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2019-10-22the_daily_wireProfessor Tells Students They’re ‘Expected’ To Join Her In Protesting Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles
2019-10-22the_daily_wireTop Republicans Sour On Lindsey Graham: ‘He Never Actually Does Anything’
2019-10-22the_daily_wireJury Rules Against Texas Dad Fighting 7-Year-Old Son’s Gender Transition
2019-10-22the_daily_wireWATCH: Beto O’Rourke Defends His Repeated Trump-Hitler Comparisons On CNN
2019-10-21the_daily_wireDana Perino To Shapiro: The Left Will Come For The Electoral College
2019-10-21the_daily_wireWATCH: Miley Cyrus Tells Women ‘You Don’t Have To Be Gay’ After You Find A Good Man
2019-10-21the_daily_wireWALSH: Dem Congresswoman Allegedly Has Affair With Young Female Staffer. Media Completely Ignores.
2019-10-21the_daily_wireFormer Republican Governor Shares Photo Of Herself And Obama, Asks: Why Is Pelosi Praised When I Was Smeared As Racist?
2019-10-21the_daily_wireKNOWLES: Kanye West Demonstrates He’s Ahead Of The Culture
2019-10-21the_daily_wirePresident Trump Re-Ups His Defense Of Tulsi Gabbard: ‘It’s A Scam’
2019-10-21the_daily_wireREPORT: YouTuber PewDiePie Banned In China After Posting Winnie The Pooh Memes
2019-10-21the_daily_wire‘Inclusive Grading’: Colleges Teaching Professors Not To Grade On Quality
2019-10-21the_daily_wire‘Radically Saved’ Kanye Called Rap ‘The Devil’s Music,’ Almost Quit Industry, Pastor Reveals
2019-10-21the_daily_wireWATCH: Videos Show Tornado Ripping Through Dallas
2019-10-21the_daily_wireShia LaBeouf Explains How Co-Star With Down Syndrome Saved His Life
2019-10-21the_daily_wireSHAPIRO: Buzzfeed Hilariously Slams Harris Campaign For Complaining About Reporter’s Tweets
2019-10-21the_daily_wireScorsese Asked Why His Films Have So Few Female Characters, Slaps Down Question: ‘Not Even A Valid Point’
2019-10-21the_daily_wirePOLL: Just 6% Of Iowa Voters Say Impeachment Most Important Issue
2019-10-21the_daily_wire‘Law & Order: SVU’ Episode Pushes Cringe-Worthy Abortion Propaganda
2019-10-21the_daily_wireJustin Trudeau Faces Protesters In Blackface On Last Day Of Campaign
2019-10-21the_daily_wireWATCH: Elizabeth Warren Says She’s Open To Cutting Off Aid To Israel
2019-10-21the_daily_wireCalifornia Power Company Says It May Have To Impose Blackouts For The Next 10 Years
2019-10-21the_daily_wireTrans Athlete Wins Women’s World Cycling Competition, Again; Slams ‘Transphobic’ Critics
2019-10-21the_daily_wireTrump Destroys Fundraising Records, Rakes In $300 Million For Re-Election Campaign
2019-10-21the_daily_wireHillary Clinton Steals Joke From Late-Night Show, Suffers Mockery On Social Media
2019-10-21the_daily_wireAuthor Says Her Rape Claim Set To Air With Joy Reid Was Killed By NBC
2019-10-21the_daily_wireCNN Hires Newly Retired GOP Congressman Duffy; Defends Trump In First Appearance
2019-10-21the_daily_wireTrump Cancels G-7 At The Doral And Will Instead House World Leaders At Motel 6 [Satire]
2019-10-21the_daily_wireMichael Knowles’ ‘Men Are Not Women’ Speech Protested By KSU Progressives
2019-10-21the_daily_wireNFL Executive: ‘Woke’ NBA ‘Hoisted By Its Own Political Petard’
2019-10-21the_daily_wireFar-Left Group Threatens Violence Against Church Screening ‘The Rise of Jordan Peterson’
2019-10-21the_daily_wireWATCH: Buttigieg Pivots When Asked About Hillary Clinton’s ‘Russian Asset’ Remark
2019-10-21the_daily_wire‘A TOTAL LOSER’: Romney Mocked After Using Secret Twitter Account To Defend Himself, Report Suggests
2019-10-21the_daily_wireRobert Francis O’Rourke Triples Down: Trump Just Like Hitler, Nazi Germany
2019-10-21the_daily_wireReport: DOJ Review Of Origins Of Russia Probe Expanded, CIA Officials ‘Hiring Lawyers’
2019-10-21the_daily_wireTrump Unloads On Romney For Basically Being Worse Than A Democrat
2019-10-20the_daily_wireINTERVIEW (Part II): Dan Crenshaw On How To Solve The Border Crisis, And How Conservatives Can Get The Message Out
2019-10-20the_daily_wireFOX POLL: Trump Losing To Biden, Warren By Double Digits
2019-10-20the_daily_wireBeto Distorts Trump’s Words To Compare His Presidency To The Third Reich … Again
2019-10-20the_daily_wireRand Paul Confronted In Restaurant: ‘Not Putting Up With You Republican Bullsh*t!’
2019-10-20the_daily_wireTrump Defends Tulsi, Takes On Clinton Over Russian Conspiracy Theories
2019-10-20the_daily_wireGOP Senator Argues Impeachment Is Dem Leadership’s Way Of Telling The American People ‘You’re Stupid’
2019-10-20the_daily_wireOOPS: Impeachment Inquiry Will Force Some 2020 Democratic Contenders Off Campaign Trail
2019-10-20the_daily_wireFeud Intensifies As Tulsi Gabbard Says Hillary Clinton Has ‘Blood On Her Hands’
2019-10-20the_daily_wireTrump Scraps Plan To Host G-7 At His Florida Golf Resort At ‘Zero Cost To The USA’
2019-10-20the_daily_wireBarbra Streisand Shares Gruesome Cartoon Of Pelosi Impaling And Killing Trump
2019-10-20the_daily_wireExtinction Rebellion Has A Rough Weekend As People Fight Back Against Climate Protests
2019-10-20the_daily_wireInvestigation Into Hillary’s Emails Concludes, Nearly 600 Security Violations Found
2019-10-20the_daily_wireWATCH: Chris Wallace Cites ‘Well-Connected Republican’ Who Suggests ‘20% Chance Enough Republicans’ In Senate Will Vote To Impeach
2019-10-20the_daily_wireFrancis Ford Coppola Backs Scorsese: Marvel Movies Are ‘Despicable’
2019-10-20the_daily_wireBeto Denies Tulsi Is A Russian Asset, But Still Maintains That Donald Trump Is One
2019-10-20the_daily_wireStephanie Grisham Hits Back At CNN’s Anderson Cooper For Mocking Her
2019-10-20the_daily_wireTransgender Activists Force Menstrual Products Brand Always To Remove ‘Woman’ Symbol From Packaging
2019-10-20the_daily_wireAssociated Press Secretly Edits Article Defending Bidens From Trump Jr. Criticism
2019-10-19the_daily_wireBOZELL & GRAHAM: No Truth In Washington Post Advertising
2019-10-19the_daily_wirePRAGER: An Open Letter To Sergey Brin
2019-10-19the_daily_wireCHICKEN: Hillary Clinton Bails Out Of D.C. Event That Tulsi Gabbard Is Attending
2019-10-19the_daily_wireCNN’s Van Jones: Hillary Clinton ‘Playing A Very Dangerous Game’ With Tulsi Gabbard
2019-10-19the_daily_wireWILLIAMS: Intolerance In Academia
2019-10-19the_daily_wireAccused Student Awarded $142,000 In Attorney’s Fees After Court Finds Campus Procedures Unfair
2019-10-19the_daily_wireWATCH: Gabbard Smacks Clinton: She Knows She Can’t ‘Manipulate Me If I’m Elected President’
2019-10-19the_daily_wirePress Secretary Stephanie Grisham Shreds Pelosi Over Antics In Meeting With Trump
2019-10-19the_daily_wire‘Progressive Cancel Culture Is Dumb’: Ben Sasse Goes Off On San Francisco’s Travel Ban
2019-10-19the_daily_wireHarris Claims Giuliani Has ‘Broken Many Laws’, Can’t Name Any
2019-10-19the_daily_wireINTERVIEW (Part I): Dan Crenshaw On How To Solve The Border And Illegal Immigration Crisis
2019-10-19the_daily_wireNBC Won’t Open New Investigation Into Matt Lauer; Megyn Kelly Responds
2019-10-19the_daily_wireHunter Biden Served As ‘Ceremonial Figure’ On Board For More Than $80,000 Per Month: Report
2019-10-19the_daily_wireMALKIN: Beltway Bidenspawn-Ship Has Its Privileges
2019-10-19the_daily_wireHillary Clinton On A Conspiracy Roll, Claims ‘10-Year-Olds Are Hacking Our Voting Systems’
2019-10-19the_daily_wireLIMBAUGH: The Totalitarian American Left
2019-10-19the_daily_wireTulsi Gabbard’s Husband Shares Powerful Photo Reminding People Where Her Loyalties Lie
2019-10-19the_daily_wireBRAVO: Quentin Tarantino Refuses To Censor ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ For China
2019-10-19the_daily_wireERICKSON: Christmastime Impeachment
2019-10-18the_daily_wire‘Avengers’ Star Elizabeth Olsen: We Need ‘All Representation Of Superheroes’
2019-10-18the_daily_wireHillary Clinton: Tulsi Gabbard A ‘Russian Asset’ Being Groomed For Third-Party Run
2019-10-18the_daily_wireTrump Trolls Hollywood: Oscars ‘Failed’ When ‘They Came After Us’
2019-10-18the_daily_wireREAD IT: Trump Campaign’s Letter Declaring Legal Action Against CNN For Anti-Trump Bias
2019-10-18the_daily_wireWALSH: Mexico Is A Failed State Run By Drug Cartels. It’s Time To Finally Build The Wall.
2019-10-18the_daily_wireWATCH: General Mattis Jabs Trump: He Got His ‘Spurs In A Letter,’ I Got Mine ‘On The Battlefield’
2019-10-18the_daily_wireHAMMER: Trump Needs To Focus On A Safety And Security Agenda For 2020
2019-10-18the_daily_wireKLAVAN: What A Bunch Of Phonies
2019-10-18the_daily_wireFormer Prisoner In One Of China’s ‘Re-Education Camps’ Speaks Out: Torture and Rape Were Common
2019-10-18the_daily_wireJon Ossoff Accepts Campaign Contributions From Notable 9/11 Truther
2019-10-18the_daily_wireWoke ‘Batwoman’ Endorsed By Critics, Shredded By Audience
2019-10-18the_daily_wireWATCH: Mike Rowe Gives Devastating Summary Of Democratic Candidates’ Economic Agenda
2019-10-18the_daily_wireHouse Passes 3 Bills Supporting Hong Kong Protests, China Threatens Retaliation
2019-10-18the_daily_wireHARROD: Professor Claims Islam Is Not The Root Of Islamic Terrorism
2019-10-18the_daily_wire‘Sex And The City’ Creator Laments Show’s Lack Of Diversity
2019-10-18the_daily_wirePharrell Williams Expresses Regret Over ‘Rapey’ ‘Blurred Lines’ Hit: ‘We Live In A Chauvinist Society’
2019-10-18the_daily_wireWATCH: Ben Sasse Slams ‘Nitwit’ Beto O’Rourke For Targeting Religious Institutions: ‘Extreme Bigotry’
2019-10-18the_daily_wireWATCH: El Chapo’s Son Arrested In Mexico, Cartel Violence Erupts
2019-10-18the_daily_wireKimberley Strassel To Klavan: Comey Had ‘First Undiagnosed Case Of Trump Derangement Syndrome’
2019-10-18the_daily_wireNeil deGrasse Tyson To Shapiro: Transgender Athletes Leave The Future Of Sports ‘Unresolved’
2019-10-18the_daily_wireAbortion Doctor Doesn’t Get The ‘Big Deal’ About Changing Procedures To Get More Valuable Hearts, Lungs, Livers
2019-10-18the_daily_wireTulsi Gabbard Lights Up Hillary Clinton For Suggesting She’s A Russian Asset: ‘The Queen Of Warmongers’
2019-10-18the_daily_wireImpeachment Wire: The Latest On The Effort To Impeach President Trump
2019-10-18the_daily_wireChina Stalls ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ Release Over Bruce Lee Depiction
2019-10-18the_daily_wireImpeachment Witness Tells Congress He Warned About Biden-Ukraine Problem In 2015, Got Shut Down By Biden’s Office
2019-10-18the_daily_wireChick-Fil-A Closing First U.K. Location After Pressure From LGBTQ Activists
2019-10-18the_daily_wireSHAPIRO: Pelosi And Trump Accuse Each Other Of Having A Meltdown