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2019-06-24rollcallThe financial technology trade wars
2019-06-24rollcallSen. Bernie Sanders would cancel all student debt
2019-06-24rollcallChuck Schumer wants Senate to vote on Iran, after the Democratic debates
2019-06-24rollcallThe Democrats’ tax package explained
2019-06-24rollcallSupreme Court to decide whether Congress can use riders to defund laws
2019-06-24rollcallTrump repeats warnings and imposes new sanctions on Iran amid tension
2019-06-24rollcallIf at first you don’t succeed, try, try and run somewhere else
2019-06-24rollcallTrump’s poverty proposal prompts alarms over cuts to Medicaid, Head Start
2019-06-24rollcallTrump order to make medical service costs more transparent
2019-06-24rollcallSen. Bernie Sanders to introduce bill to forgive college debt for all
2019-06-24rollcallDemocrat Sara Gideon is challenging Maine’s Susan Collins
2019-06-24rollcallDemocrats weave climate messages into spending bills
2019-06-24rollcallWhen it comes to Facebook, breaking up is hard to do
2019-06-24rollcallTrump's 2020 re-election rally signals 2016 strategy may be used again
2019-06-24rollcallCongressional compensation: Isn’t there a select committee for that?
2019-06-24rollcallPower of New York, Texas hinges on immigrant count
2019-06-24rollcallCapitol Ink | Hard Lines in the Sand
2019-06-24rollcallRoad ahead: House and Senate seek to pass dueling border funding bills
2019-06-24rollcall‘More practices for this one game than any NFL preseason’: Reps. Gonzalez and Allred on congressional baseball
2019-06-24rollcallThe Facebook coin: What it means for fintech and society
2019-06-23rollcallExploring the wild, wild west of cryptocurrency exchanges
2019-06-23rollcallWhat's in your crypto wallet? And how to keep it safe
2019-06-22rollcallTrump delays ICE raids hoping for bipartisan plan — but doesn't say what he’ll support
2019-06-22rollcallA conversation with the CFTC regulator — Christopher Giancarlo
2019-06-22rollcallWorking with the enemy? Biden was just doing his job
2019-06-22rollcallFinancial policy and regulation is changing. We’re going to make sense of it for you.
2019-06-21rollcallFrom front-runner to also-ran: Looking back on the Dean ‘scream’
2019-06-21rollcallKing of the road trip: Maine senator treks home after canceled flight
2019-06-21rollcallWith Iran reversal, did Trump break pledge to never ‘telegraph’ military ops?
2019-06-21rollcallSenators (rich and not-so-rich) fight to keep lawmaker pay freeze
2019-06-21rollcallDemocrats respond with relief to Trump calling off Iran attack
2019-06-21rollcallThe Pentagon has a leadership vacuum at the top as tensions with Iran rise
2019-06-21rollcallWorkplace protections for legislative branch employees take effect
2019-06-21rollcallIs Tim Kaine a Swiftie? Senator signs musician’s petition to pass Equality Act
2019-06-21rollcallPhotos of the Week: Biden in DC, Trudeau at the Capitol and victory for the Bad News Babes
2019-06-21rollcallSchumer’s mystery tie, Romney’s many houses and Pelosi’s bet with Trudeau: Congressional Hits and Misses
2019-06-21rollcallOdd bedfellows share concerns over Pelosi drug plan
2019-06-21rollcallEmployers would get subsidies for hiring longtime unemployed workers in draft bill
2019-06-21rollcallTrump says he aborted strike against Iran because it wouldn’t have been ‘proportionate’
2019-06-21rollcallLive in the ‘here and now,’ even in traffic court, says Rep. Ben Cline
2019-06-21rollcallMeet Beto O’Rourke’s director of women’s messaging
2019-06-21rollcallMeet some of the former pros who’ve played in the Congressional Baseball Game
2019-06-21rollcallJessica Cisneros wants to put her old boss out of office
2019-06-21rollcallPay debate raging on Capitol Hill ignores lowest-earning staffers
2019-06-21rollcallRepublicans look to avenge last year’s baseball rout
2019-06-21rollcallFor Colin Allred, Major League dreams are close to coming true
2019-06-20rollcallBad news Congress, Bad News Babes continue win streak
2019-06-20rollcallCapitol Ink | Inside Job
2019-06-20rollcallMarco Rubio has some advice for the Democrats on the presidential debate stage next week
2019-06-20rollcallOnly 3 percent of Democratic voters want a president in their 70s, survey finds
2019-06-20rollcallWhen sanctions become weapons of mass disruption
2019-06-20rollcallAs Democrats line up to debate, the GOP is regressing
2019-06-20rollcallWhat’s in a vote? In the Senate, it’s in the eye, or ear, of the clerk
2019-06-20rollcallKlobuchar, others prod Uber, Lyft on recall safety
2019-06-20rollcallTrump administration won’t share evacuation plan for migrant child detention center, Rep. says
2019-06-20rollcallTrump energy plan faces legal blitz over weaker emissions standards
2019-06-20rollcallDems push craft beer tax break renewal, and more in bill headed for markup
2019-06-20rollcall3 things to watch: Before any Iran conflict, Trump faces war within his own team
2019-06-20rollcallLeaders on collision course on member pay raise issue
2019-06-20rollcallWhite House threatens to veto resolutions blocking Saudi arms sales
2019-06-20rollcallThese 103 House Democrats have a message for the presidential candidates
2019-06-20rollcallTrump calls Iran move ‘loose and stupid,’ suggests retaliation possible
2019-06-20rollcallEducation Department investigating Duke-UNC event for ‘anti-semitic rhetoric’
2019-06-20rollcallRoy Moore running again for Senate in Alabama
2019-06-20rollcallGhirardelli chocolate and Napa Valley wine: Pelosi pays off Warriors-Raptors bet to Trudeau
2019-06-20rollcallHearing on Congressional Research Service zeroes in on diversity issue
2019-06-20rollcallSchumer pushes for vote to make clear Trump needs congressional approval for Iran War
2019-06-20rollcallTrudeau warns about reopening trade talks, but is ‘optimistic’
2019-06-19rollcallCapitol Ink | Blinksmanship
2019-06-19rollcallBad News Babes defeat Congress for fourth year in a row
2019-06-19rollcallDanny Glover on reparations bill: ‘Policy is moral, democratic — an economic imperative.’
2019-06-19rollcallThere’s no crying in baseball … or congressional softball
2019-06-19rollcallTempers flare as leaders, White House fall short on spending deal
2019-06-19rollcallGoogle workers, labor advocates confront parent Alphabet over practices
2019-06-19rollcallTa-Nehisi Coates wants you to stop laughing about reparations
2019-06-19rollcallU.N. pick asked why almost half her days as Canada’s ambassador were spent elsewhere
2019-06-19rollcallBorder spending bill sent to Senate floor, but House may act on its version first
2019-06-19rollcallJames Inhofe and the art of the bipartisan joke
2019-06-19rollcallTrump EPA answer to Obama Clean Power Plan ‘does virtually nothing‘ to curb CO2
2019-06-19rollcallMitt Romney and Rand Paul speak up against ‘no budget, no pay’
2019-06-19rollcallPentagon aid to Taliban gets blocked by House vote
2019-06-19rollcallSen. Rubio wants to stop Huawei from filing U.S. patent lawsuits
2019-06-19rollcallJoe Biden, in call for political ‘civility,’ invokes segregationist senators
2019-06-19rollcallDebate on e-cigarettes lights up 10 years after FDA tobacco law
2019-06-19rollcallCongressional leaders, White House give spending caps talks another try
2019-06-19rollcallOne congressman’s lonely quest to defund hobo festivities
2019-06-19rollcallDrums of looming Iran war resound in Congress
2019-06-19rollcallHave the flood Gaetz been opened?
2019-06-19rollcallPelosi against censuring Trump: ‘If the goods are there, you must impeach’
2019-06-19rollcallTrump’s military transgender ban blocked in House spending bill
2019-06-19rollcallBill de Blasio is wrong about New York City’s elite public schools
2019-06-19rollcallPublic to get rare look inside the Congressional Research Service, with attrition, morale points of contention
2019-06-18rollcallThe Susan Collins Senate vote streak is set to reach 7,000
2019-06-18rollcallTrump targets Florida electoral haul with Orlando campaign kick-off
2019-06-18rollcallHas Booker’s Jersey political experience prepared him to take on Trump?
2019-06-18rollcallCapitol Ink | Health Care Virtuoso
2019-06-18rollcallTrump kicks off re-election bid that could extend key legal protections into 2025
2019-06-18rollcallDemocrats seek to block diplomats’ funds from going to Trump hotels, golf resorts
2019-06-18rollcallRoy argues for wall funding
2019-06-18rollcallTrump again pressures Fed to cut rates with lukewarm comment about its chairman
2019-06-18rollcallBlunt: Border deal slowed by provision that Dems worry may lead to deportations
2019-06-18rollcallGetting handsy: Why are senators waving their hands about on the Senate floor?
2019-06-18rollcallTrump’s pick to lead the Pentagon brings military experience and political savvy to his new job
2019-06-18rollcallAngus King gives Susan Collins a rose after her 7,000th Senate vote
2019-06-18rollcallJudge who said being transgender is a ‘delusion’ nearing confirmation
2019-06-18rollcallWith ‘Kamala’s Corner,’ Harris wants to speak directly to black women
2019-06-18rollcallGroup that backed AOC targeting longtime New York Rep. Eliot Engel
2019-06-18rollcallActing Defense Secretary Shanahan gives up post, withdraws name from nomination
2019-06-18rollcallSpending talks between White House, Hill leadership to resume Wednesday
2019-06-18rollcallSenate Democrats prioritize defense amendments to boost election security
2019-06-18rollcallTariffs on Chinese-made car seats and baby gates could put children at risk, industry worries
2019-06-18rollcallHow many ways is Michigan in play in 2020?
2019-06-18rollcallJon Stewart ups pressure on McConnell to shore up 9/11 survivor fund
2019-06-18rollcallMobile payments up but pace of growth slows
2019-06-18rollcallIs the census ready for its online debut?
2019-06-18rollcallRunning for re-election the Trump way — with half the country against you
2019-06-18rollcall‘My way or the highway’: An approach to the NDAA debate
2019-06-18rollcallInterior held back FOIA’d documents after political screenings
2019-06-17rollcallNew legislative affairs chief Ueland has his work cut out for him
2019-06-17rollcallBrooks wants more Republican women to run in 2020 — even if she won’t
2019-06-17rollcallAnother Democratic challenger announces bid to unseat Sen. Thom Tillis
2019-06-17rollcallSen. King calls out drugmakers suing to keep drug list prices out of TV ads
2019-06-17rollcallSenate will vote on border aid supplemental before July 4 recess
2019-06-17rollcallRep. Duncan Hunter’s defense could be a ‘loser,’ legal experts say
2019-06-17rollcallOn heels of Senate loss, Matt Rosendale running for Congress — again
2019-06-17rollcallVirginia wins uranium mining ban battle in Supreme Court
2019-06-17rollcallThe politics behind spending limit negotiations
2019-06-17rollcallBiden: Eliminate tax loopholes to address poverty, expand health care
2019-06-17rollcallCapitol Ink | Foreign Bureau
2019-06-17rollcallSupreme Court decisions could affect makeup of Congress for years
2019-06-17rollcallWant a more diverse Congress? Bite the bullet and raise the pay
2019-06-17rollcallRoad Ahead: Border supplemental talks could overshadow regular appropriations