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2019-06-24la_timesSupreme Court says law imposing extra prison time for ‘crime of violence’ is too vague
2019-06-24la_timesSupreme Court rules in favor of L.A. clothing maker, striking down provision against 'scandalous' trademarks
2019-06-24la_timesTrump tightens Iran sanctions over downing of U.S. drone
2019-06-24la_timesTrump-Xi meeting this week could head off a global recession or worsen outlook
2019-06-24la_timesAs first debate nears, Democratic National Committee is still wrestling with demons of 2016
2019-06-24la_timesOregon has too much cannabis. Two laws may help the state manage its surplus
2019-06-24la_timesYou can enter a drawing to buy rare liquor in Utah. Just don’t call it a lottery
2019-06-24la_timesHow will Turkey’s authoritarian president react to opposition’s big win in Istanbul mayoral race?
2019-06-24la_timesMigrant woman and 3 children found dead in Rio Grande in Texas
2019-06-23la_timesBlack residents of South Bend unload on Mayor Pete Buttigieg
2019-06-23la_times2020 candidates show unity in South Carolina, wooing black voters and easing up on Biden
2019-06-23la_timesLife on Mars gets a test run in the Utah desert
2019-06-23la_timesThe ‘Trump Doctrine’: He’d rather talk than fight
2019-06-22la_timesJapanese internment camp survivors protest Ft. Sill migrant detention center
2019-06-22la_timesNine months after Hurricane Florence, battered North Carolina town struggles to rebuild
2019-06-21la_timesAlexa, how many dogs come to work at Amazon Seattle? 7,000
2019-06-21la_timesThe stakes are high as Democratic presidential hopefuls prepare to debate
2019-06-21la_timesSupreme Court overturns Mississippi murder conviction, citing racial bias
2019-06-21la_timesU.S. prepared strikes on Iran for downing drone, but approval was withdrawn
2019-06-21la_timesDemocratic candidates vow to ban private prisons and detention centers
2019-06-21la_timesTrump says U.S. was ‘cocked and loaded’ against Iran but he backed away from attack
2019-06-21la_timesDemocrats angle for South Carolina voters at Rep. James Clyburn's fish fry
2019-06-21la_timesTexas sending 1,000 more National Guard troops to the border
2019-06-21la_timesTrump’s threat to deport millions of immigrants risks backlash in 2020
2019-06-21la_timesAbortion politics in Michigan could tilt the state’s coveted voters in 2020
2019-06-21la_timesSupreme Court says property owners can go directly to federal court over local restrictions
2019-06-20la_timesSenate panel approves judge over objections by California lawmakers
2019-06-20la_timesCory Booker’s 2020 plan: Clemency for up to 20,000 nonviolent drug offenders
2019-06-20la_timesWill Trump’s 5G push interfere with forecasting deadly storms in California and U.S.?
2019-06-20la_timesSupreme Court upholds 40-foot ‘Peace Cross’ as a war memorial
2019-06-20la_timesTrump calls Iranian shootdown of Navy drone a ‘fly in the ointment.’ Say what?
2019-06-20la_timesHope Hicks defends use of Democrats' hacked emails, new transcript shows
2019-06-20la_timesTrump downplays Iranian shootdown of U.S. surveillance drone
2019-06-20la_timesU.S. prepared strikes on Iran for downing drone, but approval was withdrawn
2019-06-20la_timesEven as its kickoff, Trump's reelection campaign aims to win without a majority
2019-06-19la_timesGerman patients get the latest drugs for just $11. Can such a model work in the U.S.?
2019-06-19la_times2020 hopeful Marianne Williamson apologizes for calling vaccine mandates ‘draconian’ and ‘Orwellian’
2019-06-19la_timesDemocrats wanted Hope Hicks to spill the beans on Trump. She didn’t
2019-06-19la_timesTrump moves to gut Obama climate policy and bolster the coal industry
2019-06-19la_timesJoe Biden’s nostalgia is increasingly an issue for his 2020 campaign
2019-06-19la_timesFederal Reserve holds key interest rate steady despite pressure from Trump
2019-06-19la_times2020 hopeful Marianne Williamson apologizes for calling vaccine mandates ‘draconian’ and ‘Orwellian’
2019-06-19la_timesThis poll asked voters to create their perfect candidate. Democrats picked an older white guy
2019-06-19la_timesIran’s behavior isn’t as mysterious as it looks
2019-06-18la_timesTrump vows to deport ‘millions’ of migrants, but it’s unclear how
2019-06-18la_timesA 'tanker war' with Iran would be more complicated than the 1980s version
2019-06-18la_timesTrump kicks off his reelection bid with immigration threat
2019-06-18la_timesTrump says Patrick Shanahan is out as acting Defense secretary
2019-06-18la_timesIs the Federal Reserve about to cave to Trump’s demand to cut interest rates?
2019-06-18la_timesTrump hasn’t sold his reelection to all of his base yet
2019-06-18la_timesNunes hired a longtime supporter with little experience to handle 2018 campaign ad buys
2019-06-17la_timesSupreme Court upholds state and federal prosecutions over the same incident
2019-06-17la_timesRep. Katie Porter is latest Democrat to support impeachment inquiry
2019-06-17la_timesPentagon to send 1,000 more troops to Middle East as tensions rise with Iran
2019-06-17la_timesJulian Castro calls for surge in federal spending to end homelessness
2019-06-17la_timesSupreme Court passes, for now, on a new wedding cake dispute
2019-06-17la_timesJay Inslee’s 2020 plan: Become president, save the planet
2019-06-16la_timesPentagon accuses Iran of shooting missiles at U.S. drones
2019-06-16la_timesNorway, if you’re listening: Feel free to hack our presidential race
2019-06-16la_timesLesson from a pre-Roe vs. Wade experience: Men cannot be silent on abortion rights