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2019-08-21science_alertIndia's Chandrayaan 2 Has Officially Entered an Orbit Around The Moon
2019-08-21science_alertA Huge, Mysterious Reservoir of Methane Has Been Identified Deep Under The Ocean
2019-08-21science_alertWelcome to The Deepest Hole on The Entire Planet
2019-08-20science_alertThese Stunning Photos Reveal The Extremely Rare Phenomenon of a 'Fire Cloud'
2019-08-20science_alertAstronomers Just Narrowed Down Which Exoplanets Might Host Life
2019-08-20science_alertIceland Just Held a Funeral For The First Glacier Killed by Climate Change
2019-08-20science_alertBees Are Dropping Dead Across Brazil, And The Reason Is Absolutely Devastating
2019-08-20science_alertThe Effects of Climate Change Might Make Spiders Angry, According to New Study
2019-08-20science_alertNew Experiment Just Placed a Major Constraint on The Mysterious Force of Dark Energy
2019-08-20science_alertThese 9 'Moonshot' Innovations Will Remind You How Ingenious Humans Can Truly Be
2019-08-20science_alertEarth's Mysterious Inner Core Could Finally Be Explained by New Science
2019-08-20science_alertNew Study Outlines The Nuclear Winter We'd Have if US And Russia Blew Up Their Bombs
2019-08-20science_alertEurope Could Power The Entire World With Onshore Wind Farms Alone
2019-08-19science_alertEarth May Have Supported Life Much Earlier Than We Thought, Study Suggests
2019-08-19science_alertThis Genius 'Heat Shield' For Electronics Is Just 10 Atoms Thick And Uses Graphene
2019-08-19science_alertOfficials: Nearly 100 Cases of a Mysterious Lung Illness Could Be Linked to Vaping
2019-08-19science_alertWorried You're Eating Too Much Salt? Here's The Science on 'Safe Levels'
2019-08-19science_alertIn a Dizzying New Upgrade, CRISPR Can Now Edit Several Genes at Once
2019-08-19science_alertBrilliant Video Shows a Comet Get Utterly Vaporised by Our Sun
2019-08-19science_alertNew Evidence in Animals Shows Whole Body Vibration Actually Changes The Microbiome
2019-08-19science_alertOh Great, There's a New Form of Plastic Pollution That Looks Exactly Like Rocks
2019-08-19science_alertThere Could Be Up to 10 Billion Earth-Like Planets in Our Galaxy Alone
2019-08-19science_alertStriking Gamma Ray Image Reveals How The Moon Is 'Brighter' Than Our Sun
2019-08-17science_alertBogus Paper Claims HPV Vaccine Causes Infertility, Scientists Shred It to Pieces