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2019-08-20life_hackerThese Are the 'Optimal' Summer Thermostat Settings
2019-08-20life_hackerGet Up to $45,000 in Free Developer Tools With Github's Student Developer Pack
2019-08-20life_hackerWhat Planned Parenthood's Funding Change Means for Patients
2019-08-20life_hackerHow to Foster an Animal for the First Time
2019-08-20life_hackerSeven Great Camp Chairs to Get Your Butt Off the Ground
2019-08-20life_hackerHow to Force the New Android Auto Update
2019-08-20life_hackerBook Your Labor Day Flights This Week for the Best Deals
2019-08-20life_hackerHow to Sing the Opening of 'Circle of Life'
2019-08-20life_hackerWhy You Should Chill Red Wine
2019-08-20life_hackerApple Card Is Now Available for Everyone
2019-08-20life_hackerGive Yourself a Pep Talk in the Second Person
2019-08-20life_hackerThese Are The Best Credit Cards for Grocery Shopping
2019-08-20life_hackerHow to Communicate With Your Boss
2019-08-20life_hackerHow to Easily Opt Out of Apple Card Binding Arbitration
2019-08-20life_hackerHow to Record Your Phone Screen for Free
2019-08-20life_hackerSleep Soundly With These Discounted White Noise Machines
2019-08-20life_hackerHow to Make the Pomodoro Technique Even More Effective
2019-08-20life_hackerMy Language-Learning App Has A Leaderboard And It's Ruining My Life
2019-08-20life_hackerHow to Delete Multiple Android Messages at the Same Time
2019-08-20life_hackerHow to Avoid Getting Pickpocketed
2019-08-20life_hackerSip on Some Savings With 50% Off Hydro Flask Tumblers in Retired Colors
2019-08-20life_hackerForget Back-to-School, Book a Trip on Southwest With Roundtrip Rates Starting At $98
2019-08-20life_hackerDon't Migrate Your Nest Account to Google if You Love IFTTT
2019-08-19life_hackerHere's Every Device You Can Use to Stream Disney+
2019-08-19life_hackerEverything You Need to Hang Artwork In Your Home (Without Ruining Your Walls)
2019-08-19life_hackerAsk The Salty Waitress: A party guest is helping himself to my fridge
2019-08-19life_hackerUse Google to Roll Dice for Your Favorite Tabletop RPG
2019-08-19life_hackerWhat's Coming and Going From Netflix the Week of August 19, 2019
2019-08-19life_hackerWhat Should People Know About Driving in Your City?
2019-08-19life_hackerAmazon's Cloud Cam Is $30 Off, Even If You Don't Want to Let Delivery Drivers Into Your House
2019-08-19life_hackerHow to Make Sure Your Passwords Haven't Been Stolen
2019-08-19life_hackerDescribe Your Location Anywhere With 'What3Words'
2019-08-19life_hackerFind Out Which Clothing Brands Run Too Big or Small With This Chart
2019-08-19life_hackerThis Coconut Tres Leches Cake is Vegan and It Is Spectacular
2019-08-19life_hackerHow to Add the Galaxy Note 10's 'Link to Windows' App to Older Samsung Phones
2019-08-19life_hackerDeclutter Your Home With a 'Table Sale'
2019-08-19life_hackerKeep Your Home Address Private With a Google Alert
2019-08-19life_hackerHow to Give Feedback People Will Listen To
2019-08-19life_hackerSave $60 on This Speedy Samsung NVMe M.2 SSD
2019-08-19life_hackerHow to File a Claim if Your Luggage is Damaged After a Flight
2019-08-19life_hackerThe Smallest USB-C-to-USB Adapter Is Down To Its Smallest Price
2019-08-19life_hackerFind Hundreds of Science Experiment Ideas in 'Scientific American'
2019-08-19life_hackerSave The Receipts for Your College Textbooks
2019-08-19life_hackerWhat to Do If Your Pet Is Overweight
2019-08-19life_hackerAnker Has a Tiny Car Charger Now, And It's Only $11 Today
2019-08-19life_hackerDon't Let Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant Auto-Dial Companies
2019-08-19life_hackerHow to Jailbreak Your iOS 12.4 iPhone or iPad
2019-08-19life_hackerHow to Stop Feeling Like an Impostor, With Psychologist Jessamy Hibberd
2019-08-19life_hackerSave Big on a Ton of Aukey Gear During Their Back-to-School Sale
2019-08-19life_hackerHow to Dispose of a Broken Pair of Headphones
2019-08-18life_hackerMake Sure You Didn't Buy These Recalled Frozen Chicken Patties
2019-08-18life_hackerTry Doodling When You're Stuck on a Big Project or Need to Relax
2019-08-18life_hackerPay For Your Flight and Hotel Bookings in Installments Using This Site
2019-08-18life_hackerGet Up to 80% Off Science Fiction Books on Kindle, Today Only
2019-08-17life_hackerGet Your Free Museum Day Tickets Now
2019-08-17life_hackerRead Unpublished Walt Whitman Poems While Helping Transcribe Things For the Library of Congress
2019-08-17life_hackerTeachers Can Get a Free Premium Subscription to Calm's Meditation App