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2019-08-21foxAlyssa Milano says she has no regrets about 2 abortions: 'I would not have my career'
2019-08-21foxJohn Stossel: Trump succeeds as deregulator in chief, but his tariffs and farm subsidies counter his efforts
2019-08-21foxBill Gates' former science adviser 'shocked' to be named backup executor of Epstein will
2019-08-21foxUS fencer punished for kneeling on podium at Pan Am Games, other athletes warned
2019-08-21foxJeffrey Epstein arranged for sex with 18-year-old while on work release from jail: lawsuit
2019-08-21foxWhite House expected to replace illegal-immigrant family ‘loophole’: reports
2019-08-21foxThis Day in History: Aug. 21
2019-08-21foxLaura Ingraham: Joe Biden's campaign seems like Hillary 2016 all over again
2019-08-21foxWarren has a spot-on lookalike she met face-to-face
2019-08-21foxGeraldo Rivera, Dan Bongino react to US cities in crisis: ‘Liberalism is a cancer’
2019-08-21foxSearch for firefighters who vanished while fishing intensifies, next 24 hours critical
2019-08-21foxLindsey Graham: IG's FISA abuse report will be 'damning and ugly,' but get fraction of Mueller media coverage
2019-08-21foxPennsylvania school district's typo costing it nearly $900G, report says
2019-08-21foxEric and Lara Trump welcome new baby girl, President Trump's 10th grandchild
2019-08-21foxHannity: Biden a 'nonstop human gaffe machine' who got a tepid endorsement from wife
2019-08-21foxSpike Lee calls Trump a 'white supremacist,' says his supporters 'kneel down before the altar of the almighty dollar'
2019-08-21fox‘Baywatch’ alum Pamela Anderson reveals she still fits in iconic swimsuit, wears it to surprise her dates
2019-08-21foxJuan Williams: Trump's Jewish American Democratic voter comments 'could be interpreted as anti-Semitic'
2019-08-21foxMigrants disembark rescue ship in Italy after 19-day standoff
2019-08-21foxScaramucci launching PAC to 'dismantle' Trump: I can possibly move 'eight percent' of his voters
2019-08-21foxMassachusetts man sparks fire on roof using Roman candle to kill hornets
2019-08-21foxPolice release surveillance footage of suspect in Cal State Fullerton stabbing death
2019-08-21foxRonda Rousey reveals she nearly severed her finger while filming TV show: 'Freak accident'
2019-08-21foxGuy Benson: Dr. Biden's electability argument for Joe makes sense, but falls apart if he loses lead
2019-08-21foxBiden gets testy when Fox News reporter disputes claim he draws biggest crowds in Iowa
2019-08-21foxFormer Epstein cellmate requests prison transfer, claiming 'deplorable' conditions, threats from guards
2019-08-21foxTrump cancels visit with Denmark PM after she rebuffs 'absurd' idea of US buying Greenland
2019-08-21foxUS troops in South Korea may have had credit card info stolen in hack attack
2019-08-21foxAmazon's Ring barred police from using 'surveillance' to describe its products
2019-08-21foxBrian Kilmeade's 'phone-a-friend' grilled striped bass and angry clams
2019-08-21foxGen. Jack Keane: US deal with Taliban on ending Afghan war could happen next week
2019-08-21fox'Lady and the Tramp' remake casts shelter dog in lead role
2019-08-21foxEl Paso shooting victim's partner gets new SUV after his is stolen, vandalized
2019-08-21foxIranian supertanker sought by US is leased to Revolutionary Guard in apparent act of defiance: report
2019-08-20foxTrump derides Scaramucci as 'another disgruntled employee' in latest Twitter attack
2019-08-20foxGreenland leader: Trump's idea to buy island territory 'not something to joke about'
2019-08-20foxAmerica's first restaurant to serve legal marijuana to open in California
2019-08-20foxRelatives of teen found tied up in car say they were taking her to drug rehab in Mexico: police
2019-08-20foxUtah man who survived 5 days lost in Montana wilderness recalls 'promise' he gave wife
2019-08-20foxTrump suggests Dems' Jewish voters lack knowledge or show 'great disloyalty,' amid Omar-Tlaib feud
2019-08-20foxTrump says payroll tax cut on the table, rejects recession warnings
2019-08-20foxScaramucci uses Washington Post op-ed to blast Trump's 'culture of fear,' claims he not 'seeking absolution'
2019-08-20foxState Department official John Sullivan to be nominated as next ambassador to Russia: source
2019-08-20foxLouisiana pair arrested in woman's 38-year-old cold case murder
2019-08-20foxColton Haynes reflects on dark days of addiction in candid social media post: ‘I was on a destructive path’
2019-08-20foxDelta plane's exterior 'crumpled' during hard landing
2019-08-20foxKirsten Gillibrand says she is 'still angry' about her uncles voting for Trump
2019-08-20foxRep. Lee Zeldin: Tlaib, Omar all about weakening Israel, they stay silent on Hamas, Palestinian Authority
2019-08-20foxWoman left with 'Harry Potter' scar after skin cancer removed from forehead
2019-08-20foxJeffrey Epstein lawsuit: Prince Andrew at mansion during victim's 1st visit, Epstein's 'close personal friend'
2019-08-20foxIrish pub pours Conor McGregor's whiskey down toilet, calls his behavior 'disgusting'
2019-08-20foxHistoric 17th-century Dutch shipwreck discovered near South African beach
2019-08-20foxTanker carrying Iranian oil headed to Syria: intelligence sources
2019-08-20foxPolice remind hard seltzer drinkers that 'laws still do apply!'
2019-08-20foxChina could win military conflict in Indo-Pacific region even 'before America can respond', think tank warns
2019-08-20foxSteve Carrell’s ‘The Morning Show’ character mirrors disgraced NBC News anchor Matt Lauer
2019-08-20foxUS troops deployed to Mexico border eligible for medal
2019-08-20foxBreast cancer guidelines say more women may need gene test
2019-08-20fox'Storm Area 51' spurs rural Nevada county to draft emergency plan, approve 2 festivals
2019-08-20foxCan Trump have a boom without a bust?
2019-08-20foxFormer California Rep. Darrell Issa says 'Democratic leadership' fuels West Coast's homeless crisis
2019-08-20foxAlbanian PM slams restaurateur after viral video of him punching windshield of Spanish tourists
2019-08-20foxOne dead, over 100 sickened in Spain's pork listeria outbreak
2019-08-20foxCanadian manhunt killers recorded 'last will and testament' on phone before killing themselves
2019-08-20foxHarry Reid rips Dems over 'Medicare-for-all,' border policies: 'Of course' it will hurt us in 2020
2019-08-20foxFood to be 'cannon-blasted' at chefs in bizarre new cooking competition hosted by 'Kimmy Schmidt' star
2019-08-20foxPlague-infected prairie dogs in Colorado pose health risk to humans, areas of wildlife refuge remain closed
2019-08-20foxCarnival Cruise Line honors men who saved wheelchair-bound passenger who rolled off dock in St. Thomas
2019-08-20foxConnecticut man accused of killing Anguilla hotel worker says he'd 'do it again'
2019-08-20fox'Bachelorette' star Hannah Brown apparently joining 'Dancing with the Stars'
2019-08-20fox'Nuclear winter' coming? Nuclear war between US and Russia would cause catastrophic event, study confirms
2019-08-20foxBidding war rages for former abandoned tuberculosis sanatorium
2019-08-20foxFox News' Dr. Nicole Saphier: 'People oppose using federal funds for abortions'
2019-08-20foxHong Kong British consulate employee detained in China; officials 'extremely concerned'
2019-08-20foxLahren: CA Gov Newsom 'shielded' from homeless crisis
2019-08-20foxKanye West's massive domed huts aimed to help Los Angeles housing hit snag: reports
2019-08-20foxCNN’s April Ryan silent after her bodyguard charged with assault on local reporter: ‘I hope she does condemn this’
2019-08-20fox'Rambo: Last Blood' teaser trailer revealed by Sylvester Stallone: 'He will end it'
2019-08-20foxPolice pull over bizarre electric vehicle made from 'duck tape'
2019-08-20foxMainstream press stoking racial tension to paint 'whites as the enemy,' says Heather Mac Donald
2019-08-20foxNYC, 3 more states file lawsuit against Trump rules on immigrants receiving public aid
2019-08-20foxSI Swimsuit model Emily DiDonato says she lost 20 pounds after modeling agencies told her she was ‘too curvy’
2019-08-20foxItalian prime minister resigns as populist leader Salvini demands snap election
2019-08-20foxSpiders are getting angrier because of evolutionary trick to survive ‘climate chaos’
2019-08-20foxOhio house becomes destination for miracles amid push for woman's sainthood
2019-08-20foxTodd Starnes: Bible verse results in fair housing violation for Christian realtor (yes, you read that right)
2019-08-20foxSister of 9th NYPD officer to die by suicide in 2019 says 'blood is on' department's hands
2019-08-20foxIndian father ordered hitman to kill son-in-law for belonging to 'untouchable' caste: courts docs
2019-08-20foxOregon officials want local reporters investigated for emailing them on weekends
2019-08-20foxFord Mustang owners can get $2,500 from Chevy, here's how
2019-08-20foxLauren Hashian married Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson in $12G designer wedding gown: report
2019-08-20foxCleveland Browns' Baker Mayfield takes unwarranted shot at New York Giants, Daniel Jones
2019-08-20foxMan falls to his death at Atlanta hotel after flashing housekeeper, police say
2019-08-20foxWatch: Abby Hornacek drives Greg Gutfeld to work in Fox Nation's latest series 'Ride to Work'
2019-08-20foxCarlson: Biden campaign is a 'zombie effort' that Obama has 'refused to endorse' because it detracts from his legacy
2019-08-20foxFlorida teen says vaping caused lung to collapse: 'I couldn’t breathe'
2019-08-20foxElon Musk lauds Newt Gingrich's $2B moon competition prize
2019-08-20foxIllegal immigrant rape suspect released from Maryland jail, violating detainer policy, ICE says
2019-08-20foxTexas man allegedly tied boy, 6, to garage door using dog leash, hit him in the legs with hammer handle: police
2019-08-20foxWendy Anderson, wife of Arkansas State football coach, dies at 49 after battle with breast cancer
2019-08-20foxTucker Carlson: Biden's friendship with Obama is not real – just like his chances at the White House
2019-08-20foxDemocratic Party determined to avoid Clinton’s big mistake in 2020
2019-08-20foxBrazil police 'neutralize' armed man holding dozens hostage on bus in Rio de Janeiro
2019-08-20foxAl Qaeda-linked Syrian militants forced to flee key rebel town
2019-08-20fox'UFOs' are coming out of black holes and altering galaxies forever: 'It's all very new science'
2019-08-20foxDallas Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott unhappy with Jerry Jones' 'Zeke who?' comment, agent says
2019-08-20foxBella Thorne shares topless photos in lead-up to porn directorial debut
2019-08-20foxBiden slams Trump as ‘erratic, vicious, bullying’ in first 2020 TV ad
2019-08-20foxMegan Rapinoe believes dad voted for Trump, questions how family could support her and still watch Fox News
2019-08-20foxSanders mocks Harris over ‘Medicare-for-all’ criticism
2019-08-20foxSan Francisco homeless stats soar: city blames big business, residents blame officials
2019-08-20foxBen Domenech: Tlaib-Omar Israel remarks make Dems 'hypocrites' if they only denounce Trump rhetoric
2019-08-20fox'Most beautiful girl in the world' Thylane Blondeau enjoys vacation in St. Barts: 'The most beautiful view'
2019-08-20foxKinkajou barges into Florida woman's apartment, attacks her boyfriend, officials say
2019-08-20foxGov. Cuomo knocks 'The Godfather' for anti-Italian stereotypes following brother's 'Fredo' incident
2019-08-20foxICE places hold on Texas man accused of letting daughter, 12, drive in crash that killed man, dog
2019-08-20foxNew York Times blasted over leaked transcript of anti-Trump coverage on 'The Five'
2019-08-20foxJudge orders jury to restart deliberations in deadly Oakland warehouse fire case
2019-08-20foxJoe Lieberman says 'partisan' feud is a quagmire for US-Israeli relations
2019-08-20foxLittle Leaguers from New Jersey proud to be 'Troopers'
2019-08-20foxJordan parliament calls for expelling Israeli envoy, reacting to 'violations' at Jerusalem holy site, report says
2019-08-20foxSen. Tim Scott: Democratic presidential candidates trying to dupe African-American voters
2019-08-20foxTrump tweets promise not to build 'Trump' properties in Greenland
2019-08-20foxMiranda Lambert gets candid about new song 'Bluebird': 'It makes me feel hopeful'
2019-08-20foxMike Pompeo: Hong Kong pro-democracy movement seeking liberty and freedom
2019-08-20foxKatharine McPhee gushes over 'easy' marriage to husband David Foster: 'That's how it should be'
2019-08-20foxAinsley Earhardt's grilled flounder with Mama's grits and grilled corn salad
2019-08-20foxHannity: Antifa, right-wing fringe groups 'must stop this insanity'
2019-08-20foxGeraldo: Tlaib's canceled trip should cause outrage, Palestinian territory being 'occupied'
2019-08-20foxJill Biden to voters: You may have to 'swallow a little bit' with my husband so we can beat Trump
2019-08-20foxDale Earnhardt Jr. gives 1st public statement after family survives Tennessee small plane crash
2019-08-20foxNYC condo owner allegedly converted small apartment into 11 tiny units
2019-08-20foxBoothe: Biden supporters should consider why Obama isn't openly backing him
2019-08-20foxTennessee man accused of slashing boss' throat with steak knife after taking time off for stress, reports say
2019-08-20foxSusan Sarandon appears to take shot at Warren during Sanders event
2019-08-20foxIngraham: Liberals 'rooting against America' because they're 'furious' they might lose in 2020
2019-08-20foxAfter mock Trump assassination photos at liberal fundraiser, Scalise asks when the left will denounce its violence
2019-08-20foxConan O'Brien vows to negotiate Trump's Greenland deal, offers up Florida
2019-08-20foxThis Day in History: Aug. 20
2019-08-20foxJeffrey Lord: NYT ‘Stalinizing’ America, left wants to re-write American history on race
2019-08-20foxCNN commentator to Republican guest: 'White men who think like you' are the 'greatest terrorist threat' in US
2019-08-20foxPresident Trump decision to end DACA was lawful, Justice Department says
2019-08-20foxCal Thomas: Mr. Trump, there are warning signs on the horizon about a second term. Do you see them?
2019-08-20foxBorder Patrol nabs nearly 200 Central American migrants near New Mexico port of entry
2019-08-20foxNo surprise here: Fields named Ohio State's starting QB
2019-08-20foxTlaib, Omar attempted trip to Israel called a 'political stunt'; Trump tightens immigrant work permit rules
2019-08-20foxFord ponying up two electric SUVs at Mustang factory, report says
2019-08-20foxNew York Giants' Jabrill Peppers reveals moments that steered him away from baseball
2019-08-20foxUFC's Nate Diaz makes impressive return to octagon after 3-year layoff, eyes rising star as next opponent
2019-08-20foxAnother first for Clemson: No. 1 in AP preseason Top 25
2019-08-20foxRed Sox shut down Sale for rest of season
2019-08-20foxSerena Williams set to begin 2020 season in Auckland
2019-08-20foxRunning track sped up success for Badgers RB Jonathan Taylor
2019-08-20foxDuckhee Lee downplays deafness, wins ATP tournament debut
2019-08-20foxSEE IT: Thousands of birds killed during hailstorm at Montana wildlife preserve
2019-08-20foxGordon back with Patriots while on non-football injury list
2019-08-20foxEx-Antifa member Gabriel Nadales: Antifa is a domestic terrorist group – It's time to face facts
2019-08-20foxGabriel Nadales: Declare Antifa a terrorist group -- Enough is enough
2019-08-20foxWisconsin WR Quintez Cephus reinstated, not eligible to play
2019-08-20foxGillibrand says Franken, Halperin entitled to 'path for redemption'
2019-08-20foxWoods wants US Presidents Cup team playing before Australia
2019-08-20foxHeidi Klum hit on social media after posting topless picture while on Italian honeymoon
2019-08-20foxUS stoking tension after missile test that would have been banned under treaty, Russia says
2019-08-20foxVegan influencer slammed for ‘worst dining experience’ review in Italy
2019-08-20foxSha Na Na’s Jocko Marcellino recalls opening for Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock: ‘We bathed in the pond’
2019-08-20fox'Evil-genius' neutrino gun could unmask tiniest particles in the universe
2019-08-20foxWoman praised after subway photo shoot goes viral: 'She is my new queen'
2019-08-20foxAlison Sweeney gets candid about growing up on TV and not getting tempted in Hollywood
2019-08-20foxMeghan Markle and Prince Harry’s ‘detrimental’ behavior ‘might bother’ Prince William, claims royal expert
2019-08-20foxFlorida man arrested after allegedly performing botched castration on man
2019-08-20foxDeath Valley could hit 120 degrees as extreme heat smothers US
2019-08-20foxUS Navy 'ready' for whatever 'needs to be done' in Venezuela, Naval commander says
2019-08-20foxWarner Bros. announces 'Matrix 4' starring Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss
2019-08-20foxDelivery man accused of killing Florida woman, 75, by hitting her with mallet, setting her on fire
2019-08-20foxRNC surpasses $20M for second straight month while online fundraising soars past 2016 level
2019-08-20foxAOC calls the Electoral College a 'scam,' says it has a 'racial injustice breakdown'
2019-08-20foxLarry King files for divorce from wife Shawn King after 22 years of marriage
2019-08-20foxGuests appear to flash Nazi salutes on Universal Studios' 'Revenge of the Mummy' ride
2019-08-20foxCalifornia building largest wildlife crossing in the world
2019-08-20foxEconomist reacts to high numbers of New Yorkers fleeing to Florida because of high state taxes
2019-08-20foxWhite House pushes back after NRA claims Trump said universal background checks off the table
2019-08-20foxPaul Batura: Radio’s magic made incredible changes in the world – It will never die
2019-08-20foxGutfeld: For the media, hopes for a recession are like 'Beetlejuice'
2019-08-20foxPlayboy's Brian Karem files lawsuit against Trump, Grisham for suspending White House pass
2019-08-20foxGutfeld on Joe Biden’s new ad and his wife’s endorsement
2019-08-20foxPhiladelphia police commissioner resigns amid accusations of sexual harassment, discrimination among 'rank and file,' mayor says
2019-08-20foxVeteran walks from Washington state to Disney World to raise awareness for suicide among service members
2019-08-20foxKim Kardashian spooked by Bahamas encounter with infamous Fyre Festival pigs: ‘I was scared’
2019-08-20foxAir Force F-16 fighter jet from 1980 for sale in Florida
2019-08-20foxDetroit PD responds after Tlaib crudely attacks their use of facial recognition technology
2019-08-20foxFormer MSU hoops star Mateen Cleaves acquitted of all charges in rape trial
2019-08-20foxEscaped Georgia inmate named as suspect in Florida murder
2019-08-20foxEx-Obama speechwriter rips Ted Cruz over NYT criticism: 'You were less upset when Trump attacked your wife and father'
2019-08-20foxRove: Trump would be stonewalled by impeachment-hungry Dems if any tax cut bills go to House
2019-08-20foxFlorida girl, 11, stabbed mother's attacker with scissors, deputies say
2019-08-20foxTeen honors father killed in Afghanistan with special graduation photos
2019-08-20foxCalifornia gang members laugh in court while receiving life sentences for attempted murder of cop: report
2019-08-20foxHogan Gidley: New faces of the Democratic Party are pushing hatred toward Israel
2019-08-20foxDoreen Denny: Planned Parenthood chose to give up federal funding – It wasn’t forced out of Title X program
2019-08-20foxObamas’ debut Netflix documentary slammed as 'lefty propaganda,' an attack on Trump
2019-08-20foxRNC chairwoman responds to Democrat Stacey Abrams' claim of RNC plans to intimidate voters: "Flat-out lie"
2019-08-20foxHillary Clinton hosting DNC fundraiser with tickets priced as high as $50G: report
2019-08-20foxDetroit girl, 9, killed by dogs, owner in custody: police
2019-08-20foxStruggling to make next debate, Gillibrand warms to VP bid: 'I can serve in any capacity'
2019-08-20foxLiberal Hollywood stars Debra Messing and Susan Sarandon's feud festers
2019-08-20foxGregg Jarrett: Why the Trump-Russia phantasm will ultimately lead to a reckoning with justice
2019-08-19fox7 back-to-school gadgets for an epic college dorm room
2019-08-19foxOhio man accused of threatening to attack Jewish community center
2019-08-19foxTexas woman pleads guilty to making up illnesses of son who had 323 medical visits
2019-08-19foxIsraeli military kills 3 Palestinians near Gaza fence after firing toward 'armed suspects,' officials say
2019-08-19foxPete Buttigieg dodges question on mandatory 'assault weapon' buyback during CNN interview
2019-08-19foxFlorida man accused of mass shooting threats after texts emerge
2019-08-19foxSUV belonging to El Paso woman killed in massacre is stolen, vandalized
2019-08-19foxIceland unveils memorial for melted glacier
2019-08-19foxJordan warns Israel against status quo change to Jerusalem holy site
2019-08-19foxIranian supertanker US tried to seize moves toward unknown destination
2019-08-19foxTrump brushes off concerns of recession, touts strong economy
2019-08-19foxFlorida doctor falls to his death during Ibiza vacation with fiancée
2019-08-19foxWe’re in a DC ‘news void,’ but that's going to change after Congress returns from recess
2019-08-19foxHiker who vanished in Northern California is found dead
2019-08-19foxFlorida's iconic palm trees threatened by invasive disease
2019-08-19foxReporter brutally punched during live hit at Mexico City protest: report
2019-08-19foxPresident Trump says he's 'certain' New York Times will endorse him in 2020: report
2019-08-19foxMary Anne Marsh: Trump in big trouble for 2020. Political and economic warning signs there for all to see
2019-08-19foxIllinois state senator apologizes for mock Trump assassination photos at fundraiser
2019-08-19foxRussia nuclear monitoring sites lost contact after mystery blast: report
2019-08-19foxAfghanistan vows to crush Islamic State havens after attack on wedding party
2019-08-19foxTrump dismisses recession worries: 'Our economy is the best in the world'
2019-08-19foxDisneyland debuts macabre menu item in honor of Haunted Mansion's 50th anniversary
2019-08-19foxThere are thousands of tardigrades on the Moon. Now what?
2019-08-19foxFormer Miss New Jersey recalls befriending Clint Eastwood, reveals why she’s taking on new film ‘Jungle Cry’
2019-08-19foxTanya Tucker shares advice for aspiring country artists: 'Ignore all the noise'
2019-08-19foxTodd Starnes: Are celebrity Christian influencers dumbing down the church?
2019-08-19foxTiffany launching its first comprehensive men's jewelry line
2019-08-19foxToday on Fox News, Aug. 19, 2019
2019-08-19foxLampard's Chelsea homecoming ruined as Leicester earns draw
2019-08-19foxMichael Goodwin: Omar, Tlaib and Israel – Did Netanyahu make a mistake?
2019-08-19foxNew York man allegedly impersonating a police officer pulls over van of detectives
2019-08-19foxBraves star Acuna pulled after failing to run out long drive
2019-08-19foxPick 6: Minnesota, Baylor among dark horse league contenders
2019-08-19foxGiants may not have to worry about Eli getting hurt anymore
2019-08-19foxThis Day in History: Aug. 19
2019-08-19foxFrank Donatelli: Time for GOP to ditch Trump policies and 'go back' to the future
2019-08-19foxEarly end of season for Woods doesn't take away from Masters
2019-08-19foxJack Whitaker, Hall of Fame sports broadcaster, dies at 95
2019-08-19foxThomas holds on to win BMW Championship
2019-08-19foxSilent start in Bundesliga for Union Berlin ends in 4-0 loss
2019-08-19foxCalifornia man claims he was beaten at bar after men confused him with child predator suspect
2019-08-19foxDwayne 'The Rock' Johnson marries longtime girlfriend Lauren Hashian
2019-08-19foxPregnant Ashley Graham lauded for sharing nude snap showing stretch marks
2019-08-19foxFlorida man arrested after allegedly shoving steaks worth more than $50 down his pants
2019-08-19foxMadison Keys, Daniil Medvedev get 1st titles in Cincy
2019-08-19foxYellowstone tourist walks dangerously close to Old Faithful, allegedly flips off disapproving crowd
2019-08-19foxElon Musk concerned we have 'no defense' against potential killer asteroid
2019-08-19foxDan Bongino says 'failed communist mayor' Bill de Blasio is putting cops in danger
2019-08-19foxDeadly mosquito-borne virus found in second Massachusetts resident, state health officials say
2019-08-19foxLA residents fed up with officials, demand change after homeless crisis spirals in city
2019-08-19foxState records reveal extent of botched abortions, as GOP reps push ‘born-alive’ protection law
2019-08-19foxMotorcycle rider sets headstand record at 76 mph
2019-08-19foxIranian supertanker that US tried to seize is now heading toward Greece
2019-08-19foxLos Angeles Dodgers' Julio Urias suspended 20 games for domestic violence allegation
2019-08-19foxColin Kaepernick sends message to players still kneeling during anthem: 'Stay strong brothers'
2019-08-19foxKate Upton slams Victoria's Secret over body inclusiveness: 'It’s a snooze fest'
2019-08-19foxElon Musk still wants to 'nuke Mars'
2019-08-19foxSteve Hilton: Trump-haters hype up a recession while the real economy is booming
2019-08-19foxCleveland Indians' Yasiel Puig takes page from Little League World Series batter
2019-08-19foxUS buying Greenland 'absurd discussion,' Danish prime minister says
2019-08-19foxTrump rages at ‘unstable’ Scaramucci after threat to organize ex-Cabinet officials against him
2019-08-19foxTeen swims 28 miles around Manhattan for charity
2019-08-19foxMSNBC anchor on possible economic downturn : 'About time we get a recession'
2019-08-19foxMiley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth may never get back together after Kaitlynn Carter hookup: report
2019-08-19foxFrench couple could face jail for taking sand from Italian beach, reports say
2019-08-19foxAlanis Morissette posts photo of her newborn son breastfeeding, says it's 'not always easy peasy'
2019-08-19foxBlack hole devouring a neutron star caused ripples in space and time, scientists say
2019-08-19foxDetroit Lions owner, 93, holding out hope of Super Bowl victory
2019-08-19foxKellyanne Conway: Trump is playing long game with China to get better trade deal
2019-08-19fox'Godfather' actor slams Chris Cuomo over viral 'Fredo' rant: 'His father would smack him'
2019-08-19foxPrince Harry’s ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas engaged to Harry Wentworth-Stanley
2019-08-19foxFan who scored Oakland A's contract with viral 96-mph pitch makes professional debut
2019-08-19foxNew York City pressure cooker scare suspect has bail set at $200G
2019-08-19foxRep. Lee Zeldin condemns 'bad faith' efforts of Omar and Tlaib to 'harm' nation of Israel
2019-08-19foxPalestinian Authority bans LGBTQ activities in West Bank, reports say
2019-08-19foxMark Halperin book deal sparks outrage: ‘Slap in the face to all the women that he has victimized’
2019-08-19foxDavid Blatt, former Cleveland Cavaliers head coach, diagnosed with multiple sclerosis
2019-08-19foxTom Steyer takes a week off campaign trail to report for jury duty
2019-08-19fox'I am angry,' says Sacramento business owner being forced to relocate due to homelessness issue
2019-08-19fox'The Hunt' director breaks silence, says controversial movie's 'ambition was to poke at both sides'
2019-08-19foxRestaurant patron considers suing New Jersey state senator who called him a 'jerk' for leaving tiny tip
2019-08-19foxSevere thunderstorm winds in Kansas cause more than 100 cars on 2 trains to derail
2019-08-19foxTaylor Swift and Joe Alwyn shopping for London home together: report
2019-08-19foxClimate change will shrink 'virtually all' economies around the globe by 2100, study warns
2019-08-19foxWilliamson vows to rescind military medals, remove Andrew Jackson's Oval Office portrait in ‘atonement’ for Native American treatment
2019-08-19foxBusch's 17 percent ABV Pumpkin Spice Latte Hard Seltzer announcement was just a joke, beer maker admits
2019-08-19foxMan suffered groin blisters, severe burns after leaving hair removal cream on too long
2019-08-19foxPalestinian leader fires advisers, wants bonuses returned
2019-08-19foxNYPD officer accused in Eric Garner's death has been fired, commissioner says
2019-08-19foxFlorida farmers' giant long-neck avocados can cost up to $47 each
2019-08-19foxIslamist terror plots in Europe declining, but schemes getting more 'creative,' analysis says
2019-08-19foxTrump ratings on economy start to slide
2019-08-19foxWarren apologizes to Native Americans for ancestry claims: 'I have made mistakes'
2019-08-19foxMan fights Florida city's citation for landing a helicopter in backyard
2019-08-19foxJada Pinkett Smith says she 'was not built for conventional marriage' to Will Smith
2019-08-19foxIra Mehlman: Don't blame border enforcement agents for the border mess
2019-08-19fox'Bikini Atoll' beer from Dallas Brewery upsets Pacific Islanders, Marshall Islands government agencies
2019-08-19foxDolly Parton and Reba McEntire replace Brad Paisley at CMA Awards, join Carrie Underwood as co-host
2019-08-19foxUSS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor on track for reopening, as Navy volunteers help to clean up iconic site
2019-08-19foxHoffman and Soames: Stop Putin now, as Churchill would warn, or West will face the consequences
2019-08-19foxRare 'strawberry' leopard spotted in South Africa
2019-08-19foxWoman searches for people who found her abandoned in a dumpster as a baby
2019-08-19foxDemocratic Rep. calls Antifa members 'peaceful protesters' during CNN interview
2019-08-19foxPelosi's deputy backs Trump impeachment inquiry, cites 'grave national security concerns'
2019-08-19foxMysterious sea creature spotted on beach draws 'Alien' comparison: 'Fascinating!'
2019-08-19foxMiftah group that planned Tlaib-Omar Israel trip once referred to suicide bombing as sacrifice 'for the cause'
2019-08-19foxTomi Lahren sits down with Eddie Gallagher wife: 'They raided our house at gunpoint, threw my kids out on the street in their underwear'
2019-08-19foxNorth Carolina man charged with strangling 15-year-old daughter, slitting her throat
2019-08-19foxCharlie Kirk: We need to 'stop making China rich'
2019-08-19foxNASA glimpses surface of distant rocky exoplanet
2019-08-19foxBarr removes US prisons chief following Epstein’s death in jail
2019-08-19foxJeffrey Epstein's girls left impression on charter captain, but disgraced millionaire was elusive
2019-08-19foxSpecial agent behind hit series on bizarre interview of Charles Manson
2019-08-19foxPentagon tests missile previously banned under US-Russia arms treaty
2019-08-19foxPlanned Parenthood abandons Title X federal funds after Trump rule prohibits abortion referrals
2019-08-19foxEpstein's islands: Little St. James and Great St. James
2019-08-19foxPlanned Parenthood whistleblower gets $3M from Arizona court after wrongful termination
2019-08-19foxDemocratic Rep. calls Antifa members 'peaceful protesters' during CNN interview
2019-08-19foxSecurity guard for CNN's April Ryan security guard reportedly facing charges over incident with reporter
2019-08-19foxThe Pentagon’s cruise missile test will open up new strike possibilities for the US military
2019-08-19foxTlaib gets emotional as Omar calls for Congress to act over Israel travel restrictions
2019-08-19foxAir Force base produces first certified 3D-printed aircraft parts
2019-08-19foxCal State Fullerton employee stabbed to death on campus during first day of classes
2019-08-19foxJeffrey Epstein signed will 2 days before suicide, report says
2019-08-19foxWild confrontation over topless sunbathing on Connecticut beach leads to arrest
2019-08-19foxCruise line scrambles to reschedule passengers after Russia denies access to Arctic waters at 'last minute'
2019-08-19foxBernie Sanders wants to ban police use of facial recognition
2019-08-19foxOhio boy donates all $15G in fair winnings to children’s hospital
2019-08-19foxAndy McCarthy: Tlaib, Omar Israel controversy was 'political stunt from the beginning'
2019-08-19foxMan sentenced to life in drowning of 3-year-old boy to make room in house for unborn child
2019-08-19foxBeto O'Rourke says he opposes death penalty for El Paso mass shooter
2019-08-19foxProud Boys members convicted in 2018 clash with Antifa demonstrators
2019-08-19foxModel Alicia Arden says she went to cops after Epstein groped her during what she thought was a VS interview
2019-08-19foxRecovered tackle box gives loved ones hope of finding missing firefighters
2019-08-19foxHillary Clinton slams Trump for sharing 'debunked study' that Google manipulated 'millions' of 2016 votes
2019-08-19foxHumans played major role in driving cave bear to extinction, study says
2019-08-19foxSam Claflin and wife Laura Haddock separate after six years of marriage
2019-08-19foxBen Shapiro: Omar, Tlaib sharing accused anti-Semitic artist's cartoon getting underwhelming media coverage
2019-08-19foxFacebook, Twitter accuse China of disinformation campaign against Hong Kong protesters
2019-08-19foxJon Voight declares Trump is 'greatest president of this century' in Twitter video
2019-08-19foxFEC chair: Trump is 'damaging to our democracy' with 'baseless' voter fraud allegations
2019-08-19foxTed Cruz blasts New York Times: 'Propaganda outlet by liberals, for liberals'
2019-08-19foxTrump administration tightens rules for immigrant work permits
2019-08-19foxGutfeld on tweeting while wasted
2019-08-19foxMarianne Williamson announces plan to create 'Department of Peace'
2019-08-19foxJesse Watters: Elizabeth Warren's Native American apology rings hollow because she 'stole their identity'
2019-08-19foxFacebook antitrust investigation could wrap up before 2020 election
2019-08-18foxBullock takes aim at DNC for enabling Steyer: Buying your way into debates is bad for democracy
2019-08-18foxMama June sells belongings as report claims reality show in jeopardy over drug allegations
2019-08-18foxWisconsin family says live frog found in packaged salad greens, caught on video
2019-08-18foxCoast Guard searching for firefighters who vanished in fishing trip off Florida
2019-08-18foxTrump warns China against 'another Tiananmen Square,' says Tim Cook made 'compelling' tariff case
2019-08-18foxNC man found wrapped in Christmas lights with dead cat in freezer died of natural causes, investigators say
2019-08-18foxSites of major US weapons tests now see wildlife flourishing
2019-08-18foxTrump: US considering possibly buying Greenland, 'essentially it's a large real estate deal'
2019-08-18foxIndyCar driver Felix Rosenqvist hospitalized after dramatic Pocono 5-car wreck
2019-08-18fox'Grey's Anatomy' star Camilla Luddington marries Matthew Alan
2019-08-18foxKhloé Kardashian poses in bikini, says she's 'focused on me'
2019-08-18foxObama's high school basketball jersey sells for $120G at auction
2019-08-18foxSouth Carolina man, 90, charged with murdering 83-year-old wife
2019-08-18foxRadio host Howie Carr calls Elizabeth Warren's Native American proposal a 'laundry list of free stuff'
2019-08-18foxCoast Guard rescues diver who disappeared exploring shipwreck off New Jersey
2019-08-18fox'Good Boys' tops box office, revives the R-rated comedy genre
2019-08-18foxHammerhead shark snatches catch from Florida fisherman's hands, video shows
2019-08-18foxCardi B thinks Jay-Z can bring Colin Kaepernick back to the NFL
2019-08-18foxFormer Texas star, NFL running back Cedric Benson killed in motorcycle crash
2019-08-18foxLas Vegas Hard Rock Hotel and Casino to close completely during renovations
2019-08-18foxBlake Shelton denies shading Lil Nas X in Trace Adkins duet referencing 'Old Town Road'
2019-08-18foxDuane Allman's old guitar 'Layla' sells for $1.25 million
2019-08-18foxFormer acting ICE Director Tom Homan slams sheriff for releasing illegal immigrant, says he should have called the feds
2019-08-18foxGraham: IG's report on Russia probe will be 'ugly and damning' for DOJ
2019-08-18foxVeterans advocate speaks out after soldiers were denied more than $50 million in medical claims
2019-08-18foxPhil Mickelson's hotel struck by lightning, evacuated; golfer still makes tee time
2019-08-18foxDouglas MacKinnon: Police need support, not scorn – Considering them 'the enemy' is dangerous for us all
2019-08-18foxGOP becoming endangered species in California, as key stronghold turns blue
2019-08-18foxUK teen charged after 'devoted father' fatally stabbed with screwdriver, police say
2019-08-18foxElvis Presley spy animated series 'Agent King' coming to Netflix
2019-08-18foxJustice Department backs Led Zeppelin in 'Stairway to Heaven' copyright case
2019-08-18foxSanders calls for 'registry of disreputable federal law enforcement officers,' cutting prison population in half
2019-08-18foxNewborn found naked, abandoned in wooded area in Maryland
2019-08-18foxWoman uses 34-year-old free pass to enter Disneyland
2019-08-18foxRussian health workers say they weren't warned patients were coming from nuclear accident site
2019-08-18foxKristin Maher: Parents, back-to-school can bring the 'shame game' -- Here's how to stop it
2019-08-18foxWhite woman arrested after holding 4 black teens fundraising for football team at gunpoint, police say
2019-08-18foxFlorida woman rammed tanker truck in bid to kill self, 2 children: police
2019-08-18foxBeer recalled due to 'risk of explosion,' brewery says it's still 'completely safe to drink'
2019-08-18foxNew US Army soldier gets first haircut in 15 years to join military
2019-08-18foxFlorida woman claims dog returned from the groomer with neon green eyebrows, pink ears
2019-08-18foxKate Middleton, Prince William 'hardly knew' Meghan Markle ahead of Prince Harry wedding, royal expert says
2019-08-18foxLos Angeles Opera won't release details of Placido Domingo sexual misconduct investigation
2019-08-18foxWelsh town's anti-sex toilets will spray users with water
2019-08-18foxRoller coaster 'malfunction' reportedly sends five people to the hospital
2019-08-18foxRapper NBA YoungBoy freed from Louisiana jail
2019-08-18foxPolice look to grill cheese bandit after $187G theft, officials say
2019-08-18foxSouth Dakota woman who went into labor with triplets thought pain was from kidney stones
2019-08-18foxTlaib, Omar share image by artist once celebrated in Iran's Holocaust cartoon contest
2019-08-18foxHonduras soccer riot leaves 3 dead, at least 10 injured, officials say
2019-08-18fox'Tonight Show' comedian Kip Addotta dead at 75
2019-08-18foxWaiter in France allegedly shot dead for being 'too slow with sandwich,' report says
2019-08-18foxIndiana girl, 16, missing, believed to be in 'extreme danger'; possibly with 22-year-old stalking suspect
2019-08-18foxMLB's Chris Davis connects with young fan who helped end player's record hitless streak
2019-08-18foxNASCAR sponsorship deal with Slayer hits skids before Bristol Night Race
2019-08-18foxLightning too close for comfort during school counselor's campus walk in shocking video
2019-08-18foxThe 2020 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Widebody Daytona 50th Anniversary Edition is the world's most powerful sedan
2019-08-18foxPhiladelphia DA says he negotiated 'bulls---' deal to police shooting suspect to get him to surrender
2019-08-18foxDenny Hamlin wins NASCAR Bristol race
2019-08-18foxIndiana National Guard soldier dies in tactical vehicle accident at Fort Hood
2019-08-18foxAlligator caught 'swimming' through flooded Florida roadway
2019-08-18foxAfghanistan wedding hall suicide bombing leaves at least 63 dead, more than 180 others wounded
2019-08-18foxNoel Yeatts: Millions of girls are missing in India — Here’s why you should care
2019-08-18foxSmall plane crash into New York home leaves 2 dead, 1 missing, officials say
2019-08-18foxEpstein's attorneys 'not satisfied' with autopsy results that concluded financier died by hanging
2019-08-18foxCharlie Hurt: Biden's gaffes must be 'hugely embarrassing' to Obama
2019-08-18foxAndrew McCarthy: This bogus story launched the 'collusion' probe
2019-08-18foxLittle League World Series player shows how low a batter can go
2019-08-18foxPaul Batura: A grumpy cook introduced me to the world’s greatest crumb cake – Here’s the recipe
2019-08-18foxTrump says French wine may face ‘100 percent tariff’ in response to tax on US tech firms: report
2019-08-18foxLiberty coach Hugh Freeze sidelined by life-threatening staph infection
2019-08-18foxTwitter tells man to 'run' after date asks him to turn on 'read receipts' before first meeting
2019-08-18fox‘Ghost Hunters’ stars share what they hope will happen to Manson murder house, message for nonbelievers
2019-08-18foxBikini model quitting social media after being criticized for her 'real' body
2019-08-18foxTeen alive and well after car landed on top of him in medical miracle
2019-08-18foxNewt Gingrich: We’re in a space race with China – We must win to protect our economic and national security
2019-08-18foxRep. Dan Lipinski: Dems and GOP should work together to end immigration crisis and support Border Patrol
2019-08-18foxJoe Biden heaps praise on GOP during Massachusetts fundraiser
2019-08-18foxNorth Carolina smashup of 40-50 vehicles blamed on heavy rain: reports
2019-08-18foxRep. Dan Crenshaw rips Antifa demonstrators, blasts Portland protests as ‘sad showing’
2019-08-18foxPeter Fonda partied with Beatles, inspired a line in 'She Said She Said': report
2019-08-18foxDick Cheney set to headline Trump 2020 fundraiser in Wyoming on Monday
2019-08-18foxCuban man, 26, arrested after stowing away on plane to Miami, CBP says
2019-08-18foxRansomware attack cripples at least 20 local Texas agencies, state government says
2019-08-18foxRashida Tlaib hits back at Bill Maher for comments on BDS, compares Israel to apartheid South Africa
2019-08-17foxColin Kaepernick's girlfriend slams Jay-Z for NFL partnership
2019-08-17foxPortland police declare 'civil disturbance' amid clashes after far-right, far-left rallies; at least 13 arrested
2019-08-17foxMemphis store clerk who fatally shot teen over theft of $2 beer found guilty of murder
2019-08-17foxSally Pipes: ‘Medicare-for-all’ would be hazardous to the health of seniors – Rationed care could be deadly
2019-08-17foxAt least 13 arrested at Portland protests as police try to keep Antifa, right-wing demonstrators apart
2019-08-17foxAndrew McCarthy: Election interference? Dems complain about it now, but Trump was complaining in 2016
2019-08-17foxTexas dad charged with homicide after 12-year-old daughter crashes SUV into man and his dog
2019-08-17foxPolitical fallout from diplomatic dustup over progressive 'Squad' members confrontation with Israel
2019-08-17foxAt least 4 arrested at Portland protests as police try to keep Antifa, right-wing demonstrators apart
2019-08-17foxArrest made in decades-old Florida rape after victim reminds police about case
2019-08-17foxCharles Hurt on Tlaib: 'Something really wrong' with someone who uses grandma as political 'pawn'
2019-08-17foxRashida Tlaib's grandmother responds to Trump mocking decision not to visit Israel: 'May God ruin him'
2019-08-17foxCalifornia woman who slapped Trump supporter during 2017 rally convicted of battery
2019-08-17foxDan Gainor: NY Times goes farther left, CNN’s Cuomo erupts, and CNN's Ryan bars reporter from covering her
2019-08-17foxSuspect accused of shooting 6 Philadelphia cops during standoff charged with attempted murder
2019-08-17foxOlivia Newton-John shares her mindset amid cancer battle: 'I'm strong'
2019-08-17foxBill Walton lauded for color commentary during White Sox-Angels game: 'Broadcast baseball games forever'
2019-08-17foxCreepy dolls mysteriously appear in Missouri county
2019-08-17foxDozens of casualties reported after Afghanistan wedding hall explosion
2019-08-17foxLawyer who told clients marijuana use was legal ordered to pay $370,000
2019-08-17foxKentucky boy, 13, charged with kidnapping after stealing car with baby inside: police
2019-08-17foxGigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron spotted on date in upstate New York
2019-08-17foxRachel Campos Duffy: Obama clearly never wanted Biden to run, thought he might ruin his legacy
2019-08-17foxNew York woman finds dead body in bed of truck after grocery trip: police
2019-08-17foxIlhan Omar's GOP challenger defends Israel's decision to reject entry, says she basically made herself an 'enemy'
2019-08-17fox'Teen Mom' star Mackenzie McKee and husband split after six years of marriage
2019-08-17foxCBP Commissioner blasts Google employees' 'irresponsible' petition against agency
2019-08-17foxKentucky deputies find newborn covered in ants inside van; arrest mother, grandmother
2019-08-17foxHouse Dems could retaliate against US and Israel ambassadors after banned visit: report
2019-08-17foxCanadian service dogs attend 'Billy Elliot' production, photo goes viral
2019-08-17foxFlorida man dumped dirt on girlfriend's borrowed car with front-end loader: police
2019-08-17foxIranian tanker set to leave Gibraltar despite US warrant to seize vessel
2019-08-17foxICE arrests illegal immigrant accused of rape 2 months after he was released on bond
2019-08-17foxNewt Gingrich: US must stand with people of Hong Kong fighting for freedom
2019-08-17foxKourtney Kardashian shares unedited bikini snap with fans: 'I love my stripes'
2019-08-17fox'Roger Rabbit' animator Richard Williams dead at 86
2019-08-17foxNew York City police apprehend man wanted in subway pressure cooker scare
2019-08-17foxBrian Austin Green reveals which 'BH90210' co-stars he hooked up with
2019-08-17foxTrump threatens to designate Antifa a terrorist organization ahead of expected Portland clashes
2019-08-17foxEataly cuts ties with disgraced chef Mario Batali
2019-08-17foxNorth Korea's Kim Jong Un expresses 'great satisfaction' over latest weapons tests
2019-08-17foxThailand's beloved lost baby dugong dies with plastic in stomach, vets say
2019-08-17foxKiefer Sutherland 'seriously injured' after falling in Europe
2019-08-17foxMSNBC guest mocks Trump voters: 'Can anybody at the MAGA rally point out Greenland on a map?'
2019-08-17foxJulianne Moore 'loved' working with her daughter and husband on new movie
2019-08-17foxJoe Kennedy III mulling Dem primary challenge for Massachusetts Senate seat
2019-08-17foxMormons warns that coffee, vaping are no-nos despite fancy names, alluring flavors
2019-08-17foxPartner of El Paso shooting victim overwhelmed by hundreds of strangers at funeral
2019-08-17foxElvis Presley's long-hidden Lincoln limousine up for auction
2019-08-17foxJane Fonda speaks out following brother Peter's death: 'He was my sweet-hearted baby brother.'
2019-08-17foxCarolina Panthers' Eric Reid slams Jay-Z as 'despicable' over NFL ownership rumors: when has he 'ever taken a knee'?
2019-08-17foxDelta flight's 8-hour delay frays passengers' nerves; police called to break up fight
2019-08-17foxAOC laughs off Trump claim she's 'fuming' that Tlaib, Omar now get more attention
2019-08-17foxNancy Parker, local Fox anchor, remembered by NFL's Drew Brees, others in Louisiana
2019-08-17foxJoshua Rogers: My middle school teacher insulted me – then something beautiful happened
2019-08-17foxBest smart watch, 5G fears, data breach action plans, and more: Tech Q&A
2019-08-17foxUK climate agency officials doubled air travel over previous year, report says
2019-08-17foxTodd Starnes: Franklin Graham has a warning for Christian 'influencers' renouncing their faith
2019-08-17foxNearly half of all Americans have worn the same underwear for days, study claims
2019-08-17foxAI may detect AFib in just 10 seconds
2019-08-17fox‘The Love Boat’ captain Gavin MacLeod says he doesn’t get residuals: ‘People think we can buy the Taj Mahal’
2019-08-17fox5 healthy reasons to drink tea everyday
2019-08-17foxBradley Cooper and Lady Gaga would've been a 'power couple,' says 'Millionaire Matchmaker' star Patti Stanger
2019-08-17foxThrifty bride keeps wearing $365 wedding dress to get her 'money's worth'
2019-08-17foxMaher doubles down on call for recession to oust Trump; says it would be 'very worth' it
2019-08-17foxMaine man pleads not guilty in 1993 rape, murder of Alaska woman; bail kept at $1M
2019-08-17foxPlayboy reporter Brian Karem says he'll sue over suspension of White House credentials
2019-08-17foxMatthew Brodsky: Tlaib, Omar don’t deserve sympathy for being barred from Israel – They deserve condemnation
2019-08-17foxMitch McConnell recovering from shoulder surgery in Louisville
2019-08-17foxRhode Island guard resigns after video shows truck driving into anti-ICE protesters
2019-08-17foxJoe Biden confuses Burlington, Iowa, with Burlington, Vt., in latest gaffe
2019-08-17foxTrump must keep US troops in Afghanistan, Florida rep says: 'It will follow us home'
2019-08-17foxPatriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson arrested on eve of Portland, Ore., protests
2019-08-17foxMaher slams far-left Dems for backing anti-Israel BDS movement: A 'bulls--- purity test'
2019-08-17foxSome jail staffers not cooperating with DOJ investigation into Epstein suicide, source says
2019-08-17foxMan’s body found in lake after 3-year-old daughter says, ‘Daddy went swimming’: police
2019-08-17foxBuck Sexton: Joe Biden 'riding on the fumes' of Obama presidency
2019-08-17foxReporter's Notebook: Spat over scrapped 'Squad' members' Israel visit is tricky politics for both sides
2019-08-17foxFox New Orleans reporter and anchor Nancy Parker, 53, among 2 killed in plane crash, station says
2019-08-17foxStars pay tribute to the late Peter Fonda
2019-08-17foxSecret Service arrests man outside Israeli Embassy wearing bulletproof vest and carrying knife
2019-08-17foxGutfeld: Rep. Rashida Tlaib's Israel 'stunt' used grandma as 'Trojan horse'
2019-08-17foxHeather Locklear pleads no contest to battery charges from 2018 arrests, ordered to treatment program: reports
2019-08-17foxNational Park Service says Washington Monument will reopen Sept. 19 after three years of renovations
2019-08-17foxOn 75th anniversary of WWII 'Operation Dragoon,' paratrooper recalls dropping into French Riviera
2019-08-17foxDonna Brazile says dispute between Israel, 'Squad' members is 'really sad'