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2019-08-21the_guardian'We feel very helpless': Hong Kong family voice fears for detained UK consulate worker
2019-08-21the_guardianCardinal George Pell loses appeal on child sexual assault conviction – live
2019-08-21the_guardianSo we’d be happier as empty-nester parents? That’s rubbish | Simon Hattenstone
2019-08-21the_guardianTracking the melt in Greenland's ice sheet – in pictures
2019-08-21the_guardianA world of ice and fire: life with the Nenets – in pictures
2019-08-21the_guardianSamsung Galaxy S10 5G review: bigger, faster and lasts longer
2019-08-21the_guardianActivist’s home bombed in suspected attempt to stop Malawi's mass protests
2019-08-21the_guardianSebastian Maniscalco: the record-breaking comic who impressed Scorsese
2019-08-21the_guardianIgnore the sneering: young people’s rage is an age-old sign of failed politics | Fiona Sturges
2019-08-21the_guardianJust as in 1914, the Brexit buildup is making calamity feel inevitable | Rafael Behr
2019-08-21the_guardianHow often do Americans change their underwear? The statistics stink | Arwa Mahdawi
2019-08-21the_guardianThe age of comfort TV: why people are secretly watching Friends and The Office on a loop
2019-08-21the_guardianShock! Horror! Do you know how much time you spend on your phone?
2019-08-21the_guardianOhio newspaper that battled injustice for 150 years to shut down: 'Scary for democracy'
2019-08-21the_guardianCooling goo sidewalks and other strange new weapons in the war on urban heat
2019-08-21the_guardianBeatings, murders and prisoners set on fire: inside the prison called 'gangland'
2019-08-21the_guardianCardinal George Pell's conviction for child sexual abuse upheld
2019-08-21the_guardianRevealed: emails raise ethical questions over Trump official's role in gas project
2019-08-21the_guardianIsraeli government accused of abandoning soldiers with PTSD
2019-08-21the_guardian'People have had enough': Mexican town that lynched alleged kidnappers
2019-08-21the_guardianUS risks China's anger after sealing $8bn deal to sell Taiwan 66 fighter jets
2019-08-21the_guardianNorth Korea now able to miniaturise nuclear warheads – Japan defence report
2019-08-21the_guardianVictim advocates cheer as Pell appeal rejected: 'Hallelujah – proof there is a God'
2019-08-21the_guardianBlack teen 'humiliated' after school colored his hair with marker, parents say
2019-08-21the_guardianThe best photography from Cortona on the Move festival 2019 – in pictures
2019-08-21the_guardian'Not without our rights': Rohingya refugees refuse to return to Myanmar
2019-08-21the_guardianBitter leaves: tobacco's devastating global legacy
2019-08-21the_guardianVenezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro confirms months of secret US talks
2019-08-21the_guardianTrump cancels Denmark trip after PM says Greenland is not for sale
2019-08-21the_guardianTrade war fears swirl as Trump vows to 'take China on' –- business live
2019-08-20the_guardianWhy carbon offsetting is not the panacea Harry and Meghan might think it is
2019-08-20the_guardianFacebook launches 'clear history' tool – but it won't delete anything
2019-08-20the_guardianKristen Stewart's new film is nothing like Alien – except for all the bits like Alien
2019-08-20the_guardianAlbanian PM condemns 'barbarian' who chased tourists in viral video
2019-08-20the_guardianWhy emoji use could lead to more sex
2019-08-20the_guardianApple accidentally reopens security flaw in latest iOS version
2019-08-20the_guardianRobotic fish and an Ivorian laundry service: Tuesday's top photos
2019-08-20the_guardianNile Rodgers: ‘Madonna was the one who told me to get dreadlocks’
2019-08-20the_guardian'I want everyone to pay attention to me!' Meet Catherine Cohen, comedy's peak millennial
2019-08-20the_guardianManchester United ‘disgusted’ with racial abuse of Paul Pogba
2019-08-20the_guardianThousands are celebrating Palestinian grandmothers - I wish I had more memories of mine
2019-08-20the_guardian'Is that bum trap missing a flesh-bag?': a guide to Australia’s convict slang
2019-08-20the_guardianRussia refuses to share data on blast that caused radiation spike
2019-08-20the_guardianJoe Biden tops 2020 rivals by double digits in new poll – live news
2019-08-20the_guardianForget the Louvre, here's our loo: people who turn their homes into art galleries
2019-08-20the_guardianAustralian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year 2019 – in pictures
2019-08-20the_guardianIlhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib encourage colleagues to visit Israel – video
2019-08-20the_guardianWhat is it like to report news from other countries? Emma Graham-Harrison tells us about her role
2019-08-20the_guardianFleabag’s Vicky Jones: ‘Porn was the thing that kept coming up ’
2019-08-20the_guardianCameroon anglophone separatist leader handed life sentence
2019-08-20the_guardianThe Dutch model of developing young footballers: let them sink or swim
2019-08-20the_guardianLee Duck-hee becomes first deaf player to win ATP Tour main draw match
2019-08-20the_guardianMeet the Bake Off 2019 contestants – from the teacher to the Terminator
2019-08-20the_guardianDonald Tusk rejects Boris Johnson request to remove backstop
2019-08-20the_guardianRussia and China say US missile test could revive arms race
2019-08-20the_guardianWine tourism comes of age
2019-08-20the_guardianNigel Slater’s carrots, rice and crisp summer vegetables recipe
2019-08-20the_guardianBig tech firms need to stop reducing LGBT+ people to their sex lives | Hannah Jane Parkinson
2019-08-20the_guardian‘I understand my wife’s lived experience better’: meet the men who have taken their wives’ surnames
2019-08-20the_guardianItalian PM expected to resign as political chaos deepens
2019-08-20the_guardianUS briefing: Planned Parenthood, migrant 'torture' and Ilhan Omar
2019-08-20the_guardian'It's an act of defiance': the rise of all-female festival lineups
2019-08-20the_guardianAndy Murray considers dropping to Challenger level to continue comeback
2019-08-20the_guardianThe Lion King missed an opportunity to talk about the climate crisis | Greta Moran
2019-08-20the_guardianThe supreme court's pro-gun radicalism puts us all in the crosshairs | Lawrence Douglas
2019-08-20the_guardianAt least 11 die on Papua New Guinea mountain pilgrimage
2019-08-20the_guardianRebels partially withdraw in key Syrian town as pro-Assad troops advance
2019-08-20the_guardian'It's time to speak up': an open letter to Colin Kaepernick | Etan Thomas
2019-08-20the_guardianA love letter to Notting Hill carnival: 'It keeps our culture alive’ – video
2019-08-20the_guardianHow US cities are scrambling to protect people from extreme heat
2019-08-20the_guardianLife after apartheid: images from the new South Africa
2019-08-20the_guardianSpectrum colour yoga and meditation – like being stuck inside a traffic light
2019-08-20the_guardianEmployee at UK's consulate in Hong Kong detained in China
2019-08-20the_guardianBrexit: EU unconvinced by Johnson's fresh bid to remove backstop
2019-08-20the_guardianUnesco urged to remove Belgian festival from heritage list over 'savage' in blackface
2019-08-20the_guardianHow we made Everything I Own: Ken Boothe and David Gates on their shared hit
2019-08-20the_guardianFrom Sun to Sun: the photo series livening up New York City bus shelters
2019-08-20the_guardian'Before I was kidnapped I had friends': the girl soldiers of South Sudan | Samuel Okiror
2019-08-20the_guardianReady or Not review – scrappy comedy horror is all bark and no bite
2019-08-20the_guardianThe Nightingale review – ambitious, urgent and necessarily brutal. But who is it for?
2019-08-20the_guardianWhy does no one ever tell you how brilliant ageing can be? | Suzanne Moore
2019-08-20the_guardianCharles Bukowski: San Pedro plans to honor star writer after tourist demand
2019-08-20the_guardianWhy are women obsessed with true crime? Rachel Monroe has some answers
2019-08-20the_guardianI lose my erection during sex with my wife – am I overthinking it?
2019-08-20the_guardianNevada casino workers fight an uphill battle to get – and keep – their unions
2019-08-20the_guardianWas a man wrongly identified after police digitally altered his mugshot?
2019-08-20the_guardianDeath, blackouts, melting asphalt: ways the climate crisis will change how we live
2019-08-20the_guardianThe cult of Columbine: how an obsession with school shooters led to a murder plot
2019-08-20the_guardianHong Kong protests: Carrie Lam calls for 'dialogue' with citizens to find 'way out'
2019-08-20the_guardianFamilies of missing Uighurs use Tiktok video app to publicise China detentions
2019-08-20the_guardianWorld stocks rally as Trump steps up pressure on Fed to cut rates
2019-08-20the_guardianIndonesian president calls for calm after violent protests in West Papua
2019-08-20the_guardianJeffrey Epstein signed a will just two days before his death
2019-08-20the_guardianTrump tweets image of enormous Trump Tower on Greenland
2019-08-20the_guardianTrump accuses Jewish Americans of ‘disloyalty’ for voting Democratic, in antisemitic trope
2019-08-20the_guardianPractice does not always make perfect, finds study of violinists
2019-08-20the_guardianTwo tigers seized from traffickers every week, report finds
2019-08-20the_guardianUS Olympic officials reprimand but don't punish Pan-Am Games protesters
2019-08-20the_guardianPolice thwarted six mass shootings and white supremacist attacks since El Paso
2019-08-20the_guardianGrowing up in air-polluted areas linked to mental health issues
2019-08-20the_guardianWalmart sues Tesla over solar panels it says caused multiple fires
2019-08-20the_guardianAirline under fire for allegedly refusing to accommodate passenger with autism
2019-08-20the_guardianAmerican teen Amanda Anisimova out of US Open after father's sudden death
2019-08-20the_guardianTrump again cools on gun background checks citing ‘very strong’ laws in place
2019-08-20the_guardianKeanu Reeves set to return for The Matrix 4
2019-08-20the_guardianNew species of stegosaurus uncovered in Moroccan dig
2019-08-20the_guardianIs James Bond about to die? What the new 007 title might mean
2019-08-20the_guardianFrench musician killed by bear in Canada
2019-08-20the_guardianBrazil's Bolsonaro may drop plans to make son US ambassador amid backlash
2019-08-20the_guardianSoil at Beckham's MLS stadium site contaminated by arsenic, says report
2019-08-20the_guardianTiger Woods needs alchemy to keep rust-inducing schedule at bay | Ewan Murray
2019-08-20the_guardianSpain sends warship to pick up migrants stranded in Italian waters
2019-08-20the_guardianStrong wind blows dozens of air mattresses through Denver park – video
2019-08-20the_guardianBring back Val! In praise of Bake Off’s older bakers, this year’s missing ingredient
2019-08-20the_guardianEU citizens in UK demand clarification of status as no deal looms
2019-08-20the_guardianNasa mission to Jupiter moon Europa moves step closer to launch
2019-08-20the_guardianNo Time to Die: 25th James Bond film gets a title
2019-08-20the_guardianIvanka Trump's embrace of nature sparks cries of hypocrisy
2019-08-20the_guardianJeffrey Epstein: three more women sue financier's estate
2019-08-20the_guardianBrazilian police sniper kills bus hijacker in Rio de Janeiro
2019-08-20the_guardian'Blows my mind': Cleveland's Baker Mayfield drags Giants for Daniel Jones pick
2019-08-20the_guardianDonald Trump’s UK trade promises are hot air – his aim is Brexit chaos | Michael H Fuchs
2019-08-20the_guardianUN postpones anti-torture conference in Cairo after backlash
2019-08-19the_guardianTwitter removes nearly 1,000 accounts tied to China's campaign against Hong Kong protesters
2019-08-19the_guardianIceland holds funeral for first glacier lost to climate change
2019-08-19the_guardianCold War sailor's 50-year-old message in a bottle found in Alaska
2019-08-19the_guardianAustrian People's party promises to ban far-right Identitarians
2019-08-19the_guardian'A second Trump': Bolsonaro's offensive rhetoric adds to Brazil's discomfort
2019-08-19the_guardianFugitive Jonathan Dick arrested in Melbourne over brother's murder
2019-08-19the_guardianWho Murdered My Child?: the Facebook pages keeping the memory of homicide victims alive
2019-08-19the_guardianDutch take cycling to a new level, with world's biggest bike park
2019-08-19the_guardianIran warns US against oil tanker seizure as ship leaves Gibraltar
2019-08-19the_guardianGoogle loophole allows anti-abortion clinics to post deceptive ads
2019-08-19the_guardianThrough my reclusive, lonely years of infertility, playing piano lifted my spirits
2019-08-19the_guardianKillers Anonymous: Has the Hollywood hitman had its day?
2019-08-19the_guardianThe weaponisation of information is mutating at alarming speed | Sophia Ignatidou
2019-08-19the_guardianThree years in the NFL wilderness: what Colin Kaepernick lost – and won
2019-08-19the_guardianPremier League: 10 talking points from the weekend’s action
2019-08-19the_guardianAfghan wedding massacre followed by independence day bombings
2019-08-19the_guardianInsomniacs may be at greater risk of heart failure, study finds
2019-08-19the_guardianThe rise of digital fitness: can the new wave of high-intensity home workouts replace the gym?
2019-08-19the_guardianProtesters set fire to parliament building in West Papua as tensions mount
2019-08-19the_guardianJohn Delaney draws 11 people to 2020 event – does he truly think he can win?
2019-08-19the_guardianPrivate jets, parties and eugenics: Jeffrey Epstein's bizarre world of scientists
2019-08-19the_guardianMDMA treatment for alcoholism reduces relapse, study suggests
2019-08-19the_guardianUS briefing: recession denials, Prince Andrew and Iranian oil tanker
2019-08-19the_guardianWhite Claw craze: why the canned drink is a US summer obsession
2019-08-19the_guardianAlvin Baltrop: remembering New York's forgotten queer photographer
2019-08-19the_guardianJoe Biden is not an exciting candidate. That's why he is doing well | Carlo Invernizzi-Accetti
2019-08-19the_guardianI lost my column for keeping Charlottesville police accountable. I'd do it again | Molly Conger
2019-08-19the_guardianEx-Sudan president Omar al-Bashir in court on corruption charges
2019-08-19the_guardianPig to human heart transplants 'possible within three years'
2019-08-19the_guardian'Terrifying' hand sculpture flies in to give Wellington nightmares
2019-08-19the_guardianThreat to end freedom of movement overnight is reckless, say EU citizens
2019-08-19the_guardianGame of Thrones' Daniel Portman: 'People expect Podrick – that's not what they get'
2019-08-19the_guardianGran Canaria wildfire triggers evacuation of thousands of people
2019-08-19the_guardianEconomists see a recession looming while Trump sees a conspiracy – live
2019-08-19the_guardianRevenge of the clothes moths: as numbers boom, can they be stopped?
2019-08-19the_guardian'I've had patients take their own teeth out': dental anxiety and the treatments that can help
2019-08-19the_guardianRachel Roddy’s recipe for tonnato sauce | A Kitchen in Rome
2019-08-19the_guardian'If Israeli soldiers start shooting, we won't stop the interview': Palestinian hip-hop crew BLTNM
2019-08-19the_guardianHere's what I learned from my privileged, western failure to go plastic-free for a month | Van Badham
2019-08-19the_guardianProfessor who quoted James Baldwin's use of N-word cleared by university
2019-08-19the_guardianMark Halperin attempts comeback after #MeToo accusations with Trump book
2019-08-19the_guardianGreta Thunberg’s attackers are morally bankrupt, but her deification isn’t helpful | Julian Baggini
2019-08-19the_guardianLabour may stay neutral if second referendum is between its Brexit deal or remain
2019-08-19the_guardianKashmir parents defy authorities to keep children out of school
2019-08-19the_guardianA newborn rhino and alluring lavender: best photos of the day
2019-08-19the_guardianBalenciaga: 'the master' of couture's sculptural garments – in pictures
2019-08-19the_guardianLeading US bosses’ group drops principle of shareholder-first
2019-08-19the_guardianWhy does Donald Trump want to buy Greenland?
2019-08-19the_guardianSorry, Jay-Z. Racial justice won't come from corporations and billionaires | Derecka Purnell
2019-08-19the_guardiansex, lies, and videotape at 30: how Steven Soderbergh changed independent cinema
2019-08-19the_guardianPeople on rescue ship off Italy at breaking point, say doctors
2019-08-19the_guardianThe Hunt: director breaks silence over film where elites kill 'deplorables'
2019-08-19the_guardianStephen Curry to resurrect Howard University golf program with donation
2019-08-19the_guardianBayern sign Philippe Coutinho on loan from Barcelona for £7.8m
2019-08-19the_guardianWith Kabul wedding attack, Isis aims to erode Taliban supremacy
2019-08-19the_guardianBaby born on coastguard helicopter celebrates first birthday with crew
2019-08-19the_guardianNYPD fires officer who put Eric Garner in chokehold before death
2019-08-19the_guardianBoris Johnson 'confident' EU will back down in Brexit talks
2019-08-19the_guardianReports of secret US-Venezuela talks to oust Maduro draw skepticism
2019-08-19the_guardianJohn Oliver: Bias in medical care is a 'discussion that we need to have'
2019-08-19the_guardianSouth Africa gets go-ahead to increase black rhino trophy hunting
2019-08-19the_guardianIs US capitalism really abandoning the 'greed is good' mantra? | Larry Elliott
2019-08-19the_guardianCarnival Row starring Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne
2019-08-19the_guardianGermany likely to head into recession, central bank warns
2019-08-19the_guardianDonald Trump’s ‘peace agreement’ is a betrayal of Afghanistan and its people | Simon Tisdall
2019-08-19the_guardian'Reckless' plan to cut off free movement alarms EU nationals
2019-08-19the_guardianTurkish convoy in Syria hit by airstrikes, Ankara claims
2019-08-19the_guardianUS high school students appear to give Nazi salute at sports ceremony
2019-08-19the_guardianCalifornia adopts country's strictest law on police use of deadly force
2019-08-19the_guardianDe Niro's company sues ex-employee for $6m for embezzlement and Netflix bingeing
2019-08-19the_guardianFrench tourists face six years in jail over claims they stole Sardinia sand
2019-08-19the_guardianWhat Greenlanders say about Trump's interest in their country – video report
2019-08-19the_guardianWashington: outcry after last four wolves in pack killed by state hunters
2019-08-19the_guardianWhite officers in Texas who led black man on rope avoid criminal charges
2019-08-19the_guardianWolves v Manchester United: Premier League – live!
2019-08-19the_guardianManchester United held to draw at Wolves after Paul Pogba fails from spot
2019-08-19the_guardianEl Salvador rape victim acquitted over stillbirth murder charge
2019-08-19the_guardianCaged alone 24 hours a day, denied medicine: lawsuit claims 'torture' in US migrant jails
2019-08-19the_guardian'We have an obligation': Ilhan Omar calls on lawmakers to visit Israel
2019-08-19the_guardianPlanned Parenthood withdraws from federal program over Trump rule
2019-08-19the_guardianOle Gunnar Solskjær has faith in Paul Pogba to keep taking penalties
2019-08-19the_guardian'I am sorry for the harm I have caused': Elizabeth Warren at Native American forum – video
2019-08-19the_guardianEdinburgh fringe: the funniest jokes from 2012-19 – video highlights
2019-08-18the_guardianBritish man sets new cycling speed record of more than 174mph
2019-08-18the_guardianJohn Lundstram strikes to give Sheffield United victory over Crystal Palace
2019-08-18the_guardianLA Lakers may tab Dwight Howard to replace fallen DeMarcus Cousins
2019-08-18the_guardianCedric Benson, NFL and Texas running back, dies in motorcycle crash aged 36
2019-08-18the_guardianHow to minimise scars caused by acne or injury
2019-08-18the_guardianNo 10 furious at leak of paper predicting shortages after no-deal Brexit
2019-08-18the_guardianTrump considering buying Greenland, White House adviser confirms
2019-08-18the_guardian'Nazi Porsche' valued at $20m fails to sell amid California auction confusion
2019-08-18the_guardianPrince Andrew 'appalled' by Epstein sex abuse claims
2019-08-18the_guardian'They are fighting for nothing': the view on Hong Kong protests from Shenzhen
2019-08-18the_guardianDaniil Medvedev, Madison Keys win surprise Cincinnati titles as Open looms
2019-08-18the_guardianHong Kong braces for huge rally as China condemns US 'gross interference'
2019-08-18the_guardianCorsica’s cape of good campsites
2019-08-18the_guardianNew Zealand police seek dashcam footage after murder of Sean McKinnon
2019-08-18the_guardianIndonesia arrests dozens of West Papuans over claim flag was thrown in sewer
2019-08-18the_guardianThe Observer view on Jeremy Corbyn and stopping a no-deal Brexit | Observer editorial
2019-08-18the_guardianIran tanker at centre of diplomatic row set to leave Gibraltar
2019-08-18the_guardianButtigieg: opposition to gay marriage will 'wash away' among black Americans
2019-08-18the_guardianScotland’s golden eagles are dying in agony, all in the name of sport | Kevin McKenna
2019-08-18the_guardianTrump's Statue of Bigotry is not Cuccinelli's first neo-Confederate assault | Sidney Blumenthal
2019-08-18the_guardianFrench waiter shot dead for being 'too slow with sandwich', say witnesses
2019-08-18the_guardian‘Our people are dying’: Australia’s climate confrontation in the Pacific
2019-08-18the_guardianFrom the lottery to Nobel prize: meet workers who make life-changing phone calls
2019-08-18the_guardianFlamingos and floods: Sunday's best photos
2019-08-18the_guardianFood after oil: how urban farmers are preparing us for a self-sufficient future
2019-08-18the_guardianDeposed Sudan president to face corruption charges in court
2019-08-18the_guardianSheffield United v Crystal Palace: Premier League – live!
2019-08-18the_guardianNew evidence emerges of Russian role in Ukraine conflict
2019-08-18the_guardianPhilippe Besson: ‘I told Macron he had zero chance of becoming president’
2019-08-18the_guardianRiding the Transcontinental: my saddle-sore sprint across Europe
2019-08-18the_guardianHas Boris Johnson hatched a cunning no-deal Brexit plan? | Stewart Lee
2019-08-18the_guardianWhere did all the cod go? Fishing crisis in the North Sea
2019-08-18the_guardianScream queens: inside the world of fangirls
2019-08-18the_guardianViveik Kalra: ‘I feel represented, like finally there’s a part of me on the screen’
2019-08-18the_guardianDaniil Medvedev stuns Novak Djokovic to set up Cincinnati final with Goffin
2019-08-18the_guardianG7 leaders need some clear-the-air talks rather than fake smiles | Larry Elliott
2019-08-18the_guardianUnzipping the murky trend of explicit phone pics | Eva Wiseman
2019-08-18the_guardianMartin Rees: ‘Climate change is a doddle compared with terraforming Mars’
2019-08-18the_guardianFrozen in time: Maya Angelou cooks for Toni Morrison, September 1994
2019-08-18the_guardianAshes 2019: England v Australia second Test, day five start delayed by rain – live!
2019-08-18the_guardianA bunch of Nimbys won’t let a Denver business owner sell his diner – is that fair?
2019-08-18the_guardianHow a pan-European picnic brought down the Iron Curtain
2019-08-18the_guardianJoanna Hogg and Honor Swinton Byrne: ‘We should tell whatever stories we like’
2019-08-18the_guardianGeorge RR Martin: ‘Game of Thrones finishing is freeing, I’m at my own pace’
2019-08-18the_guardianBrexit: leaked papers predict food shortages and port delays
2019-08-18the_guardianThe Holocaust survivor, 87, facing eviction in California: 'Will they throw me to the ground?'
2019-08-18the_guardianG7 leaders wait nervously for Boris Johnson’s debut on the world stage
2019-08-18the_guardianRevealed: how Ghislaine Maxwell fought those who accused her over Jeffrey Epstein
2019-08-18the_guardianPeter Fonda, the easy rider who tested the hippy dream
2019-08-18the_guardianDidcot power station: homes without electricity after towers demolished
2019-08-18the_guardianPlunging peso, grinding poverty: Argentina hears echoes of 2001 crisis
2019-08-18the_guardianBrexit party MEPs’ links to alt-right media agenda exposed
2019-08-18the_guardianOnce Upon a Time in Hollywood review – uneven ode to a lost era
2019-08-18the_guardianIndia orders Kashmir government to return amid protests
2019-08-18the_guardianThe 30 best films about music, chosen by musicians
2019-08-18the_guardianFacial recognition is now rampant. The implications for our freedom are chilling | Stephanie Hare
2019-08-18the_guardianHong Kong’s dilemma: fight or resist peacefully
2019-08-18the_guardianJada Pinkett Smith: 'the word "wife": it's a golden cage, swallow the key'
2019-08-18the_guardianBangladesh fire leaves 10,000 homeless after blaze razes slum
2019-08-18the_guardianSpinning conspiracy theories won’t help us prevent another Chernobyl | Serhii Plokhy
2019-08-18the_guardianAs The Crown returns, watch out for these milestones
2019-08-18the_guardianA rural town confronts its buried history of mass killings of black Americans
2019-08-18the_guardianThe Gay Metropolis review: if we can survive Aids, we can survive Trump
2019-08-18the_guardianThe US team’s dispute over pay is a fight for women all over the world | Suzanne Wrack
2019-08-18the_guardianUN experts discover British-made bomb parts in Yemen
2019-08-18the_guardianSalvini wants to lead Italy. He may be about to get the chance | Maurizio Molinari
2019-08-18the_guardian'Rigging the game': Stacey Abrams kicks off campaign to fight voter suppression
2019-08-18the_guardianDozens of rescuers try to save two trapped cavers in Poland
2019-08-18the_guardianManchester City warned against using facial recognition on fans
2019-08-18the_guardianWilfred Ndidi rescues point for Leicester after first-half howler against Chelsea
2019-08-18the_guardian'Strong economy through 2020': Trump advisers insist recession is not coming
2019-08-18the_guardianO’Rourke: El Paso shooting makes clear the ‘real consequence’ of Trump racism
2019-08-18the_guardianEmails reveal Boris Johnson laying groundwork for election campaign
2019-08-17the_guardian'Plastic recycling is a myth': what really happens to your rubbish?
2019-08-17the_guardianSuketu Mehta: ‘The migration debate is driven by populists – they can tell a false story well’
2019-08-17the_guardian'In many ways, it was a miracle': looking back at Woodstock at 50
2019-08-17the_guardianHong Kong: three rallies mark 11th weekend of protests
2019-08-17the_guardianI’m angry, sore, and bloated. Is this the menopause? The more I read, the less I know
2019-08-17the_guardianPossessed by Bruce Hood review – why we want more than we need
2019-08-17the_guardianThe 20 photographs of the week
2019-08-17the_guardianArt Spiegelman: golden age superheroes were shaped by the rise of fascism
2019-08-17the_guardianFour summer jam recipes | Kylee Newton
2019-08-17the_guardianThe Júcar gorge: Spain’s very own grand canyon
2019-08-17the_guardianAre we approaching a turning point in US’s immigration crisis? | Jackie Stevens and James Marcus
2019-08-17the_guardianLess boom, more bust? Economic fears threaten Trump's 2020 message
2019-08-17the_guardianUS unveils warrant to seize Iranian oil tanker in Gibraltar dispute
2019-08-17the_guardianMegan Rapinoe: 'We're everything Trump loves – except that we're powerful women'
2019-08-17the_guardian‘It's techno-racism’: Detroit is quietly using facial recognition to make arrests
2019-08-17the_guardianHow Greta Thunberg became the new front in the Brexit culture war | Gaby Hinsliff
2019-08-17the_guardianSwitch off the phone, turn on the radio and tune into Proust | Alex Clark
2019-08-17the_guardian'Please find some words for me': the conversations that helped after our son's stillbirth
2019-08-17the_guardian'A new Hawaiian Renaissance': how a telescope protest became a movement
2019-08-17the_guardianSeafront healing: Marvin Gaye museum mooted in Belgian town he loved
2019-08-17the_guardianLincoln's spies: Elizabeth Van Lew, southern sexism and the winning of a secret war
2019-08-17the_guardianThailand's 'sweetheart' dugong dies with plastic in stomach
2019-08-17the_guardianJeremy Corbyn pleads with MPs: back me now before it’s too late
2019-08-17the_guardianDozens feared dead or wounded after Afghan wedding hall blast
2019-08-17the_guardianInter approach Manchester United in bid to sign Alexis Sánchez on loan
2019-08-17the_guardianWorld’s nations gather to tackle wildlife extinction crisis
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2019-08-17the_guardianJean-Luc Brunel: three former models say they were sexually assaulted by Jeffrey Epstein friend
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2019-08-17the_guardianStand-off in Hong Kong: ‘Get out of the airport,’ they said. ‘Something’s going to happen’
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