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2019-08-20the_daily_wireCruz Rips NY Times. Obama Speechwriter Attacks Cruz. Cruz Dunks On Him.
2019-08-20the_daily_wireTop-Ranking House Democrat Joins Calls For Trump’s Impeachment
2019-08-20the_daily_wireMegan Rapinoe Talks About Right-Wing Parents, Dad Voting For Trump: ‘You Guys Need Therapy’
2019-08-20the_daily_wireTrump: New Report Finds Google Bias Helped Hillary; Hillary, Fact-Checkers Weigh In
2019-08-20the_daily_wireElton John Defends Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Against Attacks Over Excessive Private Plane Travels
2019-08-20the_daily_wireEp. 401 - Save The Planet: Don’t Recycle
2019-08-20the_daily_wireWH Reporter April Ryan’s Bodyguard Charged With Assault For Forcibly Removing Journalist Filming Her
2019-08-20the_daily_wireTexas Lawmakers Introduce Bipartisan Bill To Combat Domestic Terrorism
2019-08-20the_daily_wireEp. 752 - Democrats Raise the Devil's Flagpole
2019-08-20the_daily_wireWATCH: Biden Doesn’t Know What Decade MLK Was Assassinated
2019-08-20the_daily_wire‘Unplanned’ Actress Ashley Bratcher Creates Pro-Life Scholarship For Expecting Mothers
2019-08-20the_daily_wireNew Trump Tweets Show He’s Serious About Buying Greenland
2019-08-20the_daily_wireOuch: Jill Biden Doesn’t Exactly Give A Ringing Endorsement Of Her Husband
2019-08-20the_daily_wireThe UK Releases Terrorist-Controlled Oil Tanker
2019-08-20the_daily_wireOcasio-Cortez Is Calling For Another American Institution To Be Abolished
2019-08-20the_daily_wireJon Voight Releases Video Praising Trump, Says Of Left, ‘They Have Hate. It’s Like A Venom’
2019-08-20the_daily_wireTrump Blasts Anti-Semitic Democrats: They ‘Hate Israel And Hate Jewish People’
2019-08-20the_daily_wireAlyssa Milano Says Her 'Life Would Be Completely Lacking' If Not For Her Abortions
2019-08-20the_daily_wireADAMS: Bob And The Burning Research Lab
2019-08-20the_daily_wireTenth Democratic Candidate Qualifies For Upcoming Presidential Debate
2019-08-20the_daily_wireKNOWLES: Trump Just Fulfilled Another Campaign Promise In An Unconventional Way
2019-08-20the_daily_wireHAMMER: Yes, A Palestinian State Is ‘Far More Dangerous To Israel’ Than The BDS Movement
2019-08-20the_daily_wireFacebook Takes Positive Steps To Address Complaints Of Anti-Conservative Bias
2019-08-20the_daily_wireNBC Gives Iranian Officials Platform To Trash America And Trump, State Department Responds With ‘Fact Check’
2019-08-20the_daily_wireKLAVAN: The NYT Already Decided Next Year's News
2019-08-20the_daily_wireThe Babylon Bee Hits Back At Snopes For Biased Attacks
2019-08-20the_daily_wireSHAPIRO: No, Beto, America Is Not Indelibly Racist
2019-08-20the_daily_wireWATCH: ‘The Height Of Hypocrisy’: Chip Roy Defends Netanyahu For Blocking Omar And Tlaib
2019-08-20the_daily_wireEp. 843 - How Democrats Chose The Radicals
2019-08-20the_daily_wireWATCH: Biden Releases His First TV Campaign Ad In Iowa
2019-08-20the_daily_wirePoor Performing Democrat Candidate Changes Campaign Staff Instead Of Dropping Out
2019-08-20the_daily_wirePalestinian Authority Cracks Down On LGBT Group; Ilhan Omar Responds By Bashing Israel
2019-08-20the_daily_wireWATCH: ‘Can You Tell Sports Commentary From Political Punditry? We Couldn’t.’
2019-08-20the_daily_wireGermany Will Now Work To Meet NATO Obligations After U.S. Ambassador Calls Out Their Deficiency
2019-08-20the_daily_wireSCHACHTEL: The New York Times' Latest Anti-Trump Hit Piece Stinks Of Foreign Propaganda
2019-08-20the_daily_wireProud Boy Members Face Up To 15 Years Behind Bars After Manhattan Brawl With Antifa
2019-08-19the_daily_wireKate Upton Demands More Body Inclusiveness At Victoria's Secret: 'We're Sick Of Seeing The Same Body Type'
2019-08-19the_daily_wireMarianne Williamson Vows To Remove Andrew Jackson’s Portrait As ‘Atonement’ For Native American Treatment
2019-08-19the_daily_wireLos Angeles County Nixes $1.7 Billion Deal To Replace Jail After Pressure From Prison Abolition Advocates
2019-08-19the_daily_wireTrump Tweets Hilarious Meme Of Greenland, Leftists Explode
2019-08-19the_daily_wire‘The Godfather’ Actor Shreds Cuomo Over ‘Fredo’ Meltdown: ‘His Father Would Smack Him’
2019-08-19the_daily_wireWATCH: Trump Releases Video Brutally Mocking Anthony Scaramucci
2019-08-19the_daily_wireHomeless Trigger Sacramento Salon Owner To Leave. She Makes Viral Video Targeting CA's Newsom.
2019-08-19the_daily_wire‘Veggie Tales’ Creator: ‘Inevitable’ That Christian Filmmakers Will Be Forced To Address LGBT Issues
2019-08-19the_daily_wireWATCH: Lindsey Graham Rails Against Democrats’ Threat To Pack The Courts: ‘Over My Dead Body’
2019-08-19the_daily_wireMore Movement Toward Curbing Epidemic Of Police Suicides
2019-08-19the_daily_wireEp. 842 - Was America Founded On Racism?
2019-08-19the_daily_wireChristian ‘Skillet’ Singer Targets What’s Wrong With Recent Swell Of Religious Leaders Denouncing Faith
2019-08-19the_daily_wireTed Cruz Unloads On New York Times After Paper Commits To Covering Trump As A ‘Racist’
2019-08-19the_daily_wireWATCH: Stacey Abrams: Voter Suppression More ‘Insidious’ Today Than It Was In The 1960s
2019-08-19the_daily_wireTrump: NYT Just Admitted What I’ve Been Saying All Along About Their Anti-Trump Agenda
2019-08-19the_daily_wire‘RESIGN’: Portland Mayor Blasted For Oblivious Photo Of Him And His Wife
2019-08-19the_daily_wireUPDATE: After Viral Video Of Violent Attack, San Fran Judge Issues New Order On Homeless Suspect
2019-08-19the_daily_wireTrump: Dems’ Disdain For Israel Proves ‘The Squad’ Is ‘New Face Of The Democratic Party’
2019-08-19the_daily_wireChicago Teachers Crowdfund Trip To Venezuela, Come Back Praising Socialism
2019-08-19the_daily_wireFRANKEL: Trump Is Right: the Media Are the Enemy of the People
2019-08-19the_daily_wireEp.751 - Medical Examiner Declares Death of News a Suicide
2019-08-19the_daily_wireWATCH: Stacey Abrams States She Is ‘Complicit’ In Unfair Election If She Concedes
2019-08-19the_daily_wireIn Emergency Meeting, Times Editor Promises Never To Tell The Truth Again [Satire]
2019-08-19the_daily_wireDemocrat Rep. Haaland: Antifa Are ‘Peaceful Protesters’ Trying To Protect Portland From ‘Terrorism’
2019-08-19the_daily_wireDYS: Activists Can No Longer Assume Religious Symbols Will Be Hidden From View
2019-08-19the_daily_wireEp. 400 - America's Original Sin
2019-08-19the_daily_wireTrolling Trump Names ‘Real Winner’ In Tlaib/Israel Issue, And The Left Is Outraged
2019-08-19the_daily_wireBREAKING: The NYPD Officer Involved In Eric Garner’s Death Has Been Fired
2019-08-19the_daily_wireAfter Exiting Arms Control Treaty, U.S. Tests New Ground-Based Cruise Missile
2019-08-19the_daily_wireKamala Harris Bows Out Of Climate Debate To Fundraise With Top Donors
2019-08-19the_daily_wireNFL's Reid Unloads On Jay-Z For ‘Money Deal’ Behind Kaepernick’s Back; Kaepernick Weighs In
2019-08-19the_daily_wireWhite ‘Feminist’ Dad: I’ll Say ‘F*** You’ To MAGA Hat Wearers, They’re Racists. Black Commentator Fires Back One Picture.
2019-08-19the_daily_wireEpstein Given 3 Poor 12-Year-Old Girls As Birthday Present: Report
2019-08-19the_daily_wire'The Hunt' Director: Our Film Pokes Fun At 'Both Sides Of The Aisle Equally'
2019-08-19the_daily_wireDemocrat Senator Hosts Fundraiser Where Man ‘Simulates An Assassination Attempt’ On Trump
2019-08-19the_daily_wirePlanned Parenthood Chooses Abortion Over Serving Low-Income Women
2019-08-19the_daily_wireMedieval Diseases Are Present In Los Angeles
2019-08-19the_daily_wireFollowing Epstein's Death, Barr Removes Acting Director Of Bureau Of Prisons
2019-08-19the_daily_wireWATCH: Democratic Presidential Candidates Asked If They’ll Denounce Antifa
2019-08-19the_daily_wireWarren Removes Infamous Native American Heritage Video From Campaign Website
2019-08-19the_daily_wireOmar Claims Israel Not A ‘Democracy’ Or An ‘Ally,’ Lies About Israel Trip
2019-08-19the_daily_wireFormer Administrator Stabbed To Death On Cal State Campus
2019-08-18the_daily_wireVideo For New Floating Tent Sparks Hilarious Twitter Criticism
2019-08-18the_daily_wireWATCH: Buttigieg Dodges Question On Difference Between Religious Democrats And Religious Republicans
2019-08-18the_daily_wireSuicide Bombing At Afghan Wedding; 63 Dead, Over 180 Injured
2019-08-18the_daily_wireTlaib, Omar Promote Anti-Semitic Cartoonist’s Work
2019-08-18the_daily_wireThe Next Water Scandal: Residents In Newark, NJ, Have Lead In Their Water Supply
2019-08-18the_daily_wireFormer Family Research Council Editor Describes Time SPLC ‘Nearly Caused Me To Be Murdered’
2019-08-18the_daily_wireREPORT: Jeffrey Epstein Purchased Small Women’s Underwear While In Prison A Decade Ago
2019-08-18the_daily_wireWoman Thinks She Has Kidney Stones. Then She Gives Birth To Triplets.
2019-08-18the_daily_wireJournalist: Medics Told Me State Police ‘Forced’ Them To Stop Working On Heather Heyer
2019-08-18the_daily_wireWitness Claims He Saw CNN’s Don Lemon Sexually Assault Man
2019-08-18the_daily_wireRashida Tlaib: Boycott Bill Maher For Opposing BDS
2019-08-17the_daily_wireERICKSON: Warning Signs For Republicans
2019-08-17the_daily_wireMALKIN: Open Borders Inc.: Who's Funding The Wicked War On ICE?
2019-08-17the_daily_wireKLAVAN: If You’re Outraged, You’re An Idiot
2019-08-17the_daily_wireSunday Special Ep. 64 - Piers Morgan
2019-08-17the_daily_wirePRAGER: Meanwhile, This Is What LGBTQ Organizations Are Doing To Society
2019-08-17the_daily_wireDem Candidate Yang: ‘Pardon Everyone Who Is In Jail For Nonviolent Marijuana-Related Offenses’
2019-08-17the_daily_wireWATCH: Tlaib’s Grandma Calls For God To ‘Ruin’ Trump After The Congresswoman Bails On Israel Trip
2019-08-17the_daily_wireKHAN: The Peanut Butter Falcon, Huck Finn, And Traditional Masculinity
2019-08-17the_daily_wirePelosi Says She Had ‘Great, Great Sadness’ Over Israel Blocking Omar, Tlaib From Entering Country
2019-08-17the_daily_wireBOZELL & GRAHAM: Parental Nightmares In Public Schools
2019-08-17the_daily_wireWATCH: Cartoon Hilariously Scorches Bernie Sanders’ Incoherent Ideology
2019-08-17the_daily_wireBill Maher Shreds Pro-BDS Activists, Calls Out Media For Leaving Key Detail Out Of Debate
2019-08-17the_daily_wireBill Maher Hopes For Recession A Third Time: 'Very Worth It' To Beat Trump
2019-08-17the_daily_wireWILLIAMS: How Important Is Today's Racial Discrimination?
2019-08-17the_daily_wireINTERVIEW (Part II): Venezuelan Expat On How Socialism Destroyed His Country, And How It Could Ruin The U.S.