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2019-10-21national_reviewIn Defense of Tulsi
2019-10-21national_reviewRadical Climate-Change Protests Coming Soon to a City Near You?
2019-10-21national_reviewBernie’s Big, Bolshie, Biden-Boosting Bash
2019-10-21national_reviewFacebook Takes Down Russian, Iranian Accounts Attempting to Meddle in 2020 Elections
2019-10-21national_reviewBiden Holds on to Double-Digit Lead in New National Poll
2019-10-21national_reviewThe Nobel Committee Dreams of a Post-Fossil-Fuel Future
2019-10-21national_reviewWarren Calls on DHS to Allow Transgender Migrants Immediate Entry Into U.S.
2019-10-21national_reviewNetanyahu Fails to Form Government for Second Time This Year
2019-10-21national_reviewChina Threatens $2.4 Billion Sanctions Against U.S. For Obama-Era Tariffs Cases
2019-10-21national_reviewCruz, Ocasio-Cortez Join to Condemn Apple Decision to Pull Hong Kong App
2019-10-21national_reviewButtigieg Surges to Third Place in Iowa Poll
2019-10-21national_reviewThe Supreme Court Is Poised to Strike Down a Major Obama-Era Agency
2019-10-21national_reviewSupreme Court Throws Out Michigan Gerrymandering Ruling in Win for GOP
2019-10-21national_reviewFor Laughter and Lawyers
2019-10-21national_reviewFour Major Drug Companies Reach Deal in Opioids Lawsuit
2019-10-21national_reviewTransgender Cyclist Wins Female Cycling World Championship, Claims Only Objections Come from ‘Losers’
2019-10-21national_reviewMajority of Mexicans Say Organized Crime Stronger than Government after El Chapo’s Son Released
2019-10-21national_reviewWarren Pledges to Ban for-Profit Charter Schools in New Education Plan
2019-10-21national_reviewTrump Considering Leaving Small Contingent of Troops in Syria, Defense Secretary Confirms
2019-10-21national_reviewWarren Says She’ll Release a ‘Plan’ to Fund Medicare for All after Dodging the Issue during Debate
2019-10-21national_reviewEmails Show Zuckerberg Recommended Hires for Buttigieg Campaign
2019-10-21national_reviewOnce Upon a Time, an American Athletic Star Bombed the Chi-Coms
2019-10-21national_reviewWhat Is Conservative American Nationalism?
2019-10-21national_reviewChristian Schools Need to Do More than Plead for a Religious Exemption
2019-10-20national_reviewSmall Policy Tweaks Won’t Fix Facebook
2019-10-19national_reviewJohn Singer Sargent’s Many Beauties, Male and Female, at the Morgan Library
2019-10-19national_reviewThe Titanic Sibling Rivalry that Propelled One of the Greatest Rock Bands of the 1990s
2019-10-19national_reviewThe Trivialization of Impeachment
2019-10-19national_reviewThe Endgame in Syria
2019-10-18national_reviewIn By the Grace of God, Insight Surpasses PC Righteousness
2019-10-18national_reviewPelosi’s Impeachment Express
2019-10-18national_reviewFeminists Have Turned on Pornography
2019-10-18national_reviewMitch McConnell Calls Syria Withdrawal ‘Grave Strategic Mistake’
2019-10-18national_review‘Cracking Down on the Candidates’
2019-10-18national_reviewGabbard Responds to Hillary’s Russia Attacks, Challenges Her to Join Dem Primary
2019-10-18national_reviewBLM Activist Scolds Buttigieg for Accepting Donations from Attorney Who Delayed Release of Laquan McDonald Tape
2019-10-18national_reviewBoeing Pilot Lied to F.A.A. Regarding 737 Max Jet
2019-10-18national_reviewIncome Inequality Has Soared While Taxes Have Become Dramatically Less Progressive . . . or Not
2019-10-18national_reviewNBC News Refuses to Conduct Outside Investigation of Matt Lauer
2019-10-18national_reviewHunter Biden Served as ‘Ceremonial Figure’ on Burisma Board for $80,000 Per Month
2019-10-18national_reviewChina Cancels Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Release after Appeal from Bruce Lee’s Daughter
2019-10-18national_reviewHillary Clinton Claims Russians ‘Grooming’ Tulsi Gabbard as Third-Party Candidate
2019-10-18national_reviewUS Slaps Tariffs on $7.5 Billion in EU Goods Including Wine, Cheese, and Olive Oil
2019-10-18national_reviewU.N. Investigates Possible Chemical Weapons Use by Turkish Forces in Syria
2019-10-18national_reviewWarren Suggests Facebook Might Help Trump Win Reelection for Profit
2019-10-18national_reviewDemocrats Think They Can Win without You
2019-10-18national_reviewSporadic Fighting Reported Despite Ceasefire Between Turkey, Kurds
2019-10-18national_reviewU.S. Diplomat Suggested Biden Had A Conflict of Interest In Ukraine In 2015
2019-10-18national_reviewNew ICE Program Exposes Hundreds of Fraudulent ‘Family Units’ Trying to Cross The Border
2019-10-18national_reviewChina’s Maritime Strategic Challenge
2019-10-18national_reviewAn Ominous New Rationale for Trampling on Academic Freedom
2019-10-18national_reviewIn Syria, Trump Makes the Best of the Situation
2019-10-18national_reviewThe ATF Has Been Enforcing a Rule That Does Not Exist