08-18breitbartReport: 3 NYPD Officers Injured by Cop-Hating Mob in Brooklyn
2019-08-18breitbartMegan Rapinoe on President Trump: 'We Are Everything He Loves,' Except 'We're Powerful, Strong Women
2019-08-18breitbartCalifornia Woman Convicted of Slapping Trump Supporter During Rally
2019-08-18breitbartHogan Gidley: Scaramucci Is Trying to 'Profiteer Off of the Mocking' of Trump
2019-08-18breitbartAtlanta School District to Provide Free Lunch Regardless of Income
2019-08-18breitbartGRAPHIC: Mexican Government Silent as Cartel Executions Escalate in Coastal State
2019-08-18breitbartPlanned Parenthood: Abortion ‘No Matter What’
2019-08-18breitbartPollak: Has the Left Toned Down Its Rhetoric Since Alexandria?
2019-08-18breitbartMSNBC Guest Tiffany Cross: It Is Not White People’s Place to Determine If Trump Is Racist
2019-08-18breitbartScaramucci: Trump Is a 'Clear and Present Danger to the American Society'
2019-08-18breitbartRashida Tlaib Suggests HBO Boycott After Bill Maher Calls Antisemitic BDS Campaign a 'Bulls*it Purity Test'
2019-08-18breitbartFormer NFL Player Cedric Benson Dies in Motorcycle Accident
2019-08-18breitbartBox Office: 'Good Boys' Beats 'Hobbs & Shaw' for Top Spot
2019-08-18breitbartRashida Tlaib's Grandmother Fires Back at Trump: 'May God Ruin Him'
2019-08-18breitbartBullock: Trump Is Using Immigration to Rip This Country Apart
2019-08-18breitbartPennsylvania Uber Driver Found Guilty of Raping Intoxicated Passenger
2019-08-18breitbartWoman Sentenced After Pulling Alligator from Pants During Traffic Stop
2019-08-18breitbartMiocic Stops Cormier, Reclaims Heavyweight Belt at UFC 241
2019-08-18breitbartLiberal U.S. Nuns Rebuke President Trump for ‘Divisive’ Rhetoric
2019-08-18breitbartGillibrand: Shrinking Trump Is 'Unwilling to Stand Up to Other World Leaders'
2019-08-18breitbartElizabeth Warren, Gabby Giffords Partner for Gun Control
2019-08-18breitbartSix Cartel Gunmen Killed in Mexican Border State Shootout
2019-08-18breitbartNo Entry: Salvini Tells Spanish Migrant Ferry It Can Go to Socialist-run Spain
2019-08-18breitbartIslamic State Fighter 'Jihadi Jack' Has Citizenship Stripped By British Government
2019-08-18breitbartKudlow: Trump 'Wants to Take a Look' at Buying Greenland
2019-08-18breitbartStacey Abrams: Racist Trump 'Does Not Value Humanity'
2019-08-18breitbartBeto O'Rourke: 'We'll Lose America' If Trump Stays in Office
2019-08-18breitbartBeto: Trump Leading a 'Concerted, Organized Attack Against’ People of Color
2019-08-18breitbartButtigieg: Voting for Trump Is 'Looking the Other Way on Racism'
2019-08-18breitbartBernie Sanders Vows to Go to 'War with White Nationalism and Racism' as President
2019-08-18breitbartFire Marshal Fact-Checks Fake News About Trump New Hampshire Rally Attendance
2019-08-18breitbartFNC's Pirro: AG Barr's Handling of Epstein Investigation 'Will Impact Our Faith in the American System of Justice'
2019-08-18breitbartPinkerton: Is There Life on the Moon? There Is Now
2019-08-18breitbartCourt: German Populists Can Only Field 30 Candidates in Regional Election
2019-08-18breitbartGreece: Orthodox Bishop Resigns After Conviction for 'Hate Speech'
2019-08-18breitbartSchool Counselor Nearly Struck by Lightning on Campus
2019-08-18breitbartFrench Teen Tortured with Blowtorch to Genitals over Drug Dispute
2019-08-18breitbartMacron Govt Claims It Doesn't Know Why Suicides Are Rising Among French Police
2019-08-18breitbartBritish Army Sees Fall in Strength for Ninth Consecutive Year
2019-08-18breitbartReport: Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib Share Antisemitic Cartoon by Participant in Iran's Holocaust Denial Contest
2019-08-18breitbartPinkerton: Chris Cuomo's ‘Fredo’ Meltdown Shows ‘The Godfather’ Films Have Become Our ‘Iliad’ and ‘Odyssey’
2019-08-18breitbartReports: Clinton Painting Not Only Bizarre Decor in Epstein's NYC Apartment
2019-08-18breitbartCher Spreads Fake News to Declare Trump 'More Than a White Supremacist'
2019-08-18breitbartYang: Universal Basic Income Will Cause Americans to 'Work Even Harder'
2019-08-18breitbartLondon Police Were Aware of Allegations Epstein Trafficked Minors to UK, But Decided Against 'Full Investigation'
2019-08-17breitbartRichmond: Mandatory Assault Weapon Buyback 'Something I Could Support'
2019-08-17breitbartBill Maher Doubles Down: Recession Worth It If It Means 'Getting Rid of Trump'
2019-08-17breitbartMSNBC's Vance: Trump 'Remedy Is the 25th Amendment'
2019-08-17breitbartIlhan Omar Calls for U.S. to Use Aid as Leverage Against Israel
2019-08-17breitbartReport: Jay-Z to Have 'Significant Ownership Interest' in an NFL Team
2019-08-17breitbartNew York Times Executive Editor Outlines Plans to Shift Trump Coverage from Russia to Race
2019-08-17breitbartDonald Trump: Rashida Tlaib's Grandmother a 'Winner' After Canceled Visit
2019-08-17breitbartThree U.S. Cities with the Highest Sales Taxes in the Nation
2019-08-17breitbartPolice: North Carolina School Staffer Sent Inappropriate Photos to Student
2019-08-17breitbartVIDEO: Suspect Opens Fire on Men Who Catcalled Girlfriend at Gas Station
2019-08-17breitbartDem Rep. Cohen: Taking Action Against Israel's Ambassador on the Floor Is a Bad Idea
2019-08-17breitbartAl Sharpton: Trump in a 'Cloudy Area' Mentally
2019-08-17breitbartReport: China Employs ‘Fake News’ to Smear Hong Kong Protesters
2019-08-17breitbartMark Zuckerberg's Group Lobbies Georgia GOP for More Low-Wage Labor
2019-08-17breitbartJoe Biden Drew Only 30 Supporters in New Hampshire During Trump Rally
2019-08-17breitbartHiding Biden: Joe’s Allies Push for ‘Rose Garden Strategy’ to Limit Gaffe Exposure
2019-08-17breitbartLewandowski: If I Run, I'll 'Destroy' Shaheen, 'Time for a New Voice in NH'
2019-08-17breitbartNumber of Democrats Who Favor Impeachment Hits 123 with Maryland Democrat Anthony Brown
2019-08-17breitbartDCCC Remains in Disarray Following Diversity Shakeup
2019-08-17breitbartAnother Gaffe: Joe Biden Mixes Up Iowa and Vermont at First Event After Lengthy Rest
2019-08-17breitbart'Anarchy and Chaos': Violent Antifa Protests Break Out in Portland
2019-08-17breitbartAnother Remainer Offers to Depose Boris Johnson to Stop No-Deal Brexit
2019-08-17breitbartMoulton: U.S.-Israel Relationship Will Be 'More of a Fight' Inside Congress
2019-08-17breitbartWhitehouse: Democrats Engage in 'Way Too Much' Purity Testing
2019-08-17breitbartAirport Security Worker Fired for Slipping 'Ugly' Note to Traveler
2019-08-17breitbartSwiss Scientists Develop New Cat Allergy Vaccine
2019-08-17breitbartUniversity of Iowa Diversity Chief Resigns After 7 Weeks on the Job
2019-08-17breitbartUni that Banned Beef to Fight Climate Change Hosts 'Communist University'
2019-08-17breitbartTrump Removes Bibles from List of Chinese Tariff Items
2019-08-17breitbartNolte: Woke Movie 'The Kitchen' Proves Women Need to Buy Guns
2019-08-17breitbartCity Police Force in Mexican Border State Arrested for Protecting Drug Cartels
2019-08-17breitbartDemocrat Rep. Cedric Richmond: 'Doesn't Make Sense' Plastic Straws Banned, but Not 'Assault Weapons'
2019-08-17breitbartChina Amasses Army Vehicles, Conducts Military Drills near Hong Kong Amidst Pro-Democracy Rallies
2019-08-17breitbartEscobar: 'Un-American' That McConnell Won't Allow Debate on Gun Legislation
2019-08-17breitbartIn Mississippi, 'Beto' O'Rourke Mad at Donald Trump for 'Terrifying' Illegal Immigrants
2019-08-17breitbartCasey: McConnell Should Call Senate Back, Universal Background Checks Should Be 'First Priority'
2019-08-17breitbartPew Research Poll Suggests 25% of Democrats Have Not Chosen a Candidate
2019-08-17breitbartMichael Moore: Let's Hope 'The Squad' Is the Face of the Democratic Party 'Because That's How We're Going to Win'
2019-08-17breitbartSweden: Suspected Terrorist Migrant Previously Hailed as Successful Example of Integration
2019-08-17breitbartSudanese Migrant Jailed for 'Extremely Savage' Murder of Woman Who Refused Sex
2019-08-17breitbartFrance Deports German Suspected Far-Left Extremist Ahead of G7 Summit
2019-08-17breitbart'Woke' News Site for Young Muslims Is Actually a Secret UK Counter-Terrorism Program
2019-08-17breitbartPilot Becomes First Woman to Fly F-35 Fighter Jet for Marine Corps
2019-08-17breitbartMexican Officials Downplay Los Zetas Chasing Border State Cops Out of Cartel’s Territory
2019-08-17breitbart28 Migrants, Including Infant, Rescued After Abandoned in Border River by Smuggler
2019-08-17breitbartU.S. Born Islamic Terrorist Wanted by FBI Arrested in Mexico
2019-08-17breitbartNolte: CNN Conspiracy Theory Blames Trump for Sex Assault Allegation Against Don Lemon
2019-08-17breitbartMaher: 'BDS Is a Bullshit Purity Test' for People Who 'Slept Through History Class'
2019-08-17breitbartNancy Pelosi Veers from the 'Squad': 'I Would Not Discourage Travel to Israel'
2019-08-17breitbartPortland Police Gear Up for Antifa, Right-Wing Protests
2019-08-17breitbartDonald Trump Says 'Major' Consideration Given to Labeling Antifa an 'Organization of Terror'
2019-08-17breitbartGOP Rep. Roby: Distractions in Democrat-led U.S. House 'Unbelievable,' Fixing Immigration Begins with Securing the Border
2019-08-17breitbartPoll: Most Britons Prefer a No-Deal Brexit over a Prime Minister Corbyn and Second Referendum
2019-08-17breitbartDelingpole: Donald 'Batman' Trump and Michael 'The Joker' Moore Join Forces Against #FakeEnergy Renewables
2019-08-17breitbartDonald Trump Donates Second Quarter Salary to the Surgeon General
2019-08-17breitbartSenate Democrats Will Attempt to Nullify Trump's Expansion of Short-Term Health Plans
2019-08-17breitbartAfrican Bishop Condemns Violence Against Albinos
2019-08-17breitbartGunmen Kidnap Two Catholic Priests in Cameroon