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2019-06-24techspotAiming for Atoms: The Art of Making Chips Smaller
2019-06-24techspotMicrosoft says Flight Simulator will support third-party and community content
2019-06-24techspotNashville mayor wants to ban electric scooters
2019-06-24techspotCanadian crypto exchange CEO reportedly skimmed currency into privately owned accounts
2019-06-24techspotBipartisan bill aims to force Google, Facebook, and others to disclose the value of user data
2019-06-24techspotApple just released public betas for iOS and iPadOS 13
2019-06-24techspotOuter Wilds is one of the best games I've ever played
2019-06-24techspotMicrosoft's dual-screen Surface rumored to run Android apps
2019-06-24techspotRide hailing has led to a spike in the number of Americans that identify as taxi drivers
2019-06-24techspotDell's pre-installed 'SupportAssist' software contains a 'high-severity' security flaw
2019-06-24techspotUSAF directed-energy weapon 'THOR' can down swarms of drones simultaneously
2019-06-24techspotBill Gates' greatest mistake was losing in mobile to Android
2019-06-24techspotWhile employed at Microsoft, Gabe Newell led a team that ported what game to Windows 95?
2019-06-24techspotSamsung wants to turn your house into a smart home with these new SmartThings offerings
2019-06-24techspotUS blocks League of Legends in Iran and Syria
2019-06-24techspotOnly the Pro version of the Note 10 will have an SD slot, both models missing headphone jack
2019-06-24techspotNew Raspberry Pi 4 arrives with slew of upgrades, starts at $35
2019-06-24techspotThe new Windows Terminal is now available from the Microsoft Store
2019-06-24techspotFlaws in LTE can allow hackers to easily spoof presidential alerts
2019-06-24techspot16-inch MacBook Pro will reportedly launch in September with LCD screen, 3072 x 1920 resolution
2019-06-23techspotAs the game streaming wars heat up, EA ponders its position
2019-06-23techspotAMD 7nm Epyc Rome specs and prices leak: $5,000 for 64 cores
2019-06-22techspotWalmart looks to counter theft with computer vision tech
2019-06-22techspotMicrosoft prohibits the use of Slack internally, favors its own Teams collaboration software
2019-06-22techspotYou might not be able to opt-out of Amazon's drone-based "surveillance as a service"
2019-06-22techspotUK competition regulator tell Facebook and eBay to tackle fake reviews
2019-06-21techspotChevy and Dominos have partnered up to let you order pizza directly from your car
2019-06-21techspotMicrosoft only has one next-generation Xbox on the table, not two
2019-06-21techspotMicrosoft's Chromium-powered Edge browser comes to Windows 7 and Windows 8
2019-06-21techspotAT&T unseats Verizon as the nation's fastest wireless carrier
2019-06-21techspotApple's new Mac Pro isn't a good cheese grater
2019-06-21techspotFinal Stranger Things 3 trailer sets the stage for an intriguing third season
2019-06-21techspotResearch suggests young people are growing horns in skulls due to excessive phone usage
2019-06-21techspotReport: Intel will cut desktop CPU prices by 10-15% as Ryzen 3000 draws near
2019-06-21techspotOver 20,000 Christians sign petition demanding Netflix cancels Good Omens, a show on Amazon Prime
2019-06-21techspotCheck out this 16-bit version of Avengers: Endgame's final battle scene
2019-06-21techspotGoogle Maps reportedly has millions of fake business listings
2019-06-21techspotGoogle quits tablet business to focus on laptops, cancels two in-production devices
2019-06-21techspotTwo Years Later: AMD Ryzen 7 1800X vs. Intel Core i7-7700K
2019-06-21techspotOriginal USB inventor says a reversible connector would have been too expensive to produce
2019-06-21techspotPrep and get IT certified with CompTIA's A+, Security+ and Networking+ exams
2019-06-21techspotSamsung Display VP says Galaxy Fold is 'ready to hit the market'
2019-06-20techspotProposed House bill cracks down on illegal robocalls with bipartisan support
2019-06-20techspotUK's age verification system for online porn to be delayed indefinitely
2019-06-20techspotAnalyst says iOS developers earn 64% more than their Android counterparts
2019-06-20techspotKano is launching a DIY Windows PC to teach kids assembly and coding skills
2019-06-20techspotYouTube is testing a layout on Android that hides the comments section by default
2019-06-20techspotIntel, Microsoft, HP, and Dell unite against proposed tariffs on Chinese imports
2019-06-20techspotFlorida city agrees to pay ransomware hackers $600,000 to unlock its data
2019-06-20techspotVivo announces 120W fast charger that can fully juice a phone in 13 minutes
2019-06-20techspotWhat was the first FIFA World Cup to be fully filmed in 4K?
2019-06-20techspotPhilips Hue spin-off launches commercial LiFi system
2019-06-20techspotPutting Asus' ZenFone 6 flip-up camera to the test
2019-06-20techspotApple launches voluntary recall for older MacBook Pros due to battery overheating risk
2019-06-20techspotPokémon Go-like mobile AR title 'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite' launches on iOS and Android
2019-06-20techspotEA believes 'surprise mechanics' and loot boxes are 'quite ethical and quite fun'
2019-06-20techspotAmazon's one-day Logitech fire sale is back
2019-06-20techspotFacebook to appear before Senate Banking Committee regarding Libra cryptocurrency
2019-06-20techspotSlack shares surge in successful stock market debut
2019-06-20techspotNetflix is experimenting with 'rumble' feedback for mobile devices
2019-06-19techspotFirefox issues emergency patch for a zero day flaw already being exploited in the wild
2019-06-19techspotThe European Space Agency plans to 'intercept' and photograph a comet from the 'dawn' of our Solar System
2019-06-19techspotMIT researchers are teaching an AI to properly cook digital pizza
2019-06-19techspotPixxl Cube is a six-sided display powered by Raspberry Pi that can run a maze game
2019-06-19techspotYouTube partners with Universal Music Group to remaster iconic music videos
2019-06-19techspotResearchers develop a smart assistant skill that can detect heart attacks and call for help
2019-06-19techspotHasselblad's new X1D II mirrorless camera is faster and more affordable than its predecessor
2019-06-19techspotMario Royale is a wild battle royale twist on an old classic
2019-06-19techspotApple expands authorized repair partnership with Best Buy
2019-06-19techspotAmazon's latest Kindle Oasis adds color temperature adjustment
2019-06-19techspotGoogle responds to claim regarding lifted Genius lyrics
2019-06-19techspotMarvel at NASA photo taken during the closest ever orbit of an asteroid
2019-06-19techspotUS to surpass China as world's largest gaming market for first time since 2015
2019-06-19techspotPCIe 6.0 spec announced with 256GB/s transfer speeds, twice that of 5.0
2019-06-19techspotNetflix's latest Adam Sandler movie breaks viewing records
2019-06-19techspotReport: China tariffs will see laptop, phone, and console prices rise in US
2019-06-19techspotGalaxy Note 10 set for August 7 unveiling in New York
2019-06-18techspotMicrosoft resumes selling Huawei laptops on its online store
2019-06-18techspot35-year-old pen-and-paper game Pictionary enters the digital age
2019-06-18techspotT-Mobile and Sprint may sell wireless tech to Dish to soothe the DoJ's antitrust concerns
2019-06-18techspotGoogle CEO Sundar Pichai announces $1 billion plan to build 20,000 Silicon Valley homes
2019-06-18techspotPandora faces copyright lawsuit for displaying song lyrics
2019-06-18techspotAmazon is adding 15 additional Boeing cargo jets to growing air fleet
2019-06-18techspotYouTuber Simone Giertz converts her new Tesla Model 3 into a pickup truck
2019-06-18techspotAMD CEO Lisa Su on early strategy, lessons learned at IBM
2019-06-18techspotMicrosoft could replace little-used key with a dedicated Office key on keyboards
2019-06-18techspotOpinion: HPE and Google partner on hybrid cloud expansion
2019-06-18techspotDr. Mario World gets July 10 launch date on Android and iOS
2019-06-18techspotYouTube Kids generates a fraction of the traffic of the main site
2019-06-18techspotMagic Leap claims ex-employee stole headset information to create Chinese copy
2019-06-18techspotThe US tops world's fastest supercomputers list, but China has more systems
2019-06-18techspotScummVM brought back to life Westwood's 'lost' 1997 Blade Runner
2019-06-18techspotiOS 13 will warn users if they delete an app with an active subscription
2019-06-18techspotFacebook announces Libra cryptocurrency and Calibra digital wallet, will arrive next year
2019-06-18techspotGoogle Stadia: individual controllers now available for pre-order, usernames can be changed at any time
2019-06-18techspotMSI GE75 Raider Review: 17 Inches of Gaming Laptop Goodness
2019-06-17techspotComcast introduces eye-tracking support to its X1 web remote
2019-06-17techspotCISA joins the NSA in advising legacy Windows users to patch against BlueKeep vulnerability
2019-06-17techspotInstagram is testing new ways to recover accounts stolen by hackers
2019-06-17techspotA 'refreshed' Tesla Model S may have been spotted in the wild
2019-06-17techspotDomino's partners with robotics company Nuro to bring 'autonomous pizza delivery' to Houston
2019-06-17techspotHow CPUs are Designed, Part 4: Where is Computer Architecture and Design Headed?
2019-06-17techspotMinecraft: Story Mode is now $100 per episode on the Xbox 360
2019-06-17techspotTesla starts selling used Model 3 cars online
2019-06-17techspotUS companies ask government to ease the Huawei ban
2019-06-17techspotCellebrite's updated tool can unlock most new smartphones
2019-06-17techspotSamsung tells owners of its QLED TVs to manually scan for malware every few weeks
2019-06-17techspotBitcoin rises above $9,000 for first time in 13 months as Facebook's crypto nears
2019-06-17techspotAll 2020 iPhones will get OLED screens, universal 5G connectivity from 2021
2019-06-17techspotVoice assistant adoption rates are lower than previously thought
2019-06-17techspotSpotify is allowing marketers to target listeners based on podcast preferences
2019-06-17techspotGenius set a trap to prove Google stole song lyrics
2019-06-16techspotMarvel is coming to Disneyland with rides and a brewery
2019-06-16techspotHuawei ditches unwanted lock screen ads
2019-06-16techspotNvidia might be working on a new Shield TV