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2019-08-21national_interestEPA-Funded Research: Climate Change Will Worsen Lung Disease for Americans
2019-08-21national_interestFire! The U.S. Navy Wants the Littoral Combat Ship To Fight in 'Blue Water Warfare'
2019-08-21national_interestThis Massive C-5 Galaxy Almost Crashed. It Would Have Been a Disaster
2019-08-21national_interestThe Afghan Taliban's War Against ISIS is Just Beginning
2019-08-21national_interestThe Ultimate Military Combination: A-10 Warthogs and U.S. Special Forces
2019-08-21national_interestLie For Your Freedom? Why A Jailed Saudi Dissident Refused To Say She Wasn't Tortured
2019-08-21national_interestThese are the Strangest SR-71 Spy Plane Missions Ever
2019-08-21national_interestStem Cells Could Regenerate Organs – But Only If the Body Won’t Reject Them
2019-08-21national_interestCourse Change: President Trump No Longer Wants Enhanced Background Checks
2019-08-21national_interestThese are the Deadliest .308 Rifles on the Planet
2019-08-20national_interestMissile Showdown: China vs. America in the South China Sea
2019-08-20national_interestWill Marianne Williamson's Department of Peace Plan Work?
2019-08-20national_interestWhy U.S. Sanctions on Russia’s Automotive Industry Might Not Work
2019-08-20national_interestCould This Old Plane Really Kill an F-22 or F-35 Stealth Fighter?
2019-08-20national_interestThe Federal Reserve's New Approach: Say Nothing and Expect Change
2019-08-20national_interestSouth China Sea Showdown: China vs. Vietnam (Round 2)
2019-08-20national_interestRussia's New Weapons: From Doomsday Nuclear Torpedoes to Skyfall Missiles
2019-08-20national_interestThe U.S. Military Has One Goal: Beat China or Russia in a War (But There Is A Problem)
2019-08-20national_interestChina's Air Force Is Going Stealth (As in J-20 Stealth Fighters)
2019-08-20national_interestThe F-15 Eagle Can Take on Any Enemy (Even Mother Nature)
2019-08-20national_interestFact: Russian-Built MiG-25 Fighters Have Trained with NATO Forces
2019-08-20national_interestAmerica Alone Cannot Save Hong Kong
2019-08-20national_interestNorth Korea's Recent Missile and 'Projectile' Tests Need Your Attention
2019-08-20national_interestHow Iran Is Taking Ancient F-14 Tomcats and Making Them Better
2019-08-20national_interestSee This Gun from Nazi Germany? It Help Create the M-16 and AK-47
2019-08-20national_interestNo F-35 or F-22 (Not Even Close): Whatever Happened to Iran's Fake Stealth Fighter?
2019-08-20national_interestA U.S.-Iran War Would Be Hell: What if Trump Decided to Invade?
2019-08-20national_interestNorth Korea Could Have 100 Nuclear Warheads by 2020: Report
2019-08-20national_interestPolitical Polarization Is About Feelings, Not Facts
2019-08-20national_interestWhy China and Russia Will Fear America's 'New' Land-Fired Tomahawk Missile
2019-08-20national_interestTop Gun Maverick News: You Might Be Able to Buy Your Very Own Super Hornet
2019-08-20national_interestBring on the Technology Bans!
2019-08-20national_interestNaval Showdown: The Royal Navy Is Watching Iran Closely
2019-08-20national_interestEasy Target: How the United States Can Stop Foreign Powers From Attacking Its Elections
2019-08-20national_interestStop Blaming Video Games for Mass Killings
2019-08-20national_interestThe Secret Way China Built Stealth Fighters (Thanks to F-35 'DNA')
2019-08-20national_interestThe Sad Reason America Lost a Member of its Elite Delta Force
2019-08-20national_interestB-21 Bomber: China, Russia and North Korea's Worst Military Nightmare?
2019-08-20national_interestThe F-35 Is Ancient History: Meet Europe's New 6th Generation Fighter
2019-08-20national_interestMiG 1.44 Is No F-35: The Russian Stealth Fighter Jet That Failed
2019-08-20national_interestThe U.S.-China Trade War: 5 Essential Read
2019-08-20national_interestThe Navy Told Us Why Maverick Is Still a Captain in the New Top Gun Movie
2019-08-20national_interestBefore Trump eyed Greenland: Here’s What Happened Last Time the U.S. Bought a Large Chunk of the Arctic
2019-08-20national_interestThis Photo Is Proof Why China, North Korea and Russia Fear the F-35
2019-08-20national_interestThe Supreme Court Decision That Kept Suburban Schools Segregated
2019-08-20national_interestThe U.S. Navy's F-14 Tomcat: Why It Was Built
2019-08-20national_interestWhy Facebook’s New ‘Privacy Cop’ Is Doomed to Fail
2019-08-20national_interestThe U.S. Marines Aren't Into Their New Sniper Rifle
2019-08-20national_interestHow ICE Enforcement Has Changed Under the Trump Administration
2019-08-20national_interestCould Trump Buy Greenland? Danish Officials Say It's "Not For Sale"
2019-08-20national_interestGermany's Air Force Is Dying: Everything You Need To Know.
2019-08-20national_interestHow an Old-School F-104 Could Beat an F-15 In Battle
2019-08-20national_interestReport: A Sudden Chinese Missile Attack Could Wipe Out U.S. Forces in a War
2019-08-20national_interestTaiwan Wants Billions of Dollars Worth of U.S. F-16 Fighters. It's a Waste of Time.
2019-08-20national_interestThe Legend the Super-Fast Mach 3 XB-70A Valkyrie Bomber Can Now Be Told
2019-08-20national_interestWill the U.S. Navy Soon Have a Missile-Tube Problem?
2019-08-20national_interestIn 2017, North Korean Missile Tests Caused American and South Korean Fighters to Prepare for the Worst
2019-08-20national_interestThe Rhetorical Trick Trump Used on the ‘Squad’ and How It Could Affect the Vote
2019-08-20national_interestDemocracy at Risk: How Distrust Is Eroding the American Way of Life
2019-08-20national_interestVideo Alert: Watch a Huge C-5M Super Galaxy Offload Several Apache Helicopters
2019-08-20national_interestStunning Rare Photo Shows the XB-70 Valkyrie Bomber's Moveable Windscreen Ready for Mach 3 Flight
2019-08-19national_interestVideo Alert: Beautiful HD Footage Shows Mesmerizing Time-Lapse of Aircraft in Open-Air Storage at the Boneyard
2019-08-19national_interestHow Iran Is Taking Advantage of a Weak Royal Navy
2019-08-19national_interestHeckler & Koch vs. Glock vs. Springfield: Who Makes the Best .45 Caliber Gun?
2019-08-19national_interestU.S. Marines vs. Navy SEALs: The Marines School the SEALS in 1 Key Thing
2019-08-19national_interestStealth DNA: The F-21 Might Just Have the 'Bones' of an F-22 and F-35
2019-08-19national_interestWar Machine?: Why You Don't Want to Battle the Air Force's X-37B Space Plane
2019-08-19national_interestChina’s New Massive Spy Drone Just Followed a U.S. Navy Cruiser
2019-08-19national_interestTomcat Down: Did Libya Really Shootdown a Navy F-14 Tomcat?
2019-08-19national_interestWill the U.S. Navy Soon Have a Missile-Tube Problem?
2019-08-19national_interestWhy Even a Hurricane Might Not Be Able Stop an F-22 Raptor Stealth Fighter
2019-08-19national_interestThe Navy's 'New' Virginia-Class Attack Stealth Submarine Is Coming Soon
2019-08-19national_interestHow China's Military Is Becoming Stronger
2019-08-19national_interestThis 1 Chart Might Spell Doom For NATO's Military Might
2019-08-19national_interestWhy Russia Loves (And Copies) the Glock 17 Model Gun
2019-08-19national_interestThe World Fears the Delta Force: Here Is How They Came to Be
2019-08-19national_interestNavy SEALs and New U.S. Stealth Submarines: An Unstoppable Combination?
2019-08-19national_interestNavy Deathmatch: F-14 Tomcat vs. F/A-18 Super Hornet (Who Wins)?
2019-08-19national_interestTiananmen Option: Would China Use Military Force in Hong Kong?
2019-08-19national_interestAmerica's 'Fire Brigade': Why the U.S. Marines Will Totally Kill You in a War
2019-08-19national_interestRussia's Flew Two Nuclear-Capable Tu-160 Strategic Bombers Near Alaska
2019-08-19national_interestTaliban Trolls Could Adopt New Terrorist Tactics in the Wake of America's Peace Plan
2019-08-19national_interestTime Is Running out for a Deal with North Korea
2019-08-19national_interestIndia's Military Is Stacked with Weapons That Could Kill Billions
2019-08-19national_interestLet's Not Turn Kashmir Into Another Gaza
2019-08-19national_interest10 Ways America's Military Will Crush You in Any Battle
2019-08-19national_interestWhat’s Behind the Protests in Kashmir?
2019-08-19national_interestAn Angry Sweden Demands Answers After a Russian Su-27 Came 20 Meters Close to a Swedish SIGINT Aircraft
2019-08-19national_interestHurray: The Damaged F-22 Stealth Fighters from Tyndall Air Force Base Are Now Back in Action
2019-08-19national_interestAir Battle: Russia's Su-30SM vs. America's F-22 Stealth Fighter (Who Ejects?)
2019-08-19national_interestNewly Upgraded B1-B Lancer Bombers Are Headed to Guam
2019-08-19national_interestHow History Can Actually Solve the South Korea-Japan Crisis
2019-08-19national_interestThis Israeli Air Force F-15 “Frankeneagle” Is Back in Business, but You Won't Guess What Damaged It
2019-08-19national_interestHow the Crazy Defection of Soviet Pilot Viktor Belenko Inspired Clint Eastwood’s Blockbuster Movie Firefox
2019-08-19national_interestCan Stealth Beat Stealth? Last Year F-22s Went up Against F-35 and the Results Were Stunning.
2019-08-19national_interestThis Picture Could Mean Russia and America Have Entered into a New Arms Race
2019-08-19national_interestThe F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter Is Back! (Don't Get Too Excited...)
2019-08-19national_interestSNAP Benefits Could Hurt Millions of Americans—And Local Communities
2019-08-19national_interestHow History Can Actually Solve the South Korea-Japan Crisis
2019-08-19national_interestBack in 2016, an F-22 Raptor Lost Its Stealth
2019-08-18national_interestBack in 1967, One of the U.S. Navy's Most Advanced Submarines Sank Mysteriously
2019-08-18national_interestMaking Money Off of Politics Isn’t New—It Was Business As Usual In the Gilded Age
2019-08-18national_interestThe War On History Has Come for George Washington
2019-08-18national_interestAtomic Deathmatch: Japan's Massive Yamato Battleship vs. Nuclear Weapons (Who Wins)?
2019-08-18national_interestHow 'Adaptable Deck Launchers' Could Turn Almost Any Ship into a Missile-Firing Warship
2019-08-18national_interestA Cyberattack Could Wreak Destruction Comparable to a Nuclear Weapon
2019-08-18national_interestTwo Dozen F-22 Raptors Performed an "Elephant Walk"
2019-08-18national_interestThe Internet Is Rotting—Let's Embrace It
2019-08-18national_interestThe World War II Battleship Fleet the World Feared (No, Not America or Japan)
2019-08-18national_interestRussia's Nuclear-Powered ‘Skyfall’ Missile with Unlimited Range: A Doomsday Weapon?
2019-08-18national_interestWant a Russian Stealth Fighter or S-400 But Fear U.S. Sanctions? This Might Be the Solution.
2019-08-18national_interestWho Is Responsible When an Inmate Commits Suicide?
2019-08-18national_interest100 Billion Reasons Why: Why Australia Said No to American Missiles Aimed At China
2019-08-18national_interestCan't Touch This: The Secret Reason the SR-71 Spy Plane Set Speed Records
2019-08-18national_interestYou're Toast: 5 Ways A Bulletproof Vest Can Be Defeated
2019-08-18national_interestConstraining Iran Requires Ending its Colonization of Arabistan
2019-08-18national_interestGerman AR-15 Rifles: The Best on the Planet? (Take a Look and Decide)
2019-08-18national_interestRadioactive Tragedy: Russia's New Cruise Missile Would Be a Terror on the Battlefield
2019-08-18national_interestSelfie Showdown: A Russian Pilot Filmed His Su-27 Overtaking a P-8A Poseidon Plane
2019-08-18national_interestThe Hidden Law That Could Stop The Reckless Oversupply of Opioids to American Families
2019-08-18national_interestThe U.S. Navy Isn't Building 'Battleships' Anymore
2019-08-18national_interestRIP Battleships: How Imperial Japan Proved These Massive Warships Were Obsolete
2019-08-18national_interestChina's Belt and Road Plan Is Destroying the World
2019-08-18national_interestSouth Korea and Japan Must Resolve Their Trade Spat
2019-08-18national_interestThe F-111 Aardvark: The Assassin Strike Plane Sent to Kill Gaddafi
2019-08-18national_interestChina's Military Is Ready For War: Everything You Need to Know.
2019-08-18national_interestV-22 Osprey: Israel's Military Could Become Even Deadlier Thanks to This
2019-08-18national_interestLast Battleship: The Royal Navy's Final Battleship Was a Real Navy-Killer
2019-08-18national_interestThe Kel-Tec KSG-25 Bullpup Shotgun Holds 41 'Bullets': What You Need To Know
2019-08-18national_interestMeet the Hughes XF-11: The Prototype Plane That Nearly Killed Howard Hughes
2019-08-18national_interestThere Is Only 1 Way to Save the Aircraft Carrier from the 'Scraper': Study Battleships
2019-08-18national_interestFAIL: Why the Biggest Battleship Battle of All-Time Decided Nothing
2019-08-18national_interestBattleship Battle of Surigao Strait: How the U.S. Navy Avenged Pearl Harbor
2019-08-18national_interestPakistan Has Lots of Nuclear Weapons: Should the World Worry?
2019-08-18national_interestIndia vs. Pakistan: The 1 Thing That Could Spark a Nuclear War (Billions Dead)
2019-08-18national_interestI Served on a U.S. Navy Battleship (And They Won't Ever Make a Comeback)
2019-08-18national_interestIs India Becoming a Nuclear Weapons Superpower?
2019-08-18national_interestZumwalt: The Stealth Destroyer That Could Become the Ultimate Killer
2019-08-18national_interestNorth Korea vs. America's B-2 Stealth Bomber, F-22 and F-35 Fighters (Who Dies?)
2019-08-18national_interestSee This Battleship? It Took An Unthinkable Amount of Weapons to Sink It.
2019-08-18national_interestSee This Picture? This Was the Moment Imperial Japan Lost World War II
2019-08-18national_interestHow the U.S. Navy Sank Imperial Japan's Last Monster-Sized Aircraft Carrier
2019-08-18national_interestWho Will Rule the Twenty-First Century?
2019-08-18national_interestWill Corruption Poison Ukraine's New President?
2019-08-18national_interestIt's Time to Fight for Global Religious Freedom
2019-08-18national_interestSaudi Arabia’s Hyper-Nationalism Is Here To Stay
2019-08-18national_interestShould We Just Let the Army Do It?
2019-08-18national_interestChina's New Stealth Fighter?: Is the J-16 Getting Stealthy or Not?
2019-08-18national_interestF/A-18 Show and Tell: What is the Difference Between a Hornet and Super Hornet?
2019-08-17national_interestBuyer Beware: The U.S. Navy’s New Frigate Doesn’t Come With A Warranty
2019-08-17national_interest‘Red Flag’ Gun Laws: Everything You Need To Know
2019-08-17national_interestNuclear Weapons on Aircraft Carriers? Why the U.S. Navy Said "No Way"
2019-08-17national_interestDid Russia’s Bizarre Nuclear-Powered Missile Just Blow Up?
2019-08-17national_interestNorth Korea vs. America's Mach 3 SR-71 Spy Plane (Who Wins?)
2019-08-17national_interestMeet the Journalist Who Exposed the Jeffrey Epsteins of Victorian London
2019-08-17national_interestThat Time Gaddafi Scrambled 70 Fighter Jets to Intercept U.S. Navy Aircraft that Crossed the Line of Death
2019-08-17national_interestChina's 3 Helicopter Carriers Are Here to Stay: Paper Tiger or Super Weapon?
2019-08-17national_interestThe U.S. Navy's Most Powerful Aircraft Carrier Just Made a Big Step Forward
2019-08-17national_interestThe U.S. Navy Let Me Come Aboard Their Deadliest Aircraft Carrier Ever
2019-08-17national_interestBefore Buying Russia's S-400, Turkey Made Sure to Have Spare F-16 Parts On Hand
2019-08-17national_interest15 Best Guns on Earth?: The World's Best Shotguns, Handguns, and Military Rifles
2019-08-17national_interestThe Navy's New Railgun Is A Step Closer to Sinking Your 'Battleship'
2019-08-17national_interestSatellites Could Help Solve Our Planet From the Climate Crisis
2019-08-17national_interestWhy the Air Force Gave Up on the SR-71 (The Fastest Plane Ever)
2019-08-17national_interestVenezuela Got a Loan for $10 Billion from Russia to Pay for Fighter Jets (It Can't Pay It Back)
2019-08-17national_interestThe Ultimate Iran Nightmare: Not a War with America, But a Civil War
2019-08-17national_interestHow Israeli F-15s and F-16s Decimated the Syrian Air Force 88-13
2019-08-17national_interestOne of America's Last Battleships Fired 5,688 16-Inch Shells During the Vietnam War
2019-08-17national_interestHitler Lives?: A 1955 CIA Document Said It Might Be Possible
2019-08-17national_interestThe Montana-Class: The U.S. Navy Almost Built Monster Battleships (Thank God It Never Did)
2019-08-17national_interestMeet Kel-Tec's New CP33: One of the Best Guns on Earth?
2019-08-17national_interestWorld Record: How One Russian MiG-25 Fighter Reached 123,523 Feet
2019-08-17national_interestHeckler & Koch Guns: The 5 Best on the Planet
2019-08-17national_interestF-35 Is History: Say Hello to the Navy's F/A-XX 6th Generation Fighter Jet
2019-08-17national_interestWhy The 2020 Census Really Matters for Rural Americans
2019-08-17national_interestWelcome to the Battle of Yijiangshan Island (America Threatened to Nuke China)
2019-08-17national_interestThe Federal Government and Americans Do Not Agree on Immigration Policy
2019-08-17national_interestYou're Dead: 5 Best Marksman Rifles on the Planet
2019-08-17national_interestHow the "Christian Left" Found Their Voices Over the Treatment of Immigrants
2019-08-17national_interestChinese Drones Are Going to War All Over the Middle East and Africa
2019-08-17national_interestDead Warship: 5 Ways to Sink a Monster Battleship
2019-08-17national_interestThe Army's World War II Sherman Tank: The Best Worst Tank?
2019-08-17national_interestMeet China’s New JH-7A ‘Flying Leopard’ Supersonic Fighter-Bomber
2019-08-17national_interestWhy Russia Still Hates the Air Force's F-15 Eagle
2019-08-17national_interestHow Strange: Nazi Germany's Fighter Planes Helped Save Israel
2019-08-17national_interestWhat It's Like to Fly an F-14 Tomcat with Just One Engine
2019-08-17national_interestThe U.S. Military's Clever Plan for How to Win a War with China
2019-08-17national_interestDisaster at the Shooting Range: These 5 Guns Should Never Fire a Bullet Again
2019-08-17national_interestSniper-proof: .50 Caliber Bullets Can Kill. Meet the Body Armor That Can Stop Them
2019-08-17national_interestIsrael Got Its Hands On (And Flew) 1 of Russia's Deadly MiG-29 Fighters
2019-08-17national_interestAn F-16 Pilot Told US What It Feels Like to Get Shot Out of the Sky
2019-08-17national_interest5 Deadliest Guns on the Planet (With An Important Twist)
2019-08-17national_interestStealth Shortage: Does the Pentagon Have Enough F-35s to Test?
2019-08-17national_interestBang!: These .38 Special Guns Outrank All Others
2019-08-17national_interestNazi Germany vs. Russia: The World War II Front Where Tens of Millions Died
2019-08-17national_interestMeet the Army's New M17 Gun: One of the Best on the Planet?
2019-08-17national_interestThe U.S. Army's 'New' Abrams Tank Is Far from Obsolete (For Now)
2019-08-17national_interestGreenland Is Simply Amazing (Forget About the Trump Inspired News)