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2019-10-21quartzFor Russian election meddlers, it’s all about the ’gram
2019-10-21quartzYale study shows class bias creeps into the hiring process in just a matter of seconds
2019-10-21quartzThe world can learn from India trying to deal with its coal addiction
2019-10-21quartzWho was the real Akbar? The one played by Hrithik Roshan or that described by Abu’l Fazl
2019-10-21quartzHow Kashmiris are adapting to everyday life without the internet
2019-10-21quartzStanford and Michigan university are the most popular among Coursera’s 5 million Indian users
2019-10-21quartzKerala’s men can’t accept that a woman can be intelligent and deadly enough to be a serial killer
2019-10-21quartzPhotos: This is how the Lebanese protest inequality
2019-10-21quartzHBO’s “Watchmen” is great. Its comic creator Alan Moore wants nothing to do with it
2019-10-21quartzNetanyahu might finally be on his way out
2019-10-21quartzThe best African country to be a startup CEO or developer is South Africa
2019-10-21quartzClothing made by Chinese forced labor is likely being sold in the US
2019-10-21quartzFour major players in the US opioid crisis reached a tentative deal in Ohio
2019-10-21quartzImpeachment is threatening to derail Trump’s mission to the moon
2019-10-21quartzIs Facebook planning to expose its microtargeting techniques for political ads?
2019-10-21quartzFor the first time, Saudi Arabia is considering allowing unchaperoned women to go on the hajj
2019-10-21quartzTrump admin apparently over Khashoggi killing, will attend Saudi’s ‘Davos in the Desert’
2019-10-21quartzThese photos reveal the hidden worlds around us
2019-10-21quartzGamers are scrutinizing League of Legends for signs of China’s censorship
2019-10-21quartzUber faces three big problems in London
2019-10-21quartzIn a first since the 1980s, rates of twin births in the US are dropping
2019-10-21quartzGirls’ math scores suffer when they grow up in families biased towards sons
2019-10-20quartzFemale astronauts schooled Trump from outer space
2019-10-20quartzIt will take $100 billion spent over the next decade to get broadband to all Africans by 2030
2019-10-20quartzApple and US businesses earning “trillions annually” urge SCOTUS to protect Dreamers
2019-10-20quartzThe best respite from politics is at the White House
2019-10-20quartzThe Rugby World Cup is reminding South Africans that sport, like society, is still divided
2019-10-20quartz“A bow to reality”: Trump reverses decision to host G7 at his own resort
2019-10-20quartzWatch: Our call on the woes of WeWork
2019-10-20quartzA new Supreme Court case could unravel financial protections for US consumers
2019-10-19quartzHundreds of thousands march in London for a second Brexit referendum
2019-10-19quartzIs our true crime obsession helpful or hurtful?
2019-10-19quartzThe world needs to stop self-censoring about Hong Kong
2019-10-19quartzDisconnecting can make CEOs better at their jobs
2019-10-19quartzThe world’s downtowns are slowly giving up on personal cars
2019-10-19quartzHow Pinterest became the only place on the internet where people want ads
2019-10-19quartzThe UK will request a Brexit delay, in another bruising defeat for Boris Johnson
2019-10-19quartzWhat’s next for Brexit after Boris Johnson lost yet another vote in Parliament?
2019-10-18quartzWhen Ratan Tata backs a startup, it’s all about intuition and founders’ judgement
2019-10-18quartzCall of Duty won’t be the last high-profile game to get rid of loot boxes
2019-10-18quartzLiberalism in South Africa isn’t only for white people—or black people who “want to be white”
2019-10-18quartzWhy Louis Vuitton opened a factory on a ranch in Texas
2019-10-18quartzThe fight against Nigeria’s northeast terrorism is also a battle against climate change
2019-10-18quartzThe metaphorical power of NASA’s first all-women spacewalk
2019-10-18quartzI spent a year researching workplaces in the post-#MeToo era. Here’s what I learned
2019-10-18quartzWhat’s actually in an e-cigarette?
2019-10-18quartzToday is the last day to get Scotch whisky into the US before tariffs kick in
2019-10-18quartzGood news! China’s economy is slowing
2019-10-18quartzTruth is the new dangerous propaganda tool
2019-10-18quartzHow Austin has become a hub for female-led startups
2019-10-18quartzThe best thing about Libra is often overlooked—and its creators explain why
2019-10-18quartzWhy we can’t stop using the “face with tears of joy” emoji
2019-10-18quartzThree charts that will make Jamie Dimon smile
2019-10-18quartzShanghai apartment buildings are secretly installing facial-recognition devices
2019-10-18quartzAs neobank valuations bubble up, some investors think there’s an even better bet in fintech
2019-10-18quartzSilicon Valley figures launch open attack on Facebook’s acceptance of political lies
2019-10-18quartzWhat climate change will do to three major American cities by 2100
2019-10-18quartzNollywood is one step closer to its first major animated cinema production
2019-10-18quartzDeepika Padukone needs to have a chat with her public relations team
2019-10-18quartzThe long road ahead to self-driving cars
2019-10-18quartzWatch: Our call on what comes after the iPhone
2019-10-18quartzIt’s a gloomy Diwali this year for millions of public sector employees in India
2019-10-18quartzMapped: In India’s wealthiest city, the ultra-rich and slum dwellers share neighbourhoods
2019-10-18quartzThe backlash over China’s NBA bullying is only going to get worse
2019-10-18quartzWhat’s making Indian professionals in their 30s super jealous? It’s sex