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2019-08-21sputnikArgentine Stock Market Plunges 10% Amid Authorities' Efforts to Support Currency
2019-08-21sputnikTom Holland’s ‘Spider Man’ Is No Longer Part of MCU Amid Sony-Disney Standoff - Reports
2019-08-21sputnikMaduro Confirms Ongoing Negotiations of Venezuelan Officials With US
2019-08-21sputnikTrump Postpones Meeting With Danish PM Over Greenland Purchase Refusal
2019-08-21sputnik‘Witch Hunt’: Pro-Palestine Reporter’s Press Pass Revoked for UK Labour Conference
2019-08-21sputnikUS Defence Department Approves $8Bln Sale of 66 F-16 Fighter Jets to Taiwan
2019-08-21sputnikVice President Mike Pence Announces US Space Command to Launch Next Week
2019-08-21sputnikDog-Day Downpour: Wild Weather Wallops Washington, DC (Photos, Videos)
2019-08-21sputnikNew James Bond Film Title Revealed, as Daniel Craig Steps in For His Farewell Portrayal of 007 Agent
2019-08-21sputnikUS Women’s National Soccer Team Granted May 2020 Trial Date in Equal Pay Case
2019-08-21sputnikLouisiana State University Reports Armed Intruder, Police on the Scene
2019-08-21sputnikWallaby Kicks Back, Snacks While Enjoying the Aussie Sun
2019-08-21sputnikTrump Claims Dem’s Jewish Voters ‘Lack Knowledge’ or Show 'Great Disloyalty'
2019-08-21sputnikHouthis Say Downed US Drone in Yemen's Dhamar Province
2019-08-21sputnikMatrix Returns: Warner Brothers to Bring Keanu Reeves Back as Neo
2019-08-21sputnikSudan's Sovereign Council to Be Sworn In on Wednesday
2019-08-21sputnikTower Troll
2019-08-21sputnikEx-Epstein Cellmate Requests Prison Transfer Citing Threats from Guards, 'Deplorable' Conditions
2019-08-21sputnikUK Prime Minister Johnson to Visit Germany on Wednesday
2019-08-21sputnikRussia, China Request UNSC Meeting Over US Medium-Range Missile Test – Deputy Envoy
2019-08-21sputnikSouth Yemen Separatists Say Plan to 'Ensure Security' in Entire South of Country
2019-08-21sputnikUS Government Issues New Safety Rules for Launching Nuclear Systems Into Space
2019-08-21sputnikUS Will Act to Prevent Iranian Tanker From Delivering Oil to Syria - Pompeo
2019-08-21sputnikPompeo Predicts US-China Trade War Could End by 2020 Presidential Election - Reports
2019-08-21sputnikVenezuela Condemns US Threat to Impose Naval Blockade Against Caracas - Foreign Minister
2019-08-21sputnikTrump Slams Dems’ Squad, Says ‘I Don’t Buy Rep. Tlaib’s Tears’
2019-08-21sputnikUK Shale Gas Reserves May Be Smaller Than Claimed – Report
2019-08-21sputnikUS, Romania Oppose Completion of Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline, Countries' Presidents Say
2019-08-21sputnikGun Control Headed for Slippery Slope with ‘Red Flag’ Legislation - Journo
2019-08-21sputnikLocal Officials in Nevada Draft Emergency Plans Preparing for 'Storm Area 51' Event
2019-08-21sputnikFBI Arrests US Nazi Sympathizer Who Allegedly Plotted to ‘Exterminate’ Hispanics in Miami
2019-08-21sputnikJudges Dismiss Australian Cardinal Pell's Child Sex Abuse Conviction Appeal
2019-08-21sputnikIranian Tanker Adrian Darya Currently Leased to Iranian Shipping Company - Reports
2019-08-21sputnikChina Threatens US Companies with Sanctions Over Arms Sales to Taiwan
2019-08-21sputnikFacebook Hiring ‘Small Team of Journalists’ to Curate Its News Tab Section
2019-08-21sputnikShocking ‘Mushroom Cloud’ Forms Over Lake Balaton in Hungary (Photo, Video)
2019-08-21sputnik'Welcome to France': If You Can Afford It
2019-08-21sputnikYouTube Star Trisha Paytas Flaunts ‘Botched’ Breast Implants in Nude Photos
2019-08-21sputnikVeneto Region Autonomy: People Need Change But Everything Stalled - Author
2019-08-21sputnikIranian Tanker Adrian Darya Currently Leased to Revolutionary Guards - Reports
2019-08-21sputnikDrunk Manchester United Fan Knocks Out Man's Tooth on Ryanair Flight
2019-08-21sputnikLashkar Terrorist Killed in Kashmir After 12-Hour Gun-Battle with Security Forces
2019-08-21sputnikSanders Responds to Trump’s Remarks on US Jews Voting for Democrats
2019-08-21sputnikLady and the Tramp: Hilarious Golden Retrievers Won't Let Go of Loofah
2019-08-21sputnikTest Launches of Boeing-Made Starliner Spacecraft to ISS Delayed Again - Source
2019-08-21sputnikNASA Astronauts to Install Docking Adapter on ISS During Spacewalk on Wednesday
2019-08-21sputnikTrump Agreed With Macron's Offer to Invite Russia to G7 Summit in US in 2020 - Reports
2019-08-20sputnikIndia to Phase Out Obsolete MiG-21 Combat Jets By December - Air Force Chief
2019-08-20sputnikOpen Arms Charity Says 9 Migrants Jumped Off Stranded Rescue Vessel to Reach Italian Coast (Video)
2019-08-20sputnikSpanish Woman Dies of Listeriosis After Eating Meatloaf - Reports
2019-08-20sputnikIndian Researchers Develop Sensor to Detect Heart Disease - Report
2019-08-20sputnikTop Labour MPs Say They Will Campaign For Remain Against Corbyn's Withdrawal Agreement
2019-08-20sputnikFlood Alert in Northern India as Death Toll Reaches 58 - Report
2019-08-20sputnikMan Charged With Religiously Aggravated Attacks on Birmingham Mosques
2019-08-20sputnikRio Bus Hijacking: Neutralisation of Suspect Was the Only Option Possible – Ex-Police Instructor
2019-08-20sputnikSex Trap-Servility Complex
2019-08-20sputnikSituation on Rio-Niterói Bridge in Rio After Armed Man Took Bus Passengers Hostage (Video)
2019-08-20sputnik6.3-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes East of Solomon Islands - USGS
2019-08-20sputnikBuy Gold, Urges Veteran Investor as Bullion Hits 6-year High
2019-08-20sputnikHuawei Founder Warns Staffers It’s a ‘Live or Die Moment’ Amid Face-Off With US - Report
2019-08-20sputnikWatch Aerial Video of Khan Sheikhoun After Reports Syrian Army Reclaimed the City
2019-08-20sputnik'No Request' From Iran Tanker to Dock in Greece, Claims Minister as US Warns Against Aiding Vessel
2019-08-20sputnikGerman Citizens Trust Putin More Than Trump - Poll
2019-08-20sputnikUS Had Plans to Test Missiles Banned by INF Treaty Long Before Leaving Arms Deal – Lavrov
2019-08-20sputnikTwitter Erupts As Netflix Web Series is Accused of Insulting the Sikh Religion
2019-08-20sputnikClearing Operations Restored at Notre-Dame, Following Delay After Lead Contamination Revelations
2019-08-20sputnikIncoming Storm Sends Mattresses Tumbling into Nearby Pool
2019-08-20sputnikTwo US Navy Blue Angels Collide During Diamond 360 Maneuver (Videos)
2019-08-20sputnikIceland Holds Funeral After Losing Okjokull Glacier to Climate Change (Photos)
2019-08-20sputnikUS to Greece: Aid Given to Iranian Tanker May be Viewed as Material Support to Terrorist Group
2019-08-20sputnik‘Worst-Case Scenario’ Dossier Shows How ‘Careless’ Johnson Gov Handles Brexit
2019-08-20sputnik‘The Occupation is Real’: US’ Omar, Tlaib Speak Out Against Israel Travel Ban
2019-08-20sputnikPompeo to Meet Trudeau, Freeland in Ottawa Thursday to Discuss Venezuela
2019-08-20sputnikJournalist: I Don't Think Trump Has Any Intention of Holding Google to Accountability
2019-08-20sputnikGuatemalan Court Acquits President's Relatives of Corruption Charges - Reports
2019-08-20sputnikNo Coitus Toilet: Netizens React to ‘Anti-Sex’ Bathroom Proposal in Wales
2019-08-20sputnikIran Warns North Korea Against Trusting US, Plans Foreign Minister's Visit to Pyongyang
2019-08-20sputnikUS Tech Giants Slam French Digital Tax Law, Claim Restructuring Will Cost ‘Millions of Dollars’
2019-08-20sputnikUS Using Immigrant Detention ‘As Attrition or Defense Mechanism,’ No Longer ‘Last Resort’
2019-08-20sputnikTrump, Pakistan’s Khan Discuss Need to Reduce Tensions Over Kashmir
2019-08-20sputnikPakistan Miffed Over Suspension of 200 Twitter Accounts
2019-08-20sputnikItalian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte Announces Resignation Amid Tensions in Ruling Coalition
2019-08-20sputnikWeeding out of “Illegal Immigrants” is India’s Internal Matter- External Affairs Minister
2019-08-20sputnikGerman Chancellor Merkel Holds Joint Press Conference with Nordic PMs in Iceland (Video)
2019-08-20sputnikLondon Mayor Announces $1.7Mln for Community Projects to Tackle Knife Crime
2019-08-20sputnikRare Earth-Sized Rocky Exoplanet Glimpsed by Space Telescope
2019-08-20sputnikMan Who Took Bus Passengers Hostage in Brazil Shot Dead by Police Sniper - Report
2019-08-20sputnikPutin Fully Briefed on Arkhangelsk Accident, Rumours of "Radioactive Cloud" Absurd - Kremlin
2019-08-20sputnikBeware of Next Jihadist Wave: China Says ‘Terrorist Organisations’ Stirring in Syria
2019-08-20sputnikSituation on Ponte Rio-Niterói Bridge in Rio After Armed Man Took Bus Passengers Hostage (Video)
2019-08-20sputnikWe Will, In Fact, Knock the Hustle
2019-08-20sputnikGlobal Tensions are Rising: Hong Kong, Israel, and the United States
2019-08-20sputnikJordan Peterson Tweets Video Trashing Deepfakes as 'Threat to Western Democracies'
2019-08-20sputnikRussian Defence Ministry Posts Video of 6-Tonne Altius-U Drone's Maiden Flight (Video)
2019-08-20sputnikTurkey Was Notified Attacks by Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham in Syria's Idlib Would be Crushed - Lavrov
2019-08-20sputnikReal-Life SkyNet? Pentagon Wants to Use AI to Develop New Weapons, Vehicles
2019-08-20sputnik'Happiest I Can Be': PewDiePie Confirms Marriage to Longtime Girlfriend Marzia Bisognin (Photos)
2019-08-20sputnikArmed Man Seizes Bus with People on Bridge to Rio, Brazil, Threatens to Set It on Fire - Report
2019-08-20sputnikEU’s Tusk: By Not Proposing Alternatives, Opponents of Irish Backstop back ‘Reestablishing Border’
2019-08-20sputnikRussian Sailors Abducted Off Cameroon's Coast Are Most Likely to Be in Nigeria - Source
2019-08-20sputnikAt Least One Person Killed After Pakistan and India Exchange Heavy Firing, Shelling across LoC
2019-08-20sputnikGerman Central Bank Warns Country Heading for Recession, Merkel’s Shaky Coalition in Jeopardy
2019-08-20sputnikSaddam Hussein's 'Torture' Doctor Wins Legal Battle for UK Asylum
2019-08-20sputnikScience Museum's 'Summer in Space' Marks 50 Years Since Apollo Missions, Cold War Joint Efforts
2019-08-20sputnikPETA Hisses at Britney Spears Over Her Bragging About ‘Never-Worn’ $6,000 Snakeskin Heels
2019-08-20sputnikNYPD Fires Officer Involved in Deadly Chokehold Case: Was Justice Really Served?
2019-08-20sputnikComedian Dancing to Bollywood Tunes on NYC Streets Leaves Netizens in Stitches
2019-08-20sputnikData from Chandrayaan-2 Moon Mission to Help NASA’s Crewed Mission -Indian Space Agency Chief
2019-08-20sputnikPopular Hentai-Porn Site Security Lapse Exposed 1.2 Million 'Anonymous' User Profiles
2019-08-20sputnikThe Bond 'Black Hole'
2019-08-20sputnikAir France Moscow–Paris Flight Declares Emergency on Board, Lands in Luxembourg - Reports
2019-08-20sputnikRabbit or Raven? Twitter Perplexed by Mind-Boggling Optical Illusion
2019-08-20sputnikUK Didn't Back Pakistan or China at UNSC Meeting on Kashmir- Report
2019-08-20sputnikTweets of Support Flood in as Man Utd's Paul Pogba Racially Abused Online Over Penalty Miss
2019-08-20sputnikRussia Warns US Against Economic Blockade on Venezuela - Deputy Foreign Minister
2019-08-20sputnikBarron Trump’s Sudden Growth Spurt Has Twitter Agog as Photos Show Him Towering Over Dad
2019-08-20sputnikCristiano Ronaldo's Lawyers Reportedly Admit Paying $375,000 in Hush Money to Rape Accuser in 2010
2019-08-20sputnikKnife Attack in Hong Kong Leaves Three People Injured - Reports (Video)
2019-08-20sputnikBlack Hole Feasting on Neutron Star Likely Spotted For First Time, Claim Scientists
2019-08-20sputnikUS Missile Test Will Lead to Arms Race and Harm Global Security - Chinese Foreign Ministry
2019-08-20sputnikTwitter Declares Total Advertising Ban on State-Run Media Outlets
2019-08-20sputnikHillary Clinton Castigates President Trump Over Tweeting 'Debunked' Report on 2016 Vote Manipulation
2019-08-20sputnikMoscow Deplores Latest US Test of Cruise Missile Banned by INF Treaty
2019-08-20sputnikDems Turned Hong Kong Protests Into Trap for Trump Amid US-China Trade Talks – Beijing-Based Journo
2019-08-20sputnikDate Time: Golden Retriever Enjoys Evening on Boat
2019-08-20sputnikDonald Trump Tweets Fake Pic of Gold Tower in Greenland Amid Media Frenzy Over Plans to Buy Island
2019-08-20sputnikIndia’s Second Moon Mission, Chandrayaan-2 Successfully Enters Lunar Orbit
2019-08-20sputnikFrance is Seeking Moscow's Support to Preserve the Iran Nuclear Deal - Ex-French Ambassador
2019-08-20sputnikVirtual Sex System With 'Smart-Warming Masturbatory Sleeve' Up for Grabs Starting October
2019-08-20sputnikMalaysia Reportedly Bans Controversial Indian Islamic Preacher Zakir Naik from Giving Speeches
2019-08-20sputnikJohnson Offers EU to Consider Alternative Agreements After Brexit Instead of Backstop
2019-08-20sputnikBomb Blast Destroys Hospital Building in Northeastern Syria - Reports
2019-08-20sputnikHuawei Slams US Decision to Ban More Affiliates as ‘Politically Motivated’
2019-08-20sputnikSenior White House Officials Mull Payroll Tax Cut to Avert Slowdown, Recession – Reports
2019-08-20sputnikAt Least 13 Killed as Bus With Chinese Tourists Crashes in Laos
2019-08-20sputnikIlhan Omar Says US Should Reconsider Aid to Israel
2019-08-20sputnikRoyal Air Force Fighter Jets Escort Russian Aircraft Over Baltic, UK Defence Ministry Says
2019-08-20sputnikSurvey Shows Japanese Companies Back Abe’s Plan to Curb Exports to South Korea
2019-08-20sputnikUK Prime Minister Johnson Updated Trump on Brexit During Call
2019-08-20sputnikMicrosoft Hires Apple’s Ex-Siri Chief Amid Plans for Future AI Development
2019-08-20sputnikJeffrey Epstein Signed His Final Will 2 Days Before Death in Manhattan Jail – Report
2019-08-20sputnikQatar Invests in Construction of World-Class Port in Somalia
2019-08-20sputnikOldest 'Porsche' Fails to Sell after Auction's $70 Million Mixup at RM Sotheby’s
2019-08-20sputnikDisturbing Footage Shows Hong Kong Police Torture Hospitalized 62-Year-Old Man (Videos)
2019-08-20sputnikAfter INF Treaty Withdraw, US Looking to Develop Hypersonic Missiles - Army Secretary
2019-08-20sputnikItaly's Lega Says 'Best Solution' to Ask for Elections, New Gov't Possible in Time for Budget Vote
2019-08-20sputnikHarmful Pesticides Cause Half a Billion Bees to Drop Dead in Brazil
2019-08-20sputnik'Who's The Smart One?': Mayweather Brags About Making Millions on Video That Fooled His Fans
2019-08-20sputnikNASA Confirms Europa Clipper Mission to Jupiter’s Moon
2019-08-20sputnikNew Zealander Accused of Threatening to Kill Flat-Earther With Crossbow Over Bet on Planet’s Shape
2019-08-20sputnikEx-‘Hijab Porn Star’ Mia Khalifa Opens up About Her Passion for Jeremy Clarkson
2019-08-20sputnikBikini-Clad Colombian Model Wows Followers by Squatting With Gator on Shoulders (Video)
2019-08-20sputnikUS Navy on ‘Balls of Our Feet’ for Venezuela Action - SOUTHCOM Chief
2019-08-20sputnik'WTO Tariffs Could Have a Decimating Effect on Our Industry' - Agriculture Expert
2019-08-20sputnikTrump Says Fed Needs to Be Proactive and Cut Interest Rates
2019-08-20sputnikForget Area 51: FB Event to Watch UK Crash Out of EU on 31/10 on Dutch Beach Gets Thousands of Likes
2019-08-20sputnikApple Accidentally Unpatches Fixed iOS Security Flaw Leaving Devices Vulnerable to Hackers - Reports
2019-08-20sputnik'No Logic, Just Ideology': Right-Wing Media Explain How They Ended Up on Google's New Blacklist
2019-08-20sputnik‘Just Horrible’: US Chemical Spill Leaves Beaches Closed, Hundreds of Fish Dead (Photos)
2019-08-20sputnik94 Cases of Severe Lung Disease Are Suspected to Be Linked to Vaping Oil
2019-08-20sputnikTexas School Officials Sued Over Using Black Marker to Fill Teen’s Hair (Photo)
2019-08-20sputnikAustralia Could Revoke Beijing-Linked Company’s Access to Iron Mine Near Top Secret Site
2019-08-20sputnikWestern Coverage of Hong Kong Ignores Economic Woes in Favor of Rare Clashes
2019-08-20sputnikMissing Something? Traveler Abandons Pet Snake at US Airport Checkpoint (Photo)
2019-08-20sputnikHow Trump's Trade War With China Struck the Wrong Target Hitting Apple & Propping Up Samsung
2019-08-20sputnik‘A Brexit Deal Will Be Struck Between the UK and EU’ – Analyst
2019-08-20sputnikTrump Plans to Nominate Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan Envoy to Russia - Report
2019-08-20sputnikPound Enters Downward Trend, Risks Plunging Further - Bloomberg Analyst
2019-08-20sputnikTwo Lawmakers, Once Caught Watching Porn, Return as Ministers in India’s Karnataka State
2019-08-20sputnikItalian Prosecutor Orders Seizure of Open Arms Rescue Boat - Source
2019-08-20sputnikSelf-Proclaimed President of Ambazonia, Nine Followers Get Life Sentence in Cameroon - Report
2019-08-20sputnikTwo Radiation Monitoring Stations in Russia Back Online - Nuclear Test Watchdog
2019-08-20sputnikTurkey to Prevent US From Turning Safe Zone in Northern Syria Into Second Manbij – Ankara
2019-08-20sputnikGermany’s Merkel Says EU Will Weigh ‘Practical Solutions’ for Irish Border Impasse
2019-08-20sputnikUS to Print Parts for Its Biggest Military Plane on 3D Printer… Starting With Latrine Covers
2019-08-20sputnikUK Mobile Provider Activates 5G Service Using Huawei Router - Report
2019-08-20sputnikPewDiePie Addresses Rumours About Quitting YouTube After Wedding
2019-08-20sputnikWoman Seen With Prince Andrew in Epstein Video May Be Ex-Aussie Prime Minister's Daughter - Report
2019-08-20sputnikHelicopter Crashes off Greek Island of Poros, 3 People Dead (Photos, Video)
2019-08-20sputnik‘You Have to Pay Your Dues’ – Ultramarathon Legend on Training for the Event
2019-08-20sputnikPakistan Claims Killed 6 Indian Soldiers in Response to Ceasefire Violations Near Line of Control
2019-08-20sputnikConservative Defector Sarah Wollaston Viciously Attacked by Party in Facebook Ads
2019-08-20sputnikIndian Twitterati Slams Pakistani Actress for Mocking Dogfight Hero Wing Commander Abhinandan
2019-08-20sputnikBollywood Actress Swara Bhaskar Trolled for Backing Anti-Indian Army Activist
2019-08-20sputnikSpain's Left-Wing Podemos Offers to Resume Gov't Coalition Talks With Socialists - Reports
2019-08-20sputnikOh, My God, It Climbs! Alligator Goes Over Fence in Jacksonville
2019-08-20sputnikMore UK Police Back Issuing Tasers to Frontline Officers to Combat 'Sickening Trend' of Attacks
2019-08-20sputnikBus Hijacker 'With Toy Gun': What is Known So Far About Hostage Situation in Brazil
2019-08-20sputnikDaesh Terror Group 'More Powerful' Today in Certain Places - Pompeo
2019-08-19sputnikDry Your Eyes Owen
2019-08-19sputnikIranian Grace 1 Oil Tanker Leaves Gibraltar - Report (Video)
2019-08-19sputnikHubble Captures Stunning Photo Of Two Galaxies Destined to Collide
2019-08-19sputnikSherlock Season 5 ‘Would Have to Be Really, Really Special’ to Return - Martin Freeman
2019-08-19sputnikTrump Suggests Naval Blockade of Venezuela, Pentagon Notes Impracticality - Report
2019-08-19sputnikThree Mass Shootings Averted Over the Weekend - US Authorities
2019-08-19sputnikWorld Jewish Congress Slams Rashida Tlaib's HBO Show Boycott as 'Outrageous'
2019-08-19sputnikHong Kong Police Slam Reports of Excessive Use of Force During Protests as ‘Unfair’
2019-08-19sputnikUK’s Prince Andrew Breaks Silence Over Jeffrey Epstein Connection
2019-08-19sputnikWatch: Wisconsin Family Discover Live Frog in Salad, Store Touts Pesticide-Free Products
2019-08-19sputnikAt Least 20 Killed in Northern India Flash Floods - Reports (Photos, Video)
2019-08-19sputnik‘Kind of Insane’: South Carolina Man Almost Hit By Lightning Describes His Experience
2019-08-19sputnik'New Face of Democratic Party': Trump Lashes Out at AOC, 'Squad' Amid Tlaib-Israeli Dispute
2019-08-19sputnikBeijing Warns Ottawa Against Meddling in 'Hong Kong, China's Internal Affairs' - Embassy
2019-08-19sputnikMoscow Interested in New Post-Brexit Trade Deal With London - Russian Trade Representative
2019-08-19sputnikTrump Affirms Pence as Running Mate in 2020 Election Campaign
2019-08-19sputnik‘Greenland is not Danish’: Denmark’s PM Reacts to Trump’s Greenland Aspirations
2019-08-19sputnikFeeling Gloomy: Golden Retriever Makes Funny Face While Waiting for Owner
2019-08-19sputnikAt Least 1 Person Killed, 8 Injured in Car Crash in Russia's Siberia - Emergency Services
2019-08-19sputnikFive Arrested for Forcing Minor Into Prostitution in India’s Mumbai- Report
2019-08-19sputnikIran Warns US Against Detaining Iranian Oil Tanker in International Waters - Tehran
2019-08-19sputnikIranian Foreign Minister to Visit Finland on Monday
2019-08-19sputnikRussia to Perform Survey Flight Over UK While US Flies Observation Planes Over Russia
2019-08-19sputnikDem Senator Apologises for Antics Involving Mock Donald Trump Assassination Photos at Fundraiser
2019-08-19sputnikDozens Killed as Floods and Landslides Batter India’s Himachal and Uttarakhand -Reports
2019-08-19sputnikGerman-US Relations Sink to All-Time Low – Report
2019-08-19sputnikKabul Slams Islamabad for Linking Ongoing Kashmir Issue to Afghan Peace Process
2019-08-19sputnikElon Musk Brushes Off Collision Fears Over 'God of Chaos' Asteroid Set to Zip Past Earth in 2029
2019-08-19sputnikDamascus Slams Turkish Army Convoy Moving Towards Key Syrian Town - Reports
2019-08-19sputnikRussian Defence Ministry Releases Cockpit View of MiG-31BM Training Flight (Video)
2019-08-19sputnikNASA Picks Proposals For Smallsats to Predict Space Weather
2019-08-19sputnikFrench President to Meet UK Prime Minister on 22 August - Macron Representative
2019-08-19sputnikIranian Oil Tanker Adrian Darya Sails to Greece Following Release-Reports
2019-08-19sputnikCardi B Breaks Twitter by Saying Jay-Z Has the 'Power' to Bring Colin Kaepernick Back to NFL
2019-08-19sputnikPakistan Summons Indian Diplomat After India Uses Anti-Tank Guided Missiles in Cross-Border Firing
2019-08-19sputnikSpain's Gov’t Denies It Agreed With Italy to Allow Migrants to Disembark at Port in Mallorca
2019-08-19sputnik10-Year-Old Indian Boy Conquers Europe's Highest Summit
2019-08-19sputnikSexy Bikini-Clad Korean Models Banned on Twitch For Saucy Poolside Stream (Video)
2019-08-19sputnikAny Mediation Should Focus on Bringing Back US to Iran Nuclear Deal - Foreign Minister Zarif
2019-08-19sputnikFlorida Pub Flushes Conor McGregor Whiskey, Slams Ex-Champion’s ‘Cowardly Behaviour’ (Video)
2019-08-19sputnikEU Ready for No-Deal Brexit While UK Will Suffer Most - European Commission Spokesperson
2019-08-19sputnikBrexit Secretary Signs 'Landmark' Order to End All EU Law in UK, But Significance Challenged
2019-08-19sputnikFrom Ukraine to Iran: Key Issues Putin and Macron Will Discuss at Bilateral Meeting in France
2019-08-19sputnikKremlin on Russian Plane Being Escorted: Geneva Qualified Similar Moves as Hospitality
2019-08-19sputnikTurkish Defence Ministry Says Airstrike on Military Convoy in Idlib Kills 3 Civilians - Report
2019-08-19sputnikPakistan Media Authority Takes Control of Local Cable Network after it Broadcasted Indian Channels
2019-08-19sputnikTwitterstorm as Deepika Padukone Allegedly Hints ‘Good News’ to Ranveer with ‘Hi Daddy’ Remark
2019-08-19sputnikUK PM Johnson Seeks to Tackle Anti-Vax 'Fake News' on Social Media to Stop Measles Spread - Report
2019-08-19sputnikUnited States to Postpone Huawei Ban by 90 Days
2019-08-19sputnikVivienne Westwood Calls for Making Teen Climate Activist Greta Thunberg ‘World Controller’
2019-08-19sputnikIsraeli PM's Wife Throws Away Traditional Welcome Treat During Netanyahu's Ukraine Visit (Video)
2019-08-19sputnikRussia Delivers Essential Equipment Necessary to Set Up India’s Third Nuclear Plant
2019-08-19sputnikSchools and Government Offices Reopen in India’s Jammu and Kashmir to Thin Attendance - Reports
2019-08-19sputnikNetizens Cheer as Bollywood Filmmaker Karan Johar Shuts Up Homophobic Troll
2019-08-19sputnikBomb Explodes After Police 'Lured' To Scene in Northern Ireland By Hoax Device
2019-08-19sputnikBioengineering Breakthrough: Russian, EU Scientists Find Way to Cut Nanoparticle Toxicity Levels
2019-08-19sputnikIt's Mine! Giant Hammerhead Shark Steals Big Tarpon From Fisherman in Florida
2019-08-19sputnikChinese Missiles Could Cripple US Asia-Pacific Forces as Washington Loses Military Primacy - Report
2019-08-19sputnikOperation Yellowhammer Files Promise Chaos, But Nigel Farage Unconvinced
2019-08-19sputnikJihadi Jack's Father Blasts Britain for 'Shirking its Responsibility' as Son Stripped of Citizenship
2019-08-19sputnikCorbyn Vows to Stop ‘No-Deal Brexit’ at Any Cost While Labelling Johnson 'Britain’s Trump'
2019-08-19sputnikGermany Aims to Boost Airport Security to Prevent Gatwick-Style Drone Mayhem – Report
2019-08-19sputnikUS Women’s Football Team Midfielder Megan Rapinoe Reveals Dad Voted for Trump
2019-08-19sputnikAmazon Execs Made Campaign Donations to Dem Congressman Leading Antitrust Probe in Big Tech - Report
2019-08-19sputnikDumb Reasons to Die: Murder of French Waiter is Latest in Long Litany of Stupid Motives
2019-08-19sputnikPakistan Army Chief Gets 3-Year Service Extension Amid Flare Up With India
2019-08-19sputnikIndia's Former Finance Minister Summoned in Aviation Scam - Reports
2019-08-19sputnikTrump Warns of Conspiracy to Stoke Looming Recession Fears, Hails Strength of US Economy - Report
2019-08-19sputnikNew 'X-Ray Vision' Apps 'Undressing' Women Launch Following Shutdown of Original DeepNude
2019-08-19sputnikHeidi Klum Flashes Slightly More Than Social Media Censorship Might Allow on Honeymoon
2019-08-19sputnikRussian Scientists Create Fuel for Next Generation Nuclear Power Reactors
2019-08-19sputnikImran Khan's Ex-Wife Calls Pakistani PM 'Indecisive', Alleges 'Deal' on Kashmir
2019-08-19sputnikIndian Medical Association Lashes Out at British Journal The Lancet for Kashmir Remarks
2019-08-19sputnikIndia's Maharashtra State Successfully Reduces New-Born Mortality - Report
2019-08-19sputnikTrump Wants Google Sued as Firm 'Manipulated Up to 16Mln Votes for Hillary Clinton in 2016 Election'
2019-08-19sputnikPutin and Macron Answer Reporters’ Questions During Meeting at Fort Bregancon (Video)
2019-08-19sputnikTerrorists Conduct Raids From Syria's Demilitarised Zones, Move to Other Regions – Putin
2019-08-19sputnikIt Would Be ‘Disastrous’ if Jeremy Corbyn Became British Prime Minister – Political Commentator
2019-08-19sputnikDeath of Jeffrey Epstein, Unfolding Problems in Hong Kong and Iranian Tanker in Gibraltar
2019-08-19sputnikSyrian Army Eliminates Snipers on Hills Near Idlib's Khan Sheikhoun - Reports
2019-08-19sputnikMiraculous Transformation: Adorable Shiba 'Bunny' Melts Instagram Users' Hearts
2019-08-19sputnikIndian Air Force Dramatically Rescues Flood Stranded Fishermen (Video)
2019-08-19sputnikPacific States Mull Kicking Out 'Neo-Colonial' Australia From Bloc as Canberra Tries to Rival China
2019-08-19sputnikUS Tests Cruise Missile After Withdrawal From INF Treaty (Video)
2019-08-19sputnikWatch Swiss Fighter Jet Escort Russian President's Plane in 'Hospitality' Gesture
2019-08-19sputnikEU Warns of 'Significant Disruption' From No-Deal After Whitehall Brexit Chaos Memo Leaked
2019-08-19sputnikTwitterstorm Erupts After Temple Attacked Over Decades-Old Hindi Language Row in South India
2019-08-19sputnikNew York Police Officer Pantaleo Fired for 2014 Killing of Eric Garner - Commissioner
2019-08-19sputnikUsing More Emojis Linked to More Successful Dating and Sexual Life, New Study Suggests
2019-08-19sputnikIndian Army Recovers Parts of Soviet-Era Aircraft Lost in 1968
2019-08-19sputnikUS ‘Gun Mom’ Shrugs off Criticism Over Pro-Firearm Bikini Instagram
2019-08-19sputnikUS Attorney General Appoints Kathleen Hawk Sawyer New Head of Prisons Following Epstein's Death
2019-08-19sputnikElectric Scooter Enthusiast Takes New Craze to the Next Level
2019-08-19sputnikUS Lawmaker Apologizes For Images of Mock Trump Assassination at Fundraiser (Photos)
2019-08-19sputnikMacron Quotes Dostoevsky During Presser With Putin to Illustrate Russia's Role in Europe
2019-08-19sputnik‘We Heisted Them’: Owner of US Jewelry Store Fights Off Thieves (Video)
2019-08-19sputnikWatch: Florida Man Attacks Jogger With Sword Over Plastic Cart Found in Trash Pile
2019-08-19sputnikAircraft Experts Stumped by New Variant of China’s JH-7A Fighter-Bomber (Photo)
2019-08-19sputnikTrump Conveys to Modi Importance of Reducing India-Pakistan Tensions
2019-08-19sputnikWarsaw Doesn’t Want US to Move Troops From Germany to Poland, Foreign Minister Says
2019-08-19sputnikFacebook Removes 5 China-Based Accounts Allegedly Focusing on Hong Kong
2019-08-19sputnikPoland Could Support US Politically in Persian Gulf, Not Via Military - Foreign Ministry
2019-08-19sputnikGorbachev to Skip 30-Year Anniversary of Berlin Wall Fall – Organisers
2019-08-19sputnikMixed Reactions as John Oliver Says Trump Wants Greenland as It's 'Icy' Like Melania
2019-08-19sputnikIceland's Jakobsdottir, Germany's Merkel Hold Press Conference After Nordic Countries’ PM's Meeting
2019-08-19sputnikGerman Amusement Park Shuts Down Swastika-Looking Carousel Over Backlash
2019-08-19sputnikTexas Officers Who Leashed Handcuffed Suspect Won’t Face Criminal Investigation
2019-08-19sputnikIran May Soon Make Another Satellite Launch Attempt
2019-08-19sputnikFake Chinese Police Cars Spotted in Australia Amid Hong Kong Protests Spark Alarm
2019-08-19sputnikSaudi-Led Coalition Strikes Military Targets in Houthi-Controlled Sanaa - State TV
2019-08-19sputnikWatch: US High School Students Sing Nazi Song While Giving Hitler Salute
2019-08-18sputnikTalks With Islamabad Can Only be About 'Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir' - Indian Defence Minister
2019-08-18sputnikPundit Explains Why American Sanctions Against Nord Stream 2 Could Be Damaging to US
2019-08-18sputnikUK Muslim Convert 'Jihadi Jack' Stripped of British Citizenship After Shamima Begum – Report
2019-08-18sputnikGerman Interior Minister Threatens to Deport Refugees Who Spend Holidays in Embattled Homeland
2019-08-18sputnikNew High: French Pompidou Centre Reportedly Proposes BTS Collaboration
2019-08-18sputnikJordan Summons Israeli Envoy Over Minister’s Remarks on Temple Mount Status Quo
2019-08-18sputnikRashida Tlaib Attends Event by Group Supporting Boycott of Israel After Rejecting West Bank Visitjer
2019-08-18sputnikBritish Army and Royal Air Force Allow Soldiers to Grow Beards - Reports
2019-08-18sputnikA Bridge to the Past: Rare Nostalgic Photos From the USSR
2019-08-18sputnikUK Seeking to Enlist 'Five Eyes' Allies’ Support for Satellite to Rival EU’s Galileo - Report
2019-08-18sputnikAlleged Victim of McGregor's 'Punch Incident' Says He Couldn't Leave House For a Week
2019-08-18sputnikFormer ‘Hijab Porn Star’ Mia Khalifa Comes Under Fire, Complains She Earned $12K for Film Career
2019-08-18sputnikCast of Show New Journey to the West Might be in Doubt Amid Ahn Jae-hyun, Ku Hye-sun Divorce News
2019-08-18sputnikUS Demand to Detain Iranian Tanker Rejected by Gibraltar - Government
2019-08-18sputnikHubble Telescope Spots Gassy Ageing 'Jellyfish' Star in Deep Space
2019-08-18sputnikLeaked 'Classified' UK Gov't Docs on Brexit Outdated, Gibraltar Says
2019-08-18sputnikNASA's 'Flying Lab' Takes Snap of Rare 'Fire Cloud' as Part of Study on Wildfires
2019-08-18sputnikDaesh Claims Responsibility for Deadly Wedding Attack in Afghanistan - Report
2019-08-18sputnikVideo Allegedly Showing Prince Andrew Waving Off Young Woman at Epstein's New York Mansion Released
2019-08-18sputnikTens of Thousands of Protesters March in Centre of Hong Kong Despite Police Ban (Video)
2019-08-18sputnikShadow Hunter: How to Control a Penguin
2019-08-18sputnikUS Will Not Do Business With Huawei - Trump
2019-08-18sputnikLeaked 'Classified' UK Gov't Docs on Brexit Outdated, Gibraltar Says
2019-08-18sputnikRussian Girl Survives Fall From 50-Metre 'Rock of Love' in Selfie Attempt
2019-08-18sputnikGo For Gold: Here's Why Russia Can Become Fourth Biggest Reserve Holder
2019-08-18sputnikUS UAV Carries Out Surveillance Flight Near Russia's Crimea
2019-08-18sputnikRed Velvet's Seulgi Trends on Twitter as Her Teaser for Group's Summer Comeback Released
2019-08-18sputnikSex Workers and Lewd Tourist Antics Wreck Reputation of Portuguese Beach Resort Despite Crackdown
2019-08-18sputnikRashida Tlaib Attends Event by Group Supporting Boycott of Israel After Rejecting West Bank Visit
2019-08-18sputnikWorld Must Seriously Consider Safety and Security of India's Nuclear Arsenal - Pakistan PM Khan
2019-08-18sputnikIranian Tanker Grace 1 Leaving Gibraltar After Month-Long Arrest
2019-08-18sputnikDuterte Heads to China Amid Manila Hawks Criticism Over His 'Kowtowing' to Beijing
2019-08-18sputnikMaduro Accuses Trump of Doing to Venezuela What Hitler Did to the Jewish People - Reports
2019-08-18sputnikUS Budget Provided Funds For Medium, Short-Range Missiles Year Before it Left INF - Shoigu
2019-08-18sputnikKazakhstan Hit by 5.4 Magnitude Earthquake - Interior Ministry
2019-08-18sputnikChina's Involvement in US-Led Naval Mission to Counter Iran in Gulf 'Wishful Thinking' - Report
2019-08-18sputnikEither in 2019 or 2020 Trump Will Recognise Israel's Sovereignty Over West Bank – Publicists
2019-08-18sputnikWhy Won't You Play With Me? Charming Golden Retriever Pup Attempts to Befriend Cat
2019-08-18sputnikKazakhstan Hit With 5.4 Magnitude Earthquake - Interior Ministry
2019-08-18sputnikAt Least 1 Killed as Small Plane With 3 On Board Crashes in Upstate New York - Reports
2019-08-18sputnikPhotos of Service Dogs at Canadian Theatrical Production of Billy Elliot Go Viral
2019-08-18sputnikInternational Army Games 2019 Officially Closed - Russian Defenсe Minister
2019-08-18sputnikNetanyahu Shrugs Off Threats by Hezbollah Chief
2019-08-18sputnikTwitter Explodes as Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendez Release New Sexy 'Senorita' Rehearsal Video
2019-08-18sputnik'Roger Rabbit' Animator Richard Williams Dies at 86
2019-08-18sputnik‘Their People Are Morons’: CBP, ICE Officials Slam ‘Irresponsible’ Google Employees
2019-08-18sputnik'Is Greenland For Sale?': US Dem Candidate Turns Viral Joke Into Fundraising Profit
2019-08-18sputnikUS Firm Suspends Component Supplying to Russia's Space Research Program, Japan Steps In
2019-08-18sputnikEpstein's French Associate Jean-Luc Brunel Allegedly Drugged, Raped Young Models - Report
2019-08-18sputnikWatch: ‘End Domestic Terrorism’ Portland Rally Goes Violent After Clashes Between Right-Wing, Antifa
2019-08-18sputnikArgentina Treasury Minister Dujovne Resigns Amid Currency Crisis
2019-08-18sputnik‘Life Under Microscope’: Ex-Adult Film Star Recalls Her Time in Porn and the Aftermath
2019-08-18sputnikLeaked 'Classified' UK Govt Documents Reveal No-Deal Brexit Aftershock Scenarios - Report
2019-08-18sputnikSwarovski Latest Brand Embroiled in Wrong HK Reference Controversy
2019-08-18sputnikNew Postmortem Photos of Marilyn Monroe Revealed After Nearly Six Decades - Report
2019-08-18sputnikNetanyahu Promises Military Operation in Gaza ‘If Necessary’
2019-08-18sputnikRuns in The Family? US Lawmaker Rashida Tlaib’s Grandmother Slams Trump
2019-08-18sputnikFormer Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco Dead at 76 - Reports
2019-08-18sputnikSyrian Army Advances in Idlib's Khan-Sheikhun, Inflicts Heavy Losses on Terrorists - Reports
2019-08-18sputnikUS Has 'Brought All Its Might to Battlefield' With Iran - IRGC Commander
2019-08-18sputnikArchaeological Discovery Proves Biblical Plot That Jerusalem Was Invaded by Babylonians
2019-08-18sputnikMagnitude 5.9 Earthquake Hits Mariana Islands - USGS
2019-08-18sputnikJeffrey Epstein Bought Small-Sized Lady Panties During His First Time in Jail – Report
2019-08-18sputnikIRGC Warns US, UK Ships in Gulf Are Source of Insecurity, Threat to All Neighbouring States
2019-08-18sputnikLeaked Dossier on Impact of No-Deal Brexit Outlines 'Worst-Case Scenario' - Minister Gove
2019-08-18sputnikChina Warns That US to Bear "All the Consequences" for Selling F-16 Fighters to Taiwan
2019-08-18sputnikProtestors Take to Streets in Aberdeen Demanding 2nd Scottish Independence Referendum (Photos)
2019-08-18sputnikOrganisers Claim Over 1.7 Mln People Joined Sunday’s Demonstration in Hong Kong (Videos)
2019-08-18sputnikDonald Trump’s Aide Confirms POTUS ‘Wants to Take a Look’ at Buying Greenland
2019-08-18sputnikUS Actions in Syria Amount to Violation of Syrian Territorial Integrity - Tehran
2019-08-18sputnik'Revolution' in Russia? How The Economist Messed Up Fact-Checking in Article on Moscow Rallies
2019-08-18sputnikIsraeli Politician Nir Barkat Slams Rashid Tlaib for ‘Bigotry’, Urges Her 'Go to Iran or Syria'
2019-08-18sputnikSwitzerland Mulls Checking Phones and Laptops of Migrants Seeking Asylum
2019-08-18sputnikWhen You Are Not That Smart: Little Samoyed Tries to Get out
2019-08-18sputnik'Soft-Porn' Actress Who Used to Date Prince Andrew Shocked Queen With Lesbian Shower Scene - Reports
2019-08-18sputnikRussian Girl Survives Fall From 50-Metre 'Rock of Love' in Selfie Attempt
2019-08-17sputnikNASA Reveals How the Moon Becomes Brighter Than the Sun
2019-08-17sputnikRussian TV Presenter Says Katy Perry Harassed Her at Closed Party
2019-08-17sputnikRussia Space Agency Develops Stealth Technology for Satellites
2019-08-17sputnikObjections to Omar, Tlaib Israel Trip Follow GOP Strategy to Split Democrats Over BDS
2019-08-17sputnikJeffrey Epstein Paid For Ghislaine Maxwell’s Pilot License, Bought Her a Luxury Chopper – Report
2019-08-17sputnikGreen for Greenland: US Attempt to Buy Island Part of Arctic Land Rush
2019-08-17sputnikFirst UNSC Meeting on Jammu and Kashmir in Almost 50 Years Yields No Result
2019-08-17sputnikNo Grabbing Greenland
2019-08-17sputnikUS Nurse Filmed Stabbing Autistic Teen With Syringes Has License Revoked
2019-08-17sputnikUS Army Developing AI-Guided Long-Range Smart Artillery Shell
2019-08-17sputnikWatch ‘Sungrazer’ Comet Ram Directly Into the Sun
2019-08-17sputnikAnarchy in the UK
2019-08-17sputnikHollywood Actor Peter Fonda Dead at 79
2019-08-17sputnikWatch: US Air Force Develops New Robot Pilot Tech to Operate Aged-Out Aircraft
2019-08-17sputnikTrump Meeting With Aides on Afghanistan ‘Went Very Well’, Talks Proceeding - White House
2019-08-17sputnikNorth Korea's Kim Jong Un Oversaw Latest Testing of 'New Weapon' - KCNA
2019-08-17sputnikFilipino Man, Goat Engage in Impromptu Fighting Match
2019-08-17sputnikFacebook Secretly Transcribing Users' Voice Conversations is “Illegal” - Pundits
2019-08-17sputnikNearly Half of Americans Don’t Change Their Underwear Daily - Study
2019-08-17sputnikJupiter May Have Absorbed a Planet 10 Times the Size of Earth Billions of Years Ago - Report
2019-08-17sputnikFirst UNSC Meeting on Jammu and Kashmir in Almost 50 Years Yields No Result
2019-08-17sputnikUS Announces Warrant to Seize Iranian Grace 1 Oil Tanker - Report
2019-08-17sputnikVirgin Galactic Unveils ‘Spaceport America’ Terminal in New Mexico Desert (Photos)
2019-08-17sputnikWhy Israeli Ban on Two US Congresswomen's Visit Won't Drive a Wedge Between the Countries
2019-08-17sputnikUS Navy Request for HK Port Visit Amid Protests May Suggest Ulterior Motives: Experts
2019-08-17sputnikIsrael Intercepts Two Out of Three Rockets Launched From Gaza - IDF
2019-08-17sputnikSM Entertainment Releases Dance Practice Video of New SuperM Group
2019-08-17sputnik'Detain Another Day'? US Justice Department Makes Sloppy Mistake in Warrant for Iranian Oil Tanker
2019-08-17sputnikEpstein’s Lawyers Voice Doubts Over Autopsy Conclusion, Promise Independent Probe
2019-08-17sputnikTwo Killed in Knife Attack at Train Station in Germany
2019-08-17sputnikExplosion Rocks Wedding Hall in Afghan's Capital of Kabul, Casualties Feared - Reports
2019-08-17sputnik'Most Lethal Bowler in World Cricket': Twitter in Shock as Archer Smiles After KOing Steve Smith
2019-08-17sputnikGOT7's Jackson Under Fire for Supporting One-China Policy Amid Hong Kong Protests
2019-08-17sputnikTrump Reiterates He's Considering Possibility of Designating Left-Wing Movement Antifa as Terrorists
2019-08-17sputnikSuper Junior's Heechul Ridiculed on Knowing Brothers as He Denies Dating TWICE's Momo
2019-08-17sputnikNetizens ROFL as Google Shows Imran Khan Pics in Search Results for ‘Beggar’
2019-08-17sputnikSudan's Military Council Chief to Head Sovereign Council for First 21 Months - TMC
2019-08-17sputnikNGOs Call on JIT to Stop Upcoming Trial on MH17 Downing in Ukraine, Citing 'Flawed' Investigation
2019-08-17sputnikStreets Turn Into Rivers as Russian Resort City of Sochi Flooded by Heavy Showers (Videos)
2019-08-17sputnikEuropean Commission Chief Juncker Sent to Luxembourg for Urgent Surgery
2019-08-17sputnikSeven Killed, Four Missing After Ship Catches Fire in Indonesia - Reports (Video)
2019-08-17sputnikAlien-Themed Brothel in Nevada Reports Spike in Interest Against Backdrop of Storm Area 51 Craze
2019-08-17sputnikSituation Inside Cabin of A321 Plane Following Hard Emergency Landing in Corn Field (Video)
2019-08-17sputnikRoyal Navy Going Big in Gulf as UK Joins US-Led Maritime Coalition Against Iran
2019-08-17sputnikSwimming for Beginners: Adorable Shiba Inu Learns How to Stay Afloat in Ocean
2019-08-17sputnikIranian Tanker on Standby to Leave Gibraltar Despite US Attempts to Detain It
2019-08-17sputnikWhy Israel's Ban on Two US Congresswomen Won't Drive a Wedge Between Tel Aviv and Washington
2019-08-17sputnikGeorge Soros Vows Extra Funding for Central European University in Budapest Despite 'Stop Soros' Act
2019-08-17sputnikHuawei Slams 'False' Report About Its Employees Allegedly Aiding African States to Spy on Opposition
2019-08-17sputnik'All Skin And Bones': US Reality Show Star Kristin Cavallari Body-Shamed Over Bikini Snaps
2019-08-17sputnik'Customer is Always Right'? Angry Man Shoots Waiter at French Restaurant Over Poor Service - Report
2019-08-17sputnikNo Excess Radiation Found in Medics Treating Russian Blast Site Accident Victims - Ministry
2019-08-17sputnikHong Kong Opposition Says May Seek Foreign Help After US Diplomat Meets With Activists
2019-08-17sputnikMysterious Light Spotted Around Supermassive Black Hole in Centre of Our Galaxy (Video)
2019-08-17sputnikUK Gov’t Discovered to Have Set up News Platform for Muslims to Counter Terrorism – Report
2019-08-17sputnikHezbollah Leader Says 'Axis of Resistance' Stops US From Going to War With Iran
2019-08-17sputnikUS Ban on Huawei Shrugged Off in Southeast Asia as Washington Locked in Trade War With China
2019-08-17sputnikSudan's Military Signs Final Power Transition Deal With Opposition
2019-08-17sputnikHundreds of Tourists Evacuated as Ferry Runs Ashore on Its Way from Ibiza and Majorca (Photo, Video)
2019-08-17sputnikRussia Reserves Its Right to Retaliate In Case of US Forces Deployment in Poland- Lawmaker
2019-08-17sputnikLindsay Shepherd Rips Twitter for Letting Trans Users 'Get Away With What Gets Others De-Platformed'
2019-08-17sputnikAI-Empowered Sexbots Threaten to 'Replace Human Intimacy'
2019-08-17sputnikHot Mamas: Dazzling Beauties From the 2019 Mrs Russia Pageant
2019-08-17sputnikCrappy Holiday: Luxurious Florida Vacation House Ruined by Black Vultures' Poo and Puke (Video)
2019-08-17sputnikHunger is No Joke: Seagull Devours Baby Shark
2019-08-17sputnikWatch Spanish Striker Score Magnificent Goal With Bicycle Kick (Video)
2019-08-17sputnikChina Launches 3 Satellites Into Orbit With Jielong-1 Rocket - Reports
2019-08-17sputnikThis Economic System Can't Be Fixed: Millions to Lose Jobs in Recession
2019-08-17sputnikGlobal Unrest: Hong Kong Protests, Chinese Tariffs, US Near Recession and More!
2019-08-17sputnikTrump Says 'MAGA': Make All of Greenland Available
2019-08-17sputnikPossible Reason Behind Radiation Spike in Russia's Severodvinsk Revealed
2019-08-17sputnikPakistan Will Respond to Any Indian Aggression at Its Fullest - Pakistan Armed Forces Spokesman
2019-08-17sputnikLady and the Truck: Czech Firms Threaten Our Drivers With Foreigners From the East
2019-08-17sputnikSpanish Users Slam NATO Jet Nearing Russian Defence Minister's Plane Over Baltic Sea
2019-08-17sputnikThis AI Voice Generator Makes Jordan Peterson Say Whatever You Want
2019-08-17sputnikChina’s Energy Giant Backs Out of Venezuela Oil Deal in Wake of Ramped Up US Sanctions - Report
2019-08-17sputnikYemeni Houthis Carry Out Drone Attack on Saudi Oil Field - Report
2019-08-17sputnikPolish FM Expects US to Increase Military Presence in Poland to 'Deter Russia' - Reports
2019-08-17sputnikFootage of Iranian Tanker Grace 1 a Day After its Release From Gibraltar
2019-08-17sputnikVideo Allegedly Showing Israel's Iron Dome Intercepting Rocket From Gaza Emerges Online
2019-08-17sputnikGolden Retriever Puppy Gives Up His Swimming Exercise
2019-08-17sputnikTill Debt Do Us Part: How and Why Russia is Dumping US Treasury Bonds
2019-08-17sputnikIndia, Pakistan Exchange Heavy Firing Along LoC Amid Kashmir Row, One Soldier Killed
2019-08-17sputnikUS Might Give Huawei 90 More Days to Purchase From American Companies - Reports
2019-08-17sputnikOver 120 People Injured in Stone-Pelting Festival in India (Video)
2019-08-17sputnikFrance Should Improve Ties With Russia Before Trump Does the Same - Ex-French Foreign Minister
2019-08-17sputnikPakistan Ramps Up Rhetoric as Indian Defence Minister Hints at Possibility of Nuclear Policy Change
2019-08-17sputnikAt Least 300 Tourists Stranded Due to Mudslides in Denali National Park in Alaska
2019-08-17sputnikDem Ocasio-Cortez Ridicules Trump's Tweet Claiming She is 'Fuming' Over Tlaib, Omar Attention
2019-08-17sputnikAccused Sex Trafficker Jeffrey Epstein Spent Hours Locked Up With Mystery Woman in Jail - Report
2019-08-17sputnikGolden Retriever Puppy Gives Up His Swimming Exercise
2019-08-17sputnik‘Jammu and Kashmir Restrictions to be Eased Gradually’ - Politician
2019-08-17sputnikMexico to Deport US Citizen Suspected of Supporting Islamic Extremism - Prosecutors
2019-08-17sputnikUS Secret Service Arrests Man in Body Armor at Israel Embassy in DC - Report
2019-08-17sputnikUK Urges DPRK to Engage in Denuclearisation Talks With US
2019-08-17sputnikKareem Abdul-Jabbar Lashes Out at Tarantino for Portraying Bruce Lee as a ‘Punching Bag’
2019-08-17sputnikConor McGregor to Appear in Court in October After Assaulting Elder Man – Report
2019-08-17sputnikRussian Trekkers Mull Reaching Alaska on Replica of Ancient Wooden Boat