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2019-08-21tech_crunchFresh out of Y Combinator, Tandem lands millions from Andreessen Horowitz
2019-08-20tech_crunchHere are the 82 startups from day 2 of Y Combinator’s S19 Demo Days
2019-08-20tech_crunchDoorDash acquires autonomous driving startup Scotty Labs
2019-08-20tech_crunchFitbit cofounders James Park and Eric Friedman are coming to Disrupt SF
2019-08-20tech_crunchThe American AI Initiative: A good first step, of many
2019-08-20tech_crunchYC-backed Stoic is a journaling app with a focus on understanding your feelings
2019-08-20tech_crunchWalmart sues Tesla for negligence after multiple solar panel fires
2019-08-20tech_crunchTimbuk2’s Parker is a commuter backpack made for the long haul
2019-08-20tech_crunchResearchers look into keeping autonomous vehicles from becoming mobile vomitoriums
2019-08-20tech_crunchWaxed canvas bags from Waterfield, Manhattan Portage, Saddleback and more
2019-08-20tech_crunchMoviePass exposed thousands of unencrypted customer card numbers
2019-08-20tech_crunchShould your new VC fund use revenue-based investing?
2019-08-20tech_crunchWhy are revenue-based VCs investing in so many women and underrepresented founders?
2019-08-20tech_crunchSpotQA picks up $3.25M seed funding for its automated software testing
2019-08-20tech_crunchAll 84 startups from Y Combinator’s S19 Demo Day 1
2019-08-20tech_crunchStates to launch antitrust investigation into big tech companies, reports say
2019-08-20tech_crunchSummer flash sale: Score 2-for-1 passes to Disrupt Berlin 2019
2019-08-20tech_crunchYubico launches its dual USB-C and Lightning two-factor security key nabs $30M more to help enterprises manage their profiles online
2019-08-20tech_crunchIFTTT warns against migrating Nest devices to Google accounts
2019-08-20tech_crunchPressReader aims to add more personalization to its digital news platform by acquiring News360
2019-08-20tech_crunchWaymo self-driving cars head to Florida for rainy season
2019-08-20tech_crunchApple Card launches today for all U.S. customers, adds 3% cash back for Uber and Uber Eats
2019-08-20tech_crunchIAC acquires nursing marketplace NurseFly for $15M
2019-08-20tech_crunchSpaceX’s spacefaring Tesla Roadster has made a full trip around the Sun
2019-08-20tech_crunchLA-based gaming company, Scopely, expands in Spain and Ireland
2019-08-20tech_crunchStarship Technologies raises $40M, crosses 100K deliveries and plans to expand to 100 new universities
2019-08-20tech_crunchDigitalOcean launches managed MySQL and Redis database services
2019-08-20tech_crunchFacebook unveils new tools to control how websites share your data for ad-targeting announces $72.5M Series D led by Goldman Sachs
2019-08-20tech_crunchMicrosoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser is now in beta
2019-08-20tech_crunchGoogle’s lightweight search app, Google Go, launches to Android users worldwide
2019-08-20tech_crunchY Combinator’s Michael Seibel on building startups, early-stage deal-making and tech’s center of gravity
2019-08-20tech_crunchMIT develops a sensor that can work underwater without a battery and send back data
2019-08-20tech_crunchDiscover the startups exhibiting at Disrupt SF 2019
2019-08-20tech_crunch‘This is Your Life in Silicon Valley’: The League founder and CEO Amanda Bradford on modern dating, and whether Bumble is a ‘real’ startup
2019-08-20tech_crunchGitHub adds 21 new partners to its free Student Developer Pack
2019-08-20tech_crunchDaily Crunch: Apple Card launches in the US
2019-08-20tech_crunchThe 11 best startups from Y Combinator’s S19 Demo Day 1
2019-08-20tech_crunchShazam data is powering Apple Music’s newest chart, the Shazam Discovery Top 50
2019-08-20tech_crunchIBM is moving OpenPower Foundation to The Linux Foundation
2019-08-20tech_crunchNetflix aims to retain subscribers with launch of a feature to track new releases
2019-08-20tech_crunchIndependent report on Facebook bias catalogues mild complaints from conservatives
2019-08-20tech_crunchNASA confirms mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa to explore its icy oceans
2019-08-19tech_crunchRevenue-based investing: A new option for founders who care about control
2019-08-19tech_crunchPorsche is integrating Apple Music into the all-electric Taycan
2019-08-19tech_crunchThe five technical challenges Cerebras overcame in building the first trillion transistor chip
2019-08-19tech_crunchLA-based Brainbase raises $3 million for its intellectual property licensing management tech
2019-08-19tech_crunchSegway-Ninebot’s new scooter drives to its docking station for a recharge
2019-08-19tech_crunchThis hand-tracking algorithm could lead to sign language recognition
2019-08-19tech_crunchBaidu beats estimates on strong video streaming growth
2019-08-19tech_crunchUncork Capital cracks open two new funds
2019-08-19tech_crunchRedDoorz raises $70M to expand its budget hotel network in Southeast Asia
2019-08-19tech_crunchHPE Growth backs WeTransfer in €35M secondary funding round
2019-08-19tech_crunchSpotify Family Accounts are getting parental controls
2019-08-19tech_crunchFounder how-to content on the Extra Crunch Stage at Disrupt Berlin 2019
2019-08-19tech_crunchMinecraft to get big lighting, shadow and color upgrades through Nvidia ray tracing
2019-08-19tech_crunchRocket Lab successfully launches rideshare rocket with two experimental USAF satellites on board
2019-08-19tech_crunchTwitter is blocked in China, but its state news agency is buying promoted tweets to portray Hong Kong protestors as violent
2019-08-19tech_crunchYC’s Earth AI closes funding for its platform to make mining less wasteful
2019-08-19tech_crunchUS Commerce Department adds 46 Huawei affiliates to entity list
2019-08-19tech_crunchDisney+ comes to Canada and the Netherlands on Nov. 12, will support nearly all major platforms at launch
2019-08-19tech_crunchSonos Bluetooth-enabled, battery-powered speaker leaks ahead of official launch
2019-08-19tech_crunchRoku launches a Kids & Family section on The Roku Channel, plus parental controls
2019-08-19tech_crunchYouTube Originals become ad-supported and free after September 24th
2019-08-19tech_crunchBinance launches Venus, which it calls an “independent, regional version” of Facebook’s Libra
2019-08-19tech_crunchPrices for passes to Disrupt SF 2019 increase next week
2019-08-19tech_crunchAn anonymous hentai porn site exposed over a million users’ emails
2019-08-19tech_crunchSimon Data hauls in $30M Series C to continue building customer data platform
2019-08-19tech_crunchWatch the trailer for the Apple TV+ drama ‘The Morning Show’
2019-08-19tech_crunchShell’s first electric vehicle fast charger lands in Singapore
2019-08-19tech_crunchThe five great reasons to attend TechCrunch’s Enterprise show Sept. 5 in SF
2019-08-19tech_crunchMIT built a better way to deliver high-quality video streams to multiple devices at once
2019-08-19tech_crunchMicrosoft acquires jClarity, an open source Java performance tuning tool
2019-08-19tech_crunchTrump and Tim Cook talked easing tariffs again
2019-08-19tech_crunchAll that glitters is not gold: How healthtech startups can achieve true value
2019-08-19tech_crunch‘Breaking Into Startups’: Torch CEO and Well Clinic founder Cameron Yarbrough on mental health & coaching
2019-08-19tech_crunchAfter data incidents, Instagram expands its bug bounty
2019-08-19tech_crunchAlly raises $8M Series A for its OKR solution
2019-08-19tech_crunchDevelopers accuse Apple of anti-competitive behavior with its privacy changes in iOS 13
2019-08-19tech_crunchThese are the games coming to Google Stadia
2019-08-19tech_crunchTwitter says accounts linked to China tried to ‘sow political discord’ in Hong Kong
2019-08-19tech_crunchTwitter blocks state-controlled media outlets from advertising on its social network
2019-08-19tech_crunchA newly funded startup, Internal, says it wants to help companies better manage their internal consoles
2019-08-19tech_crunchWP Standard’s Weekender leather duffle is built for life
2019-08-19tech_crunchWithout evidence, Trump accuses Google of manipulating millions of votes
2019-08-19tech_crunchMammoth Media introduces Choose Your Own Adventure-style storytelling to its chat fiction app Yarn
2019-08-19tech_crunchRYU’s line of backpacks offer style and function for exploring the city or weekends away
2019-08-19tech_crunchTikTok’s new ‘Hashtag Challenge Plus’ lets video viewers shop for products in the app
2019-08-19tech_crunchJoin The New Stack for Pancake & Podcast with Q&A at TC Sessions: Enterprise
2019-08-19tech_crunchMen’s personal care startup Huron raises $1M
2019-08-19tech_crunchYC’s latest VR bet is a team building a cyberpunk anime MMO
2019-08-19tech_crunchULA tapped to launch Astrobotic’s lunar lander to the Moon in 2021
2019-08-19tech_crunchWho are the major revenue-based investing VCs?
2019-08-18tech_crunchTesla pitches a solar rental program to boost its renewable energy business
2019-08-18tech_crunchThe mainstream media have still not learned the lessons of Gamergate
2019-08-18tech_crunchWeek in Review: Snapchat beats a dead horse
2019-08-18tech_crunchOriginal Content podcast: Netflix’s ‘Wu Assassins’ is a punching, kicking delight
2019-08-18tech_crunchThe Bugatti Centodieci is a $8.9 million homage to the early 90s EB110 supercar
2019-08-17tech_crunchNext Apple Watch could include new ceramic and titanium models
2019-08-17tech_crunchStartups Weekly: The mad dash to the public markets
2019-08-17tech_crunchPrivacy researchers devise a noise-exploitation attack that defeats dynamic anonymity
2019-08-17tech_crunchNASA and SpaceX practice Crew Dragon evacuation procedure with astronaut recovery vessel
2019-08-17tech_crunchVoyage’s driverless future, ghost work, B2B growth strategies, and Black Hat takeaways
2019-08-17tech_crunchIkea doubles down on smart home tech with new business unit
2019-08-17tech_crunchSoftBank reportedly plans to lend employees as much as $20 billion to invest in its VC fund