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2019-06-24science_alertSpaceX's About to Try Its 'Most Difficult Launch Ever'. Watch It Live Here
2019-06-24science_alertScientists Discover a Vast Reservoir of Freshwater Hidden Beneath The Ocean
2019-06-24science_alert'Lost City' Hidden in Rainforest Reveals Treasure Trove of Rare And Unknown Creatures
2019-06-24science_alertCuriosity Has Detected a Large Methane Spike on Mars
2019-06-24science_alertAlmost 90% of Flying Insects Tested in Hospitals Carry Potentially Harmful Bacteria
2019-06-24science_alertThere's a Way to Build a Turing Machine While Playing Magic: The Gathering
2019-06-24science_alertNASA's About to Send an Atomic Clock Into Orbit, And It'll Revolutionise Space Travel
2019-06-24science_alertCapuchin Monkeys May Have Been in Their Own Unique 'Stone Age' For at Least 3,000 Years
2019-06-23science_alertHaunting Video Is The First Footage Ever Recorded of a Giant Squid in US Waters
2019-06-22science_alertYour Brain Might Be Taking Tiny Naps Throughout The Day Without You Realising
2019-06-22science_alert'Female Viagra' Was Just Approved by The FDA Despite "Skimpy Peer-Reviewed Data"
2019-06-22science_alertThere's Bacteria Living on Your Eyeball, And It Could Be More Important Than We Think
2019-06-21science_alertThis Ancient City 9,000 Years Ago Eerily Foreshadowed The Modern 'Urban Hell'
2019-06-21science_alertFor The First Time, Scientists Record The Songs of One of The World's Rarest Whales
2019-06-21science_alertScientists Create 'Universal' Computer Memory That Could Change The Way We Store Data
2019-06-21science_alertThis New Mind-Controlled Robot Arm Works Without a Brain Implant
2019-06-21science_alertAstronomers Just Found The Earliest Example Ever of Merging Galaxies
2019-06-21science_alertHere's What Happens Inside The Human Body And Brain When You Faint
2019-06-21science_alertDeclassified Spy Photos Reveal The True Scale of Melting of The Himalayan Glaciers
2019-06-21science_alertA Tech Expert Says Google Chrome Has Become Spy Software
2019-06-21science_alertChilling NASA Model Shows Greenland's Ice Sheet Will Disappear Over Next 1,000 Years
2019-06-21science_alertA Major Indian City Has Nearly Run Out of Water, And No One Is Talking About It
2019-06-21science_alertStunning New Pics Reveal The Rings of Uranus Are Like Nothing Else in The Solar System
2019-06-21science_alertResearchers Discover The Earliest Signs of Parkinson's Disease in The Brain
2019-06-21science_alertScientists Taught Seals to Sing The Star Wars Theme, With Hilarious Results
2019-06-20science_alertScientists Used 17,000 "Lost" Wallets to Study How Honest People Really Are
2019-06-20science_alertThis Stunning Wave-Like Cloud Formation Wasn't Classified Until 2017
2019-06-20science_alertMysterious 'Cat-Fox' May Be a Newly Discovered Species, Researchers Say
2019-06-20science_alertA Woman Had Stomach Pains For 10 Years. The Reason Why Was 1 Foot Long
2019-06-20science_alertThese Bizarre Wormlike Creatures Eat Rock, Poop Sand, And May Even Redesign Rivers
2019-06-20science_alertUnusual Skull Turns Out to Be Ultra-Rare Hybrid of a Narwhal And a Beluga Whale
2019-06-20science_alertWild Case Study Reveals 66-Year-Old Man With All His Organs on The Wrong Side
2019-06-20science_alertHarvard Scientists Say Radiation From Black Holes Could Create Life
2019-06-20science_alertA Tiny Norwegian Island Wants to Be The First Place in The World to Abolish Time
2019-06-20science_alertGenius Mouse Experiment Reveals How Temperature Affects Our Dreams at Night
2019-06-20science_alertA Baby Planet Is Sculpting Strange Patterns in The Dust Around Its Young Star
2019-06-20science_alertSoap Bubbles Look Like Magic Little Snow Globes When They Freeze, And Now We Know Why
2019-06-20science_alertNASA's New Supersonic Jet Will Be Missing a Front Window
2019-06-19science_alertFacebook's Cryptocurrency Takes It Closer to Being a 'Virtual Nation', Expert Warns
2019-06-19science_alertAcupuncture Caused an Elderly Woman's Lung to Collapse
2019-06-19science_alertThis 40-Word Letter to NASA Started Sally Ride's Journey as The First Woman in Space
2019-06-19science_alertHere's What Facebook's New Cryptocurrency Libra Will Look Like And How You'll Use It
2019-06-19science_alertBoaty McBoatface's First Mission Results Just Got Published, And It's Serious Science
2019-06-19science_alertSorry Guys: The Most Comprehensive Radio Search Ever Just Found No Sign of Alien Life
2019-06-19science_alertHorrifying Photos Show a Huntsman Spider Trying to Devour an Entire Possum
2019-06-19science_alertWhy We All Need to Stop Referring to People With Autism as 'High Functioning'
2019-06-19science_alertYoung People Are Growing Weird Bumps on Their Skulls, Evidence Shows
2019-06-19science_alertRocket Engineers Put a Satellite in a Plasma Wind Tunnel And Melted It For Science
2019-06-19science_alertWorst Fears About China's Organ Transplants And Prisoners Were Just Confirmed
2019-06-18science_alertFirst Australians Arrived in an Incredible Planned Migration With Over 1,300 People
2019-06-18science_alertDeepfake Algorithms Just Got Even Smarter, And a Whole Lot Creepier
2019-06-18science_alertMathematicians Have Proposed a New Structure to The Periodic Table
2019-06-18science_alertWe Just Found 2 of The Most Earth-Like Exoplanets Yet, Only 12.5 Light Years Away
2019-06-18science_alertBrutally Simple Illustration Shows Climate Change's True Scale Everywhere on Earth
2019-06-18science_alert'Puppy Dog Eyes' May Have Evolved Just to Make Humans Melt - And It's Working
2019-06-18science_alertMars' Mysterious, Intense Dust Storms Appear to Be Cyclical - Just Like Earth's Water
2019-06-18science_alertTrophies Made of Human Skulls Hint at Something Sinister Around Time of Maya Collapse
2019-06-18science_alertScientists Discover an 'Unexpectedly Simple' Formula Behind The Nature of Water Drops
2019-06-17science_alertThis Incredible Orbit Map of Our Solar System Makes Our Brains Ache
2019-06-17science_alertDo Brain Training Games Actually Do Anything? Here's The Science
2019-06-17science_alertMysterious Artificial Islands in Scotland Are Thousands of Years Older Than We Thought
2019-06-17science_alertAstronomers Have Spotted a New Crater on Mars That's Like Nothing They've Ever Seen
2019-06-17science_alertTesla Driver Caught Sleeping For More Than 30 Miles on One of California's Busiest Freeways
2019-06-17science_alertCassini's Breathtaking Final Images Reveal Never-Before-Seen Shapes in Saturn's Rings
2019-06-17science_alertFDA Has Stopped Fecal Transplant Trials After The Death of a Patient
2019-06-17science_alertNew Experiment Shows The Uncertainty Principle Isn't as Uncertain as We Thought
2019-06-17science_alertWe Finally Have Proof That Gut Microbes Can Actually Eat Our Medications
2019-06-17science_alertScientists Have Found Evidence a Strange Group of Quantum Particles Are Basically Immortal
2019-06-17science_alertThis Odd Bacterium Appears to Protect Its Host From The Damaging Effects of Stress
2019-06-17science_alertA New Instrument Is Actively Searching For More Planets Around Alpha Centauri
2019-06-16science_alertScience Suggests You Actually Do Have a Type, And It's Probably Your Ex
2019-06-16science_alertGreenland Was 40 Degrees Hotter Than Normal This Week, And Things Are Getting Intense
2019-06-16science_alertScientists Think They Finally Know What Happens in The Skin When You Have Eczema