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2019-08-20the_vergeSimpliSafe’s new $99 smart lock automatically bolts when you arm your alarm
2019-08-20the_vergeThe OnePlus TV is coming in September, but maybe not to you
2019-08-20the_vergeThousands of MoviePass customers’ credit card numbers were exposed online
2019-08-20the_vergeKeanu Reeves and Carrie Anne-Moss are making a fourth Matrix movie
2019-08-20the_vergeWalmart sues Tesla over several solar panel fires caused by ‘negligence’
2019-08-20the_vergeYouTube will reportedly halt targeted ads for videos that appeal to kids
2019-08-20the_vergeSony pulls Spider-Man out of the MCU over profit-sharing dispute with Disney
2019-08-20the_vergeThe Twitter Emoji Mashup Bot is now available as free iMessage stickers
2019-08-20the_vergeYouTube bans robot fighting videos for animal cruelty roughly 10 years too soon
2019-08-20the_vergePorsche’s Taycan will be the first car with a built-in Apple Music app
2019-08-20the_vergeRealme 5 and 5 Pro announced with quad cameras and low prices
2019-08-20the_vergeIFTTT warns its Nest users not to migrate to Google accounts
2019-08-20the_vergeChina is the latest superpower to get caught waging a disinformation campaign on Twitter
2019-08-20the_vergeThe first Lightning security key for iPhones is here, and it works with USB-C, too
2019-08-20the_vergeNvidia releases big driver update with ultra-low latency mode, integer scaling, and more
2019-08-20the_vergeGoogle stops sharing Android user data that helped carriers plan coverage
2019-08-20the_vergeIndia’s lunar mission enters the Moon’s orbit ahead of landing attempt
2019-08-20the_vergeApple Card now available to everyone in the US with 3 percent cash back for Uber
2019-08-20the_vergeThe world’s oldest webcam is shutting down after a quarter of a century
2019-08-20the_vergeEric Prydz’s 5-ton Holosphere shows the ambitious future of concert tech
2019-08-20the_vergeThousands of autonomous delivery robots are about to descend on US college campuses
2019-08-20the_verge2020 Democrat Michael Bennet sounds the alarm on election interference and social media
2019-08-20the_vergeFacebook’s Clear History privacy tool finally begins rolling out in three countries
2019-08-20the_vergeYouTube shows have become a secret weapon for rising politicians
2019-08-20the_vergeHow carbon nanotubes built this bizarre ultrablack material
2019-08-20the_vergeMicrosoft’s Chromium Edge browser moves closer to release with new beta version
2019-08-20the_vergeGoogle’s lightweight Go search app is now available worldwide
2019-08-20the_vergeThe phone case models use to subvert Instagram
2019-08-20the_vergeFacebook to hire veteran journalists to curate upcoming News Tab feature
2019-08-20the_vergeIllegal tournaments and rejected visas: Team Vietnam’s long road to the PUBG Nations Cup
2019-08-20the_vergeThe government’s plan to update rocket launch licensing is pissing off the commercial space industry
2019-08-20the_vergeLGBTQ YouTubers love the site — that’s why they’re suing it
2019-08-20the_vergeThe Justice Department is working with states on tech investigation, antitrust chief says
2019-08-20the_vergeI can’t wrap my feeble American brain around this massive bike parking garage in the Netherlands
2019-08-20the_vergeYou should opt out of the Apple Card’s arbitration clause — here’s how
2019-08-20the_vergeGmail rolls out better, smarter spell check and grammar corrections for G Suite
2019-08-20the_verge23 Texas towns hit by coordinated ransomware attack
2019-08-20the_vergeNetflix’s TV app can now remind you when new shows are released
2019-08-20the_vergeApple TV Plus can afford to gamble $6 billion in a way that Disney and Hulu can’t
2019-08-20the_vergeDrako Motors’ 1,200-horsepower GTE is Silicon Valley’s latest crack at electric cars
2019-08-19the_vergeApple reportedly ups TV spending by $5 billion to compete with Amazon and Netflix
2019-08-19the_vergeApple TV Plus will reportedly cost $9.99 per month and launch in November
2019-08-19the_vergeThe world’s on fire, and Aston Martin wants to build ‘lairs’ for cars
2019-08-19the_vergeMinecraft will get ray tracing for Nvidia RTX graphics cards
2019-08-19the_vergeXiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo collaborate on AirDrop-style file transfer
2019-08-19the_vergeSpotify’s Family Plan will soon work better for actual families
2019-08-19the_vergeScientists develop robotic shorts that make it easier to walk and run
2019-08-19the_vergeSupreme’s new feature phone is for hypebeasts only
2019-08-19the_vergeSuperhot and Hotline Miami are coming to the Nintendo Switch today
2019-08-19the_vergeUS gives Huawei another 90 days before full ban takes effect
2019-08-19the_vergeThe Roku Channel is adding a kids and family section with free TV shows and movies
2019-08-19the_vergeDisney+ will stream on these devices at launch
2019-08-19the_vergeNew trailer for Apple’s Morning Show has Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon out for blood
2019-08-19the_vergeStripe will pay $1 million a year to take carbon out of the air — but will it work?
2019-08-19the_vergeThe DJI Osmo Mobile 3 finally fits in your bag
2019-08-19the_vergePUBG is getting cross-play for Xbox One and PS4 in October
2019-08-19the_vergeApple’s Morning Show logo looks like the one for Elon Musk’s Boring Company
2019-08-19the_vergeBernie Sanders calls for a ban on police use of facial recognition
2019-08-19the_vergeAlienware’s new 55-inch OLED monitor is a step closer to the perfect gaming TV
2019-08-19the_vergeAlienware Aurora R9 and G5 5090 are Dell’s new bang-for-the-buck gaming PCs
2019-08-19the_vergeApple Arcade video game subscription service rumored to cost $4.99 per month
2019-08-19the_vergeHow an ambitious fan project reinvented a Pokémon classic
2019-08-19the_vergeGoogle Duo’s new low-light mode will make nighttime chats easier
2019-08-19the_vergeRadius starts with an unbeatable science fantasy premise, then gets weird
2019-08-19the_vergeYouTube sues alleged copyright troll over extortion of multiple YouTubers
2019-08-19the_vergeWestworld Awakening is a VR game that puts you in the shoes of a newly self-aware android
2019-08-19the_vergeApple will release new colors of its excellent Powerbeats Pro wireless earbuds on August 30th
2019-08-19the_vergeCyberpunk 2077 is coming to Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service
2019-08-19the_vergeMicrosoft’s new SMS Organizer app for Android filters out spam messages
2019-08-19the_vergeFacebook and Twitter uncover Chinese trolls spreading doubts about Hong Kong protests
2019-08-19the_vergeWatch the first trailer for Silicon Valley’s sixth and final season
2019-08-19the_vergeTesla launches a rental plan to help its slumping home solar panel business
2019-08-19the_vergeNvidia is bringing its GeForce Now cloud gaming service to Android phones
2019-08-19the_vergeeBay and Shopify pull listings on Jeffrey Epstein-inspired merch
2019-08-19the_vergeSony acquires Spider-Man and Ratchet & Clank developer Insomniac Games
2019-08-19the_vergeWomen swept the Hugo Awards — again
2019-08-19the_vergeVizio’s 65-inch P-Series Quantum 4K TV is cheaper than ever
2019-08-19the_vergeDeath Stranding, Gears 5, and Destiny 2: the best trailers of Gamescom 2019
2019-08-19the_vergeMoon delivery startup Astrobotic picks future Vulcan rocket to launch first lunar mission
2019-08-19the_vergeReddit launches five-day live-streaming test
2019-08-19the_vergeFormer Siri chief is leaving Apple to join Microsoft’s AI division
2019-08-19the_vergeFacebook’s antitrust investigation could finish as soon as next year
2019-08-18the_vergeSonos’ first portable Bluetooth speaker leaks in more detail
2019-08-18the_vergeTrump says Tim Cook made ‘good case’ that trade war helps Samsung over Apple
2019-08-18the_vergeMost states still aren’t set to audit paper ballots in 2020
2019-08-18the_vergeA Short Hike is one part Animal Crossing and one part Breath of the Wild
2019-08-18the_vergeThis curvy cat font inspired by cat tails was created for a zine about cats
2019-08-18the_verge9 new trailers you should watch this week
2019-08-17the_vergeHow low-paid Microsoft contractors train Cortana by listening to you
2019-08-17the_vergeNintendo denies reports of trade-in program for new, upgraded Switch models
2019-08-17the_vergeIkea goes all in on smart home tech