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2019-08-21engadgetFacebook loses Oculus executive who led its mobile VR efforts
2019-08-21engadgetWatch and listen to THX's new Deep Note trailer with spatial 3D audio
2019-08-20engadgetNikon updates its SnapBridge app for faster image transfers
2019-08-20engadgetYouTube sues user who extorted others through fake takedown requests
2019-08-20engadgetTidal shares songs as Stories in Facebook and Instagram
2019-08-20engadgetSega’s remastered ‘Yakuza’ bundle for PS4 comes to the US
2019-08-20engadgetSpotify is getting its own TV mini-series
2019-08-20engadgetA fourth 'Matrix' movie is happening
2019-08-20engadgetMercedes-Benz likely to agree to California's tougher emissions rules
2019-08-20engadgetFord will reportedly make two more electric SUVs by 2023
2019-08-20engadgetNASA confirms mission to Jupiter's moon Europa
2019-08-20engadgetFacebook’s Libra Association is being investigated by EU antitrust regulators
2019-08-20engadgetWatch Dan Aykroyd hype up the 'Ghostbusters' remaster for Switch
2019-08-20engadgetDisney’s composer-focused podcast debuts this week
2019-08-20engadgetDOJ is working with states on antitrust investigations of tech companies
2019-08-20engadgetThe dream of flying taxis may not be too far off
2019-08-20engadgetPorsche Taycan will come with a standalone Apple Music app
2019-08-20engadgetHP's latest gaming headset delivers active cooling, noise cancellation
2019-08-20engadgetSamsung's 32-inch Space Gaming Monitor makes room for your PC
2019-08-20engadgetWatch the Google Stadia event in 10 minutes
2019-08-20engadgetMicrosoft's Chromium Edge browser is ready for beta testing
2019-08-20engadgetCanon leaks its EOS 90D DSLR and mirrorless EOS M6 Mark II cameras
2019-08-20engadgetThe Morning After: The Supreme phone you didn't ask for
2019-08-20engadgetNetflix gives new and upcoming releases their own tab
2019-08-20engadgetWatch the Gamescom Opening Night Live event in 17 minutes
2019-08-20engadget'Witcher 3' comes to the Switch on October 15th
2019-08-20engadgetIFTTT tells Nest users not to move their accounts over to Google
2019-08-20engadgetInteractive murder mystery game 'Erica' gets a surprise release
2019-08-20engadgetWatch the first 'Disintegration' trailer from the co-creator of 'Halo'
2019-08-20engadgetHBO Max snaps up Steven Soderbergh's latest Meryl Streep movie
2019-08-20engadgetGrammarly's keyboard suggests synonyms to make you feel smart
2019-08-20engadgetFacebook will use humans to curate its News Tab
2019-08-20engadgetNearby nuclear sensors went silent after Russia's mystery explosion
2019-08-20engadgetApple Card launch expands to all US iPhone users
2019-08-20engadgetPlaying 'The Witcher 3' on the Switch shouldn't work, but it does
2019-08-20engadgetTechnology alone won't make your kids smarter
2019-08-20engadgetThe latest 'Fortnite' weapon lets you drop heavy stuff on opponents’ heads
2019-08-20engadgetThinkPad X1 Carbon review (2019): Sometimes it’s good to be boring
2019-08-20engadgetFacebook helps you control data shared from apps and websites
2019-08-20engadgetB&H sale cuts up to $350 off Apple's 2019 iMacs
2019-08-20engadgetNVIDIA's latest GPU drivers pack a speed boost for 'Apex Legends'
2019-08-20engadgetApple Music adds a Shazam-powered playlist to highlight new artists
2019-08-20engadgetFIFA 20's Volta mode is good enough to be its own game
2019-08-20engadgetAn independent report on Facebook’s alleged liberal bias tells us nothing
2019-08-20engadgetPlaying Marvel's Avengers, a living RPG with microtransactions
2019-08-20engadgetLightning-compatible YubiKey 5Ci could secure your iPhone logins
2019-08-20engadgetThe next 'Mario & Sonic Olympics' game has a retro 2D mode
2019-08-20engadgetNetflix will peer inside Bill Gates' mind with a new docuseries
2019-08-20engadgetWaymo is rain-testing its self-driving cars in Florida
2019-08-20engadgetGoogle's lightweight Go search app is now available worldwide
2019-08-20engadgetCanvas is a big-ass speaker stand for LG OLED TVs
2019-08-20engadgetWalmart sues Tesla after solar panels catch fire at stores
2019-08-20engadgetYouTube is removing its direct messaging feature in September
2019-08-20engadgetOnePlus TV arrives in India next month
2019-08-19engadgetYou can finally get PowerBeats Pro in colors other than black
2019-08-19engadgetNVIDIA ray-tracing on 'Minecraft' looks surprisingly cool
2019-08-19engadgetSpotify's Premium Family plans get an explicit content filter
2019-08-19engadgetThe Morning After: The beauty of a ray-traced 'Minecraft'
2019-08-19engadgetHyperX just made its Cloud Alpha gaming headset even better
2019-08-19engadgetDisney+ will have apps for iOS, Apple TV, Android and Xbox One
2019-08-19engadget'Always Audi' program gives new customers free Silvercar rental days
2019-08-19engadgetListen to Engadget's daily newsletter (and more stories) in audio form!
2019-08-19engadget'Superhot' and 'Hotline Miami' hit Nintendo Switch today
2019-08-19engadgetGoogle stops sending Android cell signal data over privacy concerns
2019-08-19engadgetThe 'Groundhog Day' sequel VR game is coming in September
2019-08-19engadgetAlienware's Aurora desktop and gaming monitors get a huge redesign
2019-08-19engadgetUS gives Huawei another 90 days to serve existing customers
2019-08-19engadgetSupreme's 'burner' phone is built for hypebeasts
2019-08-19engadget'PUBG' will support crossplay on PS4 and Xbox One in October
2019-08-19engadgetStranger Things' Demogorgon will be a playable killer in 'Dead by Daylight'
2019-08-19engadgetApple finally releases a trailer for 'The Morning Show'
2019-08-19engadget'Gears Pop' brings cute combat to your phone on August 22nd
2019-08-19engadgetFacebook expands its Data Abuse Bounty program to Instagram
2019-08-19engadgetApple’s game subscription service will reportedly cost $5 per month
2019-08-19engadget7-Eleven's cashier-free mobile checkouts are available in NYC
2019-08-19engadgetGoogle Duo's low light mode brightens your nighttime video calls
2019-08-19engadgetFord launches its own esports virtual racing teams
2019-08-19engadgetTwitter bans advertising from state-controlled news outlets
2019-08-19engadget'Cyberpunk 2077' and 'Mortal Kombat 11' are coming to Google Stadia
2019-08-19engadgetHackers make jailbreaking iPhones a thing again
2019-08-19engadgetTwo Halo characters are joining ‘Gears 5’
2019-08-19engadgetSony Interactive snaps up 'Spider-Man' developer Insomniac Games
2019-08-19engadgetMicrosoft’s SMS Organizer will declutter your texts
2019-08-19engadgetStudy finds US carriers aggressively throttle video streams
2019-08-19engadgetReddit experiments with livesteaming
2019-08-19engadgetHBO's 'Westworld Awakening' VR game arrives August 20th
2019-08-19engadgetHideo Kojima debuts six-minute 'Death Stranding' gameplay video
2019-08-19engadgetNVIDIA's game streaming service comes to Android this fall
2019-08-19engadgetMercedes unveils A-Class and B-Class plug-in hybrids
2019-08-19engadget‘Kerbal Space Program’ gets an interstellar flight sequel
2019-08-19engadgetFacebook pulls propaganda accounts demonizing Hong Kong protesters
2019-08-19engadgetChris Pine to star in Watergate biopic from Amazon
2019-08-19engadgetWatch the Xbox Gamescom event in 14 minutes
2019-08-19engadgetSan Francisco’s 25-year-old FogCam shuts down this month
2019-08-19engadgetBloomberg: Apple plans to launch TV+ in November for $10 a month
2019-08-19engadgetAmazon unveils trailer for third season of ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’
2019-08-19engadgetTikTok offers in-app purchasing of sponsored products
2019-08-19engadget'Final Fantasy VIII' Remastered is coming out on September 3rd
2019-08-18engadgetTwitter is displaying China-made ads attacking Hong Kong protesters
2019-08-18engadget'Rainbow Six: Siege' adds a 'Fortnite' style Battle Pass
2019-08-18engadgetThree UK rolls out 5G home internet access in London
2019-08-18engadgetSonos' portable smart speaker leaks in greater detail
2019-08-18engadgetKevin Smith is making a 'He-Man' anime series for Netflix
2019-08-18engadgetSpaceX Starman Roadster completes its first orbit around the Sun
2019-08-18engadgetRansomware attack in Texas targets local government agencies
2019-08-18engadgetTesla's relaunched solar power efforts include $50 panel rentals
2019-08-18engadgetAfter Math: Plead the fifth
2019-08-18engadgetThe best smart home sensors for Alexa
2019-08-18engadgetRunkeeper drops its Wear OS app due to a 'buggy experience'
2019-08-18engadgetNASA selects proposals for smallsats built to study deep space
2019-08-17engadgetKorg Volca Modular synth review: As weird as it is affordable
2019-08-17engadgetYouTube Originals will be free to watch starting on September 24th
2019-08-17engadgetLawmakers urge the FCC to seek public input on T-Mobile / Sprint merger
2019-08-17engadgetDrako's GTE electric supercar will be a four-motor, 1,200HP monster
2019-08-17engadget'Travis Strikes Again' comes to PC and PS4 on October 17th
2019-08-17engadgetNintendo says there is no Switch exchange program
2019-08-17engadgetIKEA creates a business unit devoted to smart home tech
2019-08-17engadgetUS will reportedly give Huawei another temporary reprieve
2019-08-17engadgetBeto O'Rourke wants to hold internet companies liable for hate speech
2019-08-17engadgetThe next Apple Watch may come in titanium and ceramic models
2019-08-17engadgetHitting the Books: How big tech might monopolize AI
2019-08-17engadgetBehind the wheel of VW’s electric dune buggy prototype
2019-08-17engadgetAsk Engadget: I'm a student trying to find my first job or internship
2019-08-17engadgetThe Morning After: The struggles of Formula 1's underdogs