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Articles for: the_progressive

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2019-06-24the_progressiveMexico Is Not Our Enemy
2019-06-21the_progressiveMidwest States Battle Over School Funding—and Democracy
2019-06-21the_progressiveThe Growing Case Against Fracking
2019-06-20the_progressiveThe Stonewall Story Isn’t Over
2019-06-20the_progressiveThe Classic Trump Collection
2019-06-20the_progressiveTennessee’s Long Fight Over Voucher Schools
2019-06-19the_progressiveThe Scramble to Address Solar’s Race Problem
2019-06-19the_progressiveThe Social Movement Photography of David Bacon: At the Funeral of Cesar Chavez
2019-06-18the_progressiveBill McKibben’s ‘Falter’ Arrives Just in Time
2019-06-18the_progressiveStop Building in Floodplains
2019-06-17the_progressiveSmart Ass Cripple: Where Have All the Parking Lots Gone?