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2019-10-15national_interestFACT: The U.S. Military Lost a Simulated War to Iran Back in 2002
2019-10-15national_interestThe .44 Magnum: The Old 'Dirty Harry' Gun That Is Still a Legend
2019-10-15national_interestThe U.S. Air Force Isn't Ready for a War Against Russia or China
2019-10-15national_interestThis Picture Is the U.S. Military's Worst China Nightmare (Thanks to Russia)
2019-10-15national_interestSee This Picture? Russia Hoped This Fighter Jet Would Be a Game-Changer. It Failed.
2019-10-15national_interestNazi Germany Facts: Hitler's Army Was Powered by Horses?
2019-10-15national_interestRussia's Su-27 Fighter Is Moscow's Very Own F-15 (And Its a Real Killer)
2019-10-15national_interestThe F-35 Is the Past: Air Force's 6th-Generation Fighter Will Be a Everything
2019-10-15national_interestIran's Mad Max Navy Could Give Donald Trump a Giant Headache in a War
2019-10-15national_interestDonald Trump Has Nothing to Fear From Iran's Not-So-Scary Military
2019-10-14national_interestHow Imperial Japan Launched a 'Second' Pearl Harbor
2019-10-14national_interestNazi Germany's Worst Weapon Ever: The Flying Coffin Bomber
2019-10-14national_interestBig World War II 'What-If': What If France Didn't Surrender to Hitler?
2019-10-14national_interestTrump's Tragic Mistake: America Betrays the Kurds Again
2019-10-14national_interestHitler Tried To Steal France's Battleship Fleet. Only One Man Stood In His Way.
2019-10-14national_interestDoes This Video Show a Drone Killing an Israeli Merkava Tank?
2019-10-14national_interestWhat It Took To Sink Hitller's Biggest Battleship: Over 16 Tons of Bombs
2019-10-14national_interestThe Old M60 Patton Tank: This Piece of Armor Simply Refuses to Die
2019-10-14national_interestThe Army Wants Laser-Armed Drone Killers for its New 'Fighting Vehicle'
2019-10-14national_interestHow China Would Fight the U.S. Navy (And Sink It) During a War
2019-10-14national_interestJapan Planned to 'Beach' the Biggest Battleship Ever in a Suicide Mission from Hell
2019-10-14national_interestIs North Korea Getting Ready to Test ICBMs Again? The U.S. Air Force Seems Worried.
2019-10-14national_interestIf Germany Atoned for the Holocaust, America Can Pay Reparations for Slavery
2019-10-14national_interestU.S. Aircraft Carriers Aren't Easy to Attack and Sink. Here Is Why.
2019-10-14national_interestMeet the Massive Ordnance Penetrator: The Air Force's Newest Bunker Buster Bomb
2019-10-14national_interestHow This New York Family Became One Of America's Biggest Arms Dealer
2019-10-14national_interestTo Take Down Big German Tanks, The British Looked To Even Bigger Guns
2019-10-14national_interestIran Is Winning Trump's Foreign Policy Gamble
2019-10-14national_interestWill AI Cripple or Leapfrog Developing Nations' Growth?
2019-10-14national_interestBeijing Will Not Let Go of Hong Kong
2019-10-14national_interestWhy Leaving Syria Is Necessary
2019-10-14national_interestHow Nazi Germany Nearly Wiped Out the British Army’s 1st Airborne Division
2019-10-14national_interestSee This Fighter Jet? It Would Terrorize North Korea in a War
2019-10-14national_interestThe U.S. Army’s Robot Tanks Could Arrive Years Early
2019-10-14national_interest500 Years and Counting: Why Machiavelli Still Terrifies Us
2019-10-14national_interestDropping Bombs: These Are the Best Bombers To Ever Fly
2019-10-14national_interestHitler's Legendary King Tiger Tank: Was It Really That Good or All Hype?
2019-10-14national_interestJet Fighter Death Match: Russia's MiG-15 vs. America's F-86 Sabre (Who Wins?)
2019-10-14national_interestYour History Book Failed: Why This World War II Battle Is NOT The Biggest Tank Battle
2019-10-14national_interestChina's Missiles Could be a New 21st Century Kamikaze Weapon
2019-10-13national_interestThe Next Space Race: Is America Ready For Chinese Space Drones?
2019-10-13national_interestBritain's Matilda Tank Was One Weapon The Nazis Never Wanted To Fight
2019-10-13national_interestWhen The U.S. Navy Broke Imperial Japan's Secret Codes, A Reporter Almost Spilled The Beans
2019-10-13national_interestWhy Poland Really Needs the Patriot Missile Defense System (Think Russia)
2019-10-13national_interestThe Kurds Served as America’s Ground Troops in the War Against ISIS
2019-10-13national_interestMeet the Kel-Tec KS7: A Great Budget Shotgun or Waste of Time?
2019-10-13national_interestWith Futuristic Weapons, The Navy's Zumwalt Stealth Destroyer Will Be A Real Monster
2019-10-13national_interestThe USS Enterprise: How One Aircraft Carrier Changed Naval History
2019-10-13national_interestThe Colt .38 Commando Revolver Has A Long History (It Helped Win World War II)
2019-10-13national_interestKel-Tec's RDB 5.56mm Rifle: Everything We Know
2019-10-13national_interestBattleships, Submarines and Aircraft Carriers Fight: Battle of Leyte Gulf Was the Ultimate Naval Deathmatch
2019-10-13national_interestThe Complete Guide to Home Self Defense Guns: Our Top 5
2019-10-13national_interestThis New Submarine Could Be a Real Killer (And No, Its Not American)
2019-10-13national_interestTerrorism: Making a Comeback or on the Decline? A New Report Has Answers.
2019-10-13national_interestSaudi Arabia's Bid For Middle Eastern Supremacy Isn't Going Quite As Planned
2019-10-13national_interestTaurus' Striker-Fired TX-22 .22 Pistol Is Here And Ready To Rock
2019-10-13national_interestA Sad History: All of the Times the West Abandon the Kurds
2019-10-13national_interestIf The NBA Won't Stand Up To Chinese Bullying, What Should We Expect From Other American Companies?
2019-10-13national_interestA War Between Pakistan And India Could Kill Billions (If It Went Nuclear)
2019-10-13national_interestBOOM: China Is Showing off Their New, Shiny Weapons of War
2019-10-13national_interestChina's Army Is Getting a New Assault Rifle (And It Could Be a Really Big Deal)
2019-10-13national_interestThe Rich Do, in Fact, Pay Higher Tax Rates
2019-10-13national_interestRussia's Navy Has a Deadly New Mach-8 Hypersonic Anti-Ship Missile
2019-10-13national_interestIn 1985, A U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Smashed Into a 13 Mile Long Solid Rock
2019-10-13national_interestThe Kel-Tec Rifle Forward-ejecting Bullpup: A Wonder Weapon or Worthless?
2019-10-13national_interestA Big Threat to the Russian Military: Possible Exploding Guns?
2019-10-13national_interestIs Russia Preparing For An Invasion of This Important Piece of the Arctic?
2019-10-13national_interestDid Chinese Scientists Just Create a New Material to Build 'Super' Stealth Fighters?
2019-10-13national_interestFollowing Multiple Naval Collisions, The U.S. Navy Is Changing How It Operates
2019-10-13national_interestThe Navy's New Torpedo Will Send Russian and Chinese Subs Running
2019-10-13national_interestHere Is How America Can Increase the Pressure on China
2019-10-13national_interestA Real Threat: Why Russia's Air Force Should Be Taken Seriously
2019-10-13national_interestMISTAKE: Japan Tried to Take a Big Battleship and Transform it Into an Aircraft Carrier
2019-10-13national_interestAmerica's Aircraft Carriers Are Steadily Heading Towards A Disaster
2019-10-13national_interestStudy: China's Military Domination over Asia is Not Guaranteed
2019-10-13national_interestForget North Korea: South Korea's Biggest Problem is a Demographics Disaster
2019-10-13national_interestRoss Rifle: Quite Possibly the Worst Rifle to Ever Fire a Shot
2019-10-13national_interestWith Hypersonic Missiles, Israel's F-35s Are Upping The Ante In Syria
2019-10-13national_interestIn 1986, a Russian Submarine with 27 Nuclear Missiles Sank (And Exploded)
2019-10-13national_interestCan The U.S. Army's Latest Air Defense System Handle 21st Century Warfare?
2019-10-13national_interestThe Return of Geoeconomics
2019-10-13national_interestWhere Will Ukraine Go from Here?
2019-10-13national_interestA Partial North Korean Nuclear Agreement Is Better Than None at All
2019-10-13national_interestElder Abuse In Nursing Homes Is Rampant: Could Webcams Be The Answer?
2019-10-13national_interestAre Regressive Tax Cuts What America Needs? Not Exactly
2019-10-13national_interestComputers Gone Wild—6 Movies to Help You Ponder Our Quantum Future
2019-10-13national_interestPoll: Young Americans Are More Likely to Resent the Rich
2019-10-13national_interestThese 5 Lessons From Richard Nixon's Impeachment Are Relevant To Donald Trump's Political Problems
2019-10-12national_interestIn World War II, a U.S. Soldier Gunned Down a Nazi Fighter Plane With His Machine Gun
2019-10-12national_interestWKD: What Would Happen If America Killed North Korea's Kim Jong-Un?
2019-10-12national_interestHow to Truly Project Power with the F-35
2019-10-12national_interestAnother Neat Trick by the F-35: A Tank Killer?
2019-10-12national_interestHow Nazi Germany Could Have Won World War Two Without Having to Fight the Allies
2019-10-12national_interestCould Pakistan's JF-17 Be A Cheaper Alternative To Jets Like the F-35?
2019-10-12national_interestNazi Germany Wasted Many Lives Trying to Keep Aachen from the Allies
2019-10-12national_interestThe Last Battleship Battle Ever Was a One-Sided Slaughter
2019-10-12national_interestThe U.S. Air Force (Using F-35s) Is Learning How To Defeat Russia's S-400 Air Defenses
2019-10-12national_interestLittoral Combat Ship: America's Secret Naval Weapon Against China Or Waste Of Money?
2019-10-12national_interestTanker War: Back in 1988, Tensions Between Iran and America Led to a Clash
2019-10-12national_interestRussia's New Nuclear Weapon Is A Real Doomsday Device (And Aimed At America)
2019-10-12national_interestNazi Germany's Sturmgewehr-44: The Assault Rifle That Started Everything
2019-10-12national_interestA U.S. Navy Nightmare: What If China Built a 'Battleship'?
2019-10-12national_interestSouth Korea Could Build an Aircraft Carrier (Armed with F-35s?)
2019-10-12national_interestHow Good Is It? Kel Tec's KSG Shotgun Claims to Offer "the World's Fastest Reload"
2019-10-12national_interestBetween Sig Sauer's P226 and P229, Which Gun Comes Out On Top?
2019-10-12national_interestRevealed: Russia's Plan To Destroy U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers In a War
2019-10-12national_interestThe U.S. Army Has Big Plans to Destroy Enemy Swarm Drones
2019-10-12national_interestSay the Words Kel-Tec and Watch Gun Owners Cheer or Scream
2019-10-12national_interestPakistan's Next War With India Will Involve Russia and China (Even If They Don't Join In)
2019-10-12national_interestThe Army Wants to Kill Drones With... Drones?
2019-10-12national_interestWhat Would Happen If America Killed North Korea's Kim Jong-Un?
2019-10-12national_interestArmed To The Teeth: India and Pakistan's Nukes Are Trained On Each Other (And Ready to Go)
2019-10-12national_interestThis 1 War Made America's Military a Legend (Think Stealth Fighters and Smart Bombs)
2019-10-12national_interestHow Hitler's Invasion Of Poland, Not Russia, Killed Nazi Germany
2019-10-12national_interestHitler's Personal Grudge Against One Country Helped Russia Beat Nazi Germany
2019-10-12national_interestIn 1945, Two Submarines Had An Underwater Battle To The Death For The First Time
2019-10-12national_interestWhen World War III Happens, It Will Start In One Of These 5 Places
2019-10-12national_interestHow Dangerous Is Turkey's Military on the Battlefield?
2019-10-12national_interestBEHOLD: Is China's DF-26 Missile a Real Threat to U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers?
2019-10-12national_interestWill The Navy's 6th Generation Fighter Jet Be The End Of the U.S. F-35 and F-22?
2019-10-12national_interestSmith & Wesson's 500 .50 Caliber Gun Is So Mean That Ranges Don't Allow It
2019-10-12national_interestSaudi Arabia Should Be Careful About Buying Russian Weapons
2019-10-12national_interestHow to Win an Asymmetric War in the Era of Special Forces
2019-10-12national_interestIn Defense of Free Trade
2019-10-12national_interestHitler And Nazi Germany Feared Britain's 'Navy Seals' For Good Reason
2019-10-12national_interestWhat the Civil War Can Teach Us About Modern Naval Warfare
2019-10-11national_interestWhy Russia's Air Defenses Can't Take on Israel's Stealth F-35 Adir
2019-10-11national_interestThese Are the Weapons Iran Would Use to Wage War
2019-10-11national_interestInside NATO's Crazy Cold War Plan to "Win" a War Against Russia
2019-10-11national_interestBiden Blasts Saudi Arabia: 'Very Little...Redeeming Value'
2019-10-11national_interestCongress's Metro Station Closed By Brutal Stabbing Attack
2019-10-11national_interestU.S. Marines Called Customer Support to Get Their Rifle Working During a Battle
2019-10-11national_interestThe U.S. Army Has a Plan To Beat Russia's Electronic Warfare Battleplans
2019-10-11national_interestHell On Earth: What Would Happen If Washington, D.C. Was Nuked?
2019-10-11national_interestA U.S. Invasion of Iran Would Be A Disaster (And Not Because Of Iran's Military)
2019-10-11national_interestIran Attacked Saudi Arabia's Oil Facilities, But Not For the Reason You Think
2019-10-11national_interestTrump Says He Doesn't Want War With Iran, But the U.S. Military Is Ready
2019-10-11national_interestWar by Other Means
2019-10-11national_interestHow Would World War II Have Changed If D-Day Happened in 1943?
2019-10-11national_interestTulsi Blasts Biden For Ukraine Allegations
2019-10-11national_interestThe Navy SEALs Could Take on Iran's Special Forces in a War
2019-10-11national_interestWe Know Why Congress Can't Buy More F-22 Stealth Fighters
2019-10-11national_interestExplained: Why 6th Generation Fighters Will Crush the F-35 and F-22
2019-10-11national_interestYes, Iran Could Attempt to Destroy a U.S. Aircraft Carrier
2019-10-11national_interestRIP F-35: DARPA Thinks the Future of Air Warfare Might Not Be Stealth
2019-10-11national_interestThe Cold-Blooded Way the Allies Sank Hitler's U-Boats One by One
2019-10-11national_interestWe Asked The U.S. Marines: When Is Fully Automatic Fire Appropriate In War?
2019-10-11national_interestMaria Yovanovitch: A Real Threat to Trump?
2019-10-11national_interestDid Saudi Arabia Just Blow Up an Iranian Tanker?
2019-10-11national_interestChristian Communities in Northeast Syria Are the Target of a Turkish Attack for the First Time in Over a Century
2019-10-11national_interestBREAKING: Trump Loses Subpoena Appeal, Tees Up for Supreme Court Fight
2019-10-11national_interestEU Ambassador Defies Trump State Dept, Complies With Subpoena
2019-10-11national_interestCan Biden Use Big Tech to Quash Trump Ukraine Ad?
2019-10-11national_interestWhy Turkey Wants Their Invasion of Syria to Go Quickly
2019-10-11national_interest'Bad News' Ukraine Envoy: Trump Allies and Ukrainians Pushing 'False' Allegations
2019-10-11national_interestOperation Market-Garden Could Have Ended Hitler Forever (But Failed)
2019-10-11national_interestThe U.K.’s Top General Says Britain Is Already At War With Russia
2019-10-11national_interestBritain’s Emergency Plan for Brexit: Riot Control and Traffic Jams
2019-10-11national_interestHow Big Of A Threat To NATO Is Russia's New PAK-DA Stealth Bomber?
2019-10-11national_interestA Nuclear War Between India and Pakistan Could Happen (And Would Change The World)
2019-10-11national_interestBattleship War: What If China and the U.S. Navy Come To Blows In 2026?
2019-10-11national_interestIs The U.S. Navy Planning To Put Hypersonic Missiles On Submarines?
2019-10-11national_interestIt Never Saw Combat, But The B-58 Hustler Was Ready To Destroy Countries
2019-10-11national_interestRussia’s Energy Diplomacy Brings Geopolitical Dividends
2019-10-11national_interestHitler Turned Nazi Germany Into a War Machine (But Why Only 1 Aircraft Carrier?)
2019-10-11national_interestYes, North Korea Is Building Submarine-Launched Nuclear Missiles
2019-10-11national_interestAmerica Can—and Will—Win the Trade War
2019-10-11national_interestBang, You're Dead: Meet the P-39 “Peashooter” (A World War II Legend)
2019-10-11national_interestAre U.S.-North Korea Nuclear Negotiations Dead?
2019-10-11national_interestThe Glock 20 10mm Gun: Too Much Power and Too Old?
2019-10-11national_interestLast Year, a Report Declared the Stealth F-22 Raptor Was in Trouble
2019-10-11national_interestWhy the Korean War Battle of Chosin Was so Bloody
2019-10-11national_interestRussia Launched Half of Its Stealth Fighters. We Now Know Why.
2019-10-11national_interestLast Year, A Non-Human Adversary Grounded An Entire F-22 Jet Squadron
2019-10-11national_interestForget the F-22 and F-35: The X-32 and F-23 Could Have Been the Best in Stealth
2019-10-11national_interestExplained: Why No One Can Stop the U.S. Army in a War
2019-10-11national_interestRussia Has a Terrifying Seaborne Nuclear Weapon