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2019-06-24interceptEntrevista: ‘Os militares estão num governo de opereta. Eles se submeteram a constantes vexames’, diz pesquisador
2019-06-24interceptJoe Biden Says He Can Work With the Senate. The Last Time He Tried, Mitch McConnell Picked His Pockets Badly.
2019-06-24interceptJay Inslee Just Dropped the Most Ambitious Climate Plan From a Presidential Candidate. Here’s Who It Targets.
2019-06-24interceptWe Have to Finance a Global Green New Deal — or Face the Consequences
2019-06-23interceptAntes de serem alvos de vazamentos, Deltan e Lava Jato celebravam direito de jornalistas publicarem informações vazadas ilegalmente
2019-06-23interceptShe Defended Her Land Against a Mine in Guatemala. Then She Fled in Fear for Her Life.
2019-06-23interceptA justiça que burla a Constituição joga a democracia na cova
2019-06-23interceptAnunciamos nossa parceria jornalística com a Folha no arquivo da Vaza Jato – e as impropriedades reveladas na primeira reportagem conjunta com o jornal
2019-06-22interceptI’m a Journalist but I Didn’t Fully Realize the Terrible Power of U.S. Border Officials Until They Violated My Rights and Privacy
2019-06-21interceptThe Sexual Harassment Bills Passed in New York Are the Structural #MeToo Victories We Need
2019-06-21interceptForget Bernie vs. Warren. Focus on Growing the Progressive Base and Defeating Biden.
2019-06-21interceptOcasio-Cortez Not Apologizing to Kevin McCarthy: “He Should Apologize to the Children That Have Been Separated From Their Parents”
2019-06-21interceptIn Guantánamo Case, U.S. Government Says It Can Indefinitely Detain Anyone — Even U.S. Citizens
2019-06-21interceptElizabeth Warren Condemns ICE’s “Cruel and Unnecessary” Use of Solitary Confinement, Demands Answers
2019-06-21interceptElizabeth Warren Wants to Ban Private Prisons
2019-06-21interceptThis Palestinian Activist Got Swept Up in the War on Terror. Decades Later, ICE Tried to Secretly Deport Him to Israel.
2019-06-20interceptSudan’s Military Is Killing Pro-Democracy Protesters. Trump Doesn’t Care — but We Should.
2019-06-20interceptIran Crisis: Have We Learned Nothing from The Iraq War?
2019-06-20interceptU.N. Concludes That Saudi Arabia Needs to Be Held Accountable for Khashoggi. Here’s Why That Won’t Happen.
2019-06-20interceptAn Invitation You Can’t Refuse: How Rep. Steny Hoyer Makes Sure AIPAC’s Israel Junket Is Well Attended
2019-06-19interceptDonald Trump, Iran, and the Gulf of Tonkin Redux
2019-06-19interceptEndorsements Pouring in for Insurgent Queens DA Candidate
2019-06-18interceptWhat You Need to Know About Trump’s Mass Deportation Threat
2019-06-18interceptHawkish Democrat Rep. Eliot Engel Is Facing Two Primary Challengers
2019-06-18interceptTeflon Toxin Safety Level Should Be 700 Times Lower Than Current EPA Guideline
2019-06-18interceptGeorgia Prepares to Carry Out the 1,500th Execution in the U.S. Since 1976
2019-06-18interceptOcasio-Cortez Amendment Shifts Some of DEA’s Funding to Opioid Treatment, as House Democrats Push to Increase Agency’s Budget
2019-06-18interceptLava Jato fingiu investigar FHC apenas para criar percepção pública de ‘imparcialidade’, mas Moro repreendeu: ‘Melindra alguém cujo apoio é importante’
2019-06-17interceptExclusive: Brazilian Judge in Car Wash Corruption Case Mocked Lula’s Defense and Secretly Directed Prosecutors’ Media Strategy During Trial
2019-06-17interceptA quem interessa a narrativa dos ‘hackers criminosos’ na #VazaJato?
2019-06-17interceptHow a Right-Wing Attack on Protections for Native American Children Could Upend Indian Law
2019-06-16interceptSaudi Arabia May Execute Teenager for His Protests — Including When He Was 10
2019-06-16interceptA Lava Jato usou o Judiciário para fins políticos