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2019-10-22cnnFirst on CNN: Complaint filed after company trades days before EPA announcement
2019-10-22cnnTulsi Gabbard's Clinton clash sparks speculation about her political future
2019-10-22cnnBernie Sanders defends Tulsi Gabbard: 'Outrageous' to suggest she is a foreign asset
2019-10-22cnnOpinion: Romney's Pierre Delecto mask is a symbol of Never Trumpers' problem
2019-10-22cnnThe President bemoaned nixing his resort for the G7, undercut his commitment to the Kurds and spread falsehoods about his polling numbers and the economy
2019-10-22cnnMajor Trump donor plans private fundraiser with Romney
2019-10-22cnnLori Loughlin's daughters are no longer enrolled at USC, university says
2019-10-22cnn'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' trailer showcases the final chapter of the Skywalker saga
2019-10-22cnnMan charged in New Hampshire church shooting accused of assaulting attorney
2019-10-22cnnAmash: Republicans wish they didn't have to defend Trump
2019-10-22cnnCooper: Trump speaks as if he still has control over Doral
2019-10-22cnnTrudeau's Liberal Party projected to win Canada's election
2019-10-22cnnInternet goes wild over Mitt Romney's fake Twitter name
2019-10-22cnnOpinion: Elizabeth Warren has a real opportunity to make this right
2019-10-22cnnNetanyahu loses grip on Israeli politics after a decade
2019-10-22cnnPutin and Hungarian PM reportedly disparaged Ukraine to Trump
2019-10-22cnnJapan prepares to enthrone new emperor
2019-10-22cnnJapanese carrier from World War II's Battle of Midway discovered
2019-10-22cnnTrudeau's party projected to win general elections
2019-10-21cnn4 pharmaceutical companies accused in the opioid epidemic reach a $235 million settlement just before trial
2019-10-21cnnMan in MAGA hat sprays Trump protesters with bear repellant
2019-10-21cnnSee civilians throw vegetables at troops
2019-10-21cnnAnalysis: What 'Pierre Delecto' tells us about the current Republican Party
2019-10-21cnnRick Perry isn't at today's cabinet meeting
2019-10-21cnnWhite House personnel director told Trump that Cuccinelli isn't eligible for DHS chief
2019-10-21cnnEx-Trump adviser on Syria: Done in the worst way possible
2019-10-21cnnJoe Walsh: GOP isn't scared of Trump. They fear his voters.
2019-10-21cnnThe owner of Saks Fifth Avenue is going private
2019-10-21cnnAnalysis: Harry and Meghan opened the door to a side of royal life we don't often see
2019-10-21cnnIs team's decision to walk off field over racist abuse a watershed moment for soccer?
2019-10-21cnnVeteran in hospice got to see his dog one last time
2019-10-21cnnWhite House staff rally around Mulvaney amid rising frustration
2019-10-21cnnWhat it would take for Graham to consider impeachment
2019-10-21cnnNationals fans are really into 'Baby Shark'
2019-10-21cnnLori Harvey arrested after hit-and-run accident
2019-10-21cnn31 killed in fiery bus crash
2019-10-21cnnSerbia soccer team punished by UEFA after fans' racist behavior
2019-10-21cnnFacebook: Russian trolls are back. And they're here to meddle with 2020
2019-10-21cnnHere's who is scheduled to be deposed in the impeachment inquiry this week
2019-10-21cnnOprah surprises fan with a new phone after seeing this
2019-10-21cnnA driver is rescued alive after his car is impaled by logs from a truck
2019-10-21cnnDeath toll in Chile protests rises to 11
2019-10-21cnnThere are more wealthy Chinese than Americans for the first time
2019-10-21cnnShay Mitchell gives birth to first child
2019-10-21cnnKim and Kanye West renew vows
2019-10-21cnnThe Tulsa race massacre in the 'Watchmen' premiere was real. Here's what happened
2019-10-21cnnAtatiana Jefferson's dad stopped her funeral so he could be involved. He goes before a judge Monday
2019-10-21cnnAmerican CEOs are nervous
2019-10-21cnn5 new things we learned from Harry and Meghan's revealing documentary
2019-10-21cnnTwo men arrested following reports of racist abuse that forced match to be abandoned
2019-10-21cnnRomney says he's secretly behind 'Pierre Delecto' Twitter account
2019-10-21cnnA girls soccer team was penalized for their 'equal pay' shirts
2019-10-21cnnBurger King is selling a 'Ghost Whopper' for Halloween
2019-10-21cnnMore than 6,000 pounds of frozen meat sold at Walmart is recalled
2019-10-21cnnJPMorgan wants to hire people with criminal backgrounds
2019-10-21cnnChicago's teacher strike is about to enter another week, with no end in sight
2019-10-21cnn2 cranes toppled at Hard Rock Hotel
2019-10-21cnnKanye West returns to Twitter
2019-10-21cnnOpinion: Why Democrats face an uphill battle against Trump
2019-10-21cnnOpinion: Trump still doesn't get why he should avoid conflicts of interest
2019-10-21cnnLatest on the impeachment inquiry
2019-10-21cnnStudents wear boxes on their heads during exam
2019-10-21cnnIt's another crunch week for Brexit (no, we really mean it this time)
2019-10-21cnnWhat a shot! 28 amazing sports photos
2019-10-21cnnWorld's oldest pearl to go on display
2019-10-21cnnFour killed in riot over offensive Facebook post
2019-10-21cnnBoris Johnson battles to save Brexit deal
2019-10-21cnnPG&E might shut off power across 17 Northern and Central California counties later this week
2019-10-21cnnA 2-year-old was killed and an 11-month-old shot in the head this weekend in Philadelphia
2019-10-21cnnWest is paying the price for supporting Hong Kong riots: Chinese state media
2019-10-21cnnKurdish forces evacuate besieged Syrian town as part of Turkey ceasefire
2019-10-21cnnIn the Trump era, news cycles are out. Shock cycles are in
2019-10-21cnnAnalysis: Trump must get it together to avoid another bad week
2019-10-21cnnA man named Tupac Shakur was arrested in Tennessee for meth possession and other charges
2019-10-21cnnTwo New Jersey teenagers face charges after a victim was urinated on while racial slurs were hurled at them, police say
2019-10-21cnnTornado touches down in Dallas
2019-10-21cnnA West Point cadet is missing along with an M4 rifle, military academy says
2019-10-21cnnPelosi and congressional delegation make secret trip to Afghanistan
2019-10-21cnnJustice Department distances itself from Giuliani
2019-10-21cnnLindsey Graham does not rule out possibility of impeachment if evidence emerges
2019-10-21cnnThe teenagers so addicted to cellphones they're going to detox centers
2019-10-21cnnHow one country dominates the list of the world's tallest buildings
2019-10-21cnnLonely Planet's top 10 cities to visit in 2020
2019-10-21cnnClinton suggests Russians are 'grooming' a candidate
2019-10-21cnnResearchers discover two WWII carriers in the same week
2019-10-21cnnTrudeau will learn his political fate after tough reelection bid
2019-10-21cnnSinger Maggie Rogers stands up to heckler who told her to 'take her shirt off'
2019-10-21cnnAfter an historic all-female spacewalk, astronaut has moon dream
2019-10-21cnnNo longer the obedient NATO ally, Erdogan floats nuclear option
2019-10-21cnnTrump says he's 'the one that did the capturing' in Syria
2019-10-21cnnAnalysis: The President's Minnesota pipe dream
2019-10-21cnn'Catherine the Great' crowns Helen Mirren (again)
2019-10-21cnnPittsburgh Steelers player charged with assault in domestic dispute
2019-10-21cnnVirus could be the cause of mysterious polio-like illness, study says
2019-10-21cnnThese Trump photos posted on private Instagram raise eyebrows
2019-10-21cnn41 out-there lines from Trump's last Cabinet meeting
2019-10-21cnnFact-checking Trump's shifting narrative on Adam Schiff
2019-10-21cnnTrump calls part of Constitution 'phony.' Watch CNN analyst explain it to him.
2019-10-21cnnLonely Planet chooses the best destinations for 2020
2019-10-21cnnHarvard researchers grew meat in a lab from cow and rabbit cells. Here's how that worked
2019-10-21cnnHouse GOP wants to censure Schiff over whistleblower comments
2019-10-21cnnThe top US diplomat to Ukraine came out of retirement for the job. Now he's the next impeachment witness.
2019-10-21cnnBattery or charger in luggage explodes at Chicago's Midway Airport
2019-10-21cnnNetanyahu fails again to form new Israeli government, opening door for rival
2019-10-21cnnLA fire burns more than 30 acres, threatens homes
2019-10-21cnnSome had hoped for a House vote by Thanksgiving, but sources say the number of leads for investigators to chase down keeps growing
2019-10-21cnnHouston Astros pitcher gives World Series tickets to fans who were taunted at Yankee Stadium
2019-10-21cnn'Daybreak' and 'Looking for Alaska' unleash streaming teen troubles
2019-10-21cnn4 parents in college admissions scam flip to guilty plea as some may face more charges
2019-10-21cnnAmerican Airlines flight diverted after cleaning chemical spillage in cabin
2019-10-21cnnAnalysis: Mick Mulvaney's deeply cringey defense of his quid pro quo comments
2019-10-21cnnTrump's holding a cabinet meeting today. Here's where some of the members stand in the impeachment inquiry
2019-10-21cnnTrump calls on Schiff to be censured
2019-10-21cnnDunkin' is launching its Beyond Meat sandwich nationally
2019-10-20cnnAnalysis: It looks like Boris Johnson was defeated. The opposite might be true
2019-10-20cnnThe country is as divided as it's been in recent history. Impeachment will likely make it worse
2019-10-20cnnThree die in supermarket fire amid protests in Chile
2019-10-20cnnQantas test flight completes record 19-hour non-stop flight from New York to Sydney
2019-10-20cnnCountdown to Expo 2020: one year to go
2019-10-20cnn3 key Trump challenges to transgender and abortion rights
2019-10-20cnnEfforts to replace the acting White House chief of staff eased after House Democrats moved ahead with an impeachment inquiry
2019-10-20cnnUS is out of the picture in Syria-Turkey crisis. Putin now owns this mess
2019-10-20cnn5 key developments in the impeachment inquiry
2019-10-20cnnHarry and Meghan to take 'family time' off
2019-10-20cnnSee CNN reporter's cute moment on air with passing baby
2019-10-20cnnWatch the emotional moment after coach disarms student carrying a shotgun
2019-10-20cnnOpinion: On impeachment, three words make all the difference
2019-10-20cnnJohn King: This rare 'retreat' is connected to an impeachment inquiry
2019-10-20cnnAt least 15 killed after Siberia dam collapse
2019-10-20cnnCanada's election will be a cliffhanger
2019-10-20cnnCompany profits haven't been under this much pressure since 2016
2019-10-20cnnMulvaney: Trump and I never discussed my resignation
2019-10-20cnnLargest US troop withdrawal from Syria underway
2019-10-20cnnPetraeus: Syria decision is ethnic displacement of the Kurds
2019-10-20cnnThe President tweeted his Florida property would not be used for next year's meeting after backlash from critics
2019-10-20cnnMulvaney denies quid pro quo, blames 'press language'
2019-10-20cnn34th horse dies at Santa Anita since December
2019-10-20cnnPakistan PM reveals what he told Prince William at lunch
2019-10-20cnnThe court that could decide the future of Trump's presidency
2019-10-20cnnParts of downtown New Orleans are evacuated ahead of cranes demolition
2019-10-20cnnTom Brady says Netflix cameo wasn't a shot at Patriots owner
2019-10-20cnn3 soldiers killed in Georgia training accident
2019-10-20cnnJapan's dream Rugby World Cup campaign ends
2019-10-20cnnAppeals court revives emoluments lawsuit against Trump
2019-10-20cnnPelosi leads congressional delegation to Jordan to discuss Middle East and Syria
2019-10-20cnnAir Force review finds crews stayed at Trump hotel 6% of the time
2019-10-20cnnHouse GOP leader dismisses concerns over government spending at Trump's properties: 'Just like any other hotel'
2019-10-20cnnThe 'Joker' stairs might be New York's latest tourist attraction
2019-10-20cnnA man who survived a week in his car at the bottom of a ravine has died, police say
2019-10-20cnnNancy Pelosi's brother, a former mayor of Baltimore, dies
2019-10-20cnnTapper to Buttigieg: Why aren't Democrats standing up for Gabbard?
2019-10-20cnnElizabeth Warren to put out plan on how to pay for 'Medicare for All'
2019-10-20cnnDelaying Brexit could prove disastrous
2019-10-20cnnPrince Harry acknowledges tensions with his brother William for the first time
2019-10-20cnnAnalysis: What's next for front-runner Elizabeth Warren?
2019-10-20cnnFlooding unearths bear skull that's at least hundreds of years old
2019-10-20cnnPhoto shows Felicity Huffman in a prison uniform as she serves 13 days in college cheating case
2019-10-20cnnOpinion: Trump's playing a game of Russian roulette
2019-10-20cnnThe largest indoor theme park in North America opens this week
2019-10-20cnnWoman pleads guilty to killing another woman in 'botched butt injection procedure,' district attorney says
2019-10-20cnnUS defense secretary says withdrawal of troops from northeast Syria will take 'weeks not days'
2019-10-20cnnJennifer Lawrence ties the knot
2019-10-20cnnRepublican jitters grow over Trump in 'turning point' week
2019-10-20cnnMummies found in 30 ancient coffins
2019-10-20cnnBitcoin transactions used to track down a man operating a global child exploitation site
2019-10-20cnnIt's International Sloth Day ... so you have an excuse to be lazy
2019-10-20cnnFrank Ocean releases new song 'DHL'
2019-10-20cnnThree things to watch for this NFL Sunday: Rivalries, redemption and a battle of the birds
2019-10-20cnnAsexuality isn't celibacy or abstinence. Here's what it is — and isn't
2019-10-20cnnWorker injured when hotel collapsed was detained by ICE two days later
2019-10-20cnnWhy some say Mexico already built Trump's wall -- and paid for it
2019-10-20cnnImran Khan says Prince William should know how much Diana was loved
2019-10-20cnnPrince Harry opens up about tensions with Prince William
2019-10-20cnnVideo shows man approach 3-year-old on night of abduction
2019-10-20cnnPetraeus says US betrayed Syrian Kurds in 'sudden exit'
2019-10-20cnnPetraeus: US 'sudden exit' betrayed Kurds
2019-10-20cnnAndy Murray wins his first singles title since undergoing two hip surgeries
2019-10-20cnnHouston Astros head to World Series after defeating New York Yankees
2019-10-19cnn10 best haunted house attractions
2019-10-19cnnHas the White House tainted Barr's investigation of the Russia probe?
2019-10-19cnnHonduran President's brother found guilty of drug trafficking
2019-10-19cnnTapper: WH saying 'get over' Trump's scandals is standard
2019-10-19cnnOpinion: Trump is hanging Israel and Netanyahu out to dry
2019-10-19cnnDriver in fatal Indiana bus stop crash found guilty of homicide
2019-10-19cnn5 key developments in the impeachment inquiry
2019-10-19cnnDrug companies fail to reach settlement ahead of opioid crisis trial
2019-10-19cnnCooper mocks White House press secretary's Mulvaney story
2019-10-19cnnChicago's top cop was drinking before officers found him asleep on his car, mayor says
2019-10-19cnnPrince estate releases unheard acoustic track
2019-10-19cnnA burglar hid in a Costco for hours then stole $13K in jewelry after store closed, police say
2019-10-19cnnBoris Johnson brings his new Brexit deal to a vote in emergency Saturday sitting
2019-10-19cnnWeapons seized from alleged neo-Nazi leader in Washington state
2019-10-19cnnTrump called ceasefire 'amazing.' Video shows what's really happening
2019-10-19cnnAtatiana Jefferson's father gets a restraining order to delay her funeral
2019-10-19cnnFrom Ferguson to Fort Worth, police reform moves in fits and starts
2019-10-19cnnHong Kong leader defends police use of force
2019-10-19cnnPG&E fire-preventing power shutoffs could continue for a decade, CEO says
2019-10-19cnnWhat is the Letwin amendment -- and could it really change everything?
2019-10-19cnnCorbyn: Johnson's Brexit deal will 'lead to a Trump trade deal'
2019-10-19cnn'Bernie's Back': Sanders rallies in New York with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez by his side
2019-10-19cnnDespite the odds, I became a rocket scientist. Other women can do the same
2019-10-19cnnFor African Americans, a wellness check can turn into a death sentence
2019-10-19cnnChile's president declares state of emergency after riots over metro fare hike
2019-10-19cnnTropical Storm Nestor moves toward land with heavy rain, wind
2019-10-19cnnEngland secures place in Rugby World Cup semifinal with emphatic victory over Australia
2019-10-19cnnFrancis Rooney is the rare Republican open to impeaching Trump
2019-10-19cnnThe latest on the Trump impeachment inquiry
2019-10-19cnnExpert debunks myths about Trump whistleblowers
2019-10-19cnnWhat do Ohio swing voters think about impeachment push?
2019-10-19cnn'I am not a Russian spy': Jill Stein slams Clinton's accusations
2019-10-19cnnA school resource officer and a nurse saved a student after his heart stopped
2019-10-19cnnBritish lawmakers defer decision on Brexit deal
2019-10-19cnnHas Brexit sent airfares into a tailspin?
2019-10-19cnnState employee claims Delaware discriminates against her over hijab
2019-10-19cnnFirst commercial non-stop flight from New York to Sydney departs JFK airport
2019-10-19cnnOpinion: Facebook is allowing politicians to lie openly. It's time to regulate
2019-10-19cnnThe latest on what's happening in Syria
2019-10-19cnnVideo shows emotional moment after coach disarms student carrying a shotgun
2019-10-19cnnAnalysis: Super Saturday turns into Setback Saturday for Boris Johnson as Brexit plan unravels
2019-10-19cnnMike Posner just finished his six-month trek across the United States
2019-10-19cnnWatch Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon reenact a scene from 'Friends'
2019-10-19cnn'Murder Kroger' has long lived in Atlanta lore. A major rehab may finally put the painful nickname to rest
2019-10-19cnnZoë, the 49ers emotional support puppy, is the team's cutest MVP
2019-10-19cnnIn the cold desolation of Antarctic winter, a remote base is preparing humans for Mars
2019-10-19cnnWhat's Boris Johnson's next move?
2019-10-19cnnPro-Brexit MPs given police escorts through protests
2019-10-19cnnYou'll find yourself in court if you break the law, Johnson told
2019-10-19cnnDemolition of cranes at Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans is delayed once more
2019-10-19cnnHuge crowds march to demand second Brexit referendum
2019-10-19cnnSan Francisco man completes 'figure-8' sail around the world in one season
2019-10-19cnnThis high school football coach disarmed a student. Then he hugged him.
2019-10-19cnnWhite House defends Trump's Florida resort as 'significantly cheaper' option for G7 site
2019-10-19cnnOpinion: Your pregnancy discrimination stories prove there are no easy answers
2019-10-19cnnA day after wavering on impeachment, GOP rep. announces retirement
2019-10-19cnn2 charged with poaching and selling 4,000 native Florida turtles in 6 months
2019-10-19cnnUniversity of Oklahoma's iconic Sooner Schooner crashes during TD celebration
2019-10-19cnnStocks would rally if Trump quits, Wall Street firm predicts
2019-10-19cnnAnalysis: Not all recessions are a crisis, and the next one won't be as bad as 2008
2019-10-19cnnKik app won't shut down after acquisition
2019-10-19cnnAna Navarro baffled by Hillary Clinton's swipe at Tulsi Gabbard
2019-10-19cnn'Haunted Car Wash' delivers clean but creepy fun
2019-10-19cnnThe secret to Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter's amazingly long marriage
2019-10-19cnn'Fresh Prince' star Alfonso Ribeiro flaunted his classic moves on 'Strictly Come Dancing'
2019-10-19cnnCupp: Don't be surprised if this is what undoes Trump
2019-10-19cnnHere's what happened this week and what's coming up in the impeachment inquiry
2019-10-19cnnOpinion: As a new mom, I found Meghan's interview gut-wrenching
2019-10-19cnnKim Kardashian West asks Texas governor to 'do the right thing' for death row inmate
2019-10-19cnnCigarette cockroach is giving pizza rat a run for its money in New York
2019-10-19cnnMaking sense of quid pro quo and the people involved
2019-10-19cnnMcConnell slams Trump administration for Syria withdrawal
2019-10-19cnnMeet the San Francisco 49ers' emotional support dog
2019-10-19cnnHere's what's inside 132-year-old time capsule
2019-10-18cnnWhat's it like to live on the International Space Station?
2019-10-18cnnIs this how we'll live on Mars?
2019-10-18cnnHear US military spouse's letter to Kurdish soldiers
2019-10-18cnnBarcelona burns as Catalan protesters clash with police
2019-10-18cnnBrussels OKs Boris, but will the UK?
2019-10-18cnnMulvaney confesses to quid pro quo: Get over it
2019-10-18cnnBrexit crunch time: The view from a black cab
2019-10-18cnnNew Brexit deal is still bad for business and the UK economy
2019-10-18cnnAnalysis: Welcome to one of the most important days in British political history
2019-10-18cnnLouvre gets ready for its biggest ever Leonardo exhibition
2019-10-18cnnThis teen was told he could never run again. He proved otherwise.
2019-10-18cnnMeghan Markle holds back tears in emotional new interview
2019-10-18cnnA man missing for a week is found alive inside his wrecked car
2019-10-18cnnBlack security guard asked a student to not call him the N-word. It got him fired
2019-10-18cnnAmerican weapons ended up in the wrong hands in Yemen. Now they're being turned on the US-backed government
2019-10-18cnnA career US diplomat told congressional investigators that Trump's personal attorney had sought the visa for Ukraine's controversial former prosecutor, sources say
2019-10-18cnnJesse Jackson: Elijah Cummings was a man of dignity and discipline
2019-10-18cnn'Zombieland' rises again
2019-10-18cnnHere's what was inside a 132-year-old time capsule found in Utah
2019-10-18cnnShaquille O'Neal buys a home for a 12-year-old boy paralyzed in a shooting
2019-10-18cnnSee female astronauts make history
2019-10-18cnnKim Jong Un takes extreme step to crack down on spying
2019-10-18cnnA woman who livestreamed crash that killed her sister is out of prison and arrested again
2019-10-18cnnFuture of financial oversight may rest with this Supreme Court case
2019-10-18cnnCummings' body will lie in state at Capitol
2019-10-18cnnAnalysis: But what if Republicans can't 'get over it'?
2019-10-18cnnEnergy Department says it won't comply with subpoena
2019-10-18cnn38 people violated classification rules in relation to Clinton email server, State Dept. finds
2019-10-18cnnMcConnell slams Trump's move but doesn't use his name
2019-10-18cnnCompanies fined in fatal crane collapse
2019-10-18cnnHeartburn medication Zantac OTC recalled
2019-10-18cnnCalifornia earthquakes just caused a major fault line to move for the first time, a study shows
2019-10-18cnnStephen King is converting his haunting Maine home into a writers' retreat
2019-10-18cnnGoogle confirms Pixel 4 face unlock works with eyes closed
2019-10-18cnnThe Republican ex-governor says the 'final straw' was acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney's statement that there was a quid pro quo with Ukraine's President
2019-10-18cnnThieves pick 7,000 pounds of apples off the trees in a Michigan orchard
2019-10-18cnnSupreme Court takes up major immigration asylum case
2019-10-18cnnTrump says he'll nominate Perry's deputy as new energy secretary
2019-10-18cnnSwiss banks are charging millionaires to store their money
2019-10-18cnnProtester: 'Either we all live peacefully, or no one does'
2019-10-18cnn9/11 victim identified 18 years after attack
2019-10-18cnnAthletes from NBA and NFL to cover Atatiana Jefferson's funeral costs
2019-10-18cnnBoeing pilots discussed 'fundamental issues' with 737 MAX in internal messages
2019-10-18cnnTourists died of natural causes in the Dominican Republic, FBI tests show
2019-10-18cnnPelosi says Mulvaney made a 'confession'
2019-10-18cnn2014 photo of Trump and indicted Giuliani associate was at Ivanka Trump fashion show
2019-10-18cnnHillary Clinton appears to suggest Russians are grooming a Democrat for 2020
2019-10-18cnnGOP lawmaker on quid pro quo: It's serious and troubling
2019-10-18cnnWhy Kasich is now calling for Trump's impeachment
2019-10-18cnn10th parent in college admissions scandal sentenced to one month in prison
2019-10-18cnnFact check: Trump parrots talking points from Putin, Erdogan on Syria
2019-10-18cnnCooper: This moment could change impeachment inquiry
2019-10-18cnnFact check: Trump makes 26 false claims at Texas rally
2019-10-18cnnRet. Navy Admiral: Our republic is under attack from Trump
2019-10-18cnnThe secretary of state is frustrated and feels victimized as criticism mounts over his handling of issues in the impeachment inquiry, sources say
2019-10-18cnnJennifer Garner shares playful video of mammogram appointment
2019-10-18cnnMarine in photo identified 70 years later
2019-10-18cnnWhat Felicity Huffman's prison will be like
2019-10-18cnnIs feeding bread to ducks still a no-no?
2019-10-18cnnMark Hurd, Oracle CEO, is dead at 62
2019-10-18cnnGOP rep says Trump's Syria actions will affect US relations with allies
2019-10-18cnnCoasters given out to detect date-rape drugs
2019-10-18cnnJohnson & Johnson recalls baby powder
2019-10-18cnnOpinion: The GM workers' strike probably isn't worth it
2019-10-18cnnGOP lawmaker: Leaving Syria like we did, 'unbelievable'
2019-10-18cnnWaPo: Career diplomat testifies he raised concerns about Hunter Biden's Ukraine work in 2015
2019-10-18cnnRecapping a whirlwind week in Washington
2019-10-18cnnPaul Rudd will not divulge secrets
2019-10-18cnnWoman who stood on ship's railing for selfie barred for life from cruises
2019-10-18cnnDozens killed in mosque explosion in Afghanistan during Friday prayers
2019-10-18cnnWorld's largest brewer says rival tried to steal its secret Bud Light recipe
2019-10-18cnnRick Perry 'didn't see a problem' talking to Giuliani about Ukraine
2019-10-18cnnThis IPO will help destroy the planet, environmental groups warn
2019-10-18cnnIf you own this phone, remove your screen protector now
2019-10-18cnnSee moment woman falls onto subway tracks and is pulled to safety
2019-10-18cnnDisney fans could get $1,000 for binge-watch
2019-10-18cnnPower line explodes during bomb cyclone
2019-10-18cnnChicago teacher strike enters second day
2019-10-18cnnHong Kong court rejects legal challenge for same-sex marriage
2019-10-18cnnPresident Donald Trump (Jr.)?
2019-10-18cnnStreet gunbattles break out as 'El Chapo's' son arrested
2019-10-18cnnAnalysis: When outrages become the new normal
2019-10-18cnnJust say it: Yes, I'm menstruating
2019-10-18cnnKanye West releases 'Jesus is King' film trailer
2019-10-18cnnI report on technology. And I got hacked.
2019-10-18cnnWe asked a hacker to try and steal a CNN tech reporter's data. Here's what happened
2019-10-18cnn'Wheel of Fortune' contestant explains that 'loveless marriage' intro
2019-10-18cnnTropical storm warnings issued for Gulf Coast states
2019-10-18cnnThe whistleblower's lawyer is fighting attempts to smear his client
2019-10-18cnn4 key developments in the impeachment inquiry from yesterday
2019-10-18cnnLady Gaga plummets backward off stage while dancing with a fan
2019-10-18cnnReigning NFL MVP suffers freak kneecap dislocation
2019-10-18cnnJames Mattis mocks Trump's bone spurs
2019-10-18cnnCNN interviews the Duchess of Cambridge
2019-10-18cnnRepublican leaders have defended Trump, claiming there was no quid pro quo. Now some say they can't rule out supporting impeachment.
2019-10-18cnnChina's economic growth drops to lowest level since 1992
2019-10-18cnnKurds say Turkey is violating hours-old 'ceasefire' in Syria
2019-10-18cnnApple may launch high-end AirPods Pro later this month
2019-10-18cnnPrince Harry says every camera flash takes him back to Diana's death
2019-10-18cnnJimmy and Rosalynn Carter just became the longest-married presidential couple
2019-10-18cnnThe first all-female spacewalk happens today
2019-10-18cnn5 things to know for October 18: Syria, impeachment, Brexit, GM, storms
2019-10-18cnnMuslim families weren't allowed to board NYC ferry after being labeled a 'security issue,' complaint says
2019-10-18cnnInside Trump's rally in Dallas
2019-10-18cnnEverything we know after two weeks of Ukraine interviews
2019-10-18cnnJapan to pardon 550,000 criminals to mark new emperor's enthronement
2019-10-18cnn40,000 people are about to run a marathon in the world's most polluted city
2019-10-18cnn'Maleficent' flies higher in sequel
2019-10-18cnnBoris Johnson scrambles for support on Brexit deal ahead of vote
2019-10-18cnnHow technology is helping African farms to flourish
2019-10-18cnnWhy Thailand is putting its Buddhist monks on a diet
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