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2019-10-22the_guardianLonely Planet names England the world's second best tourist destination in 2020
2019-10-22the_guardianIs this the end of the road for remainers? – podcast
2019-10-22the_guardianMacy's becomes biggest US retailer to end fur sales
2019-10-22the_guardianTrump tells Republicans to 'get tougher and fight' impeachment inquiry
2019-10-22the_guardianCanada election 2019: Justin Trudeau faces reckoning as polls predict close result – live
2019-10-22the_guardian'I'm seeing ghosts': Pats terrorize Darnold and Jets in Monday night massacre
2019-10-22the_guardianStar Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: final trailer for ninth film is released
2019-10-21the_guardianMultimillion-dollar Los Angeles homes saved from wildfire by firefighting crew
2019-10-21the_guardianLys Mousset capitalises on Arsenal failings to boost Sheffield United
2019-10-21the_guardianSeven Liverpool players on Ballon D'Or shortlist, Bronze and White nominated
2019-10-21the_guardianNew Orleans Pelicans lose No1 pick Zion Williamson on eve of NBA season
2019-10-21the_guardianDiplomatic immunity review launched after Harry Dunn case
2019-10-21the_guardianChina arrests Japanese professor on suspicion of spying
2019-10-21the_guardianBolivia: confusion over election results sparks fear and protests
2019-10-21the_guardianWatchmen review – the perfect superhero story for our tattered times
2019-10-21the_guardianDolphins discipline Bobby McCain after confrontation with 13-year-old fan
2019-10-21the_guardianMore than Mona Lisa: Louvre's Leonardo da Vinci is a blockbuster with brains
2019-10-21the_guardianBoris Johnson in final push to ram through Brexit deal
2019-10-21the_guardianSheffield United v Arsenal: Premier League – live!
2019-10-21the_guardianOcean acidification can cause mass extinctions, fossils reveal
2019-10-21the_guardianPoland's rightwing populist win should be a wake-up call for liberal democrats | Cas Mudde
2019-10-21the_guardianChile on edge as worst unrest in three decades claims 11 lives
2019-10-21the_guardianIsrael's Benjamin Netanyahu fails to form government
2019-10-21the_guardianNick Tosches: the writer who made his prose rock and roll
2019-10-21the_guardianBrexit: what just happened? And what happens next?
2019-10-21the_guardianChina overtakes US in rankings of world's richest people
2019-10-21the_guardianGoogle released research on what makes a good boss – do you agree?
2019-10-21the_guardianGone in seven seconds: 'Spiderwoman' breaks women's climbing speed record
2019-10-21the_guardianWhite bellbird: listen to the world's loudest bird call – video
2019-10-21the_guardianWhy Joker's depiction of mental illness is dangerously misinformed
2019-10-21the_guardianNew gene editing tool could fix most harmful DNA mutations
2019-10-21the_guardianJohn Bercow denies Boris Johnson second vote on Brexit deal
2019-10-21the_guardianCalifornia city returns island taken from native tribe in 1860 massacre
2019-10-21the_guardianLandmark study reveals link between football and dementia
2019-10-21the_guardianMark Zuckerberg's plea for the billionaire class is deeply anti-democratic | Kate Aronoff
2019-10-21the_guardianCould Mitt Romney be Trump's nemesis in the Senate?
2019-10-21the_guardianWell-dressed dogs and a Thai procession: Monday's best photos
2019-10-21the_guardianHow we met: ‘I’m a staunch Brexit critic – but it did lead to us falling in love’
2019-10-21the_guardianThailand's king strips 'disloyal' royal consort of titles and military ranks
2019-10-21the_guardianDallas tornado wrecks buildings and knocks out power for tens of thousands
2019-10-21the_guardianKickstarter's employees want a union. Will the company continue to oppose them? | Nathan Robinson
2019-10-21the_guardianHow the numbers add up on Brexit deal and possible amendments
2019-10-21the_guardianDeborah Orr obituary
2019-10-21the_guardian'Only we can change things': life in the gang-ridden other side of Cape Town
2019-10-21the_guardianPete Buttigieg third in new Iowa poll behind Biden and Warren
2019-10-21the_guardianCracks appear in Republican effort to shield Trump as scandals mount – live
2019-10-21the_guardianResidents of Syrian city pelt retreating US troops with food
2019-10-21the_guardianThe US lawyers rolling back wildlife protection one species at a time
2019-10-21the_guardianWhen do the clocks change around the world? And why?
2019-10-21the_guardianJulian Assange extradition judge refuses request for delay
2019-10-21the_guardianAmerican Utopia review: David Byrne starts making sense
2019-10-21the_guardianIf Johnson adds a customs union, remainers should finally accept his deal | Simon Jenkins
2019-10-21the_guardianMaking my own clothes transformed my body image – and my life
2019-10-21the_guardianWhat is 'environmental injustice' and why is the Guardian covering it?
2019-10-21the_guardian'Cluck off': UK's only Chick-fil-A outlet to shut in LGBT rights row
2019-10-21the_guardian'Humbling' wreckage of Japanese ships from battle of Midway found in Pacific
2019-10-21the_guardianEU would agree to Brexit delay, says German minister
2019-10-21the_guardianUS troops pelted with rotten fruit and stones as they leave Syria – video
2019-10-21the_guardianBangladeshi MP allegedly hired eight lookalikes to take her place in exams
2019-10-21the_guardianSlovakia: four people charged over murder of investigative journalist
2019-10-21the_guardianFrancis Ford Coppola: Scorsese was being kind – Marvel movies are despicable
2019-10-21the_guardianA result for Manchester United to build on or a reminder of how far they must climb? | Jonathan Wilson
2019-10-21the_guardianNo record is safe with IAAF poised to allow arms race in shoes to run and run | Sean Ingle
2019-10-21the_guardianUS briefing: White House in crisis, Michael Bloomberg and opioid trial
2019-10-21the_guardianRemains of Francisco Franco to be exhumed on Thursday
2019-10-21the_guardianTrump is peddling hate in Minnesota. To defeat him, look to Hubert Humphrey | Samuel G Freedman
2019-10-21the_guardianThe lost river: Mexicans fight for mighty waterway taken by the US
2019-10-21the_guardianBrexit: government to introduce withdrawal bill in Commons today - live news
2019-10-21the_guardianSyria: estimated number of UK children trapped doubles to 60
2019-10-21the_guardianTight Canada election may offer power-broker role to smaller parties
2019-10-21the_guardian'$50bn is pocket change': opioid makers on trial in Ohio after talks collapse
2019-10-21the_guardianPremier League: 10 talking points from the weekend’s action
2019-10-21the_guardian'It's hard': Meghan says friends warned her not to marry Harry because of British tabloids – video
2019-10-21the_guardianSix TDs and 429 yards in one game. Let's check whether Aaron Rodgers is past it
2019-10-21the_guardianUniqlo accused of mocking wartime sexual slavery victims
2019-10-21the_guardianRenewable energy to expand by 50% in next five years - report
2019-10-21the_guardianPound volatile amid Brexit delay jitters – business live
2019-10-21the_guardianWaving not drowning: the street children finding refuge in Durban's surf scene
2019-10-21the_guardianThe journalist as influencer: how we sell ourselves on social media
2019-10-21the_guardianBolivia elections: President Evo Morales may have to face second round
2019-10-21the_guardian'When home won't let you stay': artwork addressing global migration
2019-10-21the_guardianInsatiable: has Netflix's controversial 'fat-shaming' show fixed itself?
2019-10-21the_guardianWhy is Elizabeth Warren vague on healthcare? To allow herself wiggle room | Art Cullen
2019-10-21the_guardianMichael Bloomberg ‘still looking at’ a presidential run ... but only if Biden is out
2019-10-21the_guardianTeachers for Bernie, CEOs for Buttigieg, retirees for Trump – who's backing whom in 2020
2019-10-21the_guardianGeneral Motors workers anxiously await details of deal to end strike
2019-10-21the_guardianHow did a town in West Virginia become the opioid capital of the US?
2019-10-21the_guardianGalaxy set up LA playoff derby with victory over Minnesota United
2019-10-21the_guardian'Society is suffering': Hong Kong protests spark mental health crisis
2019-10-21the_guardianMore than 50 elephants starve to death in Zimbabwe drought
2019-10-21the_guardianPierre Delecto: Mitt Romney's secret online alter-ego for eight years
2019-10-21the_guardianNew York’s Central Park to erect first sculpture honoring women
2019-10-21the_guardianFacebook discloses operations by Russia and Iran to meddle in 2020 election
2019-10-21the_guardianNorthern Ireland to legalise abortion and same-sex marriage
2019-10-20the_guardianFind Me by André Aciman review – a beautiful conclusion for Elio and Oliver
2019-10-20the_guardianHong Kong activist stabbed handing out pro-democracy leaflets at 'Lennon Wall'
2019-10-20the_guardianQantas hails 'historic' moment after Dreamliner completes 19-hour non-stop flight
2019-10-20the_guardianDonald Trump scraps plan to host G7 at his Doral resort, blaming 'irrational hostility'
2019-10-20the_guardianHouston Astros walk off with pennant as José Altuve's homer buries Yankees
2019-10-20the_guardian'Meltdown': Donald Trump and the impeachment week from hell
2019-10-20the_guardianWhat happens if your mind lives for ever on the internet?
2019-10-20the_guardianGoliath review: Wall Street, Main Street … and Warren as McGovern 2.0?
2019-10-20the_guardianIt’s Warren, Sanders or Biden vs Trump – all the other Democrats are irrelevant | Robert Reich
2019-10-20the_guardianSuperyacht linked to Jho Low and 1MDB scandal for sale again, for an extra $74m
2019-10-20the_guardianA grandfather's tale taught me the true value of time spent with my children | Daryl Austin
2019-10-20the_guardianJournalist resigns in protest as Al Jazeera pulls oligarch investigation
2019-10-20the_guardianUrban warrior in Nikes and a hoodie leads charge against white orthodoxy
2019-10-20the_guardian'A threat to democracy': William Barr's speech on religious freedom alarms liberal Catholics
2019-10-20the_guardianMystery of Mexico’s cartel wars grows as ‘The Mouse’ is rescued
2019-10-20the_guardian'Too much power': it's Warren v Facebook in the great breakup battle
2019-10-20the_guardianCatch and Kill by Ronan Farrow review – how the great white predators stick together
2019-10-20the_guardianOligarchs at war in London over mystery of missing Siberian
2019-10-20the_guardianBritain makes move to bring home Isis children stranded in Syria
2019-10-20the_guardianRome pressed to ban tourist carriages after horse collapses
2019-10-20the_guardianI can’t come to terms with my boyfriend’s female friendships | Dear Mariella
2019-10-20the_guardianWeary unionists fear Johnson’s Brexit deal will strike at heart of their identity
2019-10-20the_guardianTime to recognise that western greed is one of the causes of global hunger | Kevin McKenna
2019-10-20the_guardianThe Observer view: a week that shows us why Donald Trump is unfit for high office | Observer editorial
2019-10-20the_guardianHow successful was Britain’s plan for its own Silicon Valley? | Torsten Bell
2019-10-20the_guardianMeet the new directors who lit up the film festivals
2019-10-20the_guardian‘Everybody hates us’: on Sofia’s streets, Roma face racism every day
2019-10-20the_guardianSeven Worlds, One Planet: conservation is the key to new Attenborough series
2019-10-20the_guardianThe new workwear: has the suit finally died?
2019-10-20the_guardianIt’s the end of the world as we know it... and Michael Stipe feels fine
2019-10-20the_guardianNote to Democrats: stop chasing centrist suburban voters | Robert Kuttner
2019-10-20the_guardianJapan v South Africa: Rugby World Cup 2019, quarter-final – live!
2019-10-20the_guardianNancy Pelosi visits Jordan to discuss Turkish Syria incursion
2019-10-20the_guardianLabour could back Brexit bill if second referendum attached, says Starmer
2019-10-20the_guardianWales come from behind to beat 14-man France in World Cup quarter-final
2019-10-20the_guardianMichael Gove triggers no-deal Brexit contingency plans
2019-10-20the_guardianMcDonald's get their scampi in a bunch over burger joint's Effing Filet O' Fish
2019-10-20the_guardianWhy small business needs big business | Gene Marks
2019-10-20the_guardianPhotography in the digital age by Michael Stipe - in pictures
2019-10-20the_guardianEmmett Till: new memorial to murdered teen is bulletproof
2019-10-20the_guardian‘I’m not your n-word’: school guard fired for repeating racial slur
2019-10-20the_guardianSouth Africa to face Wales in semi-final after grinding down hosts Japan
2019-10-20the_guardianGolden aura around marginal gains is beginning to look a little tarnished | Tim Lewis
2019-10-20the_guardianThree players jailed, one 'kidnapped': Estudiantes v Milan 50 years on
2019-10-20the_guardianTinder boss Elie Seidman: ‘If you behave badly, we want you out’
2019-10-20the_guardianWayne Rooney's MLS career ends on bench as DC United lose in playoffs
2019-10-20the_guardianManchester United v Liverpool: Premier League – live!
2019-10-20the_guardianKarl Ove Knausgaard's latest work to remain unseen until 2114
2019-10-20the_guardianWorld economy is sleepwalking into a new financial crisis, warns Mervyn King
2019-10-20the_guardianProtests in Chile against cost of living – in pictures
2019-10-20the_guardianJustin Amash: Republican who took on Trump won't rule out White House run
2019-10-20the_guardianCross-border shelling marks escalation in Kashmir dispute
2019-10-20the_guardianEU will wait until MPs debate Brexit deal to make extension decision
2019-10-20the_guardianHaringey chairman says walk-off for alleged racism must be watershed moment
2019-10-20the_guardianMourning, protest and festivals: the weekend's best photos
2019-10-20the_guardianTwo green parties on track for gains in Swiss elections
2019-10-20the_guardianOn the ground with People's Vote marchers: ‘It’s not done by a long way’ – video
2019-10-20the_guardianButtigieg: Clinton should have evidence for claim Tulsi Gabbard is ‘Russian asset’
2019-10-20the_guardianBrexit: government to seek meaningful vote on deal on Monday – live news
2019-10-20the_guardianWhat next for Boris Johnson's Brexit deal?
2019-10-20the_guardianMick Mulvaney seeks Trump damage control over impeachment and more
2019-10-20the_guardianLebanon's mass revolt against corruption and poverty continues
2019-10-20the_guardianTobacco firms accused of using gimmicks to subvert plain packaging
2019-10-20the_guardianWhy Barenboim is the Ring master of our age
2019-10-20the_guardianLiverpool drop first points but Lallana strike denies Manchester United
2019-10-20the_guardianTearful Andy Murray wins first singles title since returning from injury
2019-10-20the_guardianSpain's deputy PM tells Catalan president to 'stop telling impossible lies'
2019-10-20the_guardian'She has listened to us': constituents back Labour rebel Caroline Flint
2019-10-20the_guardianPM's Brexit deal still on knife-edge despite claim he has the numbers
2019-10-20the_guardian'My teeth moved so much I needed braces' – readers on how childbirth changed them
2019-10-20the_guardianPearl claimed as world's oldest is to be exhibited in Abu Dhabi
2019-10-20the_guardianMötorhead members win inclusion on Rock Hall of Fame nominations list
2019-10-20the_guardianLabour seeks new alliance to kill off Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal
2019-10-20the_guardianFreeman felled by ref, gets ejected and then sees his Falcons lose to Rams
2019-10-20the_guardianMeghan: I was warned the British tabloids would destroy my life
2019-10-20the_guardian'Don't be a dick, OK?' Hillary Clinton tweets parody of Trump Erdoğan letter
2019-10-20the_guardianDebinha's free-kick spurs Courage past Reign and into NWSL final
2019-10-20the_guardianAward-winning columnist Deborah Orr dies aged 57
2019-10-20the_guardianHong Kong protests: police fire water cannon with blue dye as crowds defy ban
2019-10-20the_guardianKlopp hits out at VAR after United draw: ‘This is an issue we have to discuss’
2019-10-20the_guardianHarold Bloom’s defence of western greats blinded him to other cultures | Kenan Malik
2019-10-19the_guardianHong Kong protests: bring back app or risk 'complicity' in repression, Apple told
2019-10-19the_guardian‘America can do better’: the New Yorker on a hunger strike for gun control
2019-10-19the_guardianChile protests: state of emergency declared in Santiago as violence escalates
2019-10-19the_guardianBiggest ever Leonardo da Vinci exhibition to open in Paris
2019-10-19the_guardian‘You've got to carry on that fight’: strangers swap life-changing experiences
2019-10-19the_guardian'We were not impressed’: Harry Dunn’s parents on their bizarre day with Trump
2019-10-19the_guardianEnvy in Politics review: why keeping up with the Joneses is a political trump card
2019-10-19the_guardianSIEV-X disaster: Iraqi man charged in Australia in connection with deaths of 350 people
2019-10-19the_guardianGermany shooting: data on online spread of livestreamed attack kept secret
2019-10-19the_guardianWill Ocasio-Cortez's Sanders endorsement shake up the 2020 race?
2019-10-19the_guardian'We will fight back': how the police killing of a black woman in Texas sparked fear and anger
2019-10-19the_guardianTrump awarded the G7 to his resort in Doral – without telling anyone in Doral
2019-10-19the_guardianHannah Gadsby: ‘Quit comedy? I can’t – I’ve got no other skillset!’
2019-10-19the_guardianLos Angeles mansion sets US market record with $225m price tag
2019-10-19the_guardianBrexit: MPs to vote on Boris Johnson's deal in 'super Saturday' Commons session – live news
2019-10-19the_guardianDoubting death: how our brains shield us from mortal truth
2019-10-19the_guardianPatrick Day didn't need to be saved
2019-10-19the_guardianEngland v Australia: Rugby World Cup 2019, quarter-final – live!
2019-10-19the_guardianGuardian climate pledge 2019: 'With air travel, it's best to take a flexitarian approach'
2019-10-19the_guardianStreaming: Meryl Streep kicks off a season of starry Netflix offerings
2019-10-19the_guardian20 photographs of the week
2019-10-19the_guardianBoris Johnson implores MPs to 'get Brexit done' in crucial Saturday vote
2019-10-19the_guardianEngland into World Cup semi-finals after bruising victory over Australia
2019-10-19the_guardian'All the hood rats would jam with us': Grandmaster Flash, AJ Tracey and other artists on the generation gap
2019-10-19the_guardianTrump the predator
2019-10-19the_guardianDame Julie Andrews: ‘My biggest disappointment? Losing my singing voice’
2019-10-19the_guardianHe fetishized the military but the generals have had it with feckless, reckless Trump | Ross Barkan
2019-10-19the_guardianThe Chicago teachers' strike shows how to go on offense against neoliberalism | Miles Kampf-Lassin and Micah Uetricht
2019-10-19the_guardianAmid turmoil in Barcelona, ex-Catalan president says independence push went ‘too far, too fast’
2019-10-19the_guardianEverton v West Ham: Premier League – live!
2019-10-19the_guardianBernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez set for New York rally
2019-10-19the_guardian'Oh man, she's back': Elizabeth Strout on the return of Olive Kitteridge
2019-10-19the_guardianNew Zealand v Ireland: Rugby World Cup 2019, quarter-final – live!
2019-10-19the_guardianBernardine Evaristo: 'These are unprecedented times for black female writers'
2019-10-19the_guardianAfghanistan mosque bombing: death toll rises
2019-10-19the_guardianGabbard: Clinton 'personifies rot that has sickened Democratic party'
2019-10-19the_guardianNew Zealand thrash Ireland to set up World Cup semi-final with England
2019-10-19the_guardianKinks 1969 epic chimes with Britain’s mood today, says singer Ray Davies
2019-10-19the_guardianLed By Donkeys: ‘There is a political power in laughing at these people’
2019-10-19the_guardianMPs put brakes on Boris Johnson's Brexit deal with rebel amendment
2019-10-19the_guardianPatti Smith: ‘Reading Mark Twain gave me such anxiety I threw up’
2019-10-19the_guardianDr Sarah E Hill: ‘We have a blind spot about how the pill influences women’s brains’
2019-10-19the_guardianPelosi and Trump summed up the patriarchy in one perfect snapshot
2019-10-19the_guardianRestored to glory: How a 16th-century nun regained her place in art history
2019-10-19the_guardianTitian expert says lauded painting is not by the master
2019-10-19the_guardianBlue Alabama – in pictures
2019-10-19the_guardianRivals in the scramble to be the world’s 21st-century superpower
2019-10-19the_guardianTottenham v Watford, Chelsea v Newcastle and more – live!
2019-10-19the_guardianEverton relief for Marco Silva as Bernard and Sigurdsson sink West Ham
2019-10-19the_guardianMcConnell condemns Trump over Syria as impeachment inquiry ramps up
2019-10-19the_guardianErdoğan threatens to 'crush the heads' of Kurdish fighters refusing to withdraw
2019-10-19the_guardian'A couple of drinks with dinner': Chicago police chief found asleep in his car
2019-10-19the_guardianJennifer Aniston: The One Where She Breaks the Internet | Rebecca Nicholson
2019-10-19the_guardianCrystal Palace v Manchester City: Premier League – live!
2019-10-19the_guardianVideo shows high school coach disarming and hugging suicidal student
2019-10-19the_guardianQuestlove: bagels with Amy Winehouse, fish and chips with the Roots
2019-10-19the_guardianWe marched with hope but few expectations. Yet history will side with us | Will Hutton
2019-10-19the_guardian@realDonaldTrump shows Twitter knows which side its bread is buttered | John Naughton
2019-10-19the_guardian‘We Syrians are being used as political tools... yet again’
2019-10-19the_guardianTextile art inspired by vintage photographs of African Americans – in pictures
2019-10-19the_guardianWhat does the Letwin amendment mean for Brexit timetable?
2019-10-19the_guardianQuentin Tarantino won't censor Once Upon a Time in Hollywood for China – report
2019-10-19the_guardianIf you like AOC, you should like Bernie too | Bhaskar Sunkara
2019-10-19the_guardianBoris Johnson confirms he will seek Brexit delay, says Brussels
2019-10-19the_guardianObrador and Trump speak in aftermath of shootout over El Chapo's son
2019-10-19the_guardian'The perfect combination of art and science': mourning the end of paper maps
2019-10-19the_guardianGabriel Jesus and David Silva on target as Manchester City pick off Palace
2019-10-19the_guardianRepublican congressman announces retirement after saying he is open to Trump impeachment
2019-10-19the_guardianHaringey players walk off after racism allegations in Yeovil FA Cup tie
2019-10-19the_guardianManchester United must be tempted to look at Jürgen Klopp and wonder: what if? | Jonathan Wilson
2019-10-19the_guardianCatalan president calls for talks with Spain's government after unrest
2019-10-19the_guardianCracks appear in Lebanon's governing coalition after third day of protests
2019-10-19the_guardianChile's president reverses fare increase as unrest continues
2019-10-19the_guardianAndy Murray battles past Ugo Humbert to reach European Open final
2019-10-19the_guardianBoris Johnson's Super Saturday bubble bursts
2019-10-18the_guardianNew generation, new tactics: the changing face of Catalan protests
2019-10-18the_guardianNetflix moves to shut down lawsuit over Panama Papers film The Laundromat
2019-10-18the_guardianNaming and shaming the polluters – podcast
2019-10-18the_guardianPM faces Brexit extension even if his deal is passed
2019-10-18the_guardianN’Golo Kanté: so much more than just the Premier League’s best midfielder | Barney Ronay
2019-10-18the_guardianLouis Vuitton x Donald Trump: the big fashion collab no one asked for
2019-10-18the_guardianGeneral discontent: how the president's military men turned on Trump
2019-10-18the_guardianBoeing may have ‘unknowingly’ misled regulators about crash-linked software
2019-10-18the_guardianChile students' mass fare-dodging expands into city-wide protest
2019-10-18the_guardianBelgium to evacuate Isis suspects from Syria detention camps
2019-10-18the_guardianTrevor Noah: seven scandals in one day 'might be the true genius of Trump'
2019-10-18the_guardianUS opioid epidemic: multibillion-dollar deal may be near in lawsuits
2019-10-18the_guardianBrother of Honduras president found guilty in vast drug conspiracy case
2019-10-18the_guardianThe week in wildlife – in pictures
2019-10-18the_guardianSecond whale found dead in Thames in less than two weeks
2019-10-18the_guardianRugby World Cup 2019: five things to look out for in the knockout stage
2019-10-18the_guardianForget Bali, I found bliss in the blandness of a chain hotel | Emma Brockes
2019-10-18the_guardianCory Booker's secret to long-distance romance: a book at bedtime
2019-10-18the_guardianPatrick Mahomes expected to miss 'about a month' after knee injury
2019-10-18the_guardianViolent clashes erupt between cartel gunmen and police in Mexico – video report
2019-10-18the_guardianHillary Clinton hints Russia is grooming Tulsi Gabbard as third-party candidate
2019-10-18the_guardian'Just don't waste': David Attenborough's heartfelt message to next generation
2019-10-18the_guardianInvestigation of Clinton emails ends, finding no 'deliberate mishandling'
2019-10-18the_guardianJohnson & Johnson recalls baby powder after asbestos found
2019-10-18the_guardianEU failure to open membership talks with Albania and North Macedonia condemned
2019-10-18the_guardianMosque bombing kills 62 people in eastern Afghanistan
2019-10-18the_guardianDolly Parton's America: how the country star inspired a hit podcast
2019-10-18the_guardianMichael Jordan opens first of two health clinics for underprivileged in Charlotte
2019-10-18the_guardianJustin Trudeau is a fake progressive. Now Canada must vote for real ones | Martin Lukacs
2019-10-18the_guardianExperience: I'm nine years old and won an adult 10km race by mistake
2019-10-18the_guardian'He earned his spurs from a doctor': Gen James Mattis mocks Donald Trump – video
2019-10-18the_guardianErdoğan says Trump's letter showed lack of respect – live
2019-10-18the_guardianBig porkie: why do we keep falling for the myth of the micro pig?
2019-10-18the_guardianTrump's Turkey deal hands power to Ankara and leaves Syrian Kurds for dead
2019-10-18the_guardianLebanon brought to a standstill by protests over economic crisis
2019-10-18the_guardianChina denies it demanded NBA fire Daryl Morey over Hong Kong tweet
2019-10-18the_guardianYour Style: Elton John's fashion through the years – in pictures
2019-10-18the_guardianDaniel Kaluuya to produce live-action Barney the Dinosaur movie
2019-10-18the_guardianDementia poses threat to health similar to HIV and Aids, summit told
2019-10-18the_guardian‘We do not want war’: Mexico president defends release of El Chapo’s son
2019-10-18the_guardianHow the wheels came off Facebook's Libra project
2019-10-18the_guardianRepairs in space and a Brexit message: Friday's best photos
2019-10-18the_guardianNasa astronauts begin first ever all-female spacewalk
2019-10-18the_guardian‘We're in a Robin Hood position’: how TV music supervisors boost new artists
2019-10-18the_guardianLittle Shop of Horrors review – gory musical blooms again off-Broadway
2019-10-18the_guardianCalifornia: July earthquake caused fault to move for first time on record
2019-10-18the_guardianBrexit 'super Saturday': your guide to the big day
2019-10-18the_guardianCatalonia general strike brings Barcelona to standstill
2019-10-18the_guardianLiving With Yourself review – are two Paul Rudds better than one?
2019-10-18the_guardian'The most important people have been here': Rome's oldest cafe fears closure
2019-10-18the_guardianGaelic 'disappearing' from Scottish island communities
2019-10-18the_guardian'Feed the ducks bread' sign sparks heated online debate
2019-10-18the_guardianUp to 90% of 10-year-olds in world's poorest countries struggle to read
2019-10-18the_guardianAustralian man accused of trying to sell North Korean missiles overseas refused bail
2019-10-18the_guardianHong Kong protesters in UK say they face pro-Beijing intimidation
2019-10-18the_guardianAlaska: plane carrying high school swim team goes off runway
2019-10-18the_guardianCaroline Polachek: Pang review – pop that hits like a southpaw's hook
2019-10-18the_guardianTracks of the week reviewed: Harry Styles, Maroon 5, Cher Lloyd
2019-10-18the_guardian'It was like lighting yourself on fire': how Shia LaBeouf's co-star changed his life
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