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2019-06-24engadgetGoogle’s new curriculum teaches kids how to detect disinformation
2019-06-24engadgetBET+ streaming service launches this fall with Tyler Perry's help
2019-06-24engadgetMicrosoft's dual-screen tablet could run Android apps
2019-06-24engadgetmacOS Catalina preview: It's all about the apps
2019-06-24engadget7-Eleven can deliver your Slurpees to parks and beaches
2019-06-24engadgetSenate bill would make companies put a price on personal data
2019-06-24engadgetA weekend with 'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite'
2019-06-24engadgetiOS 13 preview: Shaping up to be a huge update
2019-06-24engadgetSidewalk Labs finally publishes its smart city master plan
2019-06-24engadgetApple releases public betas of iOS 13, iPadOS and macOS Catalina
2019-06-24engadgetApple's Seattle workforce will quintuple by 2024
2019-06-24engadgetWatch SpaceX attempt a 'most challenging' Falcon Heavy launch at 2:30 AM ET
2019-06-24engadgetiPadOS makes Apple's tablets feel like a priority again
2019-06-24engadgetMark Hamill and other stars will read the Mueller Report live at 9PM ET
2019-06-24engadgetCarnegie Mellon will help Ford advance its self-driving vehicle tech
2019-06-24engadgetOsmo releases iPad learning kit for preschoolers
2019-06-24engadgetGeorge Clooney will direct and star in a post-apocalyptic Netflix movie
2019-06-24engadgetCanonical backtracks on pulling 32-bit support from Ubuntu Linux
2019-06-24engadgetWhat we're watching: 'Back to Life'
2019-06-24engadgetTesla granted tariff exemption on Japanese aluminum for battery cells
2019-06-24engadgetKitchenAid’s $3,199 SmartOven+ connects to Google Home and Alexa
2019-06-24engadgetOutage in Netherlands knocks out emergency services for hours
2019-06-24engadgetLeica's new 'entry' M rangefinder camera costs $3,995
2019-06-24engadgetNew York City is the first new 'Hitman 2' location
2019-06-24engadgetThe latest Raspberry Pi mini computer is ready for 4K video
2019-06-24engadgetXiaomi's new Mi CC phones are aimed at young people
2019-06-24engadgetThe Morning After: US 'launched cyber-attack' on Iranian weapons systems
2019-06-24engadgetAmazon Echo Show 5 review: An Alexa display with alarm clock smarts
2019-06-24engadgetBill Gates claims his ‘greatest mistake’ was not beating Android
2019-06-24engadgetDaimler forced to recall more Mercedes cars in emissions cheat probe
2019-06-24engadgetSamsung's new SmartThings camera and smart plug don't need the hub
2019-06-23engadgetUS may require companies make 5G equipment outside of China
2019-06-23engadgetNASA's Astrobee cube robot flies in space for the first time
2019-06-23engadgetRobot 'duck' keeps weeds out of rice paddies
2019-06-23engadgetMinnesota cop receives $585,000 after fellow officers spied on DMV data
2019-06-23engadgetFast delivery may negate the environmental benefits of online shopping
2019-06-23engadgetAfter Math: The price of technological progress
2019-06-23engadgetThis week in tech history: Nintendo's N64 goes on sale in Japan
2019-06-23engadgetRecommended Reading: Facebook moderator PTSD
2019-06-23engadgetIndia tells scooter makers to prepare for a switch to EVs
2019-06-23engadgetAI could study your brain to help teachers improve their courses
2019-06-23engadgetThe best electronic drums for beginners
2019-06-23engadgetParis may offer flying taxis to 2024 Olympics guests
2019-06-22engadgetUS cyberattack reportedly knocked out Iran missile control systems
2019-06-22engadgetKorg made a golf putting board with built-in metronome
2019-06-22engadget'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite' rolls out to 25 more countries
2019-06-22engadgetCuriosity rover finds gas levels on Mars hinting at possibility of life
2019-06-22engadgetThe Morning After: The problem with the PlayStation Classic
2019-06-22engadgetWindows 10's redesigned Terminal is available in preview
2019-06-22engadgetWatch Volkswagen's ID.R set an electric record at Nürburgring
2019-06-22engadgetWatch Games Done Quick's summer charity event starting June 23rd
2019-06-22engadgetSteam will stop supporting Ubuntu Linux over 32-bit compatibility
2019-06-22engadgetWalmart uses AI camera tech to track checkout theft at 1,000 stores
2019-06-22engadgetA Firefox update fixes yet another zero-day vulnerability
2019-06-21engadgetNetflix's pop-out player test is perfect for procrastination
2019-06-21engadget'Stranger Things' Final Trailer sets the stage for season three
2019-06-21engadgetThe best wireless HDMI video transmitter
2019-06-21engadgetAmazon's sci-fi drama 'Bliss' to star Salma Hayek and Owen Wilson
2019-06-21engadget'Dota Underlords' has more people playing now than 'Artifact' ever did
2019-06-21engadgetToys 'R' Us could come back with six stores and a website
2019-06-21engadgetCloudflare wants to protect the internet from quantum computing
2019-06-21engadgetGoogle hints its smart speakers will be renamed 'Nest Home'
2019-06-21engadgetFEMA's presidential alerts are an easy target for spoofing attacks
2019-06-21engadgetYouTube tests moving comments to a separate window on mobile
2019-06-21engadgetA new tool detects deepfakes with 96 percent accuracy
2019-06-21engadgetSpotify claims it 'overpaid' songwriters and wants its money back
2019-06-21engadgetChina's supercomputers are the latest target in US trade war
2019-06-21engadgetNew York Senate passes ban on Elon Musk's Not-A-Flamethrower
2019-06-21engadget'Sea of Solitude' looks like a brilliant, emotional horror show
2019-06-21engadgetGoogle getting out of the tablet game was inevitable (and smart)
2019-06-21engadgetWhy is the PlayStation Classic so unpopular?
2019-06-21engadgetHold the phone: Chevy owners can order Domino's with their car
2019-06-21engadgetControl a fake Tesla while charging your real Tesla
2019-06-21engadgetSony discounts tons of PlayStation games in its latest flash sale
2019-06-21engadgetMy DNA test confirmed it: I’m not a morning person
2019-06-21engadgetNASA could see more delays for SpaceX and Boeing private space flights
2019-06-21engadgetEsports return to the X Games with 'Apex Legends'
2019-06-21engadgetThe Morning After: Apple's 15-inch MacBook Pro battery recall
2019-06-21engadgetDrivers may overestimate Tesla Autopilot because of its name, study suggests
2019-06-21engadgetJapan will send a rover to Martian moons with help from Germany and France
2019-06-20engadgetNASA gives the Mars 2020 rover its legs and wheels
2019-06-20engadgetValve's 'Dota Underlords' open beta launches on Android, iOS and PC
2019-06-20engadgetNASA will study solar weather in two new missions
2019-06-20engadget'Mobile Suit Gundam' celebrates its 40th Anniversary with... Fila?
2019-06-20engadgetWSJ: Google Maps is flooded with 'millions' of fake business listings (updated)
2019-06-20engadgetWirecutter's best deals: Save $15 on a Brother Laser Printer
2019-06-20engadgetMicrosoft wants to make 'Minecraft' easier for kids to read
2019-06-20engadgetGoogle has made its last tablet
2019-06-20engadgetThe evolution of cognitive architecture will deliver human-like AI
2019-06-20engadgetBipartisan House bill aims to curb illegal robocalls
2019-06-20engadget'Friday the 13th' is coming to Nintendo Switch... on a Tuesday
2019-06-20engadgetComcast is bringing Amazon Music to Xfinity X1 and Flex
2019-06-20engadgetIDC: Android smartwatches only rival Apple in China
2019-06-20engadgetNetflix experiment rumbles your phone during shows
2019-06-20engadgetSignify's LiFi system promises up to 150 Mbps internet via LED lights
2019-06-20engadget'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite' is available to play a day early
2019-06-20engadgetApple recalls older MacBook Pros for risk of overheating
2019-06-20engadgetThom Yorke's new album comes with a Netflix short film
2019-06-20engadgetWhat do you think of the Radeon VII graphics card?
2019-06-20engadgetRespawn will share more about its 'AAA' VR shooter later this year
2019-06-20engadgetGoogle adds 'Welcome Offers' to its store and restaurant listings
2019-06-20engadgetEA tells UK Parliament loot boxes are 'quite ethical'
2019-06-20engadgetNissan's zero-emission ice cream truck uses recycled EV batteries
2019-06-20engadgetFlorida city gives in to $600,000 bitcoin ransomware demand
2019-06-20engadgetMcCormick's concept grill plays music based on what you're cooking
2019-06-20engadgetThe Carpool Karaoke microphone is pretty pointless
2019-06-20engadgetiRobot enters the classroom with acquisition of Root Robotics
2019-06-20engadgetGoogle added a share button to search results
2019-06-20engadgetAdobe Lightroom is now on the Mac App Store
2019-06-20engadgetHopper app now predicts hotel prices around the world
2019-06-20engadgetWaymo is developing driverless services with Renault and Nissan
2019-06-20engadgetScientists make a lifelike robotic fish using multipurpose 'blood'
2019-06-20engadgetA rogue Raspberry Pi helped hackers access NASA JPL systems
2019-06-20engadgetSenate panel schedules a hearing on Facebook's cryptocurrency
2019-06-20engadget'Human Fall Flat' lands on iOS and Android June 26th
2019-06-19engadgetMicrosoft's reworked Edge browser is available to try on Windows 7
2019-06-19engadgetGoogle's new Chrome extension makes it easy to report suspicious sites
2019-06-19engadgetPBS celebrates the lunar landing's anniversary with a space miniseries
2019-06-19engadgetBloomberg: Dish is close to a $6 billion deal with Sprint and T-Mobile
2019-06-19engadgetThe Morning After: Facebook is launching its own cryptocurrency
2019-06-19engadgetTwitch buys Bebo to build out its esports platform
2019-06-19engadgetAmazon Fire 7 (2019): You get what you pay for
2019-06-19engadgetNASA's Deep Space Atomic Clock leaves Earth on June 24th
2019-06-19engadgetThe new Kindle Oasis adjusts its screen color to the time of day
2019-06-19engadgetGoogle's Chromebook App Hub for students and teachers is live
2019-06-19engadgetTesla’s Superchargers: The company's killer app
2019-06-19engadgetMagic Leap says Nreal founder stole its mixed reality secrets
2019-06-19engadgetNetflix details the ‘best’ 2019 TVs for watching Netflix
2019-06-19engadgetIntel's Performance Maximizer tool overclocks CPUs with one click
2019-06-19engadgetWhy your Avengers UHD Blu-rays aren’t actually 4K
2019-06-19engadgetBest Buy stores will soon offer Apple-certified repairs
2019-06-19engadgetSan Francisco set to become first US city to ban e-cigarettes
2019-06-19engadgetHasselblad’s X1D II mirrorless camera is faster and more affordable
2019-06-19engadgetGoogle ditches Nest.com in favor of its online store
2019-06-19engadgetYouTube may restrict kids' videos to its dedicated app
2019-06-19engadgetJanet Mock signs historic deal with Netflix
2019-06-19engadgetThe latest version of Monopoly is voice-activated
2019-06-19engadgetKano unveils its first build-it-yourself Windows 10 computer
2019-06-19engadgetYouTube and Universal Music Group are remastering old music videos
2019-06-19engadgetWhat’s coming to Netflix in July: ‘Stranger Things' and 'Queer Eye'
2019-06-19engadgetYour smart speaker could tell if you're experiencing cardiac arrest
2019-06-19engadgetEuropean astronauts plan to take pics of a comet from the dawn of time
2019-06-19engadgetTwitter removes precise geo-tagging option from tweets
2019-06-19engadgetMIT is turning AI into a pizza chef
2019-06-19engadgetApple's Voice Control is important for accessibility, and you
2019-06-19engadgetLexus makes camera and radar safety features standard for 2020 cars
2019-06-19engadgetMicrosoft is selling a cut-back 15-inch Surface Book 2 for $1,999
2019-06-19engadgetNetflix renews bite-sized sketch comedy show ‘I Think You Should Leave’
2019-06-19engadgetThe DJ-inspired production platform Serato Studio arrives today
2019-06-19engadgetGoogle thwarts shareholder challenge to its China search plans
2019-06-19engadgetWindows 10 preview links bugs you find to existing feedback
2019-06-19engadgetEPA finalizes Trump administration’s coal-friendly climate plan
2019-06-19engadgetFTC reportedly investigating YouTube over children's privacy
2019-06-19engadgetDecades of spy satellite images help track melting Himalayan glaciers
2019-06-19engadgetMovie sanitizing service ordered to pay $62 million in piracy suit
2019-06-18engadgetWhat's on TV this week: 'Evangelion' on Netflix and 'Us' Blu-ray
2019-06-18engadgetAdam Sandler's 'Murder Mystery' breaks Netflix viewing records
2019-06-18engadgetYouTube uses AR to let you try on makeup during tutorials
2019-06-18engadget'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite' worldwide launch begins on June 21st
2019-06-18engadgetSamsung's Galaxy Note 10 launch reportedly planned for August 7th
2019-06-18engadgetPCI Express 6 spec promises massive headroom for AI and storage
2019-06-18engadgetRobotic dishwasher saves restaurants from drudgery
2019-06-18engadgetHouse chairwoman wants Facebook to pause work on its cryptocurrency
2019-06-18engadgetFan-made 'Mario Royale' pits you against 74 speedrunners
2019-06-18engadgetFCC chairman wants to open mid-band airwaves for 5G
2019-06-18engadgetTesla drivers can play 'Beach Buggy Racing 2' starting today
2019-06-18engadgetYou should update Firefox right now to fix a critical bug
2019-06-18engadget‘Apex Legends’ is making its worst guns more powerful
2019-06-18engadgetNext-gen ‘Pictionary Air’ arrives at Target June 23rd
2019-06-18engadgetGoogle search results will show where song lyrics come from
2019-06-18engadgetEVgo's 'roaming' deals give you access to 450 more fast chargers
2019-06-18engadgetOverwatch's advanced replay system goes live for everyone
2019-06-18engadgetLG's V50 ThinQ 5G comes to Verizon on June 20th
2019-06-18engadgetWith Disney in charge, Hulu plans original content push
2019-06-18engadgetGoogle reveals plans to build 20,000 Bay Area homes
2019-06-18engadgetYouTuber known for 'shitty robots' turns Tesla Model 3 into pickup truck
2019-06-18engadgetGoogle Calendar is down, everyone panic!
2019-06-18engadgetVolvo's self-driving buses and trucks will run on NVIDIA tech
2019-06-18engadgetIBM AI helps predict breast cancer a year before it appears
2019-06-18engadgetWestwood’s 1997 ‘Blade Runner’ is playable again on PC
2019-06-18engadgetTwitch sues hijackers who streamed porn and violent videos
2019-06-18engadgetBest Buy will dedicate store space to 'smart' gym equipment
2019-06-18engadgetDish will install your smart home gadgets for a flat fee
2019-06-18engadget‘Pokémon Go’ creator buys hybrid board game company Sensible Object
2019-06-18engadgetPalm is selling an unlocked version of its tiny smartphone
2019-06-18engadgetRoli's light-up Lumi keyboard teaches you how to play
2019-06-18engadgetThe Morning After: Apple's Noise app wants to save your hearing
2019-06-18engadgetFortnite's latest item lets you throw health at your teammates
2019-06-18engadgetThe latest 'Fortnite' Nerf guns include a rocket launcher
2019-06-18engadgetThe best multi-effects pedal for new guitarists
2019-06-18engadgetFacebook's Calibra cryptocurrency wallet launches in 2020
2019-06-18engadgetFacebook’s Libra currency gets backing from MasterCard, Visa, PayPal and more
2019-06-18engadgetiOS 13 lets you know if you're deleting apps with active subscriptions
2019-06-17engadgetWaymo's Jaguar EV hits public roads for self-driving tests
2019-06-17engadgetMario Kart VR comes to Southern California
2019-06-17engadgetNintendo brings 'Dr. Mario World' to Android and iOS on July 10th
2019-06-17engadgetAmazon releases full-length trailer for superhero drama ‘The Boys’
2019-06-17engadgetApple loses bidding war for J. J. Abrams' production studio
2019-06-17engadgetApple TV beta tests iOS-like picture-in-picture
2019-06-17engadgetNikon plans an answer to Sony's A9 mirrorless pro camera
2019-06-17engadgetGoogle takes control of bringing next-gen texting to Android
2019-06-17engadgetUS recommends Windows users patch against worm vulnerability
2019-06-17engadgetNew York set to legalize e-scooters and e-bikes
2019-06-17engadgetAdobe’s upcoming iPad painting app is called Adobe Fresco
2019-06-17engadgetNetflix puts a 'Patriot Act' episode about bad internet access on DVD
2019-06-17engadgetAI could be the key to catching Type 1 diabetes much earlier
2019-06-17engadgetGrubhub is delivering Dunkin' donuts in New York City
2019-06-17engadgetWhat we played in June: 'Final Fantasy Tactics' and 'Overcooked'
2019-06-17engadgetUK design student creates a smart chest binder for trans people
2019-06-17engadgetDomino's will use self-driving vehicles to deliver pizza in Houston
2019-06-17engadgetGermans can soon use their iPhones as virtual ID cards
2019-06-17engadgetComcast built an eye-control remote to help users with movement issues
2019-06-17engadgetHuawei's US ban may cost $30 billion, but it vows to rebound
2019-06-17engadgetMIT's new robot can identify things by sight and by touch
2019-06-17engadgetInstagram tests easier ways to recover hacked accounts
2019-06-17engadgetMicrosoft's To-Do app is now available for Mac
2019-06-17engadgetFCC task force will help connect farms and ranches
2019-06-17engadgetACLU: Police must get warrants to obtain personal data from cars
2019-06-17engadgetApple is trying to save my hearing after I spent years ruining it
2019-06-17engadgetEngadget is looking for contributing writers in the US!
2019-06-17engadgetSamsung tweet suggests scanning your smart TV for malware every few weeks
2019-06-16engadgetTesla's mystery test car may be a Model S refresh
2019-06-16engadgetGenius accuses Google of copying its lyrics data
2019-06-16engadgetEU says Russia conducted 'sustained' election interference campaign
2019-06-16engadgetJuul faces House investigation over teen e-cigarette use
2019-06-16engadgetTarget's registers suffered a nationwide outage
2019-06-16engadgetThe best soda maker
2019-06-16engadgetThe final dispatch from E3 2019
2019-06-16engadgetThis week in tech history: Microsoft shows us the Surface
2019-06-16engadgetIndia plans to launch space station by 2030
2019-06-16engadgetAmerican Airlines offers satellite WiFi to its entire mainline fleet
2019-06-16engadgetNiantic sues group of alleged 'Pokémon Go' cheaters
2019-06-16engadgetFlorida allows self-driving car tests without backup drivers