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2019-08-21cbsCardinal George Pell loses appeal of sex abuse convictions
2019-08-20cbsSmoke plumes from Amazon rainforest fires spotted from space
2019-08-20cbsShark bites woman twice while she's swimming in Hawaii bay
2019-08-20cbsTrump: Jewish people who vote for Democrats show "great disloyalty"
2019-08-20cbsSecretary of State Pompeo acknowledges ISIS regaining strength
2019-08-20cbsNewt Gingrich reportedly trying to sell Trump on a cheap moon plan
2019-08-20cbs8/20/19: CBSN Evening News
2019-08-20cbsTrump scraps meeting with Danish prime minister over refusal to sell Greenland
2019-08-20cbs8/20: CBS Evening News
2019-08-20cbsTrump scraps meeting with Danish prime minister to discuss purchasing Greenland
2019-08-20cbsTrump: Jews who vote for Democrats show "lack of knowledge or great disloyalty"
2019-08-20cbsRNC ramps up ground game to bolster Trump campaign in key states
2019-08-20cbsAs Trump claims steel industry is booming, U.S. Steel plant to cut nearly 200 workers
2019-08-20cbsRep. Joe Kennedy reportedly eyeing Sen. Ed Markey's seat
2019-08-20cbsU.S. won't give flu vaccines to migrants in border detention centers
2019-08-20cbsKeanu Reeves and Carrie Anne-Moss are returning for "Matrix 4"
2019-08-20cbsIs the threat of domestic terrorism on the rise?
2019-08-20cbsMigrants stranded off Italy rescued after 19 days at sea
2019-08-20cbsMan charged in death of Anguilla hotel worker facing death threats
2019-08-20cbsPhilly police head resigns over harassment, bias allegations in department
2019-08-20cbsIs the threat of domestic terrorism on the rise?
2019-08-20cbsSan Francisco Airport starts plastic water bottle ban
2019-08-20cbs98-year-old WWII veteran who works as a "bag boy" gets surprise party from coworkers
2019-08-20cbsNASA scientists tracking Greenland's melting ice
2019-08-20cbsTrump considering new tax cut as recession fears rise
2019-08-20cbs8/20/19: Red and Blue
2019-08-20cbs7-year-old defeats New York cop in basketball challenge
2019-08-20cbsMigrants stranded off Italy rescued after 19 days at sea
2019-08-20cbs98-year-old "bag boy" gets birthday surprise
2019-08-20cbsBlack hole possibly swallowed neutron star, causing ripples in space
2019-08-20cbs2020 Daily Trail Markers: DSCC raises $4.8 million in July
2019-08-20cbsBeyond Meat frenzy paves way for Wall Street's first vegan ETF
2019-08-20cbs"CBS Evening News" headlines for Tuesday, August 20, 2019
2019-08-20cbsMan charged in death of Anguilla hotel worker facing death threats
2019-08-20cbsJill Biden: Joe is the most electable against Trump
2019-08-20cbsJulián Castro becomes 10th Democrat to qualify for September debate
2019-08-20cbsWhy Trump's payroll tax cut wouldn't do much for the economy
2019-08-20cbsTrump downplays recession fears
2019-08-20cbsPompeo acknowledges ISIS has regained strength
2019-08-20cbsSearch intensifies for 2 firefighters missing since fishing trip
2019-08-20cbs7-year-old defeats Syracuse officer in basketball challenge
2019-08-20cbsTrump says U.S. already has "very strong" gun background checks
2019-08-20cbsFacebook will let users hide off-Facebook activity
2019-08-20cbsCost of employer-sponsored health care plans has risen twice as fast as wages over last decade
2019-08-20cbsWhy U.S. Steel, a showcase for Trump, is laying off workers
2019-08-20cbsKaepernick reveals what led him to protest during anthem
2019-08-20cbsStudying at these colleges can pay off financially over a lifetime
2019-08-20cbsFrench couple accused of stealing Italian sand
2019-08-20cbsHong Kong police officers arrested after video shows assault
2019-08-20cbsDeath After Midnight
2019-08-20cbsPlanned Parenthood refuses Title X federal funding due to "gag rule"
2019-08-20cbsTrump says he's considering cuts in capital gains and payroll taxes
2019-08-20cbsMore than 20 Texas local governments face ransomware attack
2019-08-20cbsTrump says his administration is considering payroll tax cut, contradicting staff
2019-08-20cbsPolice hunt killer in California university stabbing
2019-08-20cbsManhunt underway for suspect in California university stabbing
2019-08-20cbsFacebook and Twitter suspend accounts linked to Chinese propaganda campaign
2019-08-20cbsRomanian president visits White House — live stream
2019-08-20cbsDana Jacobson
2019-08-20cbsNew York Times' "1619 Project" explores legacy of slavery in America
2019-08-20cbsPolice kill man who held bus passengers hostage
2019-08-20cbsPolice shoot man who took bus passengers hostage in Brazil
2019-08-20cbsFirefighters go missing off Florida coast during fishing trip
2019-08-20cbsWarren releases plan to reduce mass incarceration
2019-08-20cbsEl Paso victim's husband given new SUV to replace stolen vehicle
2019-08-20cbsHedge funds making millions off Europe's killer heat waves
2019-08-20cbsMan whose wife died in El Paso shooting gets new car after SUV was stolen
2019-08-20cbsCourt documents say Teterboro airport was travel hub for Epstein's alleged sex trafficking
2019-08-20cbsAfghans restore art destroyed by Taliban as peace deal nears
2019-08-20cbsFacebook and Twitter accuse China of spreading misinformation
2019-08-20cbsHong Kong protests: Social media sites crack down on "deceptive" accounts
2019-08-20cbsBiden launches first TV ad in Iowa
2019-08-20cbsAre dietary supplements safe for kids?
2019-08-20cbsTrump makes light of his idea to buy Greenland
2019-08-20cbs3 reasons the U.S. economy isn't set to fall off a cliff
2019-08-20cbsJoe Biden takes presidential campaign to New Hampshire
2019-08-20cbsDozens of people detained amid tensions in Kashmir
2019-08-20cbsJoe Biden launches first TV ad in Iowa
2019-08-20cbsNearby diner captures heartwarming moment between waiter and 91-year-old veteran
2019-08-20cbsPETA slams Jared Kushner as "rich pest" in billboard
2019-08-20cbsChef Michael Solomonov's note to self: "Cooking will be your salvation"
2019-08-20cbsPompeo calls criticism of Trump alliance "offensive" and "ludicrous"
2019-08-20cbs8/20: CBSN AM
2019-08-20cbsNote To Self: Israeli chef Michael Solomonov
2019-08-20cbsSearch for soccer stars drives modern human trafficking
2019-08-20cbsSan Francisco airport rolls out ban on plastic water bottles
2019-08-20cbsEye Opener at 8: Officer fired over Eric Garner's death will sue NYPD
2019-08-20cbsMike Pompeo: ISIS in some areas is "more powerful today than they were 3 or 4 years ago"
2019-08-20cbsThe staggering cost of fertility treatments
2019-08-20cbsWhat parents should know before giving their kids dietary supplements
2019-08-20cbsGraduates of these U.S. colleges earn the most
2019-08-20cbsTrump administration says it is not considering a payroll tax cut
2019-08-20cbsPlanned Parenthood forfeits about $60M annually by leaving Title X
2019-08-20cbsDemocrats dump millions into statehouse races
2019-08-20cbsNYPD officer fired over Eric Garner's death will sue to get his job back
2019-08-20cbsJeffrey Epstein's estate sued by three more alleged victims
2019-08-20cbsEye Opener: More fallout from Epstein's death behind bars
2019-08-20cbsAmerican says resort worker he killed was "crazed and desperate"
2019-08-20cbsAmerican man says resort worker he killed was "crazed and desperate"
2019-08-20cbsSan Francisco Airport rolls out ban on plastic water bottles
2019-08-20cbsNew lawsuits detail how Epstein allegedly lured victims
2019-08-20cbsWorld's largest highway overpass for wildlife on track in Calif.
2019-08-20cbsRemembering the Menendez Murders 30 years later
2019-08-20cbsFleeing man leaps between hotel balconies and plunges to his death
2019-08-20cbsEl Paso mass shooting suspect on suicide watch
2019-08-20cbsVideo shows SoCal students giving Nazi salute and singing Nazi song
2019-08-19cbsWhy Seth Moulton is still running for president
2019-08-19cbsGroom from horrific Afghan wedding attack says he's "lost hope"
2019-08-19cbsMan who allegedly threatened 100 victim mass shooting arrested
2019-08-19cbsPrince Andrew says he's "appalled" by alleged Jeffrey Epstein crimes
2019-08-19cbsIran warns U.S. not to seize newly-freed supertanker
2019-08-19cbsU.K. government tries to fight knife crime with "racist" chicken box campaign
2019-08-19cbsLaw enforcement on high alert for copycat mass shooters in wake of recent tragedies
2019-08-19cbsNASA program "OMG" working to find how fast Greenland is melting
2019-08-19cbsTrump, advisors try to defuse recession fears
2019-08-19cbsPolice charge Ohio man with plotting attack on Jewish center
2019-08-19cbsWeekend storms wreak havoc across the country
2019-08-19cbsBuckingham Palace responds after video shows Prince Andrew in Epstein mansion
2019-08-19cbsTeen blames vaping for collapse of his lungs
2019-08-19cbsTeen blames vaping after his lung collapses
2019-08-19cbsEye Opener: Severe weather sweeps across the northern U.S.
2019-08-19cbs2020 Sunday Trail Markers: Dems head to Native American issues forum
2019-08-19cbs8/18: CBS Evening News
2019-08-19cbsChecking the temperature of voters at the Iowa State Fair
2019-08-19cbsIowa voters speaks their minds on the issues
2019-08-19cbs34% of economists expect a recession in 2021
2019-08-19cbsEye Opener at 8: Three mass shooting plots foiled by authorities
2019-08-19cbsStacey Abrams on voter suppression and election interference
2019-08-19cbsProposed laws could change how consumers get smartphones repaired
2019-08-19cbsDemocratic presidential contenders stump in Iowa
2019-08-19cbsTeen blames vaping for collapse of his lung
2019-08-19cbsNASA program "OMG" trying to find out how fast Greenland's ice is melting
2019-08-19cbs8/19: CBSN AM
2019-08-19cbsIran sanctions threaten the lives of young cancer patients
2019-08-19cbsBuilding better study habits for students
2019-08-19cbsIowa voters speak their minds on the issues
2019-08-19cbsJustin Amash's district might abandon Trump, too
2019-08-19cbsU.S. grants reprieve to Huawei, easing trade tensions
2019-08-19cbsAbrams says no Dems have contacted her about possible VP run
2019-08-19cbsPrince Andrew denies any involvement in Epstein's alleged sex trafficking ring
2019-08-19cbsVoters increasingly skeptical of Trump's handling of economy
2019-08-19cbsComing soon to Netflix: Movie trailers crafted by AI
2019-08-19cbsWired: Three years of misery inside Google after Trump's election
2019-08-19cbsMan uses pocketknife to fight off mountain lion
2019-08-19cbs"The Rock" and Lauren Hashian tie the knot
2019-08-19cbsNYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo fired in 2014 Eric Garner death
2019-08-19cbsTarget launches private food label Good and Gather in grocery push
2019-08-19cbsAuthor James Clear on building good habits
2019-08-19cbsDog Goods USA recalls pig ears in 33-state outbreak of salmonella
2019-08-19cbsStacey Abrams says Trump isn't being sincere on gun reform
2019-08-19cbsStacey Abrams gives Nancy Pelosi an "A" rating
2019-08-19cbsStacey Abrams says she'd consider a run for president someday
2019-08-19cbsNYPD commissioner fires Officer Daniel Pantaleo over Eric Garner's death
2019-08-19cbsAfter Epstein suicide, attorney general reassigns federal prisons chief
2019-08-19cbsIran sanctions threaten the lives of young cancer patients
2019-08-19cbsDHS says "Remain in Mexico" program is one "we're building to last"
2019-08-19cbsMegan Rapinoe's dad probably voted for Trump
2019-08-19cbsProposed laws could change how consumers get smartphones repaired
2019-08-19cbsPlanned Parenthood and other clinics at risk as Title X "gag rule" goes into effect
2019-08-19cbsU.S. conducts first missile test since ending INF treaty with Russia
2019-08-19cbsTourists face jail time for stealing sand from Sardinia
2019-08-19cbsHong Kong protests continue for 11th weekend as demonstrators demand democratic reform
2019-08-19cbsPence insists economy is strong, blaming media for "irresponsible rhetoric"
2019-08-19cbsPlanned Parenthood formally exits Title X program
2019-08-19cbsTrump downplays growing fears over a potential looming recession
2019-08-19cbsJuul raises $325 million despite growing health concerns
2019-08-19cbs500 million bees drop dead in Brazil in 3 months
2019-08-19cbsTrump's history with conspiracy theories predates Epstein's death
2019-08-19cbsReports detail Stephen Miller's role in Trump's tough immigration policies
2019-08-19cbsNYPD fires officer Daniel Pantaleo over Garner chokehold
2019-08-19cbsOhio boy donates $15,000 earned at county fair to St. Jude
2019-08-19cbsTlaib and Omar hold press conference about scrapped Israel trip
2019-08-19cbsTexas school district sued for coloring in student's haircut
2019-08-19cbsWired: 3 years of misery inside Google after Trump's election
2019-08-19cbsCEOs say running a company isn't only about the stock price
2019-08-19cbsRaiders GM on Antonio Brown helmet controversy: time "to be all in or all out"
2019-08-19cbsVital drugs for cancer patients in short supply in Iran because of U.S. sanctions
2019-08-19cbsTrump and advisers try to defuse recession fears
2019-08-19cbsPrince Andrew denounces alleged Epstein crimes
2019-08-19cbsElizabeth Warren publicly apologizes for DNA test
2019-08-19cbsPlanned Parenthood gives up federal funding by leaving Title X program
2019-08-19cbsNew York officer fired for Eric Garner chokehold death
2019-08-19cbs"CBS Evening News" headlines for Monday, August 19, 2019
2019-08-19cbsProud Boys members convicted for NYC brawl with Antifa
2019-08-19cbs2020 Daily Trail Markers: Elizabeth Warren apologizes for DNA test
2019-08-19cbsReps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar address Israel travel controversy
2019-08-19cbsElizabeth Warren apologizes for controversial DNA test
2019-08-19cbsMaddy Freking wows in 2019 Little League World Series
2019-08-19cbsTeen believes vaping caused his lung to collapse
2019-08-19cbsEpstein signed will days before his death in Manhattan jail
2019-08-19cbsLaw enforcement on high alert after recent arrests for shooting plots
2019-08-19cbsRecord heat generating dangerous storms
2019-08-19cbs$2 million worth of marijuana found in jalapeño shipment
2019-08-19cbsMaddy Freking wows fans at 2019 Little League World Series
2019-08-19cbsTrump 2020 press secretary responds to president downplaying recession warnings
2019-08-19cbsTlaib and Omar denounce Israel travel ban in press conference
2019-08-19cbsPlanned Parenthood gives up Title X funding over "gag order"
2019-08-19cbsTrump attacks Fed chair, pushes back on recession fears
2019-08-19cbsCrowded field of Democrats compete to take on Texas Sen. John Cornyn
2019-08-19cbsElizabeth Warren apologizes for ancestry controversy at Native American forum
2019-08-19cbsNYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo fired in 2014 Eric Garner death
2019-08-19cbs8/19/19: Red and Blue
2019-08-19cbsMan who allegedly threatened 100 victim mass shooting arrested
2019-08-19cbsElton John blasts press coverage of Prince Harry and Meghan
2019-08-19cbsDale Earnhardt Jr. breaks silence after fiery plane crash
2019-08-19cbs8/19: CBS Evening News
2019-08-19cbsPlanned Parenthood exits Title X program, rejects "gag order"
2019-08-19cbs35 facts about the measles vaccine
2019-08-19cbs2020 Daily Trail Markers: Warren apologizes for ancestry controversy
2019-08-19cbsRashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar hold press conference after being barred from Israel
2019-08-19cbs8/19/19: CBSN Evening News
2019-08-19cbsTourists face jail time for stealing sand from Sardinia, Italy
2019-08-18cbsWhite House trade official Peter Navarro downplays consumer impact of Chinese tariffs
2019-08-18cbsMass protests in Hong Kong continue for 11th week
2019-08-18cbsManchin says Trump has "golden opportunity" on gun reform
2019-08-18cbsWhat one Greenland town thinks of Trump's interest in buying the island
2019-08-18cbsOpen: This is "Face the Nation," August 18
2019-08-18cbsDem candidate Andrew Yang defends plan to give every American $1,000 a month
2019-08-18cbsWill Congress pass background check legislation?
2019-08-18cbsFlorentine artisans: Preserving the traditions of Medici taste
2019-08-18cbsSting, Trudie Styler, and a villa in Italy
2019-08-18cbsTrue espresso love: Attending a university of coffee
2019-08-18cbsSting, Trudie Styler, and a villa in Italy
2019-08-18cbsStreet signs as art
2019-08-18cbsNutella, the spread that made hazelnuts famous
2019-08-18cbsThe royal Corsini estate in Tuscany
2019-08-18cbsThe world's oldest pharmacy
2019-08-18cbsBrunello Cucinelli: Fashion and philosophy
2019-08-18cbsUnder the Tuscan sun with author Frances Mayes
2019-08-18cbsCreating the perfect mozzarella
2019-08-18cbsThe birthplace of Pinocchio
2019-08-18cbsMichelangelo's David, a Renaissance masterpiece
2019-08-18cbsReturning to the old country, for good
2019-08-18cbsA history of Florence, a Renaissance city
2019-08-18cbsTreasures of Florence's Uffizi museum
2019-08-18cbsIslamic State claims responsibility for wedding blast that killed 63
2019-08-18cbsThe Great Pacific Garbage Patch isn't what you think
2019-08-18cbsMeet "Wisdom," the oldest-known bird in the wild
2019-08-18cbsAfghanistan celebration descends into horror after suicide bomber targets wedding
2019-08-18cbs"CBS Weekend News" headlines for Sunday, August 18, 2019
2019-08-18cbsSome 1.7 million take part in 11th week of Hong Kong protests
2019-08-18cbsThe Great Pacific Garbage Patch isn't what you think
2019-08-18cbsFormer Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco has died at 76
2019-08-18cbsCoast Guard searching for missing firefighters last seen on fishing trip
2019-08-18cbsFormer NFL player Cedric Benson killed in motorcycle crash
2019-08-18cbsCEO of Israeli spyware-maker NSO on fighting terror, Khashoggi murder, and Saudi Arabia
2019-08-18cbsCleaning up the plastic in the ocean
2019-08-18cbsThe tool meant to hack any smartphone
2019-08-18cbsCleaning up the plastic in the ocean
2019-08-18cbsGeorge R.R. Martin: "Game Of Thrones" TV show ending is "freeing"
2019-08-18cbsMan finds message in a bottle from Russian Navy on Alaskan shore
2019-08-18cbsIn return to Washington, Trump pushes back on risks of a U.S. recession
2019-08-18cbsActivists mourn first Icelandic glacier lost to climate change
2019-08-18cbsPolitics week in review: Israel's travel ban on "Squad" members; Trump wants to buy Greenland
2019-08-18cbsIceland holds memorial for 700-year-old glacier
2019-08-18cbsCoast Guard searching for missing firefighters last seen on Fla. fishing trip
2019-08-18cbsAt least 9 injured when tree topples from lightning strike
2019-08-18cbsEarnhardt Jr. crash first responders gifted NASCAR tickets
2019-08-18cbs$2.3 million worth of marijuana seized in shipment of jalapeños
2019-08-18cbsHong Kong's pro-Democracy movement defies police orders, endures heavy rain for demonstration
2019-08-18cbsPegasus, Plastic Plague
2019-08-18cbsMeet "Wisdom," the oldest-known bird in the wild
2019-08-18cbsRenewed scrutiny on gun policies for retailers after El Paso mass shooting
2019-08-18cbsCourtship on Midway: the impressive dance moves of a love-struck albatross
2019-08-18cbsTrump returns to Washington after 10 days at Bedminster Golf Club
2019-08-18cbsLearning how to "Stop the Bleed"
2019-08-18cbsFirefighters go missing off Florida coast during fishing trip
2019-08-18cbsKathleen Blanco, first female governor of Louisiana, dead at 76
2019-08-18cbsOhio man arrested for social media threat against Youngstown Jewish Community Center
2019-08-18cbsU.S. man claims self-defense in killing of Anguilla resort worker
2019-08-18cbsJack Whitaker, legendary CBS Sports announcer, has died at 95
2019-08-18cbsNorth Korea test-fires 2 missiles
2019-08-18cbsFace the Nation: Nancy Youssef, Dan Balz, Antjuan Seawright, Leslie Sanchez
2019-08-18cbsOhio white nationalist arrested for threatening Jewish community center
2019-08-18cbsJack Whitaker, legendary CBS sportscaster, dead at 95
2019-08-18cbsCops who led black man by rope won't face criminal investigation
2019-08-18cbsTrump trade adviser downplays impact of China tariffs on consumers
2019-08-18cbs8/18: Joe Manchin, Peter Navarro, Andrew Yang
2019-08-18cbsFace the Nation: Nancy Youssef, Dan Balz, Antjuan Seawright
2019-08-18cbsFull transcript of "Face the Nation" on August 18, 2019
2019-08-18cbsAndrew Yang defends plan to give every American $1,000 a month
2019-08-18cbsA "Sunday Morning" in Florence 8/18
2019-08-18cbsNature: Tuscan garden
2019-08-18cbsTranscript: Sen. Joe Manchin on "Face the Nation"
2019-08-18cbsTranscript: Andrew Yang on "Face the Nation"
2019-08-18cbsManchin emphasizes "good dialogue" with Trump on gun reform
2019-08-18cbsTranscript: Peter Navarro on "Face the Nation"
2019-08-17cbsHow a director's love for Bruce Springsteen inspired "Blinded by the Light"
2019-08-17cbsWhen will the heatwave end?
2019-08-17cbsIranian tanker to leave Gibraltar despite U.S. pressure
2019-08-17cbsThousands of veterans fear "burn pits" have exposed them to lethal disease
2019-08-17cbsSaturday Sessions: Molly Tuttle performs "Take the Journey"
2019-08-17cbsThe Dish: Superstar Israeli chef Eyal Shani on his revolutionary approach to dining
2019-08-17cbsMan taken into custody after rice cookers trigger bomb scare
2019-08-17cbsSaturday Sessions: Molly Tuttle performs "Light Came In (Power Went Out)"
2019-08-17cbsPortland braces for possible violence at far-right rally
2019-08-17cbsInside the market to feed dogs like humans
2019-08-17cbsThe fight to save the northern white rhino
2019-08-17cbsHow "burn pits" in Iraq and Afghanistan may have put veterans at risk
2019-08-17cbsHeather Locklear pleads no contest to fighting with first responders
2019-08-17cbsInside the California car auction known as “Woodstock on Wheels”
2019-08-17cbsSarfraz Manzoor on new Bruce Springsteen film "Blinded by the Light"
2019-08-17cbsHundreds attend funeral of woman slain in El Paso shooting after viral post
2019-08-17cbsSaturday Sessions: Molly Tuttle performs "Messed With My Mind"
2019-08-17cbsDanish legislator calls Trump's proposal to buy Greenland "grotesque"
2019-08-17cbsRemembering Hollywood icon Peter Fonda
2019-08-17cbsHow 2020 Democrats are shifting their strategy around economic concerns
2019-08-17cbsEconomists worry Trump's trade war with China could slow economic growth
2019-08-17cbsJeffrey Epstein's lawyers say they're planning their own investigation into his death
2019-08-17cbsEye Opener: Medical examiner rules Jeffrey Epstein's death a suicide
2019-08-17cbs8/17: CBS Evening News
2019-08-17cbsA Marine colonel's widow fights for the truth behind his 2008 death
2019-08-17cbsNew Orleans TV anchor dies in plane crash
2019-08-17cbsWidow's War
2019-08-17cbsBeto O'Rourke visits gun show in Arkansas, NRA responds
2019-08-17cbsIn Jason's Name
2019-08-17cbsA look at the evidence: Two experts disagree on how Col. Michael Stahlman died
2019-08-17cbs"I may have killed him" former FBI agent tells 911 after attack on son-in-law
2019-08-17cbs7 shot at Houston "instant house party" formed on Snapchat
2019-08-17cbsChild Victims Act has opened the door to a rush of lawsuits in New York
2019-08-17cbsWhen will the heat wave end?
2019-08-17cbsAt least 1 dead in Turkey flood
2019-08-17cbs"More than anything, I'm a granddaughter": Tlaib tells supporters
2019-08-17cbs8/16: CBS Evening News
2019-08-17cbsChild’s Victim’s Act has opened the door to a rush of lawsuits in New York
2019-08-17cbsLast victim from the El Paso shooting was buried in Texas
2019-08-17cbsJeffery Epstein’s lawyers threaten to go to court over medical examiner ruling
2019-08-17cbs"Who Framed Roger Rabbit" animator Richard Williams dies
2019-08-17cbs"CBS Weekend News" headlines for Saturday, August 17, 2019
2019-08-17cbsPortland rally met with police presence in anticipation of violence
2019-08-17cbsHeavy rains flood Istanbul's historic Grand Bazaar
2019-08-17cbsCongresswoman Tlaib speaks out on being barred from visiting Israel
2019-08-17cbsHe worried no one would attend wife's funeral. Hundreds came
2019-08-17cbsElizabeth Smart's father reveals he is gay
2019-08-17cbsExplosion reported at wedding hall in Afghanistan
2019-08-17cbsNorth Korea shuts down peace talks with South Korea
2019-08-17cbsAbout "CBS Evening News with Norah O'Donnell"
2019-08-17cbsFar-right groups hold rally in Portland
2019-08-17cbsFar-right groups face off with counter protesters in Portland
2019-08-17cbsEyal Shani on his revolutionary approach to dining: "It has to be a miracle"
2019-08-17cbsWoman arrested for holding black teens at gunpoint
2019-08-17cbsRescued baby dugong dies of shock with a stomach full of plastic