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2019-08-21the_epoch_timesThousands Protest Abortion Bill in Sydney
2019-08-21the_epoch_timesAustralian Cardinal George Pell Loses Appeal on Child Sex Abuse Conviction
2019-08-21the_epoch_timesBiltmore Estate: The Jewel of the Mountains
2019-08-21the_epoch_timesExploring America’s Most Patriotic Town: Bristol, Rhode Island
2019-08-21the_epoch_timesThe Unexpected Benefits of Auno Raw Sugar
2019-08-21the_epoch_timesTrump Postpones Denmark Visit
2019-08-21the_epoch_timesChinese Woman Accused of Trespassing Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club Angers Judge
2019-08-21the_epoch_timesPlus-Size Mom Struggling With Body Image Takes Picture at Beach: ‘I’m Finally Free’
2019-08-21the_epoch_timesCardinal George Pell Loses Appeal on Child Sex Abuse Convictions
2019-08-21the_epoch_timesHilarious Ad Shows What Happens When Designers Try to Follow All Their Suggestions
2019-08-21the_epoch_timesVideo: This 101-Year-Old Lady Knows Exactly What to Do When Snowstorm Hits!
2019-08-21the_epoch_timesAustralia to Deploy Forces to Gulf Strait
2019-08-21the_epoch_timesBride Thinks DJ Ruined First Dance, Lets Out a Scream When She Looks at the Stage
2019-08-21the_epoch_timesTwo Drug Companies Settle with Counties in Opioid-Crisis Suit
2019-08-21the_epoch_times9 Signs That May Indicate Colon Cancer–Does Your Belly Feel Bloated All the Time?
2019-08-21the_epoch_timesMom of 3 Shatters World Record Finishing Half Marathon With Kids in Triple Stroller
2019-08-21the_epoch_timesAbused Cats Find Home in Prison Program That Helps Inmates Learn to Show Love
2019-08-21the_epoch_timesAustralian Cardinal George Pell Loses Appeal on Child Sex Abuse Conviction
2019-08-21the_epoch_timesFormer Brazil Presidential Candidate Convicted of Fraud in Earlier Race
2019-08-21the_epoch_timesWife of Ex-President of Honduras Convicted in Corruption Case
2019-08-21the_epoch_timesHouse Democrats’ Threat to Retaliate Against Israel Is Disgraceful and Plays Into Omar and Tlaib’s Hands
2019-08-21the_epoch_timesKnott’s Berry Farm: Rides, Boysenberry Pies, and a Celebration of the Old West
2019-08-21the_epoch_timesNTD Evening News Full Broadcast (August 20)
2019-08-21the_epoch_timesAustralian Politician Made 14 Trips to China Since Elected, His Travels Now Being Questioned
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesBeijing Launches Plans for Shenzhen to Become Top Financial Center, in Apparent Bid to Replace Hong Kong
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesConservative Fight Against ‘Red Flag’ Laws Slows Washington’s Gun-Control Push
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesMilitary Hopes for Post Norman Stability as New Army Commander Installed
2019-08-20the_epoch_times9-Year-Old Detroit Girl Fatally Mauled by 3 Dogs, Owner Arrested
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesChinese Edition Epoch Times Newspaper Boxes Found Sabotaged in NYC
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesConservatives Say Facebook Needs ‘Significant Work’ to Address Concerns: Former Senator
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesJulian Castro 10th Democratic Candidate to Qualify for Next Debates; Two Others Close
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesDemocrat Rep. Debra Haaland Speaks Out in Support of Antifa
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesSuspect in El Paso Mass Shooting on Suicide Watch
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesMan Accused of Letting 12-Year-Old Drive When She Hit Pedestrian Was in Country Illegally: ICE
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesDARPA Study Forecasts New Encryption Ending Intelligence Surveillance
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesBarr, BOP Hit ‘Home Run’ With New Director, Former Warden Says
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesHong Kong’s Pro-Beijing Camp Softened Its Tone After Trump Links Trade Talks With China’s Handling of Hong Kong
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesMalibu Community Activist Ashley Lewis Supports Local Republicans
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesChina Credit Machine Shrivels After IMF Disclosure Request
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesNTD Midday News Full Broadcast (August 20)
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesSan Francisco’s Subway Station Naming Proposal Receives National Criticism
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesWoman Kidnaps Step-Grandson to Hide Miscarriage From Her Lover
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesTrump Says Internal Polls Show Strong Numbers, Slams ‘LameStream Media’
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesNBC News Repeats Chinese Communist Party Propaganda in Hit Piece on The Epoch Times
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesPhotograph of Young Waiter Sitting With 91-Year-Old Veteran During Break Goes Viral
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesTrump: ‘I Don’t Buy Rep. Tlaib’s Tears’
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesNew Poll Sees Kamala Harris Plummet, Joe Biden Build Lead
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesWendy Anderson, Wife of Arkansas State Football Coach, Dies of Cancer
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesKamala Drops Double Digits in Latest 2020 Poll
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesIsrael Has Right to Deny Entry to Omar, Tlaib Who Support Group That Seeks to Destroy Country: Former Israeli Ambassador to US
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesBeauty Queen That Made China ‘Run Away’ Says Many Chinese Live in Culture of Fear, Risk Persecution
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesEric and Lara Trump Welcome Second Baby: ‘We Love You Already!’
2019-08-20the_epoch_times‘An Unprecedented Evil Persecution’—Chapter Eighteen: A Look at the Different Journeys of a Divine Culture in China and Abroad through Chinese Classical Dance
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesPompeo: ‘No Mixed Messages’ From US on Huawei
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesAt Least 13 Chinese Tourists Killed in Bus Accident in Laos
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesJoe Biden Calls President Trump ‘Erratic’ and ‘Vicious’ in First 2020 TV Ad
2019-08-20the_epoch_times‘The Possibility Mom’: A Conversation With Lisa Canning
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesHong Kong Leader Carrie Lam Proposes Dialogue, but No Concessions to Protester Demands
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesTravel Back in Time to China’s Glorious Past Dynasties With Han Couture
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesHunter Fights Off Mountain Lion With Pocketknife and Rocks on Dark Colorado Trail
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesBeto O’Rourke Opposes Death Penalty for Alleged El Paso Mass Shooter
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesBrazil Bus Hijacker Shot Dead by Police Sniper After Four-Hour Hijacking
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesDale Earnhardt Jr. Speaks Out for First Time After Plane Crash
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesHong Kong Supporters and Pro-Beijing Group Clash at Toronto Rally
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesNight School Star Kevin Hart Defeats Comedian Jimmy Fallon in High School Challenge
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesSanders Hits Back at Harris Over Being Uncomfortable With His Medicare-for-All Bill
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesFormer Child Refugee From Somalia Facing Unfair Deportation: Advocates
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesMaryland Woman Reels In Record-Breaking Mahi Mahi
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesSanctuary County Ignores ICE Detainer Request, Releases Alleged Rapist Back Into the Public
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesBig Dog in Elevator Surprises Employees, Here’s the Funny Reason It was There
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesEpstein Partner Ghislaine Maxwell Staged Recent Pictures With Help of Attorney: Report
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesThe 50th at 60: Hawaii’s Statehood Anniversary
2019-08-20the_epoch_times10 Drinks That Can Help Shed Some Weight While You Sleep—# 1 Is a Surprisingly Potent Belly Fat Burner
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesPhilippines Warns of ‘Unfriendly’ Greeting for Uninvited Chinese Warships
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesIndian Spacecraft Launched Last Month Is Now Orbiting Moon
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesUrgency for Vaccine Grows as Virus Ravages China’s Pigs
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesLightning Strike Survivor Recalls Moment He Was Shocked
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesNTD Evening News Full Broadcast (August 19)
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesMan Charged With Murder After Allegedly Stabbing Social Worker to Death
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesOmar Targets American Funding For Israel After It Barred Her and Tlaib, Gets Amount of Aid Wrong
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesIt’s Time for Stefan Halper’s Lies to Be Fully Exposed
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesJudge Throws Out Suit Against Sheriff Over Immigration Detentions
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesTurkey Says Syrian Air Strike Hit Convoy, 3 Killed
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesAuthorities Arrest 3 Men On Suspicion of Plotting Separate Mass Shootings
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesFilm Review: ‘Aquarela’: Behold the Dangerous Waters Unleashed by So-Called Global Warming
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesFinding the True Self, Part 10: Navigating Through Anger, the Last Temptation
2019-08-20the_epoch_times‘I Promise Not to Do This to Greenllandland:’ Trump Riffs on Greenland Purchase
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesOmar and Tlaib Publicly Attack Israel’s Decision to Bar Them From the Country
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesFormer ‘Home and Away’ Star Ben Unwin Dies at 41
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesBritain Concerned at Reports HK Consulate Worker Held in China
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesPresidential Candidate Wants to Remove Portrait of Democratic Party Founder Andrew Jackson
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesLearning What to Look for in a Cancer Specialist
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesPence Asks Beijing To Honor British-Sino Treaty Before Any Trade Deal
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesMan, 20, Pleads Not Guilty to Threatening Jewish Center With Shooting Video
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesHonda Canada: Celebrates 50-Year Anniversary in 2019
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesVolvo: Staying the Course and Navigating the Future
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesEbola Continues to Spread in Congo, Stoking Regional Tension
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesAustralian State to Outlaw Traffic-Stopping Devices Used by Climate Protesters
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesTrump Urges India and Pakistan to Reduce Tensions in Call with Leaders
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesPair of Dogs Bonded at a Shelter & Won’t Leave Each Other’s Side–Then Their Photo Went Viral
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesTyra Banks Makes AGT Contestant Look 21 When Simon Criticizes Her As ‘Old-Fashioned’
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesMusic Legends Reba, Kenny Rogers, and Others Get Together to Pay Tribute to Billy Graham
2019-08-20the_epoch_times29-year-old Pilot Becomes the First Female Marine to Fly the Stealth F-35B and Is Ready for Combat
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesSecond-Grader Brings the House Down With Johnny Cash Rendition
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesThen and Now: 10 Years On, Michael Jackson’s Children Have Found Their Callings
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesGirl Had to Get Her Thumb Amputated After Nail-biting Habit Causes Her Cancer
2019-08-20the_epoch_times5-Year-Old Gets Same Haircut as BFF to Trick Teacher So She Can’t Tell Them Apart
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesMom Hits Back at Clueless Shopper Who Accused Her for ‘Spoiling’ Baby
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesWoman Illegally Parks in Handicap Spot, Watch Disability Van Driver Teach Her a Lesson
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesUS Student Visa Policies Encourage Chinese Spying, Expert Says
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesSlight Drop in Overdose Deaths No Indication Crisis Is Abating
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesChina Pours Millions of Dollars Into Zimbabwe’s Farming Industry as Experts Fret
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesFocus in Spygate Scandal Shifts to CIA, Former Director Brennan
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesMan Accused of Murdering MacKenzie Lueck Charged in Separate Sex Abuse Case
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesChairman of Lenovo Says China Will Suffer Bigger Loss in Trade War, Resolution Relies on U.S. Companies’ Reluctance to Bear Any Loss
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesTed Cruz Responds to Former Obama Speechwriter Who Attacked Him Over NYT Criticism
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesWarren Farrell, on ‘The Boy Crisis’
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesTrump Says White House Considering Cutting Payroll Tax, Rejects Recession Fears
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesScheer Promises EI Tax Credit for New Parents If Conservatives Form Government
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesWoman Spotted With Prince Andrew at Jeffrey Epstein’s House Identified as Ex-official’s Daughter: Reports
2019-08-20the_epoch_timesPublic Support Grows for School Choice, Vouchers: Poll
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesTexas Man Who Killed Boy to Make Room in House Gets Life
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesDoctors Panic When Newborn’s Skin Begins to Crack Seconds After Emergency C-section
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesMan Tells Puppy ‘You Look Handsome!’ The Pup’s Response Will Have You in Stitches
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesInjured Shar-Pei Abandoned in the Cold–but a Loyal ‘Friend’ Won’t Leave His Side for Days
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesWoman Shocked to See Scared Dog Near River With 13lb Anchor Tied to His Neck
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesDoctors Told Parents to Abort Baby Boy Born With Brain Outside Skull, but He Survived
2019-08-19the_epoch_times‘Scotty’ From Star Trek Once Killed 2 Snipers on D-Day and Was Shot Six Times
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesFormer Philippines Environment Secretary Gina Lopez Loses Her Battle With Cancer
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesInsomnia in Pregnancy Is Common but It’s Not Normal
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesMagnesium May Help Your Arthritis
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesTrump Warns Beijing That Violent Crackdown in Hong Kong Would Harm Trade Talks
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesStrong Showing Against Naming Chinatown Station After Late Rose Pak
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesOver Two Dozen Rescuers Try to Save Trapped Cavers in Poland
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesSudanese Protesters Sign Final Power-Sharing Deal With Army
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesThe Arrests at Chicken Plants in Mississippi
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesIowa Congressman Warns CNN He Will Give No ‘Fake News’ Interviews on Pregnancy
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesTaiwan Holds International Environment Conference, Renews Commitment to Toxic-Free Environment
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesDisputing (Again) That US Air Quality Is Worsening
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesRescued Stork Malena’s Love Story Inspires Carer to Protect Birds From Poachers
2019-08-19the_epoch_times‘Laocoön and His Sons’: Suffering Unabated, Frozen and Forever
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesCustomer Shoots Waiter to Death in France: Report
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesHong Kong Bakery’s Mooncakes Carry Protest Movement Slogans
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesFour Ways Texting Could Be Ruining Your Relationships
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesTrump Does Not Want to do Business With China’s Huawei
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesMarxists Work to Reinforce ‘The Squad’ in 2020
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesAt Least 19 Dead After Fuel Truck Crash in Western Uganda-Police
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesPortland Mayor Says Protests Were ‘Largely Peaceful’ as Videos Show Antifa Assaulting People
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesUS Grants Huawei Another 90 Days to Buy From American Suppliers
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesPolice: ‘Lucky to Be Alive’ After Hoax Bomb Lured Them to Explosion; Northern Ireland
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesMock Trump Assassination Held at Fundraiser, State Senator Apologizes
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesLeonardo Da Vinci: Portrait of the Artist as a Musician Is Slightly Off Key
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesHiker Who Disappeared Is Found Dead After Three-Day Search
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesRetrial Requested in Case of Michael Flynn Business Associate
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesOpinion: Risks and Benefits in Resisting Chinese Aggression
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesAfghanistan Vows to Crush ISIS Safe Havens After Attack
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesIran Tanker Heads to Greece After Release, Iran Warns US Against Seizure Attempt
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesChrystia Freeland Condemns Violence in Hong Kong, Sparking Backlash From China
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesVideo Shows Prince Andrew Inside Jeffrey Epstein’s Mansion, Royal Family Issues Statement
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesTrump ‘Not Ready’ for China Trade Deal, Dismisses Recession Fears
2019-08-19the_epoch_times‘An Unprecedented Evil Persecution’—Chapter Seventeen: An Extreme Evil on Earth
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesEarly Epstein Accuser: Police Could Have Stopped Him in 1997
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesRenowned Composer Johannes Brahms Hid Money in Music Sheets to Help Poor Dad
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesColin Kaepernick Sends Message to Players Who Knelt During Anthem in Preseason Games
2019-08-19the_epoch_times12-Year-Old’s Father Charged With Homicide After Police Said She Drove Into a Man and His Dog
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesHong Kong Protesters Plan to Form ‘Human Chain’ To Voice Their Demands
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesUS Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe Reveals She Thinks Her Father Voted for Trump
2019-08-19the_epoch_times‘Godfather’ Actor Slams Chris Cuomo Over Viral Video Showing Him Threatening Man Who Called Him ‘Fredo’
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesCity of Irvine Rejects State Sponsored Bill for Veterans Cemetery
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesUS Tests Cruise Missile That Was Banned Under INF Treaty
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesThe Brain-Washing War on America’s Mind and Soul
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesFlorida Man Arrested After Using Tractor to Dump Dirt on Girlfriend
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesOfficer Who Held Eric Garner in Chokehold Fired
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesFilm Review: ‘Driven’
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesNTD Midday News Full Broadcast (August 19)
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesMother Pleads Guilty to Medically Abusing Son
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesSome Californians Express Doubts About Facial Recognition Software
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesWarren Apologizes for ‘Harm’ Caused to Native Americans as She Removes Video Championing DNA Test From Website
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesScheer Repeats Call on RCMP to Investigate Trudeau’s Actions in SNC Affair
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesAG Barr Replaces Prisons Director in Wake of Jeffrey Epstein’s Death
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesThe Rock Announces Wedding on Instagram
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesJudge Finds Manitoba Mountie Not Guilty of Manslaughter
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesGhislaine Maxwell Donated to Hospital Where Epstein Victim Was Treated, Filings Show
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesThe ‘Nordic Model’ Narrative Is a Lie
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesFlorida Man Who Allegedly Wanted to Break ‘World Record’ for ‘Longest Confirmed Kill’ Arrested
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesPreparations Quietly Made to Screen For Ebola at US Airports
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesHow a Positive Attitude Helped Ballerina Fight Cancer
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesPlanned Parenthood Forgoing Title X Funding Over New Trump Administration Rules
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesKentucky Deputies Find 16-Day-Old Baby Covered in Ants on Car Floor
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesProsecutor Recommends Case Against Jeffrey Epstein be Dismissed
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesEpstein Signed His Will Two Days Before Committing Suicide: Report
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesTrump Highlights Research Showing Google Shifted Millions of Votes to Clinton in 2016
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesTrump Administration: Sex Discrimination Does Not Include Gender Identity
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesOPINION: Governments and Teachers’ Unions Should Remain at Arm’s Length
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesSenator Lindsey Graham Condemns Democrats for Resorting to Court Packing Rhetoric
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesMSNBC Anchor Says It’s ‘About Time’ a Recession Happens, Calls It a ‘Normal Part of Economic Activity’
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesProud Boys Members Convicted of Attempted Gang Assault in New York Brawl With Antifa
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesArtist Gustave Doré and Recognizing Hell on Earth
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesBodyguard for CNN’s April Ryan Gets Charged With Assault After Video Appears to Show Him Hitting Reporter
2019-08-19the_epoch_times12-Year-Old Boy Raises $15,000 at County Fair’s Pig Auction, Then Donates It to St. Jude
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesThree Young Protesters in Hong Kong Attacked by a Man Believed to be From Mainland China
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesTwitter, Facebook Expose Chinese Influence Campaign Against Hong Kong Protesters
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesNetizens Question Identity of Chinese State Media Reporter Accosted by Hong Kong Protesters
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesJudge Orders FBI to Search for Christopher Steele Documents
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesAndrew Cuomo Weighs in on Brother Chris Cuomo’s ‘Fredo’ Outburst
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesSocial Cat Loves to Go to Class Every Day, So School Issues Him His Own Student ID
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesJeweler Creates Ring With Over 7,000 Diamonds Worth 4.9 Million, Setting New Guinness World Record
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesDog Quietly Waits on Discarded Mattress After Owners Leave Him Behind With Trash
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesPolice Dog Comes on BGT Stage, His Heroic Story Has Simon Cowell in Tears
2019-08-19the_epoch_times8-Year-Old Magician on BGT ‘Scares’ Simon With Her Spellbinding Tricks
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesBomb-Sniffing Dog Reunites With Iraq War Veteran After Almost 2 Years of Separation
2019-08-19the_epoch_times‘Makeover Guy’ Chops Half of Woman’s Hair Off When She Asks to Cut ‘an Inch or Two’
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesLegends Céline Dion and Andrea Bocelli’s Duet ‘The Prayer’ Takes Central Park by Storm
2019-08-19the_epoch_times10-Year-Old Boy Dies 9 Days After Strange Mark Appears on His Leg During Football Game
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesThe Triangle You Choose Will Reveal a Fascinating Fact About Your Personality
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesSteve Harvey Weeps and Feels ‘Real Pain’ as He Tours Ghana Slave Castle With Family
2019-08-19the_epoch_times11-Year-Old UK Girl Gets Higher Score on IQ Test Than Einstein and Stephen Hawking
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesMom Thinks She Passing Kidney Stones, Then Doctors Tell Her She’s 34 Weeks Pregnant With Triplets
2019-08-19the_epoch_times‘It’s Embarrassing That the New York Times Is Doing This’: Conservatives React to the NYT ‘1619 Project’
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesIt’s Time for Stefan Halper’s Actions to Be Fully Exposed
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesThe Reason Why Airplane Windows Are Oval and Not Square Shaped
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesToddler Gives Herself an Epic Haircut Before Telling Dad ‘I Was Just Practicing’
2019-08-19the_epoch_timesDrunk Driver Learns an Epic Habit-Breaker Lesson After Comedian Friend’s Prank
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesISIS Claims Responsibility for Terrorist Bombing at Kabul Wedding That Killed 63
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesPalmistry of the Pinky Finger Can Reveal Your Personality, This Might Surprise You
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesDo You Know the Purpose of Mysterious Black Diamonds on Measuring Tapes?
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesWoman Tries to Run Away After Stealing Parcels, Just Then She Slips and Snaps Her Leg
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesFlynn’s Former Partner Wants New Trial, Claims Prejudice in Turkey Lobbying Case
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesAfter Parents Learn They’re Adopting Triplets, They Get Some Big News From the Doctor
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesYou’re Still ‘Alive’ After Death Say Researchers, Who’re Studying the Conscious Mind
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesMindbender: Can You Make a Square by Moving ONLY 1 Matchstick?
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesChris Hemsworth Reveals He’s Quitting Hollywood in Favor of Family Time
2019-08-18the_epoch_times13 Cancer-Fighting Foods According to Science–#10 Kills Tumor Cells Without Damaging Healthy Ones
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesMore Than 1.7 Million Hongkongers Defy Heavy Rain to Protest Police Violence
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesMan Reunites With the Abandoned Baby He Rescued 58 Years Ago
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesKiefer Sutherland ‘Seriously Injured’ During European Tour
2019-08-18the_epoch_times9th Circuit Denies National Injunction of Order Blocking Trump Asylum Rule
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesVideo Shows Elephants Taking Part in Dead Calf’s Heartbreaking ‘Funeral Procession’
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesWoman Finds HUGE Huntsman Spider the Size of a Dinner Plate and Rescues It With a Broom
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesJeffrey Epstein’s Lawyers ‘Not Satisfied’ With Medical Examiner’s Results
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesHong Kong Protests Fueling Taiwan Independence, Says Acclaimed Taiwanese Director
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesTlaib Suggests Boycotting Bill Maher’s Show for Criticizing Anti-Israel Movement
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesFentanyl Flowing into US Overwhelmingly Sourced from China
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesUS Selling Taiwan F-16Vs Fighters Delays Risk of China Invasion
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesSheriff Issues Warning After Dog Groomer Caught on Camera Committing This Horrific Act
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesOmar, Tlaib Share Drawing by Cartoonist Accused of Trivializing the Holocaust
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesMissing Indiana Teen Found Safe in Arkansas, Authorities Say
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesTrump ‘Looking at’ Potential Purchase of Greenland, Kudlow Says
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesUS Government Moves Ahead With Sale of F-16V Fighter Jets to Taiwan
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesNewborn Girl Found Abandoned in Maryland Woods, Police Searching for Mother
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesHeroes of Secret Cold War-Era Black Bat Flying Squadron Remembered
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesEpstein’s Purported Madam Now a Focus in Sex Abuse Cases
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesTrump Discusses China’s ‘Wrongful Detention’ of Canadian Citizens in Call With Trudeau
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesTrump Accuses NYT of Going on ‘Racism Witch Hunt’ Following Leaked Remarks From Top Editor
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesUK Paratrooper Found Hanged Near Home, Reports Say
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesGrandma Uses 3 Foods and 1 Question to Teach Granddaughter a Lesson on Hardships
2019-08-18the_epoch_times10-Year-Old Bounces Back in Tremendous Fashion After Breaking Down on Talent Show
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesSmall Business Administration Initiatives Support Veterans’ Entrepreneurial Success
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesCedric Benson, Former NFL Running Back, Dies at 36: Reports
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesBeer Recalled Over ‘Risk of Explosion;’ Wisconsin Brewery Says It’s ‘Completely Safe to Drink’
2019-08-18the_epoch_times‘An Unprecedented Evil Persecution’—Chapter Sixteen: Jiang Zemin The Ultimate Evil in the Destruction of Human Nature
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesTeen’s Abdominal Mass Was Malformed Twin in Rare Occurrence, Says Report
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesThe Holy Grail: Behind the Most Famous King Arthur Quest
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2019-08-18the_epoch_timesCop Gives Man ‘575 Reasons’ Not to Toss Cigarette Butt Out of Car
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesYemen Rebel Drone Attacks Oil Field in Saudi Arabia
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesWoman With Heart-Shaped Vitiligo on Her Face Takes Off Her ‘Mask’ for an Anxious Little Girl for Good
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2019-08-18the_epoch_timesMama Goose Keeps Pecking Cop’s Patrol Car Only to Lead Him to Her Trapped Baby
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesHeartbreaking Video Shows Grieving Horse Bidding His Owner a Final Goodbye at Funeral
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesDozens Dead or Hurt in Wedding Party Blast in Afghan Capital
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesShocking Drone Video of Auschwitz Remains Reveals the Extent of Horror of Holocaust
2019-08-18the_epoch_timesNew Zealand Man Behind Bars Over Australian Surfer’s Death
2019-08-17the_epoch_timesVirgin Galactic Unveils Luxury Lounge at Its Airport for Space Tourism
2019-08-17the_epoch_timesHigh School Cross-Country Team Takes Shelter Dogs for Runs to Get Exercise During Training
2019-08-17the_epoch_timesMan Wins Over $12,000-a-Month Lottery, Uses Windfall to Care for Brother With Autism
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2019-08-17the_epoch_timesSleeping Man’s Dentures Go Missing, Until He Sees His Dog’s Hilarious New Smile
2019-08-17the_epoch_timesRight-Wing Groups and Antifa Clash in Portland, at Least 13 Arrested
2019-08-17the_epoch_timesJason Momoa and Dwayne Johnson Oppose New ‘Thirty Meter Telescope’ on Sacred Hawaiian Mountain
2019-08-17the_epoch_timesStates File Lawsuit Against Administration’s ‘Public Charge’ Rule
2019-08-17the_epoch_timesTaiwan Holds International Environment Conference, Renews Commitment to Toxic Free Environment
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2019-08-17the_epoch_timesTrump Calls Out Antifa as Starbucks Closes Shop in Portland Ahead of Planned Violent Clashes
2019-08-17the_epoch_timesA Pennsylvania Couple Is Charged With Theft After Police Allege They Faked the Birth and Death of a Child
2019-08-17the_epoch_timesCalifornia Schoolboys Robbed at Gunpoint Over Cheetos and Petty Cash
2019-08-17the_epoch_timesRashida Tlaib’s Grandmother Reacts to Canceled Trip: ‘I Hope, Inshallah, That She Will Come Back’
2019-08-17the_epoch_timesNews Anchor Nancy Parker Killed in Plane Crash, Tributes Pour In
2019-08-17the_epoch_timesMan Caught on Camera Placing Rice Cookers Around New York Captured by Police
2019-08-17the_epoch_timesHong Kongers Stage More Anti-Government Protests, Braving Storms
2019-08-17the_epoch_timesNYT Executive Editor Says Focus Has Shifted From Russia-Trump Theory to Trump’s ‘Character’
2019-08-17the_epoch_timesTrump’s New Hampshire Rally Broke Elton John’s Attendance Record: Fire Marshal
2019-08-17the_epoch_timesEd Sheeran Design Heinz Ketchup Bottle Sells for 1,500 Pounds
2019-08-17the_epoch_timesSuspect Arrested After Two Missouri Law Enforcement Agents Shot In ‘Ambush’
2019-08-17the_epoch_timesEpstein’s Caribbean Islands Drawing Tourists After His Death
2019-08-17the_epoch_timesAirport Security Guard Fired For Handing Offensive Note to Passenger
2019-08-17the_epoch_timesTrump Weighs in After Tlaib ‘Obnoxiously’ Passes on Approved Trip to See Grandmother
2019-08-17the_epoch_timesTick Bites Leave Girl Unable to Move as Doctors Diagnose Rare ‘Tick Paralysis’
2019-08-17the_epoch_timesAllowing Infected Deer Into Food System Could Pose Risk to Public, Experts Say
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2019-08-17the_epoch_timesFootage of Texas Mom Shows Her Walking Away Before Toddler Is Killed in Parking Lot
2019-08-17the_epoch_timesNo Death Penalty for Illegal Alien Charged With Murder of U.S. Man Grant Ronnebeck, Arizona Court Rules
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2019-08-17the_epoch_timesSouth Dakota Woman With Suspected Kidney Stones Instead Gives Birth to Triplets
2019-08-17the_epoch_times2-Year-Old Found Dead in Hot Car at New Jersey Train Station: Reports
2019-08-17the_epoch_timesGohmert Doubts Investigators’ Conclusion on China’s Alleged Involvement in Clinton Email Scandal
2019-08-17the_epoch_timesUS Issues Warrant to Seize Iranian Oil Tanker in Gibraltar
2019-08-17the_epoch_timesHundreds Arrive to Honor El Paso Victim After Public Invited
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2019-08-17the_epoch_timesThousands of Travelers Delayed at US Airports by Computer Outage
2019-08-17the_epoch_timesSydney Stabbing: Mert Ney, Alleged Attacker, to Defend Charges
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