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2019-08-21the_independentFaecal transplants could save koalas by expanding their diet, research suggests
2019-08-21the_independentAlmost a quarter of HMP Elmley's inmates test positive for illegal drugs
2019-08-21the_independent'Long overdue': Government finally hands UK firms customs numbers that will let them trade with EU after Brexit
2019-08-21the_independentPoor pupils nearly twice as likely not to pass maths GCSE as richer peers, analysis finds
2019-08-21the_independentHigh blood pressure shrinks your brain, study finds
2019-08-21the_independentTrump postpones meeting with Denmark's prime minister because 'she would have no interest in discussing the purchase of Greenland'
2019-08-21the_independentTrump says Russia should be allowed back in G7
2019-08-21the_independentTrump admits trade war may hurt Americans and says he is considering new tax cuts
2019-08-21the_independentJoseph Rubino: Man arrested with large stockpile of guns, grenade launcher and Nazi paraphernalia
2019-08-21the_independentTrump says Jews who support Democrats are 'disloyal'
2019-08-21the_independentBoris Johnson news - live: Angela Merkel ally says PM trying to 'smash his head through the wall', as he heads to Berlin for tense Brexit talks
2019-08-21the_independentBuilding more homes won't solve UK housing crisis, new report argues
2019-08-21the_independentThousands of children forced to grow up in shipping containers and offices because of government's 'catastrophic failure' to address homelessness
2019-08-20the_independent'Swastika' ride closed by German theme park
2019-08-20the_independentBritish trophy-hunters legally killed 500 African monkeys and baboons in 30 years
2019-08-20the_independentTop grade in new technical qualifications will be on par with three A*s at A-level
2019-08-20the_independent'Nothing less than offensive': Fury after NHS region denies IVF to single women
2019-08-20the_independentNew species of stegosaur is oldest ever discovered, scientists say
2019-08-20the_independentAsylum seeker told by judge he was not 'effeminate' enough to be gay
2019-08-20the_independentGCSE results day 2019: When is it and what happens next?
2019-08-20the_independentBoy who 'stabbed teenager in the heart' used 'Boris Bike' to escape murder scene, court told
2019-08-20the_independentCroatian diplomat suspended over Facebook post about 'white Europeans'
2019-08-20the_independentHorse walks into a bar to hear 'Old Town Road'
2019-08-20the_independentStrait of Hormuz: Region's biggest tinderbox leaves the Gulf on the brink
2019-08-20the_independentAlligator spotted scaling high fence at US military air base
2019-08-20the_independentTrump shares 'worst poll in the world' to claim his approval rating is higher than it is
2019-08-20the_independent'Dangerous' man jailed for punching woman then dragging her along pavement
2019-08-20the_independentSyrian regime set to retake town in key rebel-held area after years of opposition control
2019-08-20the_independentTeenager arrested for threatening 'slaughter' at US abortion clinic
2019-08-20the_independentAnimal native to South American rainforests waits outside Florida man's front door then barges in and repeatedly charges him
2019-08-20the_independentThousands of birds killed after freak weather event leaves them with smashed skulls and internal damage
2019-08-20the_independentMan who said he was sleepwalking when he sexually assaulted girlfriend's friend found not guilty
2019-08-20the_independentIsis regaining strength in Iraq and Syria fewer than six months after Trump celebrated victory, military officials warn
2019-08-20the_independentTrump appears to threaten journalists writing stories he doesn't like
2019-08-20the_independentPolice stop man driving homemade balsa wood car on busy motorway
2019-08-20the_independentTrophy-hunters will be allowed to shoot nearly twice as many black rhinos in South Africa
2019-08-20the_independentHave America's corporate titans really abandoned capitalism red in tooth and claw?
2019-08-20the_independentTrump globally mocked for Greenland meme tweet over hotel bankruptcy
2019-08-20the_independentGiuseppe Conte: Italy's populist prime minister quits amid coalition government turmoil
2019-08-20the_independentMan 'threatened to kill friend and father with crossbow' over bet about whether Earth is flat
2019-08-20the_independentBrexit: UK to withdraw officials from EU meetings from September 1, Boris Johnson government announces
2019-08-20the_independentBirmingham mosque attacks: Man charged with 'religiously-aggravated criminal damage' after Muslim places of worship targeted
2019-08-20the_independentScience Photographer of the Year shortlist: Stunning images entertain and educate in equal measure
2019-08-20the_independentArchaeologists race to uncover secrets of mysterious ancient fort before it collapses into sea
2019-08-20the_independentRadioactive sensors suddenly go offline two days after mysterious nuclear explosion in Russia
2019-08-20the_independentIndian Moon mission Chandrayaan-2 arrives in lunar orbit
2019-08-20the_independentAnthony Scaramucci: How the short-lived White House communications director turned against Trump
2019-08-20the_independentMonzo customers to receive salaries a day early under new feature from app-only bank
2019-08-20the_independentTrump administration considering abandoning tariffs as looming recession threatens to ruin 2020 re-election hopes
2019-08-20the_independentConservatives and Lib Dems ordered to make changes after being punished by watchdog for breaching election spending rules
2019-08-20the_independentChina could 'render US military bases useless' within hours of conflict in Asia, report says
2019-08-20the_independentTory chairman refuses to deny 'out of date' document warning of no-deal Brexit meltdown is less than three weeks old
2019-08-20the_independentArmed man holding bus full of passengers hostage on Brazil bridge and threatening to set fire to vehicle
2019-08-20the_independent'He'll probably last four or five days...after that he'll just die': Blind hedgehog stolen
2019-08-20the_independent'Monkey fighters' armed with air guns recruited by Japanese village to fight off swarms of invading animals
2019-08-20the_independentUK weather: Heatwave could return as 30C and hottest August bank holiday on record forecast
2019-08-20the_independentIndian father hires assassins to kill daughter's husband because he was from lower caste, court claims
2019-08-20the_independentEU issues damning dismissal of Boris Johnson's Brexit backstop plan
2019-08-20the_independentCristiano Ronaldo admits paying £300,000 to silence woman who accused him of rape
2019-08-20the_independentToddler in 'serious condition' after falling from Blackpool hotel window
2019-08-20the_independentHong Kong: China is spreading disinformation about pro-democracy protests, Facebook and Twitter say
2019-08-20the_independentBritish woman in coma after falling through Ibiza hotel window in flip-flop accident
2019-08-20the_independentAndrew Harper: Man denies 'any involvement in horrific murder' of police officer allegedly dragged by car
2019-08-20the_independentTory plan to increase pension age to 75 'chilling and immoral'
2019-08-20the_independentDemolition derby accident kills woman after car flies into crowd
2019-08-20the_independentLabour to ban pet monkeys
2019-08-20the_independentJeffrey Epstein signed $577m will two days before death, court documents reveal
2019-08-20the_independentUK power cut triggered after simultaneous mystery outage at off-shore wind farm and gas facility more than 150 miles apart within moments of lightning strike
2019-08-20the_independentBoris Johnson news - live: PM's Brexit plan labelled 'a joke' as Europe unites against bid to abandon backstop
2019-08-20the_independentLabour splits widen as Diane Abbott vows to support Remain over her party's Brexit deal
2019-08-20the_independentOfficial at Britain's Hong Kong consulate 'detained by China'
2019-08-20the_independentStudent loan repayments: Half a million students are owed around £600 due to overpayments, SLC admits
2019-08-20the_independentPound news - live: Sterling falls sharply as EU dismisses Boris Johnson's latest Brexit plan as 'a joke'
2019-08-20the_independentWoman sets fire to man's house after he invited her over for late-night sex then fell asleep, police say
2019-08-20the_independentTrump news - live: Republican prepares to announce 2020 challenge as poll spells bad news for president
2019-08-20the_independentGreen King buyout: UK's biggest pub owner to be bought by Hong Kong real estate group CKA
2019-08-20the_independentThousands of children exposed to social media gambling adverts, study finds
2019-08-20the_independentDavid Berman: Indie-rock singer who excelled at elaborate, world-weary lyrics
2019-08-20the_independentHow did Jeffrey Epstein spend his last days alive?
2019-08-20the_independentMan charged after botched castration attempt at his Florida home
2019-08-20the_independentCardinal George Pell has child sex abuse convictions upheld by Australian court
2019-08-20the_independentHigher oxygen levels helped dinosaurs to thrive and spread, experts find
2019-08-20the_independentAir pollution linked to mental health issues, research suggests
2019-08-20the_independentScores evacuated from east London tower block after man barricades himself in flat and 'threatens to burn the building down'
2019-08-20the_independentTory mayoral candidate criticised after it emerged he said increasing police numbers 'useless' in deterring criminals
2019-08-20the_independentCalifornia water polo team gives Hitler salute and sings Nazi anthem in video
2019-08-20the_independentTasers must be funded for frontline police officers after violent attacks, government told
2019-08-20the_independentThree migrant children die of flu in detention with US authorities refusing to give vaccines, as reports of child molesting emerge
2019-08-20the_independentNeo-Nazi arrested over threat to exterminate Hispanics said 'I thank God every day Trump is president'
2019-08-19the_independentEven small reductions in nation's salt intake result in enormous health benefits, study finds
2019-08-19the_independentNorth set to receive £2,389 less per person than London on transport, think tank warns
2019-08-19the_independentMen more likely to victim-blame women who are sexually harassed, research indicates
2019-08-19the_independentBoris Johnson news – live: Labour demands parliament be recalled over no-deal Brexit as Corbyn to label PM 'hard right'
2019-08-19the_independentBusiness live - Global stock markets rally as fears of trade war and recession ease
2019-08-19the_independentWhite nationalist arrested over 'threat to carry out mass shooting' at Jewish community centre
2019-08-19the_independentBrexit: MPs should cut short summer break to tackle no-deal crisis, says Labour's John McDonnell
2019-08-19the_independentLucas Dobson: Six-year-old boy missing after falling into river 'unlikely' to be found alive, say police as search resumes
2019-08-19the_independentHong Kong protesters return to clean up after clashes at Sham Shui Po metro station
2019-08-19the_independentTrump lashes out at perceived enemies as economic warnings signal looming recession
2019-08-19the_independentDetained Iranian tanker sets sail from Gibraltar as Tehran warns US not to seize ship
2019-08-19the_independentWolverhampton crash: At least five injured after car smashes into tram on ring road
2019-08-19the_independentKabul wedding attack: Suicide bombing highlights Afghanistan tensions as US-Taliban near deal to end war
2019-08-19the_independentTrump news – live: President ridiculed after confirming interest in buying Greenland as he turns on Fox News over negative polling
2019-08-19the_independent'This is a warning': Iceland holds funeral for lost glacier
2019-08-19the_independentJames Bulger killer could be freed within weeks, victim's father says
2019-08-19the_independentHome Office stabbing: Dominic Hornberger charged with grievous bodily harm after civil servant slashed with knife
2019-08-19the_independentPlague-infected prairie dogs cause shutdown of Colorado wildlife refuges
2019-08-19the_independentHome sales jump as looming Brexit deadline unleashes pent-up demand
2019-08-19the_independentCar driven into tent at Wales campsite leaving woman with critical injuries
2019-08-19the_independentNorthern Ireland: Police 'lucky to be alive' after fake bomb lures them to explosion
2019-08-19the_independentNetanyahu's wife 'demands to enter cockpit' after pilot fails to welcome her over plane loudspeaker
2019-08-19the_independentMeet the man who photographed Woodstock's most iconic couple
2019-08-19the_independent'Sincere greetings from Russian Far East': Cold War message in a bottle washes up in Alaska
2019-08-19the_independentNazi Porsche fails to sell amid $70m auction sale price blunder
2019-08-19the_independentDaniel Pantaleo: Officer who put Eric Garner in chokehold was 'untruthful' in interview about his death, judge says
2019-08-19the_independentBrexit: Boris Johnson rejects calls for MPs to cut short summer break to tackle no-deal crisis
2019-08-19the_independentDeloitte reports fall in CEO pay but there were 3.4m reasons to keep the pressure up over excessive rewards
2019-08-19the_independentPub giving 100 free meals a day to children going hungry in summer holidays
2019-08-19the_independentPig to human heart transplants possible within three years, leading expert says
2019-08-19the_independentSajed Choudry murder: Four men jailed for killing father-of-four in 'vicious and terrifying' machete attack
2019-08-19the_independentBritish Steel: Hundreds of jobs could be cut to raise productivity
2019-08-19the_independentTrump claims 'mental wreck' Scaramucci abused White House staff in extraordinary attack on former aide
2019-08-19the_independentUK weather forecast: Country set for more showers before temperatures surge for bank holiday weekend
2019-08-19the_independentBoy impaled in neck by football training pole airlifted to hospital
2019-08-19the_independentTexas police who lead black man down street by rope will not face criminal probe
2019-08-19the_independentBoris Johnson says he is 'confident' of securing Brexit deal despite EU leaders saying they will not reopen negotiations
2019-08-19the_independentFemale entrepreneurs are battling Britain's £250bn gender bias problem
2019-08-19the_independentBrexit: Boris Johnson says no-deal food, fuel and medicine shortages are 'bumps in the road'
2019-08-19the_independentTreat alcoholism with MDMA, study suggests
2019-08-19the_independentAir ambulance lands at Alton Towers and ride closed after visitor becomes seriously unwell
2019-08-19the_independentChristopher Holmes: Blind Tory Lord and Paralympian swimmer denies sexually assaulting woman
2019-08-19the_independentRyanair strikes: Airline has 'blown the chance' of settling pilots' strike, says union
2019-08-19the_independentGermany could be sliding into recession, central bank warns
2019-08-19the_independentCambodia explosion: British teacher among several injured as illegal petrol station bursts into flames
2019-08-19the_independent'It isn't justice in any sense': UK government criticised for decision to strip Jihadi Jack of British citizenship
2019-08-19the_independentTrump rambles about 'mental institutions' and voter ID in bizarre response to gun control question
2019-08-19the_independentParents of boy thrown from Tate Modern unsure if he will make full recovery: 'We still do not know the severity of his injuries'
2019-08-19the_independentUS mother who lost custody of child after Saudi court ruled her 'too Western' to appeal
2019-08-19the_independentDaniel Pantaleo: Police officer fired over chokehold death of Eric Garner
2019-08-19the_independentTrump administration nervous after China takes major step forward in quantum technology
2019-08-19the_independentTrump accuses Google of election fraud citing right-wing conspiracy site, claiming victory over Clinton was 'even bigger than thought'
2019-08-19the_independentJeremy Corbyn's latest Brexit strategy: I don't care about Brexit and neither should you
2019-08-19the_independentUS separates breastfeeding immigrant mother from 4-month-old daughter after mass workplace raids
2019-08-19the_independentAndrew Harper: Detectives given more time to question suspects over police officer's death
2019-08-19the_independent'Dumb as a rock' and a 'crazed crying lowlife': How Trump has insulted former staff
2019-08-19the_independentUnexplained shapes in the sky could be from a universe before our own, say scientists
2019-08-19the_independentInsomniacs may be at greater risk of heart failure, study finds
2019-08-19the_independentIndia orders schools to reopen, but Kashmiri parents keep kids at home: 'Education is less important than our children's lives'
2019-08-19the_independentJeffrey Epstein death: Attorney General removes prisons director after disgraced financier's suicide
2019-08-19the_independent'Dismay' as Iran upholds spying sentence against British Council worker
2019-08-19the_independent'Mindless wanton destruction': Schoolboys' parents to pay £1,500 after £30,000 model railway show trashed
2019-08-19the_independentBritish woman accused of illegal silicone buttock implant killing extradited to US
2019-08-19the_independentAndrew Harper: 20-year-old man charged with murder of police officer
2019-08-19the_independentJihadi Jack: Stripping me of citizenship won't make a difference
2019-08-19the_independentChildren make people happier – but only once they've left home, study finds
2019-08-19the_independentHurricanes help aggressive spiders spread, study finds
2019-08-19the_independentElizabeth Warren apologises to Native American community after ridicule of her ancestry claims
2019-08-19the_independentBoris Johnson accused of having 'no negotiating strategy' after reiterating Brexit demand to scrap backstop
2019-08-19the_independentEvelyn Hernández: Rape victim facing 40-years for stillbirth cleared
2019-08-19the_independentSadiq Khan urges ministers to drop 'cruel' plans to instantly end free movement after a no-deal Brexit
2019-08-19the_independentDrug company representatives are giving 'quack' doctors fridges and televisions to sell antibiotics
2019-08-19the_independentGovernment dismisses calls for no-deal Brexit assessments to be released in full immediately
2019-08-19the_independentMan wearing fox tail sexually assaulted woman, police say
2019-08-19the_independentNorthern Ireland: Man 'shot dead' in County Down
2019-08-19the_independentWhy wellness is the millennial self-help
2019-08-19the_independentThe ethics of creating human-animal hybrids for organ donation
2019-08-19the_independentRobert M Young: Science historian and Darwin scholar who wielded great influence on the cultural left
2019-08-19the_independent'Do something!': Republican senator heckled as she blames mass shootings on mental illness
2019-08-19the_independentLabour regional board members suspended by party after sharing post claiming Holocaust 'biggest lie' in history
2019-08-19the_independentUK shoppers left £228m worth of products at click-and-collect sites in last year
2019-08-18the_independent12-year-old girl killed man and dog as father 'taught her to drive' with 2-year-old in back seat
2019-08-18the_independent'It's hard to maintain a soft, whispering voice': The instructor behind Calm on how words can soothe our minds
2019-08-18the_independentPeter Fonda: Easy Rider star and scion of Hollywood royalty
2019-08-18the_independentPrince Andrew 'appalled' by Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking allegations
2019-08-18the_independent'A large real estate deal': Trump confirms interest in buying Greenland
2019-08-18the_independentBoris Johnson declares war on anti-vaxx movement with campaign to counter vaccine scaremongering
2019-08-18the_independentCorbyn to leave open support for alternative caretaker PM to do 'everything necessary' to stop no-deal Brexit
2019-08-18the_independentBoris Johnson's pledge to increase police numbers by 20,000 still won't be enough to undo austerity cuts, warn senior officers
2019-08-18the_independentKashmir: India renews crackdown on citizens after violent clashes break out amid tensions with Pakistan
2019-08-18the_independentDick Cheney to appear at Trump 2020 fundraiser as Republican establishment bows to president
2019-08-18the_independentPower cut hits thousands moments after power station demolished
2019-08-18the_independentHome Office outsourcing to 'exploitative' contractor must be reviewed, say MPs and lawyers
2019-08-18the_independentTrump's economic adviser scrambles to play down growing fears of looming recession
2019-08-18the_independentCourts to get anti-knife crime powers with Asbo-style orders for children as young as 12
2019-08-18the_independentPortland protests: Woman pinned to ground by police officers after spitting towards them
2019-08-18the_independent'Desperation has its limits': Refugees leap out of rescue boat and try to swim to Italy after being stuck at sea for days
2019-08-18the_independentMissing grandmother found alive after four days entangled in undergrowth at rugby club
2019-08-18the_independentHong Kong protests: Hundreds of thousands bring streets to standstill in largest action for months
2019-08-18the_independentMan arrested for using tractor to dump soil on girlfriend in car
2019-08-18the_independentTeenage albino boy killed and dismembered in Burundi
2019-08-18the_independentTV presenter punched live on air during protest
2019-08-18the_independentEpstein allowed to buy small women's underwear in jail, records reveal
2019-08-18the_independentWoman dies after car crashes during police chase in Birmingham
2019-08-18the_independentUK to end freedom of movement for EU citizens on day one of Brexit, under new government plan
2019-08-18the_independent'We're struggling': US farmers are hurting from Trump's trade war with China, but they're not ready to abandon their president just yet
2019-08-18the_independentFar-right groups celebrate as Trump attacks anti-fascists after Portland rally
2019-08-18the_independentMan goes 174mph on bike in new cycling speed record
2019-08-18the_independentIndependent Group for Change vows to 'carry on' after poll reveals it has 0% support
2019-08-18the_independentTrump rages over poll numbers and coverage of his racism after approval ratings plummet
2019-08-18the_independentOwen Jones says evidence has emerged 'of political motivations' behind attack outside London pub
2019-08-18the_independentLucas Dobson: Six-year-old boy missing after falling into river while fishing
2019-08-18the_independentJihadi Jack: Former Isis member stripped of British citizenship, reports claim
2019-08-18the_independentAfghanistan wedding suicide bombing kills at least 63 people in Kabul
2019-08-18the_independentGran Canaria wildfires see hotels evacuated as thousands flee
2019-08-18the_independentFootball fan riots kill three as team bus destroyed in bitter Honduras derby clash
2019-08-18the_independentHong Kong protests: Thousands stream into park amid fears of 'chaotic situations' and Chinese crackdown
2019-08-18the_independentMillions of Muslims risk being stripped of citizenship in India and declared 'foreign migrants'
2019-08-18the_independentTrump factory speech crowd members were paid to listen to him and banned from 'anything viewed as resistance'
2019-08-18the_independentParis waiter shot dead 'because service was too slow'
2019-08-18the_independentLeaked no-deal Brexit papers reveal food, fuel and medicine shortages now expected by government
2019-08-18the_independentPension age should rise to 75, Tory think tank report says
2019-08-17the_independentMystery lung illness linked to vaping reported in nearly 100 people
2019-08-17the_independentThe women at the front of Sudan's political protests
2019-08-17the_independent'Our country is on the brink': More than 100 MPs ask Boris Johnson to recall parliament
2019-08-17the_independentKabul wedding attack: Dozens feared dead after suicide bombing in Afghanistan
2019-08-17the_independentHow Home Office makes millions a week from outsourcing visas to Dubai-based firm accused of exploitation
2019-08-17the_independentMissed flights, 'aggressive' sales and long delays: The reality of Britain's expensive visa extras
2019-08-17the_independentVFS: Who is the company subcontracted by the Home Office to process visa applications?
2019-08-17the_independentDayton mayor given security detail after spat with Donald Trump sparked deluge of hate messages
2019-08-17the_independentHong Kong protests: Eerie calm descends as demonstrators avoid clashes with police
2019-08-17the_independent'Saved from a horrible fate': Legal heroin prescribed to hundreds of UK drug users, figures reveal
2019-08-17the_independentAndrew Harper: Detectives granted extra time to question suspects over newlywed police officer's death
2019-08-17the_independentBritish hunters 'paying to kill endangered giraffes in Africa', campaigners say
2019-08-17the_independentPortland on high alert as duelling far-right and extremist groups prepare to protest
2019-08-17the_independentOwen Jones: Left-wing commentator attacked in 'blatant premeditated assault' outside London pub
2019-08-17the_independentBangladesh fire leaves '50,000 people homeless' after slum destroyed in capital of Dhaka
2019-08-17the_independentHundreds of strangers queue for El Paso shooting victim's funeral after husband feared no one would show up
2019-08-17the_independentRichard Williams dead: Oscar winning animator who created Roger Rabbit dies, aged 86
2019-08-17the_independentTrump administration says transgender workers aren't protected by civil rights, Supreme Court filing reveals
2019-08-17the_independent'We've been bullied out of the water by the sharks': Rise in great white numbers triggers panic on US beaches
2019-08-17the_independentUK weather: Summer to return ahead of bank holiday weekend as temperatures forecast to soar
2019-08-17the_independentConservative MP admits Commons cannot agree on plan to stop Boris Johnson forcing no-deal Brexit
2019-08-17the_independentTreasure hunter finds GoPro camera near waterfall containing man's final moments alive
2019-08-17the_independentPeter Duncan murder: Teenager charged over man stabbed to death with screwdriver outside Newcastle Greggs
2019-08-17the_independentCourt blocks Trump plan to halt asylum applications at Mexico border
2019-08-17the_independentTrump to drop out of 2020 race within months, former aide Scaramucci claims
2019-08-17the_independent'May God ruin Trump': Rashida Tlaib's grandmother slaps down president over Israel trip comments
2019-08-17the_independentNora Quoirin family condemn 'distressing' comments about teenage daughter's death
2019-08-17the_independentTory MP accuses Boris Johnson of causing death threats against him in damning condemnation of 'demagogue' prime minister
2019-08-17the_independentMeet the Hondurans trying to forge their own American dream
2019-08-17the_independentTrump nominates judge who argued countries are stronger if everyone is same ethnic group
2019-08-17the_independentFerry runs aground in Costa Blanca, forcing hundreds to evacuate
2019-08-17the_independentUnprecedented heatwave 'kills thousands of fish' in Alaska
2019-08-17the_independentMormons ban vaping, green tea and any drinks ending in 'ccino'
2019-08-17the_independent'He's rattled': Trump fears looming economic collapse will lose him 2020 election
2019-08-17the_independentAnti-sex toilets to spray users with water jets when they detect 'inappropriate sexual activity'
2019-08-17the_independentSajid Javid pledges £600m for 50,000 new homes but fails to say where money is coming from
2019-08-17the_independentWhite supremacy-fuelled killings to be classed as domestic terrorism under new law proposed in New York
2019-08-17the_independentRapist escapes from Gloucestershire prison, prompting warning to public
2019-08-17the_independent'Dangerous' man jailed for spying on young women having sex and walking around homes in underwear
2019-08-17the_independentUS issues warrant to seize Iranian oil tanker
2019-08-17the_independentThailand's beloved baby dugong sea animal dies of shock and ingesting plastic