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2019-10-21rollcallRepublican effort to censure Adam Schiff halted
2019-10-21rollcallCandidate’s ex-senator dad lobbies for Chinese tech firm. That could be a problem
2019-10-21rollcallRoad ahead: House to take up Turkey sanctions while Senate turns to appropriations
2019-10-21rollcallPrivate equity is a driving force for economic opportunity
2019-10-21rollcallFrom poverty to power: Staffer for Rep. Darren Soto reflects on childhood
2019-10-21rollcallMick Mulvaney, from Washington reformer to chief of graft
2019-10-21rollcallImpeachment news roundup: Oct. 21
2019-10-21rollcallSupreme Court erases Michigan gerrymandering ruling
2019-10-21rollcallNo evidence to suggest Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian agent, Trump says
2019-10-21rollcallFour appropriations bills slated for Senate floor this week
2019-10-21rollcallRep. Abby Finkenauer engaged to Elizabeth Warren campaign staffer
2019-10-21rollcallBipartisan cooperation put to the test in Senate
2019-10-21rollcallHow to choose a proper name for your secret identity/Twitter burner account
2019-10-19rollcallFlorida GOP Rep. Francis Rooney not seeking reelection
2019-10-18rollcallForget impeachment, let’s talk about the Nats: Congressional Hits and Misses
2019-10-18rollcallPolling impeachment and remembering Elijah Cummings
2019-10-18rollcallPhotos of the Week: Everything but Infrastructure Week
2019-10-18rollcallCommerce watchdog will monitor efforts to keep 2020 census secure
2019-10-18rollcallTurkey sanctions bills likely to move despite ceasefire
2019-10-18rollcallPartisan divide reaches into views of higher education
2019-10-18rollcallSome Republicans inch closer to Trump impeachment after Mulvaney comments
2019-10-18rollcallCapitol Ink | Elijah Cummings
2019-10-18rollcallTrump announces Brouillette as Energy nominee to replace Perry
2019-10-18rollcallCampus Notebook: Idahoans in Africa highlight congressional travel
2019-10-18rollcallElijah Cummings to lie in state in Statuary Hall ahead of Friday funeral
2019-10-18rollcallWho's rules? Your rules!
2019-10-18rollcallJohn Yarmuth, from pinup to budget wonk
2019-10-18rollcallJohn Yarmuth went from Roll Call pinup to Budget chairman
2019-10-18rollcallEducating K Street: Colleges and universities seek influence in Congress, executive branch
2019-10-18rollcallElijah Cummings, a man of character and the best of Baltimore
2019-10-18rollcallPay to play: Will California prompt congressional action on college athletics?
2019-10-18rollcallIowa battlefield extends from politics to gridiron
2019-10-18rollcallHill staffers worried about expenses turn to student loan benefit
2019-10-18rollcallDemocrats seeking votes in Trump country tout miners’ benefits
2019-10-18rollcallLopsided cease-fire ‘deal’ emboldens Turkey, harms U.S. allies
2019-10-18rollcallImpeachment news roundup: Oct. 18
2019-10-18rollcallCongress has long sought to bar foreign campaign contributions
2019-10-18rollcallSurvey: Young adults, minorities less likely to participate in the census
2019-10-18rollcallTrump’s big night in Big D: Three takeaways from ‘overthrow’ rally in Dallas