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2019-10-22the_daily_beastAtatiana Jefferson Funeral Set for Thursday After Judge Ends Family Dispute
2019-10-22the_daily_beastCanadian Election Results: Justin Trudeau Projected to Eke Out Second Term Win
2019-10-22the_daily_beastRand Paul: There are GOP Senators More Loyal to Deep State Than Trump
2019-10-21the_daily_beastAmong Republicans, Trump Fatigue Is Now a Thing
2019-10-21the_daily_beastRussia’s Troll Farm Is Kind of Sh*tting the Bed on Facebook
2019-10-21the_daily_beastPrince William Is ‘Worried’ For ‘Fragile’ Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
2019-10-21the_daily_beastBrandi Carlile Is Latest to Drop Out of Fortune’s Powerful Women Summit Over Kirstjen Nielsen
2019-10-21the_daily_beastMulvaney’s Ukraine Story Undercut by Trump’s Former Diplomat to the Country
2019-10-21the_daily_beast‘The View’ Doubles Down on Hillary Clinton’s Tulsi Claim: She’s a ‘Useful Idiot’
2019-10-21the_daily_beastInside Trump’s Brewing Turkey Scandal, Starring Rudy Giuliani
2019-10-21the_daily_beastScouted: These Best-Selling Sherpa and Shearling Slippers Will Keep You Cozy All Season
2019-10-21the_daily_beastScouted: This Algenist Face Mask is Technically Alive and My Skin Is Better For It
2019-10-21the_daily_beastIt’s Not Just Ronan Farrow: NBC News Killed My Rape-Allegation Story Too
2019-10-21the_daily_beastBill Barr’s Plan to Rig 2020 for Trump: Frame ‘Deep State’ for Russia’s 2016 Interference
2019-10-21the_daily_beastTaiki Waititi Defends His Feel-Good Nazi Satire ‘Jojo Rabbit’: ‘It’s Not a History Lesson’
2019-10-21the_daily_beastThe Antics of Wildlife-Loving Influencers Are Putting Human and Animals at Risk
2019-10-21the_daily_beastDon’t Give Up Yet, Fans of Democratic Also-Rans
2019-10-21the_daily_beastThis Delta Force Hero Gave His Life for the Kurds Trump Has Now Abandoned
2019-10-21the_daily_beastCan Athletes Increase Their Endurance By Training Their Brains?
2019-10-21the_daily_beastThe Mysterious Origins of Tiki Classic the Scorpion Bowl
2019-10-21the_daily_beastScouted: These Noise-Canceling Headphones Will Drown Out Everything You Don't Want to Hear on Your Next Flight
2019-10-21the_daily_beastWhy Would Russia, China—and Iran—Plan Joint Naval Exercises?
2019-10-21the_daily_beastAlec Baldwin on How Lorne Michaels Convinced Him to Return as Trump on SNL
2019-10-21the_daily_beast‘Watchmen’ Is a Spectacular Assault on White Supremacy
2019-10-21the_daily_beastDavid Byrne Reveals His Powerful Vision of ‘American Utopia’ on Broadway—And Some Talking Heads Classics, Too
2019-10-21the_daily_beastPrince Harry and Meghan Markle Reveal Just How Much They Hate Their Royal Lives
2019-10-21the_daily_beastLast U.S. Base in Syria ‘Is Everything Wrong With Trump’s War’
2019-10-21the_daily_beastSean Duffy Spends First Day at CNN Pushing Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theory Debunked by Network
2019-10-20the_daily_beastThe Slaughter of the Tech Unicorns
2019-10-20the_daily_beastMexico’s Murderous Super Cartel CJNG Is Winning the ‘Narco Game of Thrones’
2019-10-20the_daily_beastThis Podcaster Dug Into the World of Neo-Nazis. Now They’ve Put a Target on Him.
2019-10-20the_daily_beast‘I’m Not Choking Her!’: Andy Kaufman and the Unlikely, Controversial Rise of Intergender Wrestling
2019-10-20the_daily_beastInspired by Headlines, Her Poems Are News That Stays News
2019-10-20the_daily_beastPaul Theroux Wants You to Know That You Don’t Know Mexico
2019-10-20the_daily_beastWhy Sitting Bull Chose This Destination After Whupping Custer (And You Should Too)
2019-10-20the_daily_beastOMG, I Want This House: Malibu, CA
2019-10-20the_daily_beastTrump Cheated (Shocker!) on Property Tax; But Will Anyone Go to Jail?
2019-10-20the_daily_beastScouted: Does Buffy—the “World’s Best Comforter”—Live Up to Its Title?
2019-10-20the_daily_beastScouted: Cook Your Favorite Fall Stews In a Discounted Instant Pot — $80 on Amazon Right Now
2019-10-20the_daily_beastWill the Syria Door Republicans Are Walking Through Embolden Them on Impeachment?
2019-10-20the_daily_beastHelen Mirren Exposes the Slut-Shaming of Catherine the Great
2019-10-20the_daily_beastHardest Part of Dems’ Impeachment Bid? ‘Too Many Crimes’ to Stay Focused
2019-10-20the_daily_beastPrince Harry’s Bombshell: Meghan and I Would Love to Move to Africa
2019-10-20the_daily_beastScouted: 5 of the Coziest Compression Socks That’ll Look Good and Make Your Feet Feel Good
2019-10-20the_daily_beastMick Mulvaney Melts Down Under Brutal Grilling By Fox’s Chris Wallace
2019-10-20the_daily_beastScouted: 5 Straws You Can Reuse Over and Over Again Without Hurting the Environment
2019-10-20the_daily_beastScouted: The Best Wool and Cashmere Scarves to Keep You Warm and Toasty
2019-10-20the_daily_beastPresident Trump Is in the Private Hospitality Business, and Business Is Booming in D.C.
2019-10-20the_daily_beastWith AOC in His Corner, GOP Takes Fresh Look at Bernie
2019-10-19the_daily_beastRudy Giuliani’s Big Lie: He Actually Knows Jack Shit About Crime and Security
2019-10-19the_daily_beastBill Maher Ignores Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Disturbing #MeToo Allegations
2019-10-19the_daily_beastInside Porn’s Nasty Death-Threat Epidemic: ‘You’re Always Looking Over Your Shoulder’
2019-10-19the_daily_beastScouted: Don’t Take Your Bedside Lamp for Granted  — Get One of these Top-Rated Ones on Amazon
2019-10-19the_daily_beastWhat Lizzie Maguire Should Probably Know About Being 30 Years Old in New York City
2019-10-19the_daily_beastGolden-Era Detroit Tower Gets Hotel Makeover
2019-10-19the_daily_beastDonald Trump Is Perfectly Happy to Let Allah Sort ’Em Out
2019-10-19the_daily_beastMexico’s Little-Known Attempt to Save Freud From the Nazis
2019-10-19the_daily_beastThe X-Rated Godfather of Rap Gets His Due
2019-10-19the_daily_beastAtomwaffen Division’s Washington State Cell Leader Stripped of Arsenal in U.S., Banned from Canada
2019-10-19the_daily_beastThe World’s Most Beautiful Libraries: Real Gabinete Português de Leitura
2019-10-19the_daily_beastBannon Teams Up With Chinese Group That Thinks Trump Will Bring on End-Times
2019-10-19the_daily_beast‘Jojo Rabbit’: Taika Waititi’s Nazi Satire Tries and Fails to Find the Funny in Fascism
2019-10-19the_daily_beastJoe Biden Turns on Bernie Sanders After Hammering Elizabeth Warren
2019-10-19the_daily_beastEight Dead, Prisoners Escape in Botched Attempt to Arrest El Chapo’s Son
2019-10-19the_daily_beastBoris Johnson Furious as Parliament Refuses to Be Bounced Into Brexit Deal
2019-10-19the_daily_beastScouted: Settle In for the Night and Wrap Yourself In One of These Best-Selling Throw Blankets
2019-10-19the_daily_beastScouted: The Most Durable Hiking Boots To Wear While Summiting Peaks (or Along Your Neighborhood Trails)
2019-10-19the_daily_beastDo Germans Know a Hate Crime When They See It?
2019-10-19the_daily_beastRussian Media Cheers Trump’s Moves in Syria: ‘Putin Won the Lottery!’
2019-10-19the_daily_beastFamily Feud Throws Police Shooting Victim Atatiana Jefferson’s Funeral Into Chaos
2019-10-18the_daily_beastConvicted Killer Now Charged in Estranged Wife’s Cold-Case Murder: Prosecutors
2019-10-18the_daily_beastGOP Rep. Rooney Won’t Rule Out Impeachment: It’s ‘Certainly Clear’ There Was Quid Pro Quo
2019-10-18the_daily_beastScouted: I Loved Using This Philips Hue Connected Smart Home Light Bulb That Let Me Pick From 16 Million Colors
2019-10-18the_daily_beastMayor Pete Buttigieg Drops Fundraiser Tied to Laquan McDonald Coverup
2019-10-18the_daily_beastFox News Host Ed Henry: Not ‘Media’s Fault’ Mick Mulvaney Admitted Quid Pro Quo
2019-10-18the_daily_beastU.S. Publication Throws Luxury Saudi Yacht Party Near Anniversary of Khashoggi Murder
2019-10-18the_daily_beastUkrainians Blame Trump for ‘Capitulation’ in the War With Russia
2019-10-18the_daily_beastForget ‘Succession,’ Because ‘Watchmen’ Has Arrived—And It Is GOOD
2019-10-18the_daily_beastScouted: 6 Performance Shirts for Women That’ll Keep You Cool, Dry and Smelling Fresh
2019-10-18the_daily_beastScouted: The First Bluetooth Speaker I’ve Ever Tested That Offers an Actual, Legitimate Quarter-Inch Guitar Port
2019-10-18the_daily_beastDemi Lovato Hack: Alleged Nudes Posted to Singer’s Snapchat
2019-10-18the_daily_beastThe ‘Pressure and Pain’ of Being Harry and Meghan—in Their Own Words
2019-10-18the_daily_beastBook Makes Explosive Claim About Trump and a Seedy Times Square Threesome
2019-10-18the_daily_beastThe Bullshit You Have to Believe to Be a Republican in 2019
2019-10-18the_daily_beast‘Sid & Judy’ and the Ugly Erasure of Judy Garland’s Weinstein-Esque Tormentor
2019-10-18the_daily_beastU.S. Media Giant Throws Luxury Saudi Yacht Party Near Anniversary of Khashoggi Murder
2019-10-18the_daily_beastCaptives in ISIS Detention Camps Fear Calm Before the Storm
2019-10-18the_daily_beastMary-Louise Parker Confronts ‘The Sound Inside,’ and—Feed Me!—‘Little Shop of Horrors’ Is Back For Blood
2019-10-18the_daily_beastNo, This Charter Bus Company Did Not Sabotage the Trump Rally
2019-10-18the_daily_beastBehold the Secret Wonders of Myrtle Beach (Really!)
2019-10-18the_daily_beast‘Greener Grass’ Is a Gonzo Portrait of Surburbia That Will Really Weird You Out
2019-10-18the_daily_beastScouted: Don’t Discount Drinkware When it Comes to Beer — These Stout Glasses Can Change Your Sip
2019-10-18the_daily_beastLaura Ingraham: Mick Mulvaney Admitted to Quid Pro Quo Because He’s Not a Lawyer (Except He Is!)
2019-10-18the_daily_beastTrevor Noah Can’t Believe Mick Mulvaney Just Confessed to Trump-Ukraine ‘Corruption’
2019-10-18the_daily_beastNunes Tries to Use Steele Dossier to Defend Trump During Closed-Door Hearing
2019-10-18the_daily_beastMick Mulvaney Volunteers as Tribute, Loses Trump’s Hunger Games
2019-10-18the_daily_beastScouted: The Best New Launches from Casper, Richer Poorer, Plated, and More