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2019-10-22the_independentThousands of ASDA employees could lose jobs in contract switch, union warns
2019-10-22the_independentCanada election results: Justin Trudeau set to win but as minority government
2019-10-21the_independentEmerging from Isis genocide, Yazidis in Armenia open religion's biggest ever temple
2019-10-21the_independentArtificial leaf could turn sunlight into sustainable alternative to petrol, say scientists
2019-10-21the_independentRenewable power generation to jump 50 per cent in five years - but it's still not enough, says report
2019-10-21the_independentEthnic minorities in UK earn 10% less than white workers, Bank of England research shows
2019-10-21the_independentJan Kuciak murder: Four charged over killing of journalist in case that forced Slovakian PM to resign
2019-10-21the_independentMitt Romney admits to using secret Twitter account to keep tabs on news and 'lurk'
2019-10-21the_independentSpain's prime minister criticised for refusing to meet Catalan independence leaders
2019-10-21the_independentUK population set to rise by 3 million in next decade due to net migration increases
2019-10-21the_independentUS troops pelted with vegetables in protest at 'betrayal' over withdrawal from northern Syria
2019-10-21the_independentDallas tornado leaves tens of thousands without power as storm system kills one in Arkansas
2019-10-21the_independentNorthern Ireland: Women who suffered under abortion law celebrate 'historic' decriminalisation
2019-10-21the_independentTrump 'burst out' into description of Macron's handshake during first Pentagon briefing, account says
2019-10-21the_independentMystery over 'extraordinary' haul of Bronze Age weapons unearthed in London leaves experts baffled
2019-10-21the_independentBoris Johnson Brexit deal derailed again as Bercow blocks second attempt at 'meaningful vote'
2019-10-21the_independentCanada elections - live: Trudeau fights to keep power as polls show rival Scheer pulling ahead
2019-10-21the_independentHong Kong protests: Carrie Lam apologises after riot police use water cannon to fire blue dye at mosque
2019-10-21the_independentLabour mayoral hopeful accused of homophobia, escalating bitter row over selection
2019-10-21the_independentTeenagers charged with urinating on black classmate and shouting racist abuse
2019-10-21the_independentAngela Merkel ally placed under police guard after far-right death threat ending 'Heil Hitler'
2019-10-21the_independentCardboard boxes put on pupils' heads to stop cheating in exams at Indian school
2019-10-21the_independentBad outsourcing deals have cost UK taxpayers an 'inexcusable' £14.3bn
2019-10-21the_independentBrexit: More than 250,000 sign letter demanding Final Say referendum in 48 hours
2019-10-21the_independentBrexit: Your guide to what happens now as Boris Johnson's deal hangs in the balance
2019-10-21the_independentBrexit: EU says Boris Johnson's refusal to sign extension request 'changes nothing' and it is now being considered
2019-10-21the_independentPrince Andrew took part in orgy with nine girls on Jeffrey Epstein's private island, alleged victim says
2019-10-21the_independentAustralian newspapers black out front page in protest over secrecy laws
2019-10-21the_independentBoris Johnson's Brexit plan in chaos as bid to force customs union deal has 'very good chance' of passing
2019-10-21the_independentUK weather forecast: Britain set for hotter weather after coldest autumn temperature recorded
2019-10-21the_independentGrowing inequality is dangerous for democracies, particularly ours
2019-10-21the_independentTrump news – live: President rages over having to drop Miami resort as G7 venue after being accused of treating US troops like 'paid mercenaries'
2019-10-21the_independentCanada election: Trudeau faces exit after single term as country goes to polls following blackface scandal
2019-10-21the_independentBusiness news - live: Pound hits five-month high despite Brexit deal delay, as UK house prices slump to worst October since financial crisis
2019-10-21the_independentJohn Lewis and Waitrose to stop selling Christmas crackers containing plastic toys
2019-10-21the_independentBoris Johnson news – live: Bid to bring back Brexit deal vote may be scuppered by Bercow as PM faces court challenge over 'childish' letters sent to EU
2019-10-21the_independentThousands of small businesses at risk amid 'unprecedented' confidence slump since Brexit vote
2019-10-21the_independent2000-year-old 'lost' street built by Pontius Pilate uncovered in Jerusalem
2019-10-21the_independentAir pollution is now a 'health emergency', head of NHS England warns
2019-10-21the_independentMilton Keynes stabbing: Man arrested after two teenagers killed at house party
2019-10-21the_independentHarry Dunn: Prosecutors may begin extradition process against US suspect Anne Sacoolas, government says
2019-10-21the_independentChronic stress is making us sick and overweight
2019-10-21the_independentAlexei Leonov: Cosmonaut who made the first space walk
2019-10-21the_independentDoes an apple a day really keep the doctor away? The health myths that are just that
2019-10-21the_independentFacebook suspends network of Russian Instagram accounts amid concerns over 2020 election interference
2019-10-21the_independentBrexit deal: Boris Johnson's Halloween deadline in peril as MPs revolt against breakneck timetable to ratify
2019-10-21the_independentTrump slams constitutional clause that stops him from profiting from presidency
2019-10-21the_independentChile must investigate protest deaths, UN High Commissioner and former president says
2019-10-21the_independentDeep-sea researchers discover second missing Battle of Midway ship
2019-10-21the_independentDeborah Orr death: Tributes pour in for 'brilliant, edgy' columnist and Independent contributor
2019-10-21the_independentDeborah Orr: fearless, formidable… and a wee bit frightening
2019-10-21the_independentWatchdog to investigate suicide monitoring of benefit claimants after ministers refuse to publish data
2019-10-21the_independentPentagon chief contradicts Trump and says some US troops will stay in Syria
2019-10-21the_independentACLU sues to restore voting rights to freed felons in Minnesota
2019-10-21the_independentWest Point military academy student missing with M4 rifle
2019-10-21the_independentBrexit secretary under fire after admitting Northern Ireland firms will be forced to fill out export forms when sending goods to Britain
2019-10-21the_independentSamira Ahmed takes BBC to court over claims she was paid less than male colleagues
2019-10-21the_independentSketch: Meaningful Vote Four? Bercow says no
2019-10-21the_independentIsrael PM Netanyahu admits he cannot form government, allowing chief rival chance to build coalition
2019-10-21the_independentPete Buttigieg 2020 campaign hired staff recommended by Mark Zuckerberg
2019-10-21the_independentMilton Keynes stabbings: Masked gate-crashers 'targeted' boys in double murder at house party, police believe
2019-10-21the_independent'All of them means all of them': How Lebanon's spontaneous protests over taxes led to calls for revolution
2019-10-21the_independentThai king strips royal consort of her titles and military rank for 'disloyalty'
2019-10-21the_independentDrug companies avoid landmark trial after $260m opioid epidemic settlement
2019-10-21the_independentMAGA supporter accused of spraying anti-Trump protesters with bear repellent
2019-10-21the_independentBrazil: Three dead after plane crashes into pedestrians and cars on residential street
2019-10-21the_independentMore than 60 British children trapped in war-torn north Syria, reveals charity
2019-10-21the_independent'I can't think properly': Assange fights back tears and struggles to say own name as he appears in court over US extradition
2019-10-21the_independent'This is oil country': Newly painted Greta Thunberg mural defaced
2019-10-20the_independentBoris Johnson's letters to Brussels 'may be in contempt of parliament', Labour's John McDonnell says
2019-10-20the_independentBoris Johnson news – live: PM 'behaving like a spoilt brat' after sending unsigned letters to EU asking for extension
2019-10-20the_independentBrexit: Glimmer of hope for Boris Johnson's deal as ex-cabinet minister Amber Rudd says she will back it
2019-10-20the_independentTrump scraps plan to host G7 at his Doral resort, blaming 'irrational hostility'
2019-10-20the_independentUltra long-haul: Qantas completes longest non-stop passenger flight in history
2019-10-20the_independent'Not here, not today': French politician confronts mother wearing head scarf on school trip with her crying child
2019-10-20the_independentTrump signs more executive orders in first three years than Obama despite calling them 'power grabs'
2019-10-20the_independentMilton Keynes stabbing: Police launch double murder investigation into death of two 17-year-old boys
2019-10-20the_independentLabour to officially back bid for second Brexit referendum on Boris Johnson's deal
2019-10-20the_independentOrionid meteor shower: Spectacular celestial fireworks to light up night sky
2019-10-20the_independentBrexit stopping Britain resolving deep problems with economy, says former Bank of England chief
2019-10-20the_independent'People were bleeding all over the place': Inside America's most dangerous theme park
2019-10-20the_independentVenezuela's water system is collapsing as a million people exposed to contaminated supply
2019-10-20the_independentScarborough stabbing: Five men and boy arrested after man killed outside town hall
2019-10-20the_independentScientists create 'artificial skin' that could make smartphones ticklish
2019-10-20the_independentNo-deal Brexit contingency plan triggered by Michael Gove for worst-case scenario
2019-10-20the_independentBritish teenager dies on school exchange trip after falling from seventh floor bedroom window
2019-10-20the_independentSpain rejects Catalonia negotiations request as protests enter sixth night of violence
2019-10-20the_independentTrump's actions worse than Nixon's - and Democrats must impeach him immediately, George Bush's former ethics lawyer warns
2019-10-20the_independentSecond world war bomb defused in centre of Italian city
2019-10-20the_independentHong Kong activist stabbed as thousands of protesters clash with police officers during chaotic march
2019-10-20the_independentTrump misspells his defence secretary's name in rambling rant about securing oil in Syria
2019-10-20the_independentPerfectly preserved mummies in 3,000 year old colourful coffins discovered in Egypt
2019-10-20the_independent'She was our gift': Family pay tribute to lost daughter after man charged with one-year-old girl's murder
2019-10-20the_independentMillions of apples left to rot in UK as Brexit uncertainty worsens EU fruit picker shortage
2019-10-20the_independentWomen more than twice as likely to suffer from PTSD than men and scientists are trying to figure out why
2019-10-20the_independentPelosi visits Middle East as Turkey and Kurds accuse each other of breaching cease fire
2019-10-20the_independentLegal challenge launched against government over 'whitewash' review of counter-extremism programme
2019-10-20the_independentBrexit: More than 200,000 sign letter demanding Final Say referendum in less than 48 hours
2019-10-20the_independent'Not a wave, a tsunami': Green parties celebrate historic gains in Swiss election
2019-10-20the_independentChile protests: Three killed in supermarket fire amid riots in Santiago
2019-10-20the_independentPaul Gascoigne describes 'year of hell' after being cleared of sexually assaulting woman on train
2019-10-20the_independent'The formula of violence is the same everywhere': Brazilian women face sexual harassment and physical attacks on farms
2019-10-20the_independentMental resilience is a skill that can taught. Here's how
2019-10-20the_independentMan 'beat peeping Tom to death' after catching him outside girlfriend's bedroom window
2019-10-20the_independentWhy don't more women in science win Nobel prizes?
2019-10-20the_independentTop Chicago officer found asleep in car after having 'a couple of drinks' orders inquiry into himself
2019-10-20the_independentGCHQ targeting dyslexic and neurodiverse people in recruitment drive, spy chief says
2019-10-20the_independentHillary Clinton mocks Trump's letter to Erdogan with parody JFK note
2019-10-20the_independentFootball fans 'attack stewards and destroy seats' as 11 arrested at Birmingham City vs Leeds United
2019-10-20the_independent'I'm going to find him, even if he's not alive': Unexplained disappearances in El Salvador revive painful Cold War memories
2019-10-20the_independentIn a city where local newspapers have closed their doors for good, student journalists are taking the reins
2019-10-20the_independentLabour set to whip MPs to back a Final Say referendum in 'significant' step towards public vote
2019-10-20the_independentEmmett Till: Bulletproof memorial to murdered black teenager unveiled after repeated vandalism
2019-10-20the_independentPerfectly preserved mummies in 3,000 year old colourful coffins discovered in Egypt
2019-10-19the_independentAOC endorses Bernie Sanders at major rally, lending support to 2020 hopeful after he suffers a heart attack
2019-10-19the_independentBrexit: Michael Heseltine writes to every Conservative MP urging them to vote down Boris Johnson's deal
2019-10-19the_independentHead of Labour Leave campaign calls on party to reject Boris Johnson's Brexit deal
2019-10-19the_independentBrexit march - live: Hundreds of thousands to march on Westminster to demand second referendum and MPs vote on Boris Johnson's deal
2019-10-19the_independentBoris Johnson news - live: Brexit deal poised on knife edge as PM inches towards 320 votes he needs and hundreds of thousands prepare to march for Final Say referendum
2019-10-19the_independentBrexit: Sign our letter from the people to the powerful demanding Final Say referendum
2019-10-19the_independentInvestigation into Hillary Clinton emails finds no deliberate mishandling of classified information
2019-10-19the_independentCambridge University don readmitted to college following sexual harassment complaints
2019-10-19the_independentBoris Johnson to order his own MPs to boycott Brexit deal vote if delaying amendment passes beforehand
2019-10-19the_independentMan 'bullied' into attending benefits appointment days after brain surgery
2019-10-19the_independentHundreds of highly skilled people left destitute as Home Office fails to act on legally flawed policy
2019-10-19the_independentRemarkable escape of El Chapo's son: 'It's like a bad Netflix show'
2019-10-19the_independentUK weather forecast: Flood alerts issued in Scotland after 24 hours of heavy rain
2019-10-19the_independentBrexit: Nigel Farage pleads with Eurosceptics to reject Boris Johnson's 'reheated' deal
2019-10-19the_independentWhy is a mysterious billionaire buying up the Cayman Islands?
2019-10-19the_independentMost wanted female criminals revealed by Europol
2019-10-19the_independentChile president declares state of emergency as riots grow
2019-10-19the_independentAustralia police arrest Iraqi man over deaths of over 350 asylum seekers in 2001
2019-10-19the_independentRussian dam collapses killing at least 15 gold miners
2019-10-19the_independentHuman bones found on site of former care home in Leicestershire
2019-10-19the_independentBoris Johnson: Vote derailing PM's Brexit deal passed in Commons, triggering law forcing him to seek fresh extension from EU
2019-10-19the_independentM1 closed in both directions near Barnsley after pedestrian dies in collision with Mercedes
2019-10-19the_independentBrexit march: Brexit: 'One million' protesters demand second referendum as Boris Johnson loses key vote
2019-10-19the_independentBlack security guard fired after asking student not to use racial slur
2019-10-19the_independentWoman serial killer confesses to murdering six family members over 14 years with cyanide to try and inherit property
2019-10-19the_independentKaleb James Cole: Guns seized from suspected neo-Nazi leader over 'race war' fears
2019-10-19the_independentBrexit: Speaker John Bercow 'is ready to sign letter' asking for extension if asked by courts or parliament
2019-10-19the_independentAzerbaijan police detain scores of protesters, including opposition party leader
2019-10-19the_independentHome Office forced to pay £25,000 in damages after unlawfully trying to deport trafficking victim
2019-10-19the_independentRadcliffe man charged with murder of one-year-old baby girl
2019-10-19the_independentSecond whale found dead in the Thames in one month
2019-10-19the_independentErdogan wanted war in Syria to bring stability to Turkey - it may bring instability to both
2019-10-19the_independentAnger and threats as anti-abortion student societies mushroom at universities across UK
2019-10-19the_independent'Identity theft': Unauthorised Prosecco-flavoured Pringles seized in Italy
2019-10-19the_independent'Everything is gone': Japan left reeling from worst storm in decades
2019-10-19the_independentDiane Abbott and Jacob Rees-Mogg among MPs abused with shouts of 'traitor' after major Brexit vote
2019-10-19the_independentRepublican Senate leader warns Trump's Syria decision 'grave mistake'
2019-10-19the_independentBoris Johnson told by MPs to delay Brexit as 'one million' demand Final Say referendum
2019-10-19the_independentDavid Attenborough says humans have made 'tragic, desperate mess' of planet
2019-10-19the_independentBrexit march: Labour's most senior figures break with Jeremy Corbyn to declare it is now a Remain party
2019-10-19the_independentWill Boris Johnson write a letter to Brussels? I have no idea, and apparently neither does he
2019-10-19the_independentIncredible video shows moment 'hero' school football coach disarms and hugs student with gun
2019-10-19the_independentPolice arrest man after second security incident at Manchester shopping centre
2019-10-19the_independentDemocrats attempt to block Trump's struggling golf resort from hosting G7 summit
2019-10-19the_independentWhat does today's vote say about the numbers for the Brexit deal?
2019-10-19the_independentBrexit march: laughter and anger as hundreds of thousands descend on London to demand People's Vote
2019-10-19the_independentBoris Johnson sends EU unsigned letter seeking Brexit delay along with another advising against it
2019-10-19the_independentMore than 100,000 sign letter demanding Final Say on Brexit in less than 24 hours
2019-10-19the_independentSalvini's far-right rallies in Rome to protest against Italy government
2019-10-19the_independentTurkey president Erdogan vows to 'crush the heads' of Kurdish fighters in Syria
2019-10-18the_independentChild slavery victims being lured back into exploitation due to lack of support amid surge in cases
2019-10-18the_independent'The Boy Next Door Killer' handed death penalty for murdering two women including Ashton Kutcher date
2019-10-18the_independentUganda's hardest mile: Racing to rescue an endangered generation
2019-10-18the_independentUK's first Chick-fil-A restaurant announces closure eight days after opening following LGTB+ rights backlash
2019-10-18the_independentViolence erupts after hundreds of thousands take to the streets Barcelona to protest jailing of pro-independence politicians
2019-10-18the_independentManchester incident: Arndale Centre evacuated amid reports of suspect with knife days after four stabbed
2019-10-18the_independentMystery traders 'made $1.8bn from stock bet' placed hours before Trump tweeted talks with China were 'back on track'
2019-10-18the_independentFormer White House ethics director on Trump giving his own hotel G7 contract: 'We have reached the bottom'
2019-10-18the_independentBrexit: Nigel Farage praises EU negotiator Michel Barnier for role in Johnson deal
2019-10-18the_independentMexico president defends freeing El Chapo's son 'to protect citizens' as death toll rises to eight
2019-10-18the_independentBonmarche: Almost 2,900 jobs at risk as high street firm collapses into administration
2019-10-18the_independentWhisky thieves escape with haul worth at least £100,000
2019-10-18the_independentFinal Say march: Hundreds of thousands to flood streets of London for giant Brexit protest
2019-10-18the_independentRelease of teenage gang rape suspects in Croatia sparks backlash
2019-10-18the_independentBrexit: Rebel Labour MPs defy Jeremy Corbyn and back deal in boost for Boris Johnson
2019-10-18the_independentHarry Dunn: Government admits hiding information from teenager's family
2019-10-18the_independentWoman charged with trying to sell human foetuses from the 1920s online
2019-10-18the_independentTrump news - live: Erdogan says Turkey will 'not forget president's disrespectful letter' as White House backtracks over Ukraine revelation
2019-10-18the_independentExtinction Rebellion protests: Activists blockade Oxford Circus with wooden pyramid before 'red hand' march on Westminster
2019-10-18the_independentDozens killed at at Friday prayers as blast rocks mosque in eastern Afghanistan
2019-10-18the_independentA diplomat warned Joe Biden staffer about Hunter's Ukraine work in 2015. Then he was 'turned away'
2019-10-18the_independentBrexit vote: What will happen during the emergency Saturday Commons sitting?
2019-10-18the_independentBrexit: Blair and Major urge MPs to block deal which 'threatens peace process' in Northern Ireland
2019-10-18the_independentTrump acknowledges Syria ceasefire failing while praising his own tactics
2019-10-18the_independentHong Kong protests: China bans shipment of black clothing and masks worn by protesters to territory
2019-10-18the_independentFather of six children held in secret basement for a decade 'may have tried to start cult'
2019-10-18the_independentCarles Puigdemont: Former Catalan leader hands himself into Belgian authorities
2019-10-18the_independentMonsoon Accessorize future hangs in balance despite turnaround deal, accounts show
2019-10-18the_independentWoman living in van with 320 rats agrees to give them up
2019-10-18the_independentSale of babies on black market exposed in Russia
2019-10-18the_independentJohnson & Johnson recalls baby powder in US after test reveals asbestos traces
2019-10-18the_independentBrexit vote in Commons could be delayed in extraordinary move by MPs to prevent risk of no-deal
2019-10-18the_independentNorthern Ireland abortion law: Stormont to to discuss decriminalisation after petition
2019-10-18the_independentPakistan denies entry to worker for global press freedom group which has criticised government censorship
2019-10-18the_independentTop Navy Seal who oversaw Osama bin Laden raid: 'Our Republic is under attack' by Trump
2019-10-18the_independentMark Field: MP who grabbed female protester by neck stands down over Brexit
2019-10-18the_independentAnti-government protests sweep Lebanon after government tries to tax WhatsApp
2019-10-18the_independentMan who repeatedly punched cowering pet banned from keeping animals
2019-10-18the_independentPremier Inn uses leftover pillows to launch 'pillow fight club'
2019-10-18the_independentExtinction Rebellion protester 'dressed as Boris Johnson' climbs Big Ben scaffolding
2019-10-18the_independentFighting rages in northern Syria despite ceasefire as rights groups accuse Turkey forces of 'war crimes'
2019-10-18the_independentAttempted murder investigation launched as man hit by car in Essex
2019-10-18the_independentHome Office using 'go home' as example of racist hate crime – despite emblazoning same message on vans
2019-10-18the_independentBrexit: Hardline Tories to back Boris Johnson's agreement to pave way for no-deal exit next year, one reveals
2019-10-18the_independentSouth Korean police detain 19 students who 'illegally' entered US envoy's residence in Seoul
2019-10-18the_independentHundreds of New Forest cows to lose their horns after attacks on dog walkers
2019-10-18the_independentMan, 81, jailed for acting as getaway driver for county lines drug dealer because he felt 'isolated'
2019-10-18the_independentMan who fathered at least six kids with daughter and raped grandchild jailed for 40 years
2019-10-18the_independentErdogan says Turkey will take necessary steps against Trump's 'disrespectful' letter
2019-10-18the_independentDeep-sea explorers find wreck of Japanese Second World War aircraft carrier sunk in pivotal Battle of Midway
2019-10-18the_independentMacron says Boris Johnson is 'a leader with genuine strategic vision' and should be taken seriously
2019-10-18the_independentHong Kong protests: City braces for weekend of fresh demonstrations
2019-10-18the_independentMaids Moreton murder: Church warden Ben Field jailed for life over killing of older lover
2019-10-18the_independentSenate loses vote to block Trump from redirecting taxpayer money to fund border wall
2019-10-18the_independentEU enlargement plans stall after opposition from Emmanuel Macron
2019-10-18the_independentMartin Luther King's daughter tells Facebook disinformation helped kill civil rights leader
2019-10-18the_independentWhat sort of home can $225m get you? Most expensive residential property ever listed for sale
2019-10-18the_independentConfusion after poster urging people to feed bread to starving ducks goes viral
2019-10-18the_independentBarcelona protests: Hundreds of thousands to join rally after Catalan separatist leaders jailed
2019-10-18the_independentBrexit: Chancellor refuses to publish analysis of economic damage from Boris Johnson's deal before MPs vote
2019-10-18the_independentAustralia launches investigation into alleged mass slaughter of racehorses
2019-10-18the_independentPolice release e-fit of stowaway who fell from plane into London garden as efforts to identify victim 'prove fruitless'
2019-10-18the_independentTate Modern boy out of intensive care, family says
2019-10-18the_independentMPs mount bid to close 'no-deal' Brexit loophole ahead of crunch vote
2019-10-18the_independentUK weather forecast: Rain and floods to hit ahead of sunny Sunday break
2019-10-18the_independentDavid Cameron calls Boris Johnson a 'greased piglet' before backing Brexit deal
2019-10-18the_independentTrump accused of using 'language of ethnic cleansing' to describe Turkey's Syria offensive
2019-10-18the_independentJim Mattis responds to criticism from president: 'I earned my spurs on the battlefield, Trump earned his from the doctor'
2019-10-18the_independent'No third runway at Heathrow before 2035,' predicts Emirates boss
2019-10-18the_independentBrexit march: How a summer of regional rallies turned the tide in the fight for a second referendum
2019-10-18the_independentFrench intelligence services thwart '9-11-style terror attack'
2019-10-18the_independentExtinction Rebellion protests – live: Activists to spray paint Westminster red after group apologises for Tube disruption
2019-10-18the_independentMomentum founder Jon Lansman calls for Labour MPs who back Boris Johnson's deal to be 'replaced' at next election
2019-10-18the_independentWoman falls onto tracks of approaching train after man faints on her
2019-10-18the_independentSyria war: 'Sometimes you have to let them fight like kids,' Trump says of Turkey's offensive against Kurds
2019-10-18the_independentPop-up brothels being set up in holiday homes, owners warned
2019-10-18the_independentIntense gunfight breaks out as cartel force police to drop arrest of drug lord 'El Chapo's' son
2019-10-18the_independentTrump news – live: President 'not happy' over chief of staff's stunning Ukraine admission as Syria ceasefire deal denounced as failure
2019-10-18the_independentJohn McDonnell begs Labour MPs not to support Boris Johnson's Brexit deal: 'Please do not give him this power'
2019-10-18the_independentBusiness news - live: Chinese economy slumps to slowest growth in 27 years
2019-10-18the_independent'This downturn is serious': China's growth slumps to lowest rate in 30 years, sparking fears for global economy
2019-10-18the_independentBoris Johnson news – live: PM tries to 'love bomb' opposition, as Labour threatens consequences for MPs who back Brexit deal
2019-10-18the_independentDisabled students dropping out amid 'inadequate' support, charities and unions warn
2019-10-18the_independentFat accumulates inside lungs of overweight people, study finds