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2019-06-24the_independentTortoise detained by police for blocking road
2019-06-24the_independentCoffee can help you lose weight, study finds
2019-06-24the_independentTrump's deportation plan is 'scaring the children of America' says Nancy Pelosi
2019-06-24the_independentTrump misspells strait as he suggests China and Japan should protect their own ships in Middle Eastern shipping lanes
2019-06-24the_independentBoris Johnson refuses to answer questions over altercation with girlfriend in first interview since police called to flat
2019-06-24the_independentLennart Johansson: Father of the Champions League who avoided the scandals that dogged European football
2019-06-24the_independentRohingya crisis: What life is like inside world's largest refugee camp
2019-06-24the_independentSpending two hours outdoors may be the answer to a longer, healthier life
2019-06-24the_independentSilicon Valley is turning away from gravestones towards trees
2019-06-24the_independentUK Plc might be missing a £100bn trick by not taking technology seriously
2019-06-24the_independentCroydon park sex attacks: Manhunt launched after six women assaulted in less than two months
2019-06-24the_independentMicrogravity sperm experiment suggests babies can be born in space, scientists say
2019-06-24the_independentTrump to unveil long-awaited peace plan at summit Israelis and Palestinians will not attend
2019-06-24the_independentAOC slams 'shrieking Republicans' after comparing migrant detention centers to concentration camps
2019-06-24the_independentFourteen-year-old charged with stabbing 39-year-old man to death in Bristol
2019-06-24the_independentMagna Carta theft: Man charged with attempting to steal 13th century manuscript
2019-06-24the_independentMueller Report live: Hollywood stars to perform reading of Trump-Russia document
2019-06-24the_independentJeremy Hunt pledges to boost defence spending by 25% if he becomes prime minister
2019-06-24the_independentSperm freezing kit could let men preserve their fertility from comfort of own home, study suggests
2019-06-24the_independentBoris Johnson should 'face the music' and take part in televised debate, his constituents say
2019-06-24the_independentSupreme Court rules in favour of clothing designer on 'immoral or scandalous' trademarks
2019-06-24the_independentJoe Sestak: Retired admiral and congressman becomes 24th Democrat to join 2020 race
2019-06-24the_independentBelgian man charged with terror attack plot on US embassy
2019-06-24the_independentRich Americans publish open letter to 2020 candidates asking to be taxed more
2019-06-24the_independentTree Man of Bangladesh: Father with bark-like growths says he wants hands amputating
2019-06-24the_independentUS military member and her children found dead in Staten Island
2019-06-24the_independentBoris Johnson warned Tory MPs will back vote of no-confidence to block no-deal Brexit
2019-06-24the_independentBrexit: Union digs heels in against shift in Labour policy
2019-06-24the_independentLondon Bridge attack: Gym owner 'cannot recall' content of 329 text messages with ringleader
2019-06-24the_independentSouth Bend residents say 2020 hopeful Pete Buttigieg has mismanaged police violence
2019-06-24the_independentTrump news – live: President imposes 'hard hitting' sanctions on Iran as White House put on lock down
2019-06-24the_independentTrump sexual assault accuser E Jean Carroll says she's 'sick' nothing has happened to him: 'We have to change this culture'
2019-06-24the_independentBeto O'Rourke calls for 'war tax' on every new US conflict to pay for veterans' care
2019-06-24the_independentIstanbul election loss a 'wake-up call' for Erdogan's ruling party
2019-06-24the_independentUndertaker drives off in van, forgetting he had put baby's body on roof
2019-06-24the_independentGiant squid with blue blood and three hearts captured on video for first time in US waters
2019-06-24the_independentBlast at weapons depot triggers evacuation of 44,000 amid fears unexploded shells could turn town's streets into minefields
2019-06-24the_independentBoris Johnson's bizarre private life is a matter of public interest. Jeremy Hunt cannot duck away from it
2019-06-24the_independentWhite House on lockdown with reporters being moved to press briefing room, reports say
2019-06-24the_independentEE fined £100,000 for sending millions of marketing texts to customers without consent
2019-06-24the_independentPolice officer jailed for stealing £65 from dead man's wallet
2019-06-24the_independentTube pusher jailed for life after shoving 91-year-old man onto the tracks
2019-06-24the_independentIreland poised to end fur farming, sparing thousands of mink from 'lives of misery'
2019-06-24the_independentTrump imposes 'hard hitting' sanctions on Iran that could last years
2019-06-24the_independentBiden slams Trump's 'racist invective' and says he's subverting US values over immigration
2019-06-24the_independentRocco Morabito: Italian mafia boss escapes prison in Uruguay
2019-06-24the_independentExtinction Rebellion: John McDonnell defends disruption caused by climate change activists
2019-06-24the_independentArms supplier BAE denies it has any responsibility to investigate Yemen atrocities
2019-06-24the_independentWar on the grapevine? Russia ups control on Georgian wine imports
2019-06-24the_independentHMP Woodhill murder: Three prisoners tried to behead inmate in 'vicious' killing
2019-06-24the_independentPolish right-wing populist government's court reforms were illegal, ECJ rules
2019-06-24the_independentUK weather forecast: Met Office warns of 'danger to life' from flooding ahead of 35C heatwave
2019-06-24the_independentBrexit has heaped pain on UK economy and more damage is highly likely, researchers warn
2019-06-24the_independentTwo young boys die after being left in hot cars during Texas heatwave
2019-06-24the_independentHow has Labour shifted towards a new referendum?
2019-06-24the_independentEighteen British tourists kicked off plane in Israel after one threatened to blow it up
2019-06-24the_independentUK energy bills rise by £1.2bn after government introduces price cap
2019-06-24the_independentBrexit Party launches legal challenge over defeat in Peterborough by-election, claiming breaches of electoral law
2019-06-24the_independentCyprus' first serial killer breaks down while admitting murder of five women and two children
2019-06-24the_independentMan who fell ill at work found dead in forest after boss dropped him there rather than call ambulance
2019-06-24the_independentMan shot pet cat 'to show woman what he was capable of'
2019-06-24the_independentGermany plane crash: Two fighter jets collide in mid-air
2019-06-24the_independentLloyds freezing 8,000 accounts raises questions about how Facebook's Libra will stop money laundering
2019-06-24the_independentHome Office reverses refusal to grant UK resident permission to bring her adopted baby home
2019-06-24the_independentWoman playing 'chicken' with her children kills three-year-old son with 4x4 vehicle, police say
2019-06-24the_independentPilot suspended for 'shoplifting' in duty-free
2019-06-24the_independentUS cyber attacks on Iran were 'not successful', minister says
2019-06-24the_independentRight-wing armed militia member arrested for impersonating border patrol agent
2019-06-24the_independentHigh-tech systems will not stop hard Irish border after Brexit, warns former shadow secretary Owen Smith
2019-06-24the_independentJacinda Ardern tells James Bulger killer Jon Venables 'don't bother applying' for New Zealand move
2019-06-24the_independentDomestic abuse campaigners defend Boris Johnson's neighbours for calling police after 'loud scream and banging'
2019-06-24the_independentJohn Prescott: Former deputy prime minister in hospital after stroke
2019-06-24the_independentChris Davies: Tory MP convicted for faking expenses re-selected to stand in by-election
2019-06-24the_independentTrump news – live: President faces Iran drone warning, new rape accusation and outcry over 'filthy' detention centres for children
2019-06-24the_independentTrump transition team 'red flagged' senior US general because he was opposed to torture
2019-06-24the_independentCat crowned king of village to be honoured on 10th birthday
2019-06-24the_independentTory leadership debate cancelled because Boris Johnson refuses to take part
2019-06-24the_independentElon Musk tweets 'Occupy Mars' alongside photo of the Moon
2019-06-24the_independentIndonesia earthquake: Tremors felt in Australia as 7.3-magnitude quake strikes in Banda Sea
2019-06-24the_independent'No evidence' of Russian interference in Brexit vote, says Facebook lobbyist Nick Clegg
2019-06-24the_independentLloyds freezes 8,000 offshore bank accounts after money laundering crackdown
2019-06-24the_independentTwo thirds of Tory members believe UK areas 'under Sharia law', as poll reveals scale of Islamophobia in party
2019-06-24the_independentBernie Sanders to propose wiping out $1.6tn of US student debt
2019-06-24the_independentTory MPs will topple Boris Johnson government if he pursues no-deal Brexit, minister says
2019-06-24the_independentTrump support banned by knitting website because it 'cannot provide a space for white supremacy'
2019-06-24the_independentBrexit news - live: Boris Johnson government 'will collapse immediately', Tory leadership rival Jeremy Hunt warns
2019-06-24the_independentMuslim man 'killed by mob who tied him to tree, beat him and forced him to recite Hindu chants' in India
2019-06-24the_independentIran warns Trump it could shoot down more US drones
2019-06-23the_independentSperm can survive in low gravity which could help establish colonies on Mars, study suggests
2019-06-23the_independentTrump blames 'surprise' question for failure to endorse Mike Pence's expected 2024 presidential run
2019-06-23the_independentMen who go to bed earlier have better sperm, study concludes
2019-06-23the_independentMigrant detention conditions in Texas 'the worst I've ever seen', admits Republican after reports of lice-infested children sleeping on floors
2019-06-23the_independentThe world this week: From the beginning of Berlin's Cold War to Apple's game changing iPhone release
2019-06-23the_independentNew Brexit referendum backed overwhelmingly by trade union members, as leaders prepare for Corbyn meeting
2019-06-23the_independentCzechs call on prime minister to quit in biggest anti-government demonstration since Velvet Revolution
2019-06-23the_independentAir Canada launches investigation after woman left 'all alone' in dark and empty plane after falling asleep on flight
2019-06-23the_independent'Alarming rise' in reports of care home abuse in England
2019-06-23the_independentMPs and lawyers call for investigation into privatised visa system which allows firms to make millions
2019-06-23the_independent'He was trying to cobble the money together': Vulnerable people facing 'extortionate' fees to apply for immigration status
2019-06-23the_independentMPs demand prosecutors reverse 'covert change' causing plummeting rape charges
2019-06-23the_independentUniversity graduate in seven-year battle with Home Office after being 'robbed' of post-study visa
2019-06-23the_independentNew prime minister could 'chicken out' of putting Brexit plan to Commons until autumn, under Tory plans
2019-06-23the_independentSwarms of climate activists storm German coal mine in fossil fuel protest
2019-06-23the_independentBear breaks into home, locks itself in laundry room, then goes to sleep in wardrobe before being drugged and removed by police
2019-06-23the_independentAnfield attack: Two men targeted in homophobic assault by 'armed youths' in Liverpool
2019-06-23the_independentUkraine holds country's largest ever gay pride parade
2019-06-23the_independent'Jihadi Jack' claims he has 'no intention of blowing up British people' if he returns to UK
2019-06-23the_independentOne of India's biggest cities has almost run out of water
2019-06-23the_independentTrump struggles to explain why Obama's jobs numbers were better than his
2019-06-23the_independentTrump says impeachment 'is a very unfair thing', in rambling interview
2019-06-23the_independentOregon Republican Party mocks armed militia threat, despite capitol building being closed due to armed militia threat
2019-06-23the_independentLabour MP David Lammy says he would 'pour whatever I can get my hands on' over a white supremacist
2019-06-23the_independent'Oh my God!': Hot air balloon crashes into crowd at festival
2019-06-23the_independentTrump says 'I don't care about the Europeans' after questions on Iran crisis
2019-06-23the_independentIstanbul election: Opposition candidate beats Erdogan's ruling party in stinging defeat for government
2019-06-23the_independentUK weather forecast: Heatwave could see temperatures hit record this week, as health warnings issued
2019-06-23the_independentRobert E Lee statue removed from Dallas park sells for more than $1.4m
2019-06-23the_independentKitten survives 40-mile journey inside bonnet of car
2019-06-23the_independentThree schoolgirls banned from end-of-year prom for going on climate strike over looming global catastrophe
2019-06-23the_independentPalestinians instantly reject Trump's $50 billion economic peace plan: 'Palestine is not for sale'
2019-06-23the_independent'Extinct' creatures found alive in 'lost city' deep within Honduras rainforest
2019-06-23the_independentBoris Johnson must answer questions on altercation with his girlfriend, Tory leadership rival Jeremy Hunt says
2019-06-23the_independentPublic raise £46,000 for cyclist ordered to pay damages to woman who stepped into road while staring at phone
2019-06-23the_independentEthiopia coup thwarted after army chief killed by his own bodyguard at home
2019-06-23the_independentIstanbul votes in closely watched re-run of mayoral election seen as democratic test for Erdogan's party
2019-06-23the_independentNorth Korea says Trump sent 'excellent' letter to Kim Jong Un
2019-06-23the_independentThe multi-millionaire anti-vax couple bankrolling groups scaremongering about immunisation
2019-06-23the_independentLabour bosses rigged election analysis to block full backing for second Brexit referendum, deputy leader Tom Watson claims
2019-06-23the_independentBeth Chapman: Wife of Duane 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' in medically induced coma
2019-06-23the_independentIndia's treatment of Muslims condemned by US government report
2019-06-23the_independentYemenis mourn the destruction of historical sites: 'I'm watching an entire generation lose our history and heritage'
2019-06-23the_independentSteve Bannon discusses links with Boris Johnson in newly revealed video clip
2019-06-23the_independentNasa Mars rover discovers gas that suggests recent alien life
2019-06-23the_independentTrump complains aides he hired are trying to push him into war with Iran, says report: 'It's so disgusting'
2019-06-23the_independentMea Culpa: Staying put in politics, whatever the time may be
2019-06-23the_independentWhite supremacist who killed woman after driving car into Charlottesville protesters begs judge to show him 'mercy'
2019-06-23the_independentBoris Johnson's poll leads vanish as loud altercation with partner deals major blow to Tory leadership bid
2019-06-22the_independentMan thrown off London tube train left fighting for life
2019-06-22the_independentBoris Johnson: Tory minister attacks 'lefty neighbours' for telling police of loud altercation involving likely new PM, then deletes tweet
2019-06-22the_independentTrump says war with Iran would cause 'obliteration like you've never seen before'
2019-06-22the_independentFeltham murder: Man shot dead at west London estate
2019-06-22the_independentBoris Johnson neighbour who called police after loud row speaks out
2019-06-22the_independentRAF jets escort Jet2 flight back to Stansted after passenger becomes 'extremely disruptive'
2019-06-22the_independentBrexit: Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt risk making Tory party unelectable if they allow no deal, poll suggests
2019-06-22the_independentUK weather forecast: Torrential rain and storms to hit UK before temperatures soar to 34C
2019-06-22the_independentTory leadership hustings: Boris Johnson was as lukewarm as a Rotary Club after-dinner speaker
2019-06-22the_independentSchool will no longer be recognised as Catholic after refusing to fire gay teacher, church officials say
2019-06-22the_independentTheresa May accused of 'arrogance' over Windrush memorial plans as campaigners demand end to hostile environment
2019-06-22the_independentClimate report could be dropped from UN talks after 'gentleman's agreement' made under Saudi pressure
2019-06-22the_independentTrump delays plan for huge immigration enforcement raids and deportation of migrants
2019-06-22the_independent'People don't know what they voted for': People's Vote rally in Yorkshire sees celebrities, sports legends and politicians call for second referendum
2019-06-22the_independentIndia to overtake China as most populous country within a decade, UN report finds
2019-06-22the_independentMan urinating on to tourist boat from bridge causes several injuries
2019-06-22the_independentThe rise of eco-anxiety and how to come to terms with climate change
2019-06-22the_independentTurkey mayor election: Erdogan's party faces massive loss in Kurdish vote
2019-06-22the_independent'Anarchy in the streets': Electric scooter accidents plague Paris as residents demand police crackdown
2019-06-22the_independentTory leadership paralysis risks shortages of essential drugs in a no-deal Brexit, warn medical firms
2019-06-22the_independentPutin derides 'strange' Tory leadership race to choose new PM
2019-06-22the_independentBoris Johnson challenged over 'f*** business' remarks at Conservative leadership hustings
2019-06-22the_independentWoman falls asleep on flight and 'wakes up in pitch dark on locked and empty plane'
2019-06-22the_independentSadiq Khan calls Trump '6ft 3 child in White House' as London mayor reignites feud
2019-06-22the_independentBiden attack ads featuring his comments on race to be launched by right-wing group
2019-06-22the_independentBoris Johnson repeatedly refuses to answer questions about police called to row with partner
2019-06-22the_independentStudent accused of plot to kill 83-year-old lover and murdering lecturer admits interest in 'extremes of death'
2019-06-22the_independentMagaluf stabbings: Four British tourists knifed in mass street brawl
2019-06-22the_independentFox News' Sean Hannity and convicted Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort secretly shared information about Mueller investigation, text messages reveal
2019-06-22the_independentCurtis Flowers: Death row inmate has conviction quashed due to lack of black jurors
2019-06-22the_independentWoman with mental age of child must have abortion against her will, court rules
2019-06-22the_independent'We're coming to liberate her': The fight to free killer whale held captive for 50 years
2019-06-22the_independentMan arrested over hidden camera found in women's toilets at James Bond 25 film studios
2019-06-22the_independentRight-wing 'militia threat' shuts down Oregon Capitol as Republicans flee climate bill vote
2019-06-22the_independentRepublican laws to strip recently elected Democrats of power are legal, state supreme court says
2019-06-22the_independentTrump says 'let's make Iran great again' as he slaps new sanctions on Tehran
2019-06-22the_independentTrump claims he has 'never met' sexual assault accuser, despite photo of pair together
2019-06-22the_independentBoris Johnson - live: Conservative frontrunner to face public at hustings after police called to loud altercation at his home
2019-06-22the_independentTories will bring Boris Johnson down if he pursues no-deal Brexit, warns Dominic Grieve
2019-06-22the_independentHawaii crash: Skydiving aircraft goes down in 'deadliest US civilian plane accident for 4 years'
2019-06-21the_independentBoris Johnson may have been London's cheerleader in 2012 but he did not 'deliver the Olympics'. Far from it
2019-06-21the_independentJapan's Crown Prince says dwindling royal family may have to scale down duties
2019-06-21the_independentNotre Dame design competition seeks new roof for world famous Paris cathedral
2019-06-21the_independentMark Field: Tory MP says colleague had to grab female protester around neck because 'you can't hold her by the chest', in extraordinary BBC interview
2019-06-21the_independentTrump the isolationist may hope to avoid a war with Iran – but he could already be in too deep
2019-06-21the_independentMysterious glowing light on Mars captured by Nasa's Curiosity probe
2019-06-21the_independentGeorgian parliament speaker quits after anti-Russian protests leave hundreds injured
2019-06-21the_independentPhiladelphia fire: Explosions 'felt for miles' after massive blaze breaks out at oil refinery
2019-06-21the_independentJihadi Jack: Parents Sally Lane and John Letts convicted for sending him money in Syria
2019-06-21the_independentBank of Scotland fined £45m for failing to report fraud suspicions in HBOS scandal
2019-06-21the_independentSquirrel trapped in manhole cover rescued by team of firefighters, vets and police
2019-06-21the_independentHow government money follows Trump on presidential visits to his clubs
2019-06-21the_independentDo EU rules stop Britain re-nationalising its railways? It depends what you mean by 'nationalise'
2019-06-21the_independentSheffield mother accused of murdering two teenage sons appears in court
2019-06-21the_independentTrump explains why he called off Iran airstrikes at last minute: 'We were cocked & loaded to retaliate'
2019-06-21the_independentMedic stuns Navy SEAL murder trial by saying he killed wounded Isis fighter, not accused
2019-06-21the_independentTory WhatsApp abuse probe launched after MP calls female colleague a 'disgrace' who should leave party
2019-06-21the_independent'Hail Satan' prayer at local US government meeting sparks uproar
2019-06-21the_independentNorthern Powerhouse 'undermined' by austerity as power and resources 'hoarded' in Westminster, says report
2019-06-21the_independentEU leaders 'unanimous' there will be no renegotiation of Brexit deal, says Juncker
2019-06-21the_independentUS is 'disturbing peace and quiet of Middle East,' Erdogan says
2019-06-21the_independentNRA tears itself apart after president stages failed coup against chief executive Wayne LaPierre
2019-06-21the_independentTrump's sudden abandonment of Iran airstrikes prompts confusion over what prompted decision: 'Somebody obviously got to him'
2019-06-21the_independentUS Senate votes to block Saudi arms sales, as UK freezes weapons licenses to the Kingdom
2019-06-21the_independentIran crisis: UK calls for de-escalation after Trump 'orders airstrikes then suddenly changes mind'
2019-06-21the_independentTory MP Chris Davies removed and by-election triggered after losing recall petition over faked invoices
2019-06-21the_independentMark Field suspended: Tory minister loses job after grabbing female climate protester
2019-06-21the_independentHybrid 'narluga' whale discovered by scientists in Arctic
2019-06-21the_independentMark Field: Tory MP gave speech about making women feel 'safe and protected' weeks before grabbing female protester around neck
2019-06-21the_independentApple urges Trump not to impose tariffs on iPhones amid China trade war
2019-06-21the_independentIndia bus crash: At least 44 dead as overloaded vehicle plunges 500ft down gorge
2019-06-21the_independentRussia to release whales trapped in 'jail' after international outcry
2019-06-21the_independentKirklees grooming gang: Police arrest 44 suspects over sexual abuse of girls in Yorkshire
2019-06-21the_independentIndonesia fire: At least 30 killed in blaze at matchstick factory in Sumatra
2019-06-21the_independentBrexit: Bank of England governor shreds Boris Johnson's claim for avoiding economic damage after no-deal
2019-06-21the_independentUK weather forecast: Heatwave to see temperatures hit 32C as Met Office issues warnings
2019-06-21the_independentFrance earthquake: Magnitude-5.1 quake rocks cities across west of country
2019-06-21the_independentTory MP defends minister Mark Field after he grabbed female climate protester around neck and pinned her to pillar
2019-06-21the_independentMark Field: Tory MP who grabbed female protester around neck and pinned her to pillar says actions were 'instinctive'
2019-06-21the_independentTrump-Iran news - live: President's decision making 'a clear risk' after suddenly calling off airstrikes while planes were in air
2019-06-21the_independentMajority of people in Britain think the country is 'on the wrong track', global survey finds
2019-06-21the_independentInfluencers and celebrities should take fewer selfies to fight negative body image among children, minister says
2019-06-21the_independentZero-carbon energy to power majority of UK's electricity generation for first time, says National Grid
2019-06-21the_independentOur conception of money is based in fairytale – this has led us to austerity
2019-06-21the_independentAmerican Psychoanalytic Association apologises for previously treating homosexuality as an illness
2019-06-21the_independentWeather latest: 'Dangerous heatwave' to sweep Europe bringing temperatures up to 40C, forecasters say
2019-06-21the_independentCyclist ordered to pay £105,000 for knocking over woman who crossed road looking at phone
2019-06-21the_independentHong Kong protests: More than 1,000 people block police headquarters over misconduct allegations
2019-06-21the_independentMissouri refuses to renew licence for state's last abortion provider
2019-06-21the_independentHundreds of vultures die after eating poisoned elephants in Botswana
2019-06-21the_independentJesuit school breaks with archdiocese in refusal to remove teacher in same-sex marriage
2019-06-21the_independentNHS hospitals forced to use emergency beds all year round to cope with demand, BMA warns
2019-06-21the_independentForensic firm used by police targeted in cyber attack
2019-06-21the_independentCar Review: Mazda MX-5 RF – the most fun money can buy
2019-06-21the_independentTory leadership: Jeremy Hunt challenges Boris Johnson to TV debate 'any time, anywhere'
2019-06-21the_independentTrump 'threatened journalist with prison time' for taking photograph of letter from Kim Jong-un
2019-06-21the_independentGovernment should shame parents who give phones to toddlers, head of Britain's strictest school says
2019-06-21the_independentYulin Dog Meat Festival: Dogs blow-torched alive in footage from China
2019-06-21the_independentMan jailed for stabbing own mother shared 'horrific' Isis propaganda with inmates
2019-06-21the_independentBrexit: Campaigners for fresh referendum launch new campaign to dispel 'lazy caricature' of northern voters
2019-06-21the_independentMark Field: Greenpeace activist grabbed by Tory MP says he should seek anger management help
2019-06-21the_independentLaura Hood: Woman 'wished she knew' why she falsely accused taxi driver of rape, court hears
2019-06-21the_independentGeorgia death row inmate becomes 1,500th person to be executed since US brought back death penalty
2019-06-21the_independentRare sea lion attack on teenager was because of algae poisoning, scientists suggest
2019-06-21the_independentWimbledon prowler: Astrit Kapaj jailed for 14 years following decade-long string of burglaries
2019-06-21the_independentHomeless man dies and second fighting for life after camp 'set on fire by arsonists'
2019-06-21the_independentHow Trump's lies could lead to 'catastrophic war' with Iran, according to national security experts
2019-06-21the_independentPolice called to Boris Johnson's home over reports of loud altercation with girlfriend: 'Get off me'
2019-06-21the_independentYellow vest protester James Goddard warns court during Anna Soubry harassment case: 'You'll all be held to account'
2019-06-21the_independentTrump 'sexually assaulted me in department store in 1990s', claims celebrated columnist E Jean Carroll
2019-06-21the_independentJihadi Jack: How parents of British Isis fighter tried to block prosecution for funding terrorism
2019-06-21the_independentIran vows to defend borders after downing US drone it says ignored warnings
2019-06-21the_independentMan who won $80m in the lottery must give half of winnings to estranged wife
2019-06-21the_independentUS-Iran tensions: Are the sparring partners about to 'bumble' into outright conflict in the Gulf?
2019-06-21the_independentFacebook and eBay urged by watchdog to stop sales of fake reviews
2019-06-21the_independentGabriele Grunewald: American runner who stayed on track in spite of cancer
2019-06-21the_independentSlovakia's first female president takes office in a divided country
2019-06-21the_independentTrump is losing interest in Venezuela because it is no longer an 'easy win', sources say
2019-06-21the_independentAndrew Hooper: 'Jealous' farmer guilty of shooting estranged wife dead in front of teenage daughter
2019-06-21the_independentUK teenagers far less likely to have underage sex than a decade ago, study shows
2019-06-20the_independentGloomy weather hits UK retail sales as shoppers hold off summer purchases
2019-06-20the_independentIran says it has shot down US drone over its territory amid tensions over oil tanker attacks
2019-06-20the_independentAlmost half of female managers say their workplace is sexist
2019-06-20the_independent'Consumption crunch': Young people spending less than they did in 2001, research finds
2019-06-20the_independent'One in four' seeking shelter at key homeless agencies in Manchester, London and Leicester are refugees
2019-06-20the_independentBrexit: Sports and television stars to join activists in north of England demanding fresh referendum
2019-06-20the_independentJoy Harjo becomes first Native American to be made US poet laureate
2019-06-20the_independentIran shoots down US military drone with surface-to-air missile
2019-06-20the_independentTory leadership race - live: Rivals scrabble to be the one who takes on Boris Johnson as MPs cast final votes
2019-06-20the_independentNHS workers including nurses and cleaners raped and groped at work, finds new report
2019-06-20the_independentLondon revealed as UK capital of fraud and scams
2019-06-20the_independentE-cigarette explodes in teenager's mouth, shattering his teeth
2019-06-20the_independentPorn block in UK set to be delayed indefinitely for second time
2019-06-20the_independentMan dies from single punch to face during mass brawl at Butlin's holiday park
2019-06-20the_independentTory leadership race: Dutch prime minister knocks down Brexit promises of contenders one by one
2019-06-20the_independentUK arms sales to Saudi Arabia unlawful, Court of Appeal rules
2019-06-20the_independentJohn Worboys: Black cab rapist pleads guilty to drugging four more women
2019-06-20the_independentTwo 'rhino poachers' die after crashing into goat during high-speed escape from rangers
2019-06-20the_independentTrump news - live: Iran raises stakes in Middle East stand-off by shooting down US drone to send 'clear message' to president
2019-06-20the_independentAmber Rudd challenges Boris Johnson to reject 'dark arts' of campaigning in Tory leadership race
2019-06-20the_independentTrump's nominee for UN ambassador publicly contradicts his stance on climate change
2019-06-20the_independentDixons Carphone shares plummet 25% after revealing large losses at mobile phone shops
2019-06-20the_independentBridegroom fights for life after falling 12ft through banister on way to bedroom on wedding night
2019-06-20the_independentJoe Biden wanted to criminalise raves, resurfaced footage shows: 'I would put the son of a gun in jail'
2019-06-20the_independentTrump's judicial nominee confirmed by US Senate despite 'outspoken hatred' towards LGBT+ people
2019-06-20the_independentStaff walk out of schools built on former landfill site after four teachers develop cancer
2019-06-20the_independentTory leadership result: Boris Johnson tops fourth ballot as Sajid Javid eliminated
2019-06-20the_independentGovernment freezes new arms sales to Saudi Arabia after court rules them unlawful amid war crime allegations
2019-06-20the_independentCouple 'devastated' as £850,000 riverside cottage starts to sink
2019-06-20the_independentTrump administration condemns Iran over 'unprovoked attack' after US drone shot down
2019-06-20the_independentJapanese TV drama about leaving work on time strikes a chord in country where overwork claims hundreds of lives
2019-06-20the_independentCountry house opera: Exploring the very essence of English art
2019-06-20the_independentPupil 'thrown out of class by teacher' after filming argument insisting only two genders exist
2019-06-20the_independentPutin warns US force against Iran would be 'disaster' after drone shot down
2019-06-20the_independentWorking a 10-hour day once a week increases stroke risk by nearly a third, study finds
2019-06-20the_independentSchool sparks outrage for asking pupils to vote for 'best-looking' classmates
2019-06-20the_independentBank of England cuts second-quarter growth forecast to zero and warns of higher risks to economy
2019-06-20the_independentChild refugees share their hopes and fears on World Refugee Day
2019-06-20the_independent'Cat-fox' found on Mediterranean island could be brand new species, scientists say
2019-06-20the_independentSouth Korea donates 50,000 tonnes of rice to North as 10 million people at risk of starvation
2019-06-20the_independentMan 'accidentally shot friend in head at point-blank range while playing with gun', murder trial told
2019-06-20the_independentTeenage boy 'pushes primary school teacher in front of bus after spitting at her niece'
2019-06-20the_independentPennsylvania shooting: Manhunt after 10 wounded in shooting outside Allentown bar
2019-06-20the_independentDrunk man faces eight years in prison for invading Polish town in Russian tank
2019-06-20the_independentMH17 crash: Putin claims there is 'no proof' Russia was responsible for downing jet over Ukraine
2019-06-20the_independentJack Shepherd: Speedboat killer allowed to flee justice 'without consequence' as judges quash bail conviction
2019-06-20the_independentMeng Hongwei: Former Interpol chief 'admits' to taking more than $2m in bribes, claims China
2019-06-20the_independentManhunt after mass brawl breaks out between parents at seven-year-olds' basketball game
2019-06-20the_independentTrump says Iran made 'very big mistake' by shooting down US drone amid fears of war
2019-06-20the_independentWoman fined £150 for littering after feeding sausage roll to pigeon
2019-06-20the_independentTrump administration tells court it should be allowed to deprive detained migrant children of toothbrushes
2019-06-20the_independentBats' brains sync up when they socialise, study finds
2019-06-20the_independentEbola is killing people but rumours about Ebola are killing even more
2019-06-20the_independentSexual harassment rife among students with one in three incidents occurring at college, report finds
2019-06-20the_independentTrump administration publishes then deletes document outlining 'disturbing' nuclear weapons doctrine
2019-06-20the_independentImpoverished Chilean neighbourhood's pioneering waste recycling scheme unites community
2019-06-20the_independentClimate breakdown to trigger debate over which cities to protect from rising sea levels
2019-06-20the_independentEU leaders 'enormously hostile' to another Brexit delay and will only give one for second referendum or general election
2019-06-20the_independentTrump says 'you'll find out' if he is planning military response to Iran shooting down US drone
2019-06-20the_independentTory leadership result: Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt named as final two candidates
2019-06-20the_independentTrump news – live: President tweets Iran made 'very big mistake' in shooting down drone as Putin warns of 'disastrous' prospect of war
2019-06-20the_independentLucy McHugh: 13-year-old murdered by man who groomed her after moving into mother's home, court hears
2019-06-20the_independentSlack shares soar 60% on Wall Street debut, valuing messaging app at $25bn
2019-06-20the_independentSuitcases containing $1m of meth found in remote Washington State forest
2019-06-20the_independentHackers took over an American city's computer system weeks ago. They're getting paid $600,000 to give it back.
2019-06-20the_independentActivists appeal to Imran Khan over human rights campaigner forced into hiding for protesting rape and murder of 11-year-old
2019-06-20the_independentLose a wallet full of cash? You're more likely to get it handed back than if it was empty, study finds
2019-06-20the_independentIvanka Trump should face disciplinary action for tweets violating ethics rules, US watchdog claims
2019-06-20the_independentGay couple attacked and robbed by group who hurled homophobic slurs, police report says
2019-06-20the_independentUS Navy Seal 'stabbed injured prisoner in neck and claimed he was just an Isis dirtbag'
2019-06-20the_independentBirmingham Archdiocese let children be abused and harboured paedophile priests 'to protect its own reputation'
2019-06-20the_independent'Skatey McSkateface' wins public vote to name Southend skate park
2019-06-20the_independentMan threatens to 'kill every gay person I can' at US Pride Festival
2019-06-20the_independentRoy Moore runs for Senate again in Alabama after losing amid sexual misconduct scandal
2019-06-20the_independentPhilip Hammond: Protesters disrupt chancellor's Mansion House speech
2019-06-20the_independentEastern European states block bid for EU climate change 2050 decarbonisation target
2019-06-20the_independentTory leadership: Conservative members will choose between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt for new PM
2019-06-20the_independentChurch of Scientology accused of child abuse and human trafficking in new lawsuit
2019-06-20the_independentOnly Boris Johnson could have turned the Tory leadership contest into even more of a sham than it already was
2019-06-20the_independentDavid Ortiz: Former Red Sox player shot by gunman who mistook him for someone else, Dominican officials say
2019-06-20the_independentHamas chief says ceasefire talks with Israel in a 'danger zone'
2019-06-20the_independentIran releases video claiming to be of US drone missile strike as Trump administration begins 'measured response'
2019-06-20the_independentHarvey Proctor: VIP child abuse ring claims 'ravings of a fantasist', ex-Tory MP tells court
2019-06-20the_independentJeremy Corbyn appoints Labour's first shadow minister for climate justice
2019-06-20the_independentUS Governor sends police to bring in Republicans who fled climate change vote
2019-06-20the_independentIran releases video claiming to be of missile strike on US drone as Trump administration begins 'measured response'
2019-06-20the_independentGang who stole heavy machinery to tear cashpoints out of walls in string of burglaries jailed
2019-06-20the_independentEverett Kinstler: Prolific American portrait artist who painted presidents and film stars
2019-06-20the_independentFrom carefree to convent: What happened when a group of radical millennials moved in with nuns?
2019-06-20the_independentNew Zealand launches buy-back scheme for guns banned in wake of Christchurch attack
2019-06-20the_independentUFOs: Pentagon gives classified briefing to congress members about unexplained encounters by US navy
2019-06-20the_independentMark Field: Conservative MP seen manhandling female climate change protester at Mansion House event
2019-06-20the_independentOregon deploys police to bring in fugitive Republicans for climate change vote
2019-06-20the_independentUS Supreme Court rules religious monument can remain on public land
2019-06-20the_independentSNP delays plans to make it easier for trans people to change legally recognised gender
2019-06-20the_independentDonald Trump approves military strikes against Iran but abruptly decides against launch, says report
2019-06-19the_independentAlcohol sales in Scotland hit 25 year low after minimum unit pricing introduced
2019-06-19the_independentWorker stabbed in neck on film set at Warner Bros studios in Watford
2019-06-19the_independentGrayson Fritts: Cracker Barrel refuses to host meeting of pastor who called for LGBT+ people to be killed
2019-06-19the_independentJoe Biden under fire from rivals after talking about 'civility' with segregationists
2019-06-19the_independentNearly half of Japanese people who want to get married 'unable to find suitable partner'
2019-06-19the_independentScience news in brief: From blood-sucking finches to 900-year-old grapes
2019-06-19the_independentMariam Moustafa: Four teenage girls spared jail after bus stop attack on Egyptian student
2019-06-19the_independentHammond vows to fight any pursuit of no-deal Brexit from Johnson
2019-06-19the_independentUK government could make £5m profit on plight of Syrian refugee children
2019-06-19the_independentChrissy Teigen disagrees with Bernie Sanders on Twitter: 'This is a bad tweet'
2019-06-19the_independentMelting of Himalayan glaciers has doubled in past 20 years, study warns
2019-06-19the_independentEarly Celts living in France drank Mediterranean wine at their banquets, study shows
2019-06-19the_independentBoy died in car crash after mother 'lost control when spider fell on her hand'
2019-06-19the_independentChina hiking tariffs on US but cutting them for other countries amid trade war with Trump, analysts say
2019-06-19the_independentLightning strikes 1000 times in an hour in Eastbourne
2019-06-19the_independentEl Capitan climb: 10-year-old girl becomes youngest person to scale Yosemite rock
2019-06-19the_independentFormer Labour candidate who asked question at Tory leadership debate suspended over Hitler tweet
2019-06-19the_independentGoogle shareholders urge company to break itself up before regulators do
2019-06-19the_independentGreat white shark lured to fisherman's boat in Jaws-like incident off Jersey Shore
2019-06-19the_independentMan decapitates roommate's dog because she owed him rent money, police say
2019-06-19the_independentNxivm trial: Sex cult leader found guilty on all counts of sex trafficking and racketeering
2019-06-19the_independentPolice defend decision not to install London Bridge barriers despite warning it was 'viable and attractive' terror target
2019-06-19the_independentPistol that Van Gogh 'used to shoot himself' sells for £115,000 at Paris auction
2019-06-19the_independentUS sets back efforts to fight climate change in favour of supporting coal industry
2019-06-19the_independentSurgeons set to visit schools as NHS appoints first knife crime and violence reduction tsar
2019-06-19the_independentWest not doing its fair share to help world's refugees, UN report finds
2019-06-19the_independentLabour row erupts in top level meeting with Corbyn over backing second Brexit referendum
2019-06-19the_independentRory Stewart is out. The Tories have killed off the truth teller so that the lies might live
2019-06-19the_independentEmiliano Sala: Man arrested on suspicion of manslaughter over death of Cardiff City footballer
2019-06-19the_independentEU preparing to downgrade Switzerland's single market access as warning to Brexit Britain
2019-06-19the_independentFormer police officer accused of child sex offences 'repeatedly raped victim after plying her with alcohol', court hears
2019-06-19the_independentTwo Earth-like worlds that could support life found hiding near our solar system
2019-06-19the_independentDemocratic debates: Everything you need to know and what to watch out for at two-night event
2019-06-19the_independentHope Hicks: Democrats condemn evidence of former Trump aide as 'farce'
2019-06-19the_independentTory leadership result: Boris Johnson tops poll as Rory Stewart eliminated
2019-06-19the_independentMH17 suspects charged with murder over over 298 deaths will likely escape justice
2019-06-19the_independentBushwick Bill: The 3ft 8in giant of rap who once shot himself in the eye
2019-06-19the_independentXi Jinping says North Korea is 'heading in right direction' after US talks breakdown ahead of historic Pyongyang summit
2019-06-19the_independentNo shift in Labour Brexit stance after crunch shadow cabinet meeting
2019-06-19the_independentNo shift in Labour Brexit stance after crunch shadow cabinet meeting
2019-06-19the_independentBoris Johnson's tax cuts would drive up to 100,000 familes into poverty, study finds
2019-06-19the_independentCorbyn refuses to move on second referendum despite intense pressure from top Labour figures at crunch meeting
2019-06-19the_independentFact-checking the biggest falsehoods in Donald Trump's re-election campaign launch
2019-06-19the_independentStudent found guilty of making gun using 3D printer in UK legal first
2019-06-19the_independentEU leaders to discuss Brexit as Theresa May visits Brussels for the last time
2019-06-19the_independentEmbattled father of victim in Sandy Hook massacre wins libel case against conspiracy theorists
2019-06-19the_independentEngland one of worst countries for bullying among school pupils, global survey suggests
2019-06-19the_independentSimonne Kerr murder: Iraq war veteran Desmond Sylva found guilty of killing Britain's Got Talent finalist
2019-06-19the_independentMan who pushed ex-Eurotunnel boss, 91, on to tube tracks had taken £600 of crack cocaine the previous day, court hears
2019-06-19the_independentCalifornia utility company pays $1bn for deadly wildfire damages
2019-06-19the_independentEU leaders set for summit showdown over 2050 carbon neutral climate change target
2019-06-19the_independent'If he sees me, he's going to shoot me': Fearless photojournalist braves death to capture image of Dallas gunman
2019-06-19the_independent'Magic' cards sold in Thailand to cure diseases 'found to emit dangerous levels of radioactivity'
2019-06-19the_independentBrexit latest: Senior Labour figures attempting to stop party backing second referendum
2019-06-19the_independentPolice officer tackles man to ground during dramatic press conference on TV
2019-06-19the_independentMohamed Morsi death: Turkish president says former Egyptian leader was 'murdered' and vows to ensure international criminal prosecution
2019-06-19the_independentFifth of people in working UK households trapped in relative poverty
2019-06-19the_independentVictims of discrimination 'denied justice' as legal aid cuts create 'David vs Goliath' scenario, report finds
2019-06-19the_independentChild mental health crisis exacerbated by closure of 1,000 Sure Start centres, says top psychiatrist
2019-06-19the_independent'Alexa, call 999': Smart speakers could automatically raise alarm about people in cardiac arrest, researchers say
2019-06-19the_independentExeter University: Armed police scrambled after student 'makes threats with handgun'
2019-06-19the_independentPrinceton graduate who killed father fearing his $1,000 allowance would be cut off ruled sane by judge
2019-06-19the_independentHuge huntsman spider caught on camera devouring entire possum
2019-06-19the_independent'Sent from Samsung device': Egyptian news anchor reads government script a little too closely after Morsi's death
2019-06-19the_independentSperm donor named child's legal father after mother attempts to leave country
2019-06-19the_independentFacebook Libra cryptocurrency could become haven for terrorists, French finance minister warns
2019-06-19the_independentUS school pupils to be drug-tested for nicotine to tackle 'vaping epidemic'
2019-06-19the_independentImam who asked Tory candidates about 'consequences of words' is suspended over 'antisemitic' tweets
2019-06-19the_independentAttack mine used on Japanese oil tanker bears 'striking resemblance' to Iranian weapon
2019-06-19the_independentBoris Johnson branded a 'racist' and 'unfit' to be prime minister by SNP leader in the Commons chamber
2019-06-19the_independentHeathrow expansion: Boris Johnson urged to scrap the third runway by campaigners
2019-06-19the_independentBaby wallaby hand-reared in rucksack after mother dies of pneumonia
2019-06-19the_independentTory leadership contest: Dominic Raab backs Boris Johnson for Prime Minister
2019-06-19the_independentMH17 plane crash suspects to be charged with murder, victims' families say
2019-06-19the_independentUK housing market slows as prices fall in London and South East England
2019-06-19the_independentBaroness Warsi: Ex-Tory chairwoman criticises party for only now committing to Islamophobia inquiry as Hunt says they must be 'whiter than white' on issue
2019-06-19the_independentTeenagers murdered friend after man on internet offered them millions to film killing for him, police say
2019-06-19the_independentElephant and Castle incident: Police hunting for suspects after man robbed on Tube train then 'sprayed with substance'
2019-06-19the_independentKhashoggi murder: UN says 'credible evidence' to investigate Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman
2019-06-19the_independentAncient hyenas once roamed the Arctic feasting on woolly mammoths, fossilised teeth reveal
2019-06-19the_independentRory Stewart in talks with Michael Gove to stop Boris Johnson becoming prime minister
2019-06-19the_independentRough sleeping in London hits record high as 100 people become street homeless each week, figures show
2019-06-19the_independentBillionaire Trump supporter gives Oxford University £150m to help prevent 'unstoppable' AI destroying humanity
2019-06-19the_independentMH17 investigators to name first suspects five years after Malaysia Airlines plane was shot down
2019-06-19the_independentTrump news – live: President promises to cure cancer and AIDS as he tears into Democrats and 'criminal aliens' at wild 2020 campaign launch
2019-06-19the_independentNazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe's husband vehemently contradicts Boris Johnson's claim his botched intervention 'made no difference'
2019-06-19the_independentUK inflation falls to 2%, reducing chance of interest rate rise
2019-06-19the_independentMuslim family missing after Chinese police drag them from Beijing's Belgian embassy
2019-06-19the_independentMinisters urged to repeal law that makes rough sleeping illegal following rise in arrests
2019-06-19the_independentUS cyber attack: Did America really try to override the Russian power grid?
2019-06-19the_independentBrexit: MPs take legal action to force police to act over 'crimes' committed by Leave campaign during EU referendum
2019-06-19the_independent2020 was supposed to be a crucial milestone in the fight to save our precious rainforests - but companies are giving up
2019-06-19the_independentBarnet stabbing victim becomes fifth person killed in London in six days
2019-06-19the_independentBrexit: Nigel Farage willing to strike election pact with Boris Johnson to deliver no-deal exit
2019-06-19the_independentBrexit news - live: Top Labour figures to put pressure on Corbyn to guarantee second referendum at showdown meeting as Tories vote in next round of leadership race
2019-06-19the_independentWork just one day a week for peak mental health benefits, study finds
2019-06-19the_independentUniversal credit adverts from government 'deliberately misleading', say charities
2019-06-18the_independentIn the Tory leadership debate, the rare glimmers of truth were even more painful than the lies
2019-06-18the_independentSocial media fuelling anti-vaxxer movement with Europeans the most sceptical in the world, global poll shows
2019-06-18the_independentWoman in her 80s seriously injured in crash with Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's convoy
2019-06-18the_independentTheo Treharne-Jones: Five-year-old boy dies after 'falling into swimming pool' on family holiday
2019-06-18the_independentThe Americans keeping dead whales on their properties: 'It's a heck of a learning experience'
2019-06-18the_independentWild bear cub shot dead by park rangers after becoming 'habituated' to humans who fed it
2019-06-18the_independentBerlin approves five-year rent freeze to combat rising housing costs
2019-06-18the_independentAlice Rivlin: Economics intellectual and first woman lead the White House budget office
2019-06-18the_independentThe migrants risking it all on the deadly Rio Grande
2019-06-18the_independent100 days of silence: How Trump may have damaged the role of White House press secretary for good
2019-06-18the_independentGunmen on motorbikes kill 41 people in Mali villages
2019-06-18the_independentYouTuber buys town and renames it Gay Hell in protest against Trump administration's Pride flag ban
2019-06-18the_independentAuthorities seize $1bn worth of cocaine in one of the largest US drug busts
2019-06-18the_independentBoris Johnson: Five of his key moments from the Tory leadership debate
2019-06-18the_independentTrump 'asserting immunity' to prevent ex-spokesperson Hope Hicks testifying about work in White House
2019-06-18the_independentAOC says 'fascist' Trump administration is running 'concentration camps' on US-Mexico border
2019-06-18the_independentTory leadership debate: Boris Johnson backs down on tax cuts for the rich and no-deal Brexit during grilling
2019-06-18the_independentManchester attack victims' call for law forcing venues to increase security considered by government
2019-06-18the_independentTrump refuses to apologise for demanding Central Park Five be executed: 'They admitted their guilt'
2019-06-18the_independentPatrick Shanahan: Trump's defence pick pulls out after family history of domestic violence surfaces
2019-06-18the_independentTory leadership debate: Rory Stewart promises 'there would never be no deal Brexit' if he becomes PM
2019-06-18the_independentTory leadership debate: Boris Johnson dodges 'letterbox' question, as candidates pledge to investigate Islamophobia in party
2019-06-18the_independentBrexit: Tom Watson urges Jeremy Corbyn to call emergency ballot for Final Say referendum
2019-06-18the_independentWoman who 'molested 13-year-old girl in Starbucks' taunts victims' families after string of sex attacks in Kent
2019-06-18the_independentFlorida newspaper endorses anyone but Trump in 2020 hours before president's campaign launch rally
2019-06-18the_independentWainfleet flooding: Risk remains high as more heavy rain forecast
2019-06-18the_independentTheo Treharne-Jones: Five-year-old boy dies after 'falling into swimming pool' on family holiday
2019-06-18the_independentLove Island LIVE: Lucie, Joe, Anton and Elma face being dumped from villa after public vote
2019-06-18the_independentTory leadership result: Boris Johnson tops poll as Dominic Raab eliminated
2019-06-18the_independentMan gave meth to caged 'attack squirrel' to make it more aggressive
2019-06-18the_independentHigh school graduates fall ill at Dominican Republic resort linked to American deaths
2019-06-18the_independentWorld's most innovative and stunning cycle routes go on display
2019-06-18the_independentBrexit Party ordered to overhaul fundraising methods to prevent illegal foreign donations
2019-06-18the_independentAngela Merkel blames dehydration for shaking scare
2019-06-18the_independentAstronomers searching for alien life release biggest set of data in history
2019-06-18the_independentSix climbers trapped by avalanche rescued in Pakistan
2019-06-18the_independentRory Stewart: Who is the outsider rising through the Tory ranks in the race to be PM?
2019-06-18the_independentUS election 2020: Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden says he has raised nearly $20m for campaign
2019-06-18the_independentMass food shortages could spark fascism and riots across UK 'in a few years', warns Extinction Rebellion founder
2019-06-18the_independentTrump calls Fox 'fake news' for citing unfavourable 2020 election polls
2019-06-18the_independentLuton stabbing: 15-year-old boy 'fighting for his life' after being stabbed more than 20 times
2019-06-18the_independentAustrian far-right leader sues voter for insulting him on Twitter
2019-06-18the_independentHS2 thrown into uncertainty as Boris Johnson asks former boss to conduct review into rail project
2019-06-18the_independentMohamed Morsi: Egypt's former president 'murdered' after security left him 'slumped on cage floor'
2019-06-18the_independentTrump news - live: President 'considering live tweeting Democratic debates' to taunt 2020 rivals and promises 'wild' campaign launch
2019-06-18the_independentMore than 300,000 flee DRC violence in two weeks, UN agencies say
2019-06-18the_independentBrexit: Germany warns Tory leadership contenders they won't be able to renegotiate Theresa May's deal
2019-06-18the_independentIran says 'big CIA spy network' dismantled amid rising tensions with US
2019-06-18the_independentJapan earthquake: Tsunami warning issued after 6.8-magnitude earthquake strikes near Niigata
2019-06-18the_independentAna Kriegel murder: Two 14-year-old boys found guilty of killing schoolgirl same age in Dublin
2019-06-18the_independentFox News host calls 500 African migrants 'flood that could become a torrent'
2019-06-18the_independentMan facing homelessness held up bank with banana 'to get place to stay in jail'
2019-06-18the_independentHong Kong protests: Theresa May urged to confront China over violent clashes sparked by extradition bill
2019-06-18the_independent'If I free myself it's magic, if I can't it's tragic': Indian magician drowns attempting underwater Houdini trick
2019-06-18the_independentChancellor refuses to rule out resigning over Theresa May's attempt to spend billions on her 'legacy'
2019-06-18the_independentTeenager dragged down dual carriageway in road rage attack
2019-06-18the_independentIdentity fraud in UK at record high as number of cases surges to almost 190,000
2019-06-18the_independentTotal abortion ban fueling teenage pregnancy and unsafe terminations in Dominican Republic, report finds
2019-06-18the_independentHong Kong leader offers 'sincere' apology for protests but stops short of cancelling China extradition bill
2019-06-18the_independentHeathrow expansion: Johnson silent on climate-busting 'masterplan' despite claim he would 'lie in front of bulldozers' to stop third runway
2019-06-18the_independentGovernment's fast fashion response follows dismally familiar path, shows May's climate pledge will be broken
2019-06-18the_independentTory members happy to trash UK economy, break up union, and destroy their own party to get Brexit, poll finds
2019-06-18the_independentTeenage neo-Nazis jailed for inciting terror attacks on Prince Harry and other targets
2019-06-18the_independentWhite Boeing employees used N-word and put noose at black colleague's desk, lawsuit claims
2019-06-18the_independentHealth minister collapses at despatch box during House of Lords debate
2019-06-18the_independentUK weather forecast: Flood-hit residents told not to use toilets as fresh thunderstorms set to cause further misery
2019-06-18the_independentMillionaire jailed after man dies building secret tunnels under his home to protect against North Korea missiles
2019-06-18the_independentPaul Crowther: Man admits assaulting Nigel Farage by throwing milkshake at Brexit Party leader
2019-06-18the_independentSotheby's bought by French billionaire Patrick Drahi for $3.7bn
2019-06-18the_independentIn Hastings, Organisation Workshop puts the unemployed in charge of regeneration
2019-06-18the_independentTrump news - live: President threatens to deport 'millions of illegal aliens' as teenagers protest in cages
2019-06-18the_independentTrump threatens to deport millions starting next week as he prepares to announce 2020 bid
2019-06-18the_independentIran says it 'will not wage war' after US prepares to send 1,000 more troops to Middle East
2019-06-18the_independentLibra cryptocurrency: Facebook, PayPal and Visa unveil major new currency to rival US dollar
2019-06-18the_independentMan charged with throwing milkshake at Nigel Farage to appear in court
2019-06-18the_independentTory leadership race - live: Sajid Javid admits Rory Stewart poses increasing threat with second round of voting and Boris Johnson TV debate hours away
2019-06-18the_independentTory leadership race: Rory Stewart admits successful campaign tactics similar to Corbyn's
2019-06-18the_independentTory leadership race: Andrea Leadsom throws weight behind Boris Johnson after elimination in first round
2019-06-18the_independentChina earthquake: At least 12 people killed as 6.0-magnitude earthquake hits southern region
2019-06-18the_independentCutting plastic packaging from supermarkets isn't the only way to help the planet
2019-06-18the_independentOnce considered friendly giants, Botswana has a new relationship with elephants
2019-06-17the_independentDominican Republic deaths: Tourist becomes eighth American to mysteriously die at Caribbean holiday destination
2019-06-17the_independentLabour's Stella Creasy left to 'choose between being MP or mum' by parliament maternity rules
2019-06-17the_independentLack of eating disorder training 'causing preventable deaths' as patients feel they have to be dangerously underweight to get help
2019-06-17the_independentAlex Jones: Lawyers for Sandy Hook shooting victims claim InfoWars host sent them files containing child pornography
2019-06-17the_independent'Truly grotesque' Victorian crab sculpture blocked from overseas sale
2019-06-17the_independentChina harvesting organs from Falun Gong detainees, tribunal claims
2019-06-17the_independentDespite its popularity, is mindfulness all that its cracked up to be?
2019-06-17the_independentMost public sector workers can only afford to own home in 8% of UK towns, report finds
2019-06-17the_independentBrexit impasse will 'suffocate' business investment across UK, experts warn
2019-06-17the_independentFish and chips under threat from climate change, study says
2019-06-17the_independentConservative leadership race – live: Boris Johnson set to dodge hustings despite ridicule from Jeremy Hunt for ducking TV debate
2019-06-17the_independentMore than 100,000 children denied mental health treatment each year, figures suggest
2019-06-17the_independentGuatemala election: Early results show former first lady Sandra Torres likely to be next president
2019-06-17the_independentIsrael unveils 'Trump Heights' settlement
2019-06-17the_independentJoshua Wong: Hong Kong student activist walks free from jail and immediately joins street protests
2019-06-17the_independentHuawei smartphone sales to plummet 40% as Trump's attacks take toll
2019-06-17the_independentRail strike over guards set to cause chaos for thousands of commuters and Royal Ascot racegoers
2019-06-17the_independentLondon killings: Man stabbed to death in Stratford is fourth victim in just four days
2019-06-17the_independentIran threatens to break uranium limit designed to prevent development of nuclear bombs 'in 10 days' amid warnings of war
2019-06-17the_independentTrump campaign is firing pollsters after humiliating polling numbers are leaked
2019-06-17the_independentTulse Hill shooting: 17-year-old fighting for life after being gunned down in south London
2019-06-17the_independentMalaysia's prime minister tells Cambridge Union his Jewish friends are 'not like other Jews', causing laughter
2019-06-17the_independentHome Office blocks baby adopted by UK resident from entering country
2019-06-17the_independentGay couple holding hands attacked in Birmingham by mother with two children: 'She picked up a plank of wood'
2019-06-17the_independentPainted bike lanes 'a waste of public money', Britain's cycling commissioners say
2019-06-17the_independentEU member states swing behind 2050 carbon neutral target
2019-06-17the_independentMain takeaways from Trump's ABC interview: North Korea, Mueller and UFOs
2019-06-17the_independentMore than 10% of UK businesses not aware of new tax requirement, survey claims
2019-06-17the_independentLegal challenge launched against decision not to prosecute man who filmed woman naked
2019-06-17the_independentRoky Erickson: Psychedelic-rock pioneer revered by countless musicians
2019-06-17the_independentUK teenagers 'paid £1,000 to stab each other' by gang members
2019-06-17the_independentKier to cut 1,200 jobs as troubled Crossrail contractor slashes costs
2019-06-17the_independentUK to resettle 5,000 more refugees in expanded scheme
2019-06-17the_independentTrump says 'I think I know' who was behind 9/11 attacks
2019-06-17the_independent'Very tough' 11-year-old boy attacks burglar with machete and chases him off
2019-06-17the_independentTory leadership: Rory Stewart claims 100 Conservative MPs would rebel against Boris Johnson to stop no-deal Brexit
2019-06-17the_independentIran nuclear crisis: Britain ready to consider economic sanctions if terms of deal are broken
2019-06-17the_independentHong Kong protests: Activists praised for clearing away rubbish and parting crowds for ambulances
2019-06-17the_independentElite police unit at major African wildlife park hailed as number of elephants lost to poachers drops to zero
2019-06-17the_independentForeign secretary Jeremy Hunt sides with Trump over racist tweet attacking Sadiq Khan
2019-06-17the_independentIndian magician 'Wizard Mandrake' missing after being lowered into Ganges tied up with steel chains and rope
2019-06-17the_independentWomen accused of 'cashing in' on Snapchat stunt that killed friend after taking selfie from hospital bed
2019-06-17the_independentPastor who backed murder charges over abortions accused of sexually abusing 13-year-old female relative
2019-06-17the_independentCarlos Ghosn's Wife urges Trump to help disgraced former Nissan boss
2019-06-17the_independentGeorge Clooney impersonator who escaped Italian jail arrested in Thailand
2019-06-17the_independentInfant mortality rates rise for third consecutive year, hitting poorest communities hardest
2019-06-17the_independentBabcock, Kier once again shine unflattering spotlight on contractors in the midst of a policy vacuum
2019-06-17the_independentGulf of Oman: Unconvinced EU foreign ministers call for independent investigation after US claim Iran is behind tanker attack
2019-06-17the_independentHailstones the size of ping pong balls smash windscreens, tear through buildings and destroy crops in France
2019-06-17the_independentWoman who 'stamped on turtles nest and stabbed it with a wooden stake' arrested
2019-06-17the_independentNigeria attack: At least 30 killed in triple suicide bombing
2019-06-17the_independentPolice bodycam footage shows officers wrestling bystander to the ground after he warns ground is wet
2019-06-17the_independentTrump filmed angrily telling his coughing chief of staff to get out of the Oval Office: 'You just can't cough'
2019-06-17the_independentJapan desperately needs daycare workers – but is rejecting those with children of their own
2019-06-17the_independentNew hedgehog road sign launched to warn drivers of small wildlife
2019-06-17the_independentUS to send 1,000 additional troops to Middle East in response to Iran's 'hostile behaviour'
2019-06-17the_independentTheresa May's flagship NHS plan set to fail because of dithering on social care, NHS bosses say
2019-06-17the_independentLove Island: Ofcom receives almost 800 complaints over Maura's 'predatory' behaviour and treatment of Lucie
2019-06-17the_independentWatergate: Apartment where reporter Bob Woodward left signals for 'Deep Throat' is up for sale
2019-06-17the_independentDogs evolved 'puppy dog eyes' to help them get on with humans, study finds
2019-06-17the_independentDolphins dying along Gulf Coast at triple normal rate
2019-06-17the_independentFrom 'spare tyre' to president - The rise and fall of Egypt's Mohamed Morsi
2019-06-17the_independentNew York approves ambitious climate change plan to lead the US on environment
2019-06-17the_independentNorth-South divide in education is 'too simplistic' as poorer children do better in big cities across country, minister says
2019-06-17the_independentMan tries to smuggle $100,000-worth of birds into US inside curlers
2019-06-17the_independent7 best home routers
2019-06-17the_independentRory Stewart in No 10 boost after receiving David Lidington's backing
2019-06-17the_independentDemocrats call for special counsel probe into Jared Kushner's 'prohibited campaign fundraising activities'
2019-06-17the_independentLondon Bridge attack: Officials took 'too long' to let paramedics treat victims at scene, ambulance boss admits
2019-06-17the_independentAmazon denies Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's claim it pays warehouse workers 'starvation wages'
2019-06-17the_independentUS Supreme Court throws out appeal against bakers who refused to make same-sex wedding cake
2019-06-17the_independentAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez hits back at Trump after he misquotes her in tweet defending him against impeachment
2019-06-17the_independentLychee fruit could be behind illness that killed nearly 100 children in India, scientists say
2019-06-17the_independentGulf of Oman: What we know so far about Iran being blamed for oil tanker attacks
2019-06-17the_independentJon Stewart: Mitch McConnell says he 'doesn't understand' why comedian is 'bent out of shape' over 9/11 victims fund
2019-06-17the_independentPro-gun Parkland shooting survivor loses Harvard admission over racism scandal
2019-06-17the_independentNext Tory leadership: Theresa May says she will not tell anyone who she voted for
2019-06-17the_independentThousands of cases may need to be reexamined because judge 'was drunk at work'
2019-06-17the_independentThe Tory Party has five weeks to realise it is about to give the country the worst prime minister in its history
2019-06-17the_independentTory leadership: Boost for Rory Stewart as he wins backing of Theresa May's 'deputy' David Lidington
2019-06-17the_independentTrump news – LIVE: President 'fires pollsters' over results as Fox News survey has him trailing every single major Democratic candidate
2019-06-17the_independentJailing of migrant sex workers in Ireland decried as 'completely unjust'
2019-06-17the_independentTom Watson steps up the pressure on Labour shifting Brexit stance towards second referendum
2019-06-17the_independent'Crannogs': Mini islands in Scotland thought to be 5,000-year-old ceremonial sites
2019-06-17the_independent'Unfinished business': The former Kosovo fighters ensuring Gjakova massacre killers not forgotten
2019-06-17the_independentWalter Luebcke murder: Police arrest man with far-right links after deadly shooting of Angela Merkel party official
2019-06-17the_independentChuka Umunna: Why I should have joined the Lib Dems straight away
2019-06-17the_independentMohamed Morsi death: Ousted Egyptian President dies during court appearance
2019-06-17the_independentMichael Gove warns rivals' Brexit plans could put Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street by Christmas
2019-06-17the_independentAlmost one in four British children do not know what a refugee is, survey says
2019-06-16the_independentYou may not need to take 10,000 steps a day to reduce risk of heart disease, finds women's study
2019-06-16the_independentJeremy Hunt says he will not commit to October Brexit deadline 'at any cost'
2019-06-16the_independentRory Stewart makes 'offer' to Nigel Farage and says Conservatives should work with Brexit Party
2019-06-16the_independent'Great risk' of drift towards war in Middle East after tanker attacks in Gulf of Oman incident, Jeremy Hunt warns
2019-06-16the_independentAnger as time taken to charge rapists doubles in seven years
2019-06-16the_independentChildren with links to social services are two grades behind at GCSE, report suggests
2019-06-16the_independentWainfleet flooding: Evacuated families face days away from home amid threat of more rain
2019-06-16the_independentTrump lashes out suggesting he could stay in office after two terms, amid poor approval ratings
2019-06-16the_independentArgentina and Uruguay completely without electricity after 'massive' network failure
2019-06-16the_independentHong Kong protesters coordinate tech-savvy effort to beat Chinese state surveillance
2019-06-16the_independentAmber Rudd warns 'numbers are there' to topple new Tory government pushing ahead with no-deal Brexit
2019-06-16the_independentTeenager forced into car by three men and assaulted
2019-06-16the_independent'I'm going to shoot you in your face', US policeman tells black couple after four-year-old daughter shoplifts doll
2019-06-16the_independentMolly Russell's father says parents should be allowed to view children's phones after death
2019-06-16the_independentWhat would happen if Trump refused to leave office after 2020 election loss?
2019-06-16the_independentTory leadership debate - LIVE: Conservative candidates take part in first hustings as Boris Johnson empty-chaired
2019-06-16the_independentBasildon's mayor subjected to racist chants as he raises LGBT+ flag at Pride event
2019-06-16the_independentOcasio-Cortez's New York office building broken into by man who sprayed police with fire extinguisher
2019-06-16the_independentPolice raid disused Gala Bingo Hall and seize 2,000 cannabis plants
2019-06-16the_independentBabe Ruth baseball jersey sells for record-breaking $5.6m at auction
2019-06-16the_independentTory leadership debate: Rory Stewart compares Brexit promises to cramming rubbish into a bin
2019-06-16the_independentDr John: singer and pianist with a long career as jack of all trades
2019-06-16the_independentTory leadership debate: Jeremy Hunt attacks Boris Johnson for skipping TV hustings
2019-06-16the_independentSudan's former president Omar al-Bashir charged with corruption in first appearance since removal from power
2019-06-16the_independentPacific Ocean earthquake: Tsunami alert issued after powerful 7.4 quake strikes north of New Zealand
2019-06-16the_independentTory leadership debate: Hunt attacks Johnson's capacity to deal with EU as frontrunner ducks TV hustings
2019-06-16the_independentUsing police cells to detain people with mental illness to be banned under new reforms
2019-06-16the_independentTory leadership debate: Hunt attacks Johnson's capacity to deal with EU as frontrunner ducks TV hustings
2019-06-16the_independentNamibia looks to sell 1,000 wild animals to game farms as national parks run out of water
2019-06-16the_independentPrivate firms raking in millions as people forced to pay 'extortionate' fees to apply for UK status
2019-06-16the_independentThe leaders debate proved one thing, there is nothing that isn't improved by the absence of Boris Johnson
2019-06-16the_independentC-sections have become festive events in Brazil, where they're more common than natural deliveries
2019-06-16the_independentThe women making menopause sexy
2019-06-16the_independentBoris Johnson secures support of former Tory leadership rival Matt Hancock
2019-06-16the_independentLabour must champion case for remaining in the EU, Tom Watson to urge Jeremy Corbyn
2019-06-16the_independentHong Kong protests: Tens of thousands march against extradition bill as activists demand Carrie Lam steps down
2019-06-16the_independentSaudi Crown Prince tells Iran: 'We won't hesitate to deal with any threat'
2019-06-16the_independentNotre Dame Cathedral holds first Mass since devastating fire
2019-06-16the_independentThe Valentine's Day murder case that sparked Hong Kong's extradition bill woes
2019-06-16the_independentWandsworth stabbing: Two teenagers charged with south London murder of 18-year-old during weekend of violence
2019-06-16the_independentDominic Raab warns Conservatives will be 'toast' in next election if it fails to secure Brexit by October 31st
2019-06-16the_independentOJ Simpson joins Twitter and claims he has some 'getting even to do'
2019-06-16the_independentBenjamin Netanyahu's wife Sara admits to misuse of public funds
2019-06-16the_independentTrump administration escalates cyber-attacks on Russian power grid as warning to Putin
2019-06-16the_independentDivers set world record for cleaning debris from ocean floor
2019-06-16the_independent'Friday the 13th' knifeman in mask arrested after chasing people in Newquay
2019-06-16the_independentNazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe: Husband admits he 'resented' Boris Johnson over handling of case