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2019-08-21the_daily_beastAnderson Cooper: ‘If You Can’t Be Tough With the NRA, Go After the Danish Prime Minister’
2019-08-21the_daily_beastTrump Administration Launches Most Brazen Attack on Protections for Young Migrants
2019-08-20the_daily_beastFlorida Man Botched Castration on Victim He Met Through Dark Web Fetish Site: Authorities
2019-08-20the_daily_beastTrump Tells NRA's Wayne LaPierre Universal Background Checks Off The Table: Report
2019-08-20the_daily_beastPolice Arrest Two Louisiana Men in 39-Year-Old Cold Case Murder of Teen
2019-08-20the_daily_beast‘Now We Have a Voice’: Survivors of NYC Pediatrician File Lawsuits in Wake of Child Victims Act
2019-08-20the_daily_beastFox News Host Quickly Moves On After GOP Rep. Says Tlaib ‘Hates Jews More Than She Likes Her Grandmother’
2019-08-20the_daily_beastMan Accused of Murdering Mackenzie Lueck Sexually Abused Another Woman: Authorities
2019-08-20the_daily_beastEx-MLB Stars Luis Castillo and Octavio Dotel Arrested in Dominican Republic for Alleged Drug Money Laundering
2019-08-20the_daily_beastScouted: Buffy Launched Super-Soft Eucalyptus Sheets to Give You Sustainable, Naturally-Dyed Bedding
2019-08-20the_daily_beastNew Lawsuits Against Jeffrey Epstein Estate Say Financier Forcibly Used Sex Toy on Victim, Took Passport
2019-08-20the_daily_beastEx-NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch ‘Unsure Why’ the Group Is Still Using Her In Ads
2019-08-20the_daily_beastMormon High Priest Put Creepy Cam Over H&M Changing Room Door: Cops
2019-08-20the_daily_beastFlight Logs Reportedly Link Prince Andrew to Alleged Jeffrey Epstein Victim Virginia Roberts
2019-08-20the_daily_beastScouted: Saving $30 on the Echo Dot Is Great—and So Is Getting a Smart Plug for $5
2019-08-20the_daily_beastBeto O’Rourke and Julian Castro’s Big Blue Dream for Flipping Texas in 2020
2019-08-20the_daily_beastHow a Cooling Vest Invented by a Furry Made Its Way Into the U.S. Military
2019-08-20the_daily_beastScouted: ECCO’s New SHAPE SCULPTED MOTION and VITRUS Collections Adapt To Your Feet While You Wear Them
2019-08-20the_daily_beastThe Long Lost Film Predicting How Tourism Would Ruin Jamaica
2019-08-20the_daily_beastWhen Will White America Be Ready to Talk About Slavery?
2019-08-20the_daily_beastWhy Jim Gaffigan Would Rather Joke About Brain Tumors Than Trump
2019-08-20the_daily_beastSenate Democrats Vow to Fight Reopening of For-Profit ‘Child Prison’ Homestead
2019-08-20the_daily_beastTo Make the GOP Great Again, a Republican Needs to Challenge Trump
2019-08-20the_daily_beastEvan Bergeron Is Gay, Catholic, and Determined To Be Louisiana’s First Out LGBT Legislator
2019-08-20the_daily_beastFox News Guest: Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib Have ‘Grotesque Holocaust Envy’
2019-08-20the_daily_beastTrump Goes Dark on Gun Control After Pledging Background Checks ‘Like We’ve Never Had Before’
2019-08-20the_daily_beastDaily Mail: Photo of Epstein Pal Ghislaine Maxwell at In-N-Out Was Staged
2019-08-20the_daily_beastTucker Carlson: Elizabeth Warren Is ‘Cory Booker-Level’ White
2019-08-20the_daily_beastCardinal George Pell Loses His Appeal of Clerical Sex Abuse Conviction
2019-08-19the_daily_beastPlanned Parenthood Ditches Federal Family-Planning Funds Over Abortion Gag Rule
2019-08-19the_daily_beast‘The Righteous Gemstones’ Gleefully Mocks Phony Christian Televangelists—With Plenty of Penis
2019-08-19the_daily_beastJohn Oliver Torches Trump For Wanting to Buy Greenland: It’s ‘Icy’ and ‘Distant’ Like Melania
2019-08-19the_daily_beastWhy Is CNN Paying a Trump Campaign Adviser?
2019-08-19the_daily_beastHow a Scammer Drove a Network of Small-Town Hospitals Into the Ground
2019-08-19the_daily_beastThe 20 Most Exciting New TV Shows You Need to See
2019-08-19the_daily_beastFrozen Gin, Waylon Jennings & Oysters: Meet Daniel Osborne
2019-08-19the_daily_beastThese Deported Vets Say Rescuing Migrants Is Their Duty
2019-08-19the_daily_beastDemocrats Want to Turn Trump’s Twitter Addiction Into an Election Issue
2019-08-19the_daily_beastInfluence Peddling, Double-Dealing, and Trumpworld Swampmen: How U.S. Plans for the World’s Fair Fell Apart
2019-08-19the_daily_beastTo Beat Trump, Fight for Rural and Small-Town Voters
2019-08-19the_daily_beastVideo: California High-School Students Sang Nazi Song and Gave Hitler Salute
2019-08-19the_daily_beastTom Green Talks Getting Fired by Trump—and Voting Him Out of Office in 2020
2019-08-19the_daily_beastScouted: Daily Beast Readers Get 10% Off Antar Home’s Cool, Clean, and Dependable Duvet
2019-08-19the_daily_beastTed Bundy and Charles Manson Are Trending, Here’s How a Dumb Joke Caught Fire
2019-08-19the_daily_beastScouted: Don’t Get Stuck With Sheets You Only Kind of Like. Let 10 Grove Help You Find Some You Love.
2019-08-19the_daily_beastStudy Links Fluoridated Water During Pregnancy to Lower IQs
2019-08-19the_daily_beastHarris Says She's Uncomfortable with Bernie's Health Care Plan Two Years After Cosponsoring It
2019-08-19the_daily_beastSinclair Stations Run 'Stories' That Help Trump Sell Campaign Swag
2019-08-19the_daily_beastFive Years After Killing Eric Garner, NYPD Fires Officer Daniel Pantaleo
2019-08-19the_daily_beastElton John Defends Harry and Meghan’s Private Jet Trip to His French Villa
2019-08-19the_daily_beastScouted: Dermstore’s Huge Anniversary Sale Has Everything You Need for a Skin Care Routine You’ll Love
2019-08-19the_daily_beastBen Shapiro Seriously Claims No ‘Single Major Republican Figure’ Questioned Obama’s Legitimacy
2019-08-19the_daily_beastScouted: The Nike Joyride Run Flyknit’s Soles Are Outfitted With Several Pockets of Foam Beads for Extra Cushioning
2019-08-19the_daily_beastTwitter Will Block Ads From State-Controlled Media Outlets
2019-08-19the_daily_beastHow a Network of Small Town Hospitals Was Driven Into the Ground
2019-08-19the_daily_beastSusan Sarandon Appears to Snipe at Elizabeth Warren While Introducing Bernie Sanders at Iowa Event
2019-08-19the_daily_beastBounty Hunter Allegedly Conned Customer Data From Phone Giants With Suicide Hoax
2019-08-19the_daily_beastJeffrey Epstein’s Will Leaves $577 Million to Mysterious Trust
2019-08-18the_daily_beastA Jungle Walk on Tiger Safari is an Emotional Roller Coaster
2019-08-18the_daily_beastMy Childhood Rape and My Life That Might Have Been
2019-08-18the_daily_beastIsrael’s Snub of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib Is a Gift for the BDS Movement
2019-08-18the_daily_beastJeffrey Epstein ‘Friend’ Ghislaine Maxwell Has More Skeletons in Her Family Closet Than a House of Horrors
2019-08-18the_daily_beastScouted: Amazon’s High-End E-Reader, the Kindle Oasis, Has all the Bells and Whistles You Could Hope for
2019-08-18the_daily_beastThe Manson Family’s Youngest Member Tells All: ‘If He Could Kill Strangers, He Could Kill Me’
2019-08-18the_daily_beastPatrick Swayze Never Wanted to Be a ‘Sex Symbol’
2019-08-18the_daily_beastThis Teenager Escaped Repression in West Africa. ICE Claimed He Was an Adult, and Jailed Him Anyway.
2019-08-18the_daily_beastHongkongers Are Fighting for Democracy. Will Americans?
2019-08-18the_daily_beastHow Slave Owners Dictated the Language of the 2nd Amendment
2019-08-18the_daily_beastHow the Shakers Became America’s Best Opium Producers
2019-08-18the_daily_beastOMG, I Want to Rent This House: Malibu, CA
2019-08-18the_daily_beastDaily Beast Cheat Sheet to Chapultepec Castle
2019-08-18the_daily_beastScouted: Tom Ford, Ray-Ban, and More Designer Sunglasses Are on Sale at Nordstrom Rack
2019-08-18the_daily_beastPrince Andrew Faces New Scandal Over Jeffrey Epstein Mansion Video
2019-08-18the_daily_beastScouted: The Perfect Jean Isn’t Hard to Find When Some of the Best Are on Amazon
2019-08-18the_daily_beastDisgraced Pundit Mark Halperin Signs Deal to Publish New Political Book
2019-08-18the_daily_beastScouted: Upgrade The Way You Bag Your Stuff Right Now With the Newest Additions to BAGGU’s Collections
2019-08-18the_daily_beastThe Restored Florida Hotel that Embodies Gilded Age Grandeur
2019-08-17the_daily_beastWhat the Alt-Right Gets Wrong About the Vikings
2019-08-17the_daily_beastThe Reality-Defying Shame of Log Cabin Republicans Who Endorse Trump
2019-08-17the_daily_beastBill Maher Mocks Fox News’ Sean Hannity For Claiming He’s Causing a Recession
2019-08-17the_daily_beastFrench Riviera Mansion Built on Mass Murder Sells for $220 Million
2019-08-17the_daily_beastProgressive Women Can Win—Will the Democratic Party Let Them?
2019-08-17the_daily_beastYoung Protesters Are Our Best Hope—From Hong Kong to Florida
2019-08-17the_daily_beastFinding the Epicenter of New Orleans Cocktail History
2019-08-17the_daily_beastHow Slipknot’s ‘Revolting,’ Class-Conscious Rage Became the Perfect Soundtrack for 2019
2019-08-17the_daily_beastModels Say Jeffrey Epstein’s Closest Pal Drugged, Raped Them
2019-08-17the_daily_beastProud Boys Declare Portland Rally a Success: ‘Go Look at President Trump’s Twitter’
2019-08-17the_daily_beastScouted: Expect the Unexpected in Discounted Rain Gear from Backcountry
2019-08-17the_daily_beastPlanned Parenthood May Reject Federal Funds Over Trump Administration Rule
2019-08-17the_daily_beastScouted: Get A Discount on Your Discount With an Extra 30% Off All Sale Styles From PUMA
2019-08-17the_daily_beastScouted: The Ban.Do Warehouse Sale Is Back With Stylish Options to Live Your Best Organized Life
2019-08-17the_daily_beastScouted: Not All Shoes Do All Things. Get Intentional With Shoes Designed for Strength Training and Weight Lifting.
2019-08-17the_daily_beastBree Olson on Leaving Porn and Surviving Hollywood Predators
2019-08-17the_daily_beastKamala Harris, Joe Biden Earn Different Pockets of Black Support
2019-08-17the_daily_beastAre You Bad at Breathing? These Gurus Think So
2019-08-17the_daily_beast‘Mindhunter’ Season 2: Netflix Journeys Into the Twisted Minds of Charles Manson, Son of Sam, and BTK Killer