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2019-08-21quartzGoogle, WhatsApp, and YouTube are the most trusted brands in India
2019-08-21quartzHere are your four apps to understand China’s grassroots consumers
2019-08-20quartzPre-fab homes are coming to a city backyard near you
2019-08-20quartzCameroon’s Anglophone separatist leaders have been jailed for life
2019-08-20quartzApple’s “The Morning Show” costs more per episode than “Game of Thrones”
2019-08-20quartzThe US proves Russia right with its first post-treaty missile launch
2019-08-20quartzMeet the man ready to battle Congress in support of Trump’s immigration strategy
2019-08-20quartzA popular job site for the college set is now open to students at any US four-year school
2019-08-20quartzOnline “people finder” sites are a goldmine for identity thieves
2019-08-20quartzThis dystopian trial in El Salvador is what a total ban on abortion looks like
2019-08-20quartzDeray Mckesson talks to one of Africa’s biggest activists about reparations, equality, and reconciliation
2019-08-20quartzThere is increasing evidence Africans are being unfairly denied UK visas
2019-08-20quartzWhy is “courage” suddenly such a popular job requirement?
2019-08-20quartzAndrew Yang’s basic income plan permits Americans to fail. And that’s a good thing
2019-08-20quartzCloudflare uses lava lamps to generate a fundamental resource: Randomness
2019-08-20quartzFarfetch’s first year as a public company has not gone well
2019-08-20quartzA dead baby dugong is a reminder that the US helped cause Thailand’s plastic problem
2019-08-20quartzFour bold visions for the future of flying
2019-08-20quartzA new fundraising site will let fans hang out with Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt—for a cause
2019-08-20quartzHong Kong’s moment of calm is in danger of being squandered
2019-08-20quartzChina’s disinformation on Hong Kong protests is on Twitter and Facebook
2019-08-20quartzThe father of Hindutva believed Aryans migrated to India
2019-08-20quartzOverworked Indian employees just want a room to nap at the workplace
2019-08-20quartzAt least 350 have already died in India’s monsoon floods this year—and it is not over yet
2019-08-20quartzPresentation: The jobs of the future
2019-08-20quartzStripe has a science-based blueprint for companies to address the climate crisis
2019-08-20quartzA deadly fungus could wipe out the world’s favorite banana—again
2019-08-20quartzThe US is opening 3 new migrant shelters to hold 1,400 unaccompanied children
2019-08-19quartzJustice for Eric Garner took 5 years. For Jeffrey Epstein? 9 days
2019-08-19quartzThe distant, but inevitable future of autonomous vehicles
2019-08-19quartzThe past, present, and future of self-driving cars
2019-08-19quartzAmerica’s transportation do-over could be a utopia or dystopia. It’s up to us.
2019-08-19quartzAn entrepreneur explains why government regulation is the key to a thriving self-driving vehicle industry in China
2019-08-19quartzWhat working at a six-year-old startup with a 25-year-old founder is like for a man in his 40s
2019-08-19quartzAmidst an economic slump, IKEA and Miniso have missed their India targets
2019-08-19quartzWhat the British Indian police exams looked like a century ago
2019-08-19quartzVirgin plastic pellets are the biggest pollution disaster you’ve never heard of
2019-08-19quartzThis website for older women doesn’t bemoan the sunset years—it celebrates them
2019-08-19quartzIKEA debuts in the Indian e-commerce arena with services in Mumbai
2019-08-19quartzHow the sound of your name shapes the way people think about you
2019-08-19quartzHow to build—and manage—a self-improving team
2019-08-19quartzChina’s state media compared Hong Kong’s protests to the Holocaust
2019-08-19quartzLyft’s IPO is outperforming Uber’s in one crucial way
2019-08-19quartzCharted: WeChat’s astronomical growth abroad
2019-08-19quartzHow to get a job when you’re pregnant
2019-08-19quartzNearly 200 CEOs just agreed on an updated definition of “the purpose of a corporation”
2019-08-19quartzDid the Business Roundtable just sound the death knell for shareholder primacy?
2019-08-19quartzAnother airline has taken the Boeing 737 Max off its schedule until 2020
2019-08-19quartz150 years of data proves it: Strongmen are bad for the economy
2019-08-19quartzLong before Trump’s Greenland offer, the US bought a chunk of the Arctic for a bargain
2019-08-19quartzWhy are there so many new TV shows about TV shows?
2019-08-19quartzA British journal has upset a lot of Indians by weighing in on Kashmir
2019-08-19quartzTrump’s 5-year moon landing plan has gone off the rails
2019-08-19quartzNot everyone is on board with a major business lobby’s new definition of corporate purpose
2019-08-18quartzWhy “Friends” is still so popular
2019-08-18quartzCanadians continue to buy cannabis illegally
2019-08-18quartzThe end of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” has actually been a relief for George R.R. Martin
2019-08-18quartzLeaked Brexit document shows the UK government anticipates a no-deal, with dire consequences
2019-08-18quartzThe first funeral for a glacier won’t be the last
2019-08-18quartzWith Trump silent, Canada and the EU urge de-escalation in Hong Kong
2019-08-18quartzChina’s fan-girl culture is mobilizing against the Hong Kong protests
2019-08-18quartzA cord-cutter’s guide to all the big new streaming services
2019-08-17quartzMeet the intriguing presidential candidate you haven’t seen on the debate stage
2019-08-17quartzUgandan mothers want justice for their children who died in care of an unlicensed American health worker
2019-08-17quartz‘True crime’ entertainment disrespects victims and their families—and it needs to stop
2019-08-17quartzThe days of using your ex’s streaming passwords could be numbered
2019-08-17quartzWhat’s next for the popular programming language R?
2019-08-17quartzAll of Barack Obama’s summer reading lists, combined
2019-08-17quartzDon’t panic: The inverted yield curve doesn’t necessarily signal recession
2019-08-17quartzApple is going to be the company that kills the wallet
2019-08-17quartzHow to prevent a fascist takeover: Lessons from the Nazi party’s rise to power
2019-08-17quartzWorkers at Shell’s Trump event had to attend or lose pay
2019-08-17quartzHong Kong police say there’s no plan or protocol for a Beijing intervention
2019-08-17quartzThe MoMA Design Store is selling household goods from Italy
2019-08-17quartzHow Christmas was saved from Trump’s China tariffs
2019-08-17quartzThe legacy of DJ Arafat and how he took the Coupé Décalé sound to the world
2019-08-17quartzBoris Johnson is more of a Europhile than he lets on
2019-08-17quartzA gun law case before the US Supreme Court has Americans up in arms