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2019-12-07interceptCrianças nascidas no Iraque perto de base militar norte-americana têm ‘deformidades congênitas graves’
2019-12-06interceptNobel Winner Peter Handke Compared My Questions About Genocide in Bosnia to a “Calligraphy of Shit”
2019-12-06interceptThe Supreme Court Case That Made Michael Bloomberg’s Campaign Possible — And Doomed Kamala Harris
2019-12-05interceptNixon, Clinton, and What the Right Gets Wrong About Impeachment
2019-12-05interceptSouth Bend’s Police Chief, Close Ally of Pete Buttigieg, Promotes Officer Involved in Controversial Choking Death
2019-12-05interceptDonald Trump Keeps Navy SEALs Above the Law
2019-12-05interceptFilmmakers Sue to Shield U.S. Visitors From Social Media Vetting
2019-12-05interceptNew Legislation Aims to End the “School to Confinement Pathway.”
2019-12-05interceptAo menos 30 alunas acusam professores do Instituto Federal do Amazonas de assédio sexual
2019-12-04interceptSeventeen Years After His Arrest, Alleged USS Cole Plotter Is Still Fighting to See Records of His CIA Torture
2019-12-04interceptBy the Republicans’ Absurd Definition, Boris Johnson Meddled in the 2016 Election
2019-12-04interceptImportadores de armas estão rindo à toa com o bolsonarismo: vendas cresceram 359% desde 2018
2019-12-04interceptGeorge Bush, Barack Obama, and the CIA Torture Cover-Up
2019-12-04interceptBlack Teenager Damain Martin Begged Police for Help as He Drowned. His Death Was Ruled an Accident.
2019-12-03interceptBy Any Measure, Capital Punishment Is a Failed Policy
2019-12-03intercept‘Quando a polícia mata, ela desfaz o local do confronto e finge prestar socorro’
2019-12-03interceptHouse Democrats Poised to Rubber-Stamp the “Achilles’ Heel of Dodd-Frank”
2019-12-03interceptRace Looms Ever Larger as Death Sentences Decline
2019-12-03interceptA Push to Repeal the Death Penalty Gains Ground Across the Western United States
2019-12-03interceptWhat Happens When a Reform Prosecutor Stands Up to the Death Penalty