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2019-10-22indiewireNetflix Takes on $2 Billion in Debt in Quest to Beat Disney
2019-10-22indiewireThe ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ Trailer Is Finally Here
2019-10-22indiewire‘Ford v Ferrari’ Stars Christian Bale and Matt Damon Will Battle Each Other for the Best Actor Oscar
2019-10-21indiewire‘Weathering With You’: Director Makoto Shinkai Takes Animation By Storm with Dual Oscar Contender
2019-10-21indiewire‘The Crown’ Season 3 Trailer: The Times Are A-Changin’ For Queen Elizabeth II
2019-10-21indiewireDisney Aims to Save ‘Star Wars’ Box Office in China With Help From Literature
2019-10-21indiewireThe Oscar-Predictive Cameraimage Festival Lineup Will Include ‘Joker’ and ‘The Irishman’
2019-10-21indiewireKirsten Dunst and ‘On Becoming a God in Central Florida’ Director Break Down Finale’s Most Poignant Scene
2019-10-21indiewire‘The Walking Dead’ Review: ‘Ghosts’ Kicks Season 10 Down A Notch
2019-10-21indiewire‘Watchmen’ Review: Decoding Damon Lindelof’s Masterful Premiere, Including That Shocking Final Shot
2019-10-21indiewire‘Bob Hearts Abishola’: CBS’ New Comedy Might Be Its Most Relevant Series
2019-10-21indiewireHow John Turturro Won Over the Coen Bros, Universal to Get ‘Big Lebowski’ Sequel Rights
2019-10-21indiewireAdam Driver Swore Off Watching His Films After Hating ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ Performance
2019-10-21indiewireWhy the Gay Subplots in ‘The Lighthouse’ and ‘Jojo Rabbit’ Don’t Go Far Enough
2019-10-21indiewireMartin Scorsese Shoots Down Accusation His Films Lack Female Characters
2019-10-21indiewireDavid Ayer Denies Cutting Jared Leto’s Joker From ‘Suicide Squad’ Because of Bad Performance
2019-10-20indiewireFrancis Ford Coppola Says Marvel Movies Are ‘Despicable’
2019-10-20indiewire‘Tremors’ Trailer: Jayro Bustamante Returns With Drama Centered on Gay Man Caught Between Faith and Family
2019-10-20indiewireEmilia Clarke on ‘Game of Thrones’ Finale Backlash: ‘We Would Never Have Made Everyone Happy’
2019-10-20indiewire‘Jojo Rabbit’ and ‘The Lighthouse’ Lead an Unprecedented Specialized Box Office Bounty
2019-10-20indiewireJohn Lithgow on Suiting Up to Play Roger Ailes in ‘Bombshell’: ‘We Decided He Really Needed Man Boobs’
2019-10-20indiewire‘Jojo Rabbit’ and Nazi Satire: Why It’s So Hard to Mock the Bad Guys, and How to Get It Right
2019-10-20indiewire‘Looking for Alaska’ Soundtrack: Listen to All the Songs from the Hulu Show and Travel Back to 2006
2019-10-20indiewireJames Gunn Takes on Coppola and Scorsese: You’re Geniuses, But You Don’t Get Marvel
2019-10-20indiewire‘Maleficent’ Is Less Than Magnificent as Annual Box Office Performance Continues to Slide
2019-10-19indiewireBong Joon Ho Couldn’t See ‘Apocalypse Now’ Until South Korea Lifted Ban, Credits Film as Inspiration
2019-10-19indiewire‘Joker’ Makes a Strange Connection Between Arthur Fleck and the Struggles of Black Women — Analysis
2019-10-19indiewire‘Zombieland: Double Tap’ Post-Credits Scene Ups the Carnage and Hosts a Beloved Celebrity Cameo
2019-10-19indiewireEthan Hawke Grows a Beard and Finds a Baby in a Dumpster in ‘Adopt a Highway’ Trailer
2019-10-19indiewireAMC Is Still In the Theater Business, But VOD Is a Funny Way of Showing It
2019-10-19indiewireGuillermo del Toro on How ‘The Shape of Water’ Helped Him Process a Breakup
2019-10-19indiewireDavid Oyelowo and Jane Lynch Bring Humor and Heft to ‘Inside the Actors Studio’
2019-10-19indiewirePaparazzi Drove Keira Knightley to a Mental Breakdown: ‘I Told Them I Was Going to Kill Somebody’
2019-10-18indiewire‘Evil’ Just Became the Darkest Show on Network TV
2019-10-18indiewire‘Looking For Alaska’ Review: The Throwback Teen Drama that the Genre Needs
2019-10-18indiewireMoviePass, Dead for a Month, Sees Troubles Continue as Users Report Credit-Card Charges — Report
2019-10-18indiewire‘Bombshell’ and ‘Jojo Rabbit’ Share an Oscar Superpower: They’re Made For the Mainstream
2019-10-18indiewireQuentin Tarantino Refuses to Recut ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ for China Release
2019-10-18indiewire‘Living With Yourself’ Review: Paul Rudd Excels in Netflix’s Softhearted Mid-Life Crisis Comedy
2019-10-18indiewire‘Tell Me Who I Am’ Review: A Harrowing Netflix Doc About Twins Separated by Secret Trauma
2019-10-18indiewireFrom Apple to ‘South Park,’ Entertainment Companies Grapple With Profit Versus Ethics in China
2019-10-18indiewire‘The River and the Wall’ Reveals the Environmental Impact of a U.S.-Mexico Border Wall
2019-10-18indiewire‘The Irishman:’ Here’s Every One of Netflix’s Theatrical Locations and Screening Times
2019-10-18indiewire‘Jojo Rabbit’: Michael Giacchino’s Score Is a Bold Statement Against Hate
2019-10-18indiewire‘Joker’ Deleted Scenes Exist, but Todd Phillips Never Wants Them Released
2019-10-18indiewirePeak TV Is Only a Concern in the Gated Community of Hollywood
2019-10-18indiewire‘Sid & Judy’ Review: Glittering Garland Documentary Makes a Fine Romance With ‘Judy’
2019-10-18indiewireNetflix Reopening New York’s Paris Theater for ‘Marriage Story,’ and Maybe More Oscar Contenders
2019-10-18indiewireHow Small Regional Film Festivals Can Impact the Oscar Race — IndieWire’s Movie Podcast
2019-10-18indiewire‘The Elephant Queen’ Review: Apple’s Kid-Friendly Nature Doc Offers a Necessary Corrective to ‘The Lion King’
2019-10-18indiewireChina Blocks ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ Release One Week Before Debut
2019-10-18indiewireTaika Waititi Says Future of ‘Fat Thor’ an ‘Ongoing Debate’ With Marvel