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2019-06-24national_reviewMasterpiece Theater: Look Past the Cake-Shop Vendetta and Toward Kindness
2019-06-24national_reviewDOJ Lawyer Receives Death Threats After Appearing In Viral ‘Toothbrush’ Video
2019-06-24national_reviewJudge Punts Decision on Renewing License of Missouri’s Lone Abortion Clinic
2019-06-24national_reviewMurder Mystery: An Old Comedy Genre Gets Polished Up
2019-06-24national_reviewClue Hidden in Website Code Fuels Speculation on Rep. Omar’s Marital History
2019-06-24national_reviewU.K. Court Reverses Ruling That Would Have Forced Mentally Disabled Woman to Have an Abortion
2019-06-24national_reviewWhat the Viral Border-Patrol Video Leaves Out
2019-06-24national_reviewAngela Rye Knows You’re Racist
2019-06-24national_reviewAmerica’s Most Educated, Engaged Citizens Are Making Politics Worse
2019-06-24national_reviewSupreme Court Strikes Down Federal Ban on ‘Scandalous’ Trademarks
2019-06-24national_reviewRacial Bean-Counting in New York City Schools
2019-06-24national_reviewGavin Newsom: ‘Xenophobia’ Will Make Republicans a ‘Third Party’ within Decade
2019-06-24national_reviewTrump Announces ‘Hard Hitting’ New Sanctions on Iran
2019-06-24national_reviewSupreme Court Declines to Hear Challenge to Trump’s Tariffs
2019-06-24national_reviewSanders to Propose Canceling $1.6 Trillion in Student Debt
2019-06-24national_reviewSouth Dakota’s Efforts to Protect Speech on Campus Could Be a Model for the Nation
2019-06-23national_reviewBernie Sanders Is FDR’s Unimaginative Echo
2019-06-23national_reviewFor Economic Growth, We Need the Rule of Law
2019-06-23national_reviewPartisan Gerrymandering: Courts Should Keep Out of the Debate
2019-06-23national_reviewInching Back toward the Rule of Law
2019-06-22national_reviewThe Man behind Hiroshima
2019-06-22national_reviewWhoever Wins Istanbul’s Mayoral Election, There’s Trouble Ahead for Erdogan
2019-06-22national_reviewWhy Pelosi Continues to Deflect the Censure Gambit
2019-06-22national_reviewThe Editors Podcast: Restarts, Rallies, and Regulations
2019-06-22national_reviewMaking Sense of the Iran Chaos
2019-06-22national_reviewSolemn Parties, Festive Liturgies — What’s Not to Like about Being Catholic?
2019-06-21national_reviewJudge Appoints Special Prosecutor to Investigate Kim Foxx’s Handling of Smollett Case
2019-06-21national_reviewTrump’s Deportation Numbers Continue to Lag Behind Obama’s Despite Strong Rhetoric
2019-06-21national_reviewTrump Orders Strike On Iran Then Abruptly Cancels It
2019-06-21national_reviewThe Madcap Caution of Donald Trump
2019-06-21national_reviewThe Media’s Double Standard on Culture-War Controversies
2019-06-21national_reviewDemocrats Unleash the Cancer of Slavery Reparations
2019-06-21national_reviewFosse/Verdon and the Dismal #MeToo Obsession
2019-06-21national_reviewJoe and the Segs
2019-06-21national_reviewTeen Vogue’s Support of Sex Work Is Delusional and Dangerous
2019-06-21national_reviewToy Story 4: A National Anthem
2019-06-21national_reviewElizabeth Warren’s Terrible Plans
2019-06-21national_reviewVermont Expands Medicaid to Cover Gender Affirmation Surgeries for Minors
2019-06-21national_reviewFAA Orders U.S. Airlines to Avoid Iranian Airspace
2019-06-21national_reviewCan Joe Biden Be America’s New Great Compromiser?
2019-06-21national_reviewICE Plans to Target 2,000 Undocumented Immigrants in New Deportation Operation
2019-06-21national_reviewSupreme Court Backs Immigrant Unaware of Legal Status in Gun-Possession Case
2019-06-20national_reviewSound: Coughing
2019-06-20national_reviewTexas Governor Signs Bill Making It Illegal to Hear Sex Jokes On Campus and Not Report It
2019-06-20national_reviewFranco Zeffirelli: Unlikely Conservative Hero
2019-06-20national_reviewU.S. Holds All the Cards in the Showdown with Iran
2019-06-20national_reviewTel Aviv Journal
2019-06-20national_reviewThe Beautiful, Corrupt Game
2019-06-20national_reviewJosh Hawley’s Internet Censorship Bill Is an Unwise, Unconstitutional Mess
2019-06-20national_reviewOberlin Has Graduated from Self-Caricature to Disgrace
2019-06-20national_reviewIt’s Curtains for a George Washington Mural in San Francisco. Or Paint, or Panels. Just Hide It!
2019-06-20national_reviewIran Shoots Down U.S. Military Drone in ‘Unprovoked Attack’
2019-06-20national_reviewTucker Carlson Slams Republicans for Ignoring Voters in Favor of Koch Brothers’ Priorities
2019-06-20national_reviewLessons from the Iraq War
2019-06-20national_reviewDemocracy’s Moral Foundations: Recovering Our ‘Constitution in Full’
2019-06-20national_reviewThe Conservative Sensibility Is George Will’s Definitive Declaration
2019-06-20national_reviewJosh Hawley’s Virtue Politics
2019-06-20national_reviewHow China Weaponized the Global Supply Chain
2019-06-20national_reviewThe Post-Liberals’ Incoherence
2019-06-20national_reviewThe Incredible Guts of Thae Yong-ho
2019-06-20national_reviewGreat Writing by Women
2019-06-20national_reviewJohn Roberts: A Political Judge?
2019-06-20national_reviewTV Is Terrible
2019-06-20national_reviewThe Democrats Are the Socialist Party Again
2019-06-20national_reviewKeanu Reeves’ Dance with Death in John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum
2019-06-20national_reviewWeather Trends
2019-06-20national_reviewBallpark: How Baseball Stadiums Became Beautiful Again
2019-06-20national_reviewSCOTUS Rules 40-Foot ‘Peace Cross’ Can Remain on State Property in Maryland
2019-06-20national_reviewThe Week
2019-06-20national_reviewPlowing the Web
2019-06-20national_reviewMy Possessions
2019-06-20national_reviewNinth Circuit Allows Trump Administration’s Abortion Referral Restrictions to Take Effect
2019-06-20national_reviewThe Wild Bunch and American Disillusionment
2019-06-20national_reviewSenate Votes to Block Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia Despite Trump’s Veto Threat
2019-06-20national_reviewRory Stewart and the Crisis of British Conservatism
2019-06-20national_reviewRoy Moore to Run Again for Alabama Senate Seat Despite Sexual-Misconduct Allegations
2019-06-20national_reviewSt. Louis Abortion Clinic Will Flout State Pelvic-Exam Requirement
2019-06-20national_reviewHow to Pay Teachers More without Busting the Bank
2019-06-20national_reviewOn Brexit, Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Stupid Answer
2019-06-20national_reviewWas Iran’s Downing of a U.S. Drone Really a ‘Mistake’?
2019-06-20national_reviewA Trumpian Campaign Launch
2019-06-20national_reviewU.S. Human Trafficking Report Scraps Child Separation Warning
2019-06-19national_reviewCould a Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax Be the First Step to Fight Climate Change?
2019-06-19national_reviewThe California Housing Crisis and the Problem with Local Control
2019-06-19national_reviewA Sensible Middle Ground on Data Privacy
2019-06-19national_reviewTrump’s Personality Is His Biggest Re-Election Obstacle
2019-06-19national_reviewKamala Harris’s Dreadful DA Record
2019-06-19national_reviewHawley to Introduce Bill Making It Easier to Sue Big Tech Firms Over Political Bias
2019-06-19national_reviewJoe Biden: “At Least There was Some Civility” from Segregationist James Eastland
2019-06-19national_review2020 Dems Scold Biden for Praising ‘Civility’ of Segregationist Senators
2019-06-19national_reviewThe Wrong Boogiemen
2019-06-19national_reviewTwo Painful Truths of America’s Religious Culture War
2019-06-19national_reviewIranian Official Downplays Possibility of Military Confrontation with U.S.
2019-06-19national_reviewThe Wrong Bogeymen
2019-06-19national_reviewAOC’s Holocaust Remarks Divide Congressional Democrats
2019-06-19national_reviewThe Supreme Court Was Right to Uphold the Dual-Sovereignty Doctrine
2019-06-19national_reviewHouse Votes to Repeal 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force
2019-06-19national_reviewJoe Biden’s Segregationist Problem
2019-06-19national_reviewNational Popular Vote Movement Tries to Win Over Skeptical Conservatives
2019-06-19national_reviewTrolling America in HBO’s Euphoria
2019-06-18national_reviewCollege Evaluation: Did It Help Make Your Child a Better Person?
2019-06-18national_reviewMcConnell Rejects Possibility of Slavery Reparations
2019-06-18national_reviewPentagon to Give $250 Million in Aid, Weapons to Ukrainian Military
2019-06-18national_reviewThe Move to Reclaim Privacy
2019-06-18national_reviewTed Cruz Can Help Christians and Conservatives Who Are Pushed Out of the Ivy League
2019-06-18national_reviewState Attorneys General Demand Congress Act to Secure 2020 Elections
2019-06-18national_reviewActing Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan to Step Down
2019-06-18national_reviewNY Governor Andrew Cuomo Signs Bill Allowing Illegal Immigrants to Obtain Driver’s Licenses
2019-06-18national_reviewAOC: Trump Administration ‘Is Running Concentration Camps On Our Southern Border’
2019-06-18national_reviewAssembly of U.S. Catholics Bishops Reveals an Ugly, Incompetent Bureaucracy
2019-06-18national_reviewThe Example of Hong Kong
2019-06-18national_reviewAmerica’s First Third-World State
2019-06-18national_reviewIn Toy Story 4, the Franchise Shows Its Age
2019-06-18national_reviewOberlin Is Forced to Check Its Woke Privilege
2019-06-18national_review‘Moral Relativism’: Do Conservatives Really Object?
2019-06-18national_reviewTrump’s Polish Defense Deal
2019-06-17national_reviewVatican Considers Relaxing Celibacy Requirement for Priests in Remote Areas of the Amazon
2019-06-17national_reviewI Am a Patriot — That’s Why I Want to Keep Flag-Burning Legal
2019-06-17national_reviewSCOTUS Sends Gay-Wedding-Cake Case Back to State Court
2019-06-17national_reviewAOC: ‘Hyde Amendment Is About Income Inequality’ Not Abortion
2019-06-17national_reviewIran to Increase Uranium Enrichment In Violation of 2015 Nuclear Treaty
2019-06-17national_reviewBritain Needs Its Own Mexico City Policy, to Stop Funding Abortion Overseas
2019-06-17national_reviewA Chat with Sharansky
2019-06-17national_reviewSince When Are Liberals against Investigating the CIA and FBI?
2019-06-17national_reviewMississippi’s Mental-Illness Policies Are Working. DOJ Is Challenging Them.
2019-06-17national_reviewRestoring Congress: The Parties Are a Solution
2019-06-17national_reviewWomen of the Renewal
2019-06-17national_reviewHandicapping the Tories
2019-06-17national_reviewU.S. Will Send 1,000 More Troops to Middle East Amid Iran Tensions
2019-06-17national_reviewIf It’s ‘Time for Boris,’ the Clock Has Stopped Working
2019-06-17national_reviewMcConnell Plans Vote on $4.5 Billion Bill to Address Humanitarian Crisis at Border
2019-06-17national_reviewWe Survived the Net-Neutrality Apocalypse
2019-06-17national_reviewBiden Says He Will Beat Trump in Southern States
2019-06-17national_reviewDefender of the Left-Wing Faith: An Imaginary Queen Elizabeth on Stage
2019-06-17national_reviewPride Flag Raised at California State Capitol for First Time
2019-06-16national_reviewThere’s No Such Thing as ‘Brainwashing’
2019-06-16national_reviewNew Parents Need Paid Family Leave, and Here’s a Bill to Provide It
2019-06-16national_reviewWill Democrats Learn Their Lesson before 2020?
2019-06-16national_reviewTrump Is Expanding Obamacare . . . in a Good Way
2019-06-16national_reviewFBI Lovebirds Is D.C. Satire at Its Best
2019-06-16national_reviewCan a Small Italian Village Point the Way to More Livable Modern Cities?