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2019-10-22cnetThe final Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer is an emotional rollercoaster - CNET
2019-10-22cnetFCC Chairman Ajit Pai argues a patchwork of state regs is bad for business - CNET
2019-10-22cnetNew Star Wars trailer: Everything we think we saw - CNET
2019-10-22cnetStar Wars: The Rise of Skywalker beats Avengers: Endgame in first hour of presales on Atom Tickets - CNET
2019-10-22cnetStar Wars: Rise of Skywalker tickets now available for preorder - CNET
2019-10-22cnetMark Zuckerberg knows he comes across as 'robotic' - CNET
2019-10-22cnetCrowdStrike CEO surprised that cybersecurity firm was called out in Trump-Ukraine call - CNET
2019-10-22cnetStar Wars Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker -- trailer, release date, plot, cast and rumors - CNET
2019-10-22cnetFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg urged to help protect civil rights - CNET
2019-10-22cnetStar Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer hits Monday, tickets already on sale - CNET
2019-10-21cnetA butt-kicking home theater for a 3D diehard - CNET
2019-10-21cnetMeet ParKam, an app that tracks and guides you to open parking spots - Roadshow
2019-10-21cnet20 photos taken with the Pixel 4's camera: You be the judge - CNET
2019-10-21cnetShould you stretch before or after your workout? - CNET
2019-10-21cnetBest 55-inch TVs for 2019 - CNET
2019-10-21cnetHuawei ban: Full timeline as exec admits it's having tough time without Google's support - CNET
2019-10-21cnetJabra Elite Active 65t deal: Score a manufacturer-refurbished pair for $68 - CNET
2019-10-21cnetVerizon expands 5G Home broadband network to Chicago - CNET
2019-10-21cnetBest Amazon Alexa devices of 2019 - CNET
2019-10-21cnetGoogle's Pixel 4 turns up the heat on Android rivals, but not because of its camera - CNET
2019-10-21cnetThe Mandalorian: Early reactions to Disney Plus' 'truly incredible' Star Wars show - CNET
2019-10-21cnetHow your brain protects you from the reality of your impending death - CNET
2019-10-21cnetExpensive broadband is pricing millions out of accessing the internet - CNET
2019-10-21cnetThese clever toads pretend to be deadly snakes to avoid being attacked - CNET
2019-10-21cnetDinosaur-killing asteroid rapidly turned oceans to acid, disrupted climate - CNET
2019-10-21cnetToyota and TRD are resurrecting the TRD Supra 3000GT for SEMA - Roadshow
2019-10-21cnetPokemon Go will let you battle other players online in 2020 - CNET
2019-10-21cnetTim Cook named chairman of Chinese business school - CNET
2019-10-21cnetiPhone, Galaxy S, Pixel: How smartphones evolved to dominate your life - CNET
2019-10-21cnetTwitter planning policy changes to help combat deepfakes - CNET
2019-10-21cnetEmilia Clarke opens up about the Game of Thrones ending - CNET
2019-10-21cnetHBO's Watchmen TV series: Early reviews, first episode airs Sunday night - CNET
2019-10-21cnet2020 Nissan Titan XD gets more power, standard 4WD and ditches diesel - Roadshow
2019-10-21cnetYour Google and Gmail will now share a single profile photo - CNET
2019-10-21cnetArt deco meets the future in the Hyundai fuel cell semi truck concept - Roadshow
2019-10-21cnetPixel 4's Face Unlock will work even if you're dead, and Google says a patch is months away - CNET
2019-10-21cnetFortnite Mythic Goldfish can pack a punch if found - CNET
2019-10-21cnetLos Angeles is planning on testing out pavement made from plastic - Roadshow
2019-10-21cnetColorado backs out of lawsuit to stop $26 billion T-Mobile Sprint merger - CNET
2019-10-21cnetUPS and CVS team up to develop drone deliveries right to your house - CNET
2019-10-21cnetNASA spacewalkers both want to be the first woman on the moon - CNET
2019-10-21cnetGeorgia's Supreme Court issues a landmark decision on vehicle data privacy - Roadshow
2019-10-21cnetFTC continues to crack down on companies with deceptive marketing practices - CNET
2019-10-21cnetThe best smart speakers for 2019 - CNET
2019-10-21cnetIslamic State has been posting propaganda videos to TikTok, report says - CNET
2019-10-21cnetHuman-like skin phone cover makes your phone ticklish and it's actually nightmare fuel - CNET
2019-10-21cnetMark Zuckerberg lays out Facebook's plan for protecting the 2020 election - CNET
2019-10-21cnetGoogle adds Halloween sounds to Nest Hello video doorbells - CNET
2019-10-21cnetHow to watch the 2019 World Series between the Nationals and Astros without cable - CNET
2019-10-21cnetAn electric Hummer comeback? We discuss with an expert - Roadshow
2019-10-21cnet2019 ozone hole smallest on record, but it's kind of a fluke - CNET
2019-10-21cnetWatchmen on HBO isn't a superhero show. It's a western, and a weird one - CNET
2019-10-21cnetHyundai develops AI-infused adaptive cruise control and it's production-bound - Roadshow
2019-10-21cnetFacebook announces new protections for presidential campaigns, election security - CNET
2019-10-21cnet42 products with insanely funny Amazon reviews - CNET
2019-10-21cnetConvertible closeout: Best Buy slashes prices on the Surface Pro 6 - CNET
2019-10-21cnetAs Facebook preps for 2020 election, Zuckerberg helps Buttigieg with campaign hires - CNET
2019-10-21cnetFacebook's Libra may look to multiple digital coins based on national currencies - CNET
2019-10-21cnetBreakthrough gene-editing tool can find and replace DNA better than CRISPR - CNET
2019-10-21cnetThe world's loudest bird is as deafening as thunder, scientists say - CNET
2019-10-21cnetAstrovan II is ready to carry America's astronauts to liftoff - Roadshow
2019-10-21cnetProduction Tesla Roadster will trump concept, design chief says - Roadshow
2019-10-21cnetUAW continues strike despite tentative agreement, Chevy Blazer production impacted - Roadshow
2019-10-21cnetThe surprisingly good EarFun Free earphones are just $34.79 with this exclusive code - CNET
2019-10-21cnetPopular VPN service NordVPN confirms data center breach - CNET
2019-10-21cnetThe all-new Kindle 2019 e-reader hits an all-time-low $65 - CNET
2019-10-21cnetAlexa and Google Assistant fall victim to eavesdropping apps - CNET
2019-10-21cnetEnter for your chance to win* this unlocked flagship phone and lots of accessories - CNET
2019-10-21cnetBest Buy kicks off weekly Apple deals with discounts on iPad Pro, MacBook Pro and Apple Watch - CNET
2019-10-21cnetHBO's Watchmen isn't a superhero show, it's a western -- and a weird one - CNET
2019-10-21cnetHow the smartphone became the remote control of your life - CNET
2019-10-21cnet2020 Toyota RAV4: Model overview, pricing, tech and specs - Roadshow
2019-10-21cnet2019 Tokyo Motor Show preview: Debuts from Honda, Mazda, Toyota and more - Roadshow
2019-10-21cnetHuawei exec acknowledges it's struggling without Google support - CNET
2019-10-20cnetStar Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer hits Monday, along with ticket sales - CNET
2019-10-20cnetHBO's Watchmen better give me realism -- and maybe a giant squid - CNET
2019-10-20cnetCoppola defends Scorsese's criticism of Marvel movies, calls them 'despicable' - CNET
2019-10-20cnetThe 15 top moments from Battlestar Galactica, best sci-fi TV series ever - CNET
2019-10-20cnetCoppola calls Marvel movies 'despicable' in defense of Scorsese's criticism - CNET
2019-10-20cnetPixel 4 turns up the heat on other Android phones, and not because of the camera - CNET
2019-10-20cnetBest Chromebooks for 2019 - CNET
2019-10-20cnetThe best air mattresses for 2019 - CNET
2019-10-20cnetiPhone 11 vs. iPhone XR: Which phone is the better buy for the price? - CNET
2019-10-20cnetiPhone SE2 is coming, and it could be huge (but also kinda small) - CNET
2019-10-20cnetHands-on with Pixel 4 and 4 XL: Google's new phones only have minor differences - CNET
2019-10-20cnetPixel 4's face unlock finally catches up to the iPhone. It's about damn time - CNET
2019-10-20cnetLaptop vs. Chromebook: Which portable computer is best in 2019 - CNET
2019-10-20cnetHBO's Watchmen isn't a superhero show, it's a western -- and a weird one - CNET
2019-10-20cnetPixel 4 vs. Galaxy Note 10: Biggest letdowns and best killer features right now - CNET
2019-10-20cnetPixel 4 and 4 XL specs vs. iPhone 11, Galaxy S10E and OnePlus 7T - CNET
2019-10-19cnetQantas completes first-ever nonstop flight connecting New York and Sydney - CNET
2019-10-19cnetT-Mobile signs deal with upcoming movie streaming service Quibi - CNET
2019-10-19cnetThe best smart locks of 2019 - CNET
2019-10-19cnetiPhone 11 vs. iPhone XR: Which phone is the better buy for the price? - CNET
2019-10-19cnetPixel 4 and 4 XL specs vs. Pixel 3, 3 XL and 3a: What's new and different - CNET
2019-10-19cnetApple might launch AirPods Pro before the end of the month, report says - CNET
2019-10-19cnet20 photos taken with the Pixel 4's camera: You be the judge - CNET
2019-10-19cnetPixel 4 vs. Galaxy Note 10: Biggest letdowns and best killer features so far - CNET
2019-10-19cnetThe best treadmills of 2019: NordicTrack, Nautilus, Peloton and more - CNET
2019-10-19cnetiPhone SE2 is coming, and it could be huge (but also kinda small) - CNET
2019-10-19cnetPixel 4 vs. iPhone 11: Google's phone is the pricier one, surprisingly - CNET
2019-10-19cnet'Delete your account' and other quotes that defined the 2010s - CNET
2019-10-19cnet2020 Corvette first drive, inside Tesla's crash lab and more: Roadshow's week in review - Roadshow
2019-10-19cnetFortnite Chapter 2: 9 hidden changes you may not have noticed - CNET
2019-10-19cnet9 great reads from CNET this week - CNET
2019-10-19cnet2020 Honda Pilot stays the course, adds new Black Edition - Roadshow
2019-10-19cnetiPhone 11 vs. iPhone XR: Which phone is the better buy for the price? - CNET
2019-10-19cnetPolaris RZR Pro XP 4 can take you just about anywhere - Roadshow
2019-10-19cnetStar Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer and ticket sales coming Monday - CNET
2019-10-19cnetMazda's upcoming EV seems to have a coupelike roofline - Roadshow
2019-10-19cnetStar Wars: The Rise of Skywalker -- Can J.J. Abrams stick the landing? - CNET
2019-10-19cnetHow to watch Yankees vs. Astros ALCS Game 6 tonight without cable - CNET
2019-10-18cnetHalloween 2019: Last-minute high-tech decorations - CNET
2019-10-18cnetOnce Upon a Time in Hollywood reportedly won't be recut for China - CNET
2019-10-18cnetVatican's wearable rosary gets fix for app flaw allowing easy hacks - CNET
2019-10-18cnetJ.J. Abrams 'not screwing around' with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ending - CNET
2019-10-18cnetMoviePass is reportedly still charging customers - CNET
2019-10-18cnetPaul Rudd brings twice the charm in Netflix comedy Living With Yourself - CNET
2019-10-18cnetAmazon Modern Love series avoids cynicism or certainty - CNET
2019-10-18cnetZombieland: Double Tap a manic sequel that loses some of the original's charm - CNET
2019-10-18cnetDemocrat on FTC says agency should get more aggressive with big tech - CNET
2019-10-18cnetA star died and this bizarre space blob was born - CNET
2019-10-18cnetThe Mandalorian release schedule on Disney Plus has leaked - CNET
2019-10-18cnetAT&T TV Now price hike could add $15 to your bill - CNET
2019-10-18cnetTesla's changing its deposit, return and exchange policies to help save cash - Roadshow
2019-10-18cnetZombieland: Double Tap is a manic sequel that loses some of the original's charm - CNET
2019-10-18cnetFree the Work matches Hollywood bigwigs with women, minority creators - CNET
2019-10-18cnetApple Arcade updated: The full list of games for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and iPod Touch - CNET
2019-10-18cnetVerizon launches 5G in basketball arenas - CNET
2019-10-18cnetVirgin Galactic spacesuit has secret features (there's a barf bag!) - CNET
2019-10-18cnetApple CEO Tim Cook urged to 'reverse course' after pulling Hong Kong protest app - CNET
2019-10-18cnetUS military retires floppy disks used by nuclear weapons system - CNET
2019-10-18cnetThe RMK E2 electric motorcycle is a futuristic, hubless wonder - Roadshow
2019-10-18cnetShould you Google someone you meet online before going on a date? - CNET
2019-10-18cnetThis $700,007 Aston Martin DBS designed by Daniel Craig is one of Neiman Marcus’ 2019 Fantasy Gifts - Roadshow
2019-10-18cnetMercedes E-Class Wagon recalled because its spoiler could detach - Roadshow
2019-10-18cnetBarney the purple dinosaur gets movie with Get Out's Daniel Kaluuya - CNET
2019-10-18cnetAmazon will let toymakers onto its 'curated' holiday guide for $2 million, report says - CNET
2019-10-18cnetHyundai's iMax N Drift Bus is a tire-shredding supervan for the rest of us - Roadshow
2019-10-18cnetNASA astronauts make history with first all-female spacewalk - CNET
2019-10-18cnetUS military retires floppy disks in charge of nuclear weapons - CNET
2019-10-18cnetApple might launch AirPods Pro before the end of the month, report says - CNET
2019-10-18cnetFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pushes back against claims of conservative censorship - CNET
2019-10-18cnetAmazon's Modern Love based on NYT column avoids cynicism or certainty - CNET
2019-10-18cnetMazda again hints at its upcoming EV, releasing enigmatic teaser images - Roadshow
2019-10-18cnetApple Arcade just released Pac-Man Party Royale, Ballistic Baseball and more - CNET
2019-10-18cnetLebanon reportedly drops planned WhatsApp tax as protests sweep the country - CNET
2019-10-18cnetStar Wars: The Rise of Skywalker -- Can J.J. Abrams stick the landing? - CNET
2019-10-18cnetHBO's Watchmen better give me realism -- and maybe a giant squid - CNET
2019-10-18cnetIn Netflix comedy Living With Yourself, Paul Rudd brings twice the charm - CNET
2019-10-18cnetThe Toyota Copen GR Sport is a drop-top kei-car we'd love to drive - Roadshow
2019-10-18cnetThe $310,000 Overfinch Velocity is for when a regular Range Rover isn’t enough - Roadshow
2019-10-18cnetNew iPad? Before you spend $89 or more on an Apple Pencil, read this - CNET
2019-10-18cnetNew report claims Apple may launch AirPods Pro before the end of the month - CNET
2019-10-18cnetGet a peek at Keri Russell's Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker character Zorri Bliss - CNET
2019-10-18cnetThe $310,000 Overfinch Velocity is a Range Rover with lots of carbon fiber - Roadshow
2019-10-18cnetLebanon reportedly drops planned WhatsApps tax as protests sweep the country - CNET
2019-10-18cnetThese wireless sport headphones are just $9 (Update: Sold out) - CNET
2019-10-18cnetRazer Viper Ultimate wireless esports mouse enters HyperSpeed - CNET
2019-10-18cnetFirst all-female spacewalk: Two stars shining bright - CNET
2019-10-18cnetMark Ronson isn't shallow: CNET interviews the Grammy-winning musician and producer - CNET
2019-10-18cnetPolaris RZR Pro XP 4 is a high-performance, four-seat, off-road beast - Roadshow
2019-10-18cnetJuiced Camp Scrambler the off-road bike that will take you away - CNET
2019-10-18cnetI slept on a mail-order mattress for two weeks. Here's what happened, and how to get 30% off - CNET
2019-10-18cnetModern Warfare Battle Pass, campaign trailer and everything else we know - CNET
2019-10-18cnetHow to watch Astros vs. Yankees ALCS Game 5 tonight without cable - CNET
2019-10-18cnetThese spooky Apple Arcade mystery games will make you feel like a real detective - CNET
2019-10-18cnetOnePlus 8 Pro leak shows a hole-punch screen and cutout camera - CNET
2019-10-18cnetThe best Nintendo Switch deal right now: $274.99 - CNET
2019-10-18cnetAt Y Combinator's Startup School, it's not all tech cheerleading - CNET
2019-10-18cnetWe go hands-off in a Nissan Skyline with ProPilot 2.0 - Roadshow
2019-10-18cnetShould you Google your date before going out with them? - CNET
2019-10-18cnet2020 Honda Pilot: Model overview, pricing, tech and specs - Roadshow
2019-10-18cnetThese spooky Apple Arcade mystery games will make you feel like a real detective - CNET
2019-10-18cnetRoku Streaming Stick Plus 4K HDR streamer drops to $50 - CNET
2019-10-18cnetJuiced Bikes CampScrambler e-bike begs to go off-road - CNET
2019-10-18cnetPixel 4 versus Galaxy Note 10: Biggest letdowns and best killer features - CNET
2019-10-18cnetThe 10 best direct-to-consumer cookware brands of 2019 - CNET
2019-10-18cnetGoogle Pixel 4 face unlock works even when you're unconscious - CNET
2019-10-18cnetDisney Plus documentary promises tour of Disney World's 'underground city' - CNET
2019-10-18cnetThe best DIY home security systems of 2019 - CNET
2019-10-18cnetIcon 4x4's electric 1949 Mercury coupe is a look at the future of hot-rodding - Roadshow
2019-10-18cnetIcon's Derelict 1949 Hudson is a Nashville barroom bruiser - Roadshow
2019-10-18cnetIcon's electric 1949 Mercury and V8-powered 1949 Hudson are two sides of the same coin - Roadshow