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2019-10-22the_mary_sueReview: The Current War Brings to Life the Battle of Egos Between Westinghouse and Edison
2019-10-22the_mary_sueThe Newest Trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Is Here!
2019-10-21the_mary_sueVeronica Rae Draws Ire From Incel Gamer Trolls for Daring to Cosplay as the Joker
2019-10-21the_mary_sueMaleficent: Mistress of Evil Deals in Weird Magical Negro Tropes
2019-10-21the_mary_sueMitt Romney Admits to Secret Twitter Account “Pierre Delecto” and the Internet Has a Field Day
2019-10-21the_mary_sueThings We Saw Today: Magic: The Gathering Pro Lee Shi Tian Draws Attention to Hong Kong Protests
2019-10-21the_mary_sueHillary Clinton, Brandi Carlile, & dream hampton Pull Out of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit Over Kirstjen Nielsen
2019-10-21the_mary_sueMiley Cyrus’ Terrible Statement: “I Always Thought I Had to Be Gay, Because I Just Thought All Guys Are Evil, but That’s Not True.” We Need Receipts.
2019-10-21the_mary_sueWe Need Tig Notaro’s Jett Reno as a Star Trek: Discovery Regular
2019-10-21the_mary_sueBlizzard Got “Vibe Checked” by Congress Over Hong Kong
2019-10-21the_mary_sueTodd Phillips Dislikes Deleted Scenes, so We’ll Be Spared From More Joker
2019-10-21the_mary_sueMartin Scorsese, Cinema Expert, Says Female Characters Can Detract From Stories
2019-10-21the_mary_sueWatchmen Just Gave Everyone an Early Black History Month Lesson About the Tulsa Race Riot
2019-10-21the_mary_sueAmber Heard Uses a Picture of Shirtless Jason Momoa to Beautifully Call Out Instagram’s Nudity Policies
2019-10-20the_mary_sueFrancis Ford Coppola One-Ups Martin Scorsese, Calls Marvel Films “Despicable”
2019-10-20the_mary_sueJohn Cho Injured on Cowboy Bebop Set, Halting Production for Months
2019-10-20the_mary_sueThe Reviews for HBO’s Watchmen Are In
2019-10-20the_mary_sueThings We Saw Today: Cigarette Roach Is the Spiritual Successor to Pizza Rat
2019-10-20the_mary_sueWorst Joker Jared Leto Allegedly Tried to Stop Joker From Happening
2019-10-20the_mary_sueCoco Isn’t a Halloween Movie but It’s Still The Perfect Seasonal Film
2019-10-19the_mary_sueThings We Saw Today: Get Ready for The Adventure Zone: Graduation!
2019-10-19the_mary_sueWhere Was Gay Character McGregor Houghton in Disney’s Jungle Cruise Trailer?
2019-10-19the_mary_suePlease, Supergirl, Don’t Make This New Jerk Reporter Kara’s Love Interest
2019-10-19the_mary_sueFan-Made Spider-Man Web-Shooters? What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
2019-10-19the_mary_sueYahoo Groups Will Close and Remove All Content
2019-10-19the_mary_suePossible Russian Asset Tulsi Gabbard Sure Doesn’t Like Being Called a Russian Asset
2019-10-19the_mary_sueTen Years Later, Let’s Remember the Buzz Around Paranormal Activity
2019-10-19the_mary_sueMeghan Markle Is Not Okay, and There Is a Reason for That
2019-10-18the_mary_sueDaisy Ridley Talked Reylo But Didn’t Give Much Away
2019-10-18the_mary_sueThings We Saw Today: So Fans Think They Spotted Matt Smith in Star Wars
2019-10-18the_mary_sueWe Have $1.6 Trillion of Student Debt. Sallie Mae Celebrated by Sending 100 Employees to Maui.
2019-10-18the_mary_sueI Know It’s 2019, but Jon Favreau’s Chef Is a Perfect Movie
2019-10-18the_mary_sueListen to Bestselling Author Renée Ahdieh’s Beautiful New YA Vampire Romance
2019-10-18the_mary_sueSons of Anarchy Creator Kurt Sutter Has Been Fired Due to “Multiple Complaints” of Being “an Abusive D*ck”
2019-10-18the_mary_sueWhy Trump Awarding the G-7 Summit to His Own Resort Is a Direct Violation of the Constitution
2019-10-18the_mary_sueHarley Quinn Series Emancipates Its Titular Character While Still Letting Her Be the Bad Guy
2019-10-18the_mary_sueWhy in the World Would We Need a Barney Movie, of All Things?
2019-10-18the_mary_sueJohn Mulaney: Defender of Dogs, Hater of Your Stupid Scooters
2019-10-18the_mary_sueHold On, Did Anyone Realize Rick Perry Was Still Working at the White House?
2019-10-18the_mary_sueThe Future of “Fat Thor” Is Unclear Despite Finished Thor: Love and Thunder Script
2019-10-18the_mary_sueAbortion Should Be Safe, Legal, and Accessible Whenever You Need It