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2019-10-22cinema_blendWhy Jon Favreau Was Excited To Make The Lion King
2019-10-22cinema_blendNew Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Trailer Teases An Epic Ending To The Skywalker Saga
2019-10-22cinema_blendStar Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker's Latest Trailer May Have Confirmed Emperor Palpatine's Fate
2019-10-21cinema_blend8 Movies With Twist Endings Worth Streaming On Netflix After Fractured
2019-10-21cinema_blendBillie Lourd Posts Musical Tribute To Carrie Fisher For Her Mother’s Birthday
2019-10-21cinema_blendLinda Hamilton Still Can’t Believe Terminator: Dark Fate Gave Her A Fake Butt
2019-10-21cinema_blendTaika Waititi Explains The Delay In The Akira Movie
2019-10-21cinema_blendThat Time Paul Rudd Helped Convince Leonardo DiCaprio To Join Titanic
2019-10-21cinema_blendHow Much Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil Made Opening Weekend
2019-10-21cinema_blendJoker's Iconic Stairs Have Become A Big Tourist Spot
2019-10-21cinema_blendJoker's Joaquin Phoenix Accurately Depicts Pathological Laughing, According To Man With Disorder
2019-10-21cinema_blendNew Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Trailer Teaser Includes A Cool Rebels Nod
2019-10-21cinema_blendWhy Joker Should Lead To An Anthology Rather Than A Franchise
2019-10-21cinema_blendYes, Chris Hemsworth Would Love To Join The Star Wars Franchise
2019-10-21cinema_blendHow Much Jurassic World Is Too Much? Producer Knows They Could Overextend The Brand
2019-10-21cinema_blendZombieland: Double Tap Really Wanted Joe Pesci For A Funny Scene With The Ghostbusters
2019-10-21cinema_blendSebastian Stan Defends Marvel Movies After Scorsese And Coppola Comments
2019-10-21cinema_blendYes, The Batman’s Robert Pattinson Is Psyched About Zoe Kravitz As Catwoman
2019-10-21cinema_blendBloodshot Trailer: Vin Diesel’s New Comic Book Role Is Way More Violent Than Groot
2019-10-21cinema_blendTerminator: Dark Fate Has Screened, See What People Are Saying
2019-10-21cinema_blendThis Rotten Week: Predicting The Current War, Black And Blue, And Countdown Reviews
2019-10-21cinema_blendSpider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Co-Director Says Francis Ford Coppola Liked His Superhero Movie
2019-10-21cinema_blendWhy Francis Ford Coppola And Others Are Wrong About Superhero Movies
2019-10-20cinema_blendSurprise, Edward Norton Is Down For A Return To The MCU
2019-10-20cinema_blendJames Gunn Reacts To Francis Ford Coppola Calling Marvel Movies 'Despicable'
2019-10-20cinema_blendFormer Catwoman Stars Share Advice For The Batman's Zoe Kravitz
2019-10-20cinema_blendWill Joker Make $1 Billion At The Box Office?
2019-10-20cinema_blendAvengers: Endgame's Morgan Stark Star Has The Perfect Marvel Halloween Costume
2019-10-20cinema_blendMaleficent Box Office: Mistress Of Evil Underperforms While Zombieland: Double Tap Surprises
2019-10-20cinema_blendThe Lighthouse's Robert Pattinson Explains His Trick To Vomit Before Emotional Takes
2019-10-20cinema_blendPoor Gemini Man Needs A Lot Of Help To Break Even
2019-10-20cinema_blendSuicide Squad Director Clears Up 'Inaccurate' Jared Leto Rumor
2019-10-20cinema_blendHow Much Jumanji: The Next Level Could Make In Its Opening Weekend
2019-10-20cinema_blend6 New Netflix Christmas Movies That Are Just In Time For The Holidays
2019-10-19cinema_blendRise Of Skywalker Will Give Star Wars Saga A 'Cohesive' Ending, J.J. Abrams Says
2019-10-19cinema_blendJames Gunn Explains Why The Suicide Squad Doesn’t Need Jared Leto’s Joker
2019-10-19cinema_blendJason Momoa Pitched Warner Bros Aquaman 2 All ‘Mapped Out’
2019-10-19cinema_blendIndiana Jones 5: What We Know So Far
2019-10-19cinema_blendMission: Impossible 7: What We Know So Far
2019-10-19cinema_blendJames Gunn Picks Which Guardian Of The Galaxy Deserves A Solo Movie
2019-10-19cinema_blendWhy Edward Norton Said No To Avatar 2 But Yes To Alita: Battle Angel
2019-10-19cinema_blendIt's Official: Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker Launches Final Trailer And Ticket Sales This Week
2019-10-19cinema_blendDisney’s Live-Action Pinocchio Might Have Found Its Director
2019-10-19cinema_blendFantastic Beasts 3's Dan Fogler Lost A Ton Of Weight But Knows How Movie Can Explain It
2019-10-19cinema_blendJoker's Third Weekend Is Expected To Top Zombieland 2's Debut
2019-10-19cinema_blendBuckle Up, Disney's Mulan Reportedly Going Through Major Reshoots
2019-10-19cinema_blendThe Batman Now Has A Composer: Watch Matt Reeves' 'Awkward' Music Proposal
2019-10-19cinema_blendGhostbusters 2020 Wrapped Filming, Here's How Director Jason Reitman Celebrated
2019-10-19cinema_blendPaul Rudd Is Still Bummed About Avengers: Endgame's Thanus Theory
2019-10-19cinema_blendDid Jared Leto Really Try To Stop Warner Bros. From Making Joker?
2019-10-19cinema_blendQuentin Tarantino Will Not Re-Cut Once Upon A Time In Hollywood For China
2019-10-18cinema_blend3 Big Lessons Disney Remakes Should Have Learned From Maleficent
2019-10-18cinema_blend6 Directors Who Have Been Heavily Critical Of Superhero Movies
2019-10-18cinema_blendDwayne Johnson Announces When Black Adam Will Begin Shooting
2019-10-18cinema_blendHow Donald Glover Was Asked To Play Simba In The Lion King
2019-10-18cinema_blendJohn Wick Chapter 4: What We Know So Far
2019-10-18cinema_blendAfter The Release Of Judy, A New Documentary Is Arriving To Shed Light On Garland’s Life
2019-10-18cinema_blendNetflix And Movie Trailers Of The Week: Dolittle, Bombshell, And More
2019-10-18cinema_blendMoviePass Is Reportedly Still Charging Customers Despite Shutting Down
2019-10-18cinema_blendThe Next Evil Dead Movie Has Taken A Big Step Forward, According To Bruce Campbell
2019-10-18cinema_blendVenom 2 Has Found Its Shriek Actress
2019-10-18cinema_blend12 Times Grandpa Joe Of Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory Was The Absolute Worst
2019-10-18cinema_blendWalt Disney World Has Made A Change To Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge And Fans Aren't Happy
2019-10-18cinema_blendChina Cancels Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Release
2019-10-18cinema_blendVideo | The Lighthouse Ending, Explained
2019-10-18cinema_blendThere’s Another Actor Campaigning To Play John Stewart In DC’s Green Lantern Corps.
2019-10-18cinema_blendDoes The Next Jason Bourne Movie Need To Have Matt Damon To Succeed?
2019-10-18cinema_blendHow Zombieland: Double Tap Pulled Off That Amazing, Unbroken Shot During Its Zombie Fight Scene
2019-10-18cinema_blendDoctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Just Took An Exciting Step Forward
2019-10-18cinema_blendThe Batman: See What Paul Dano Could Look Like As Riddler
2019-10-18cinema_blendJurassic World 3’s Laura Dern Is Seriously Excited About Playing Ellie Sattler Again
2019-10-18cinema_blendDespite Campaigning For Years, Josh Gad Won’t Be The Batman’s Penguin
2019-10-18cinema_blendTo 3D Or Not To 3D: Buy The Right Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil Ticket
2019-10-18cinema_blendTerminator: Dark Fate Red Band Trailer Is Full Of Violence And F-Bombs
2019-10-18cinema_blendNo, Joker Won’t Get An Extended Cut Or Deleted Scenes
2019-10-18cinema_blendElton John Reveals Why He Hasn’t Seen Bohemian Rhapsody
2019-10-18cinema_blendNew Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Image Gives A Closer Look At Keri Russell’s Mysterious Character
2019-10-18cinema_blendWhy Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil’s New Prince Philip Didn’t Go Back And Study The First Movie
2019-10-18cinema_blendZombieland: Double Tap Director Shoots Down Those Weird Dan Aykroyd Casting Rumors
2019-10-18cinema_blendZombieland: Double Tap Post-Credits Scenes: What Happens And Why They’re Great