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2019-11-13zero_hedge"Oh Cool, More Bullshit": Anonymous White House Officials Trash Book By Anonymous Ex-White House Official
2019-11-13zero_hedgeEscobar: Lula's "Back, With A Bang!" To Fight US Deep State's "Cocaine Evangelistan"
2019-11-13zero_hedgeCode Brown: California Poo Situation Upgraded To 'Hot Diarrhea' Attacks; Urinating In Public OK
2019-11-13zero_hedgeDoes Schiff's Impeachment Lynch Mob Signal The End Of America's Two-Party Political System?
2019-11-13zero_hedgeHow To Crush A Bankers' Dictatorship: A Lesson From 1933
2019-11-13zero_hedgeBeijing Slams US 'Hypocrisy' Over Soaring HK Violence As Students Launch Arrows At Police
2019-11-13zero_hedgeBrandon Smith: Trump Impeachment And The Civil War Scenario
2019-11-13zero_hedgeEurope On A Geopolitical Fault Line
2019-11-13zero_hedge"Europe Is Dying" - 50,000 Polish 'Patriots' March To Save Country From "Disastrous European Union"
2019-11-13zero_hedgeGlobal Business Surveys Slump To Worst Level Since The Great Recession
2019-11-13zero_hedgeChicago Youth Wreak Havoc With 'Shoplifting Mobs'; Employee's Head Slammed Into Glass Case
2019-11-13zero_hedgeJournalism School Dean Rips Into "Traumatized" Jeff Sessions Protesters For Harassing Student Journalists
2019-11-13zero_hedgeWorld's Largest CLO Whale Goes Cool On $750 Billion Market
2019-11-13zero_hedgeFederal Court Rules Suspicionless Searches of Travelers' Phones and Laptops Unconstitutional
2019-11-13zero_hedge"Ridiculous": $1 Trillion In Orders For $7 Billion Chinese Bond
2019-11-13zero_hedgeOf Course There Was A Quid Pro Quo! That's The Essence Of Washington's "Foreign Aid"
2019-11-13zero_hedgeIdaho Residents Fume Over State-Wrecking Californians And Other Inflationary Transplants
2019-11-12zero_hedgeTrade-Deal Doubts, Peak 'Put-Puke', & Extreme Greed Spark Stock Stumble
2019-11-12zero_hedge"Tax Cut 2.0" Is Back: Trump Exploring Cutting Rate On "Middle Class" To 15%
2019-11-12zero_hedgeReal Estate Magnate Sells New York Condo For $15.3M In Bitcoin
2019-11-12zero_hedgeComplaint Alleges Whistleblower Accepted $230K In Illegal Gifts Via GoFundMe Page
2019-11-12zero_hedgeIndia's Factory Output And Electricity Demand Plunge To Decade Lows Amid Economic Downturn
2019-11-12zero_hedgeAmerica Needs A War On Waste - 100 Examples Of Federal Taxpayer Abuse
2019-11-12zero_hedgeJimmy Carter Hospitalized For Brain Surgery
2019-11-12zero_hedge'Solutions Are Obvious' - The US Higher Education System Is Broken
2019-11-12zero_hedgeBay Area Home Prices Continue Slide, Peak Is likely In
2019-11-12zero_hedgeCiting "Gun Violence", UVA Cancels 21-Gun-Salute Portion Of Veterans Day Ceremony
2019-11-12zero_hedgePresident Xi Reiterates Combat-Readiness, Says Army Needs to Be "Powerful As Tigers"
2019-11-12zero_hedgeAre You Ready For A Catastrophically Cold Winter? Here's What The Mainstream Media Won't Tell You...
2019-11-12zero_hedgeCLO Slump Sparks Warning: "There's More Volatility Coming"
2019-11-12zero_hedgeRediscovering America: A Quiz For Veterans Day
2019-11-12zero_hedgeSyria (Summed Up In One Iconic Photo)
2019-11-12zero_hedgeHow To Spend $45,000 On A $27,000 Car
2019-11-12zero_hedgeThe Country Using The Most Electricity May Surprise You
2019-11-12zero_hedgeTurkey's Other Weapon Against The Kurds: Water
2019-11-12zero_hedgeGlobal Proxy War Escalates: "Destabilizing Operation" Sends Bolivia Into Political Chaos
2019-11-12zero_hedge"We've Had Fires Since Time Began": Australia Deputy PM Slams "Enlightened, Woke Capital-City Greenies"
2019-11-12zero_hedgeWill Julian Assange Die In Prison?
2019-11-12zero_hedgeTrump Expected To Delay Decision On EU Auto Tariffs
2019-11-12zero_hedgeIs The ECB Pricing Investors Out Of The Primary Market?
2019-11-12zero_hedgeGreece, China Sign 16 Belt And Road Deals To Open New Superhighway
2019-11-12zero_hedgeFarage's "Big Ask" May Save Brexit As Johnson Concedes
2019-11-12zero_hedgeNarrative Managers In Overdrive After Death Of White Helmets Founder
2019-11-12zero_hedgeAnother Short-Squeeze Sends S&P Over 3,100 For First Time Ever
2019-11-12zero_hedgePat Buchanan Warns, Bernie Is Leading His Party To Open Borders
2019-11-12zero_hedge"Panic, Pure Panic" - Chilean Peso Collapses To 800/USD, Blowing Through Record Lows
2019-11-12zero_hedgeDebt Market Bubble's Bursting - The 'CLO Sausage Factory' Is Stalling
2019-11-12zero_hedgeHuawei Gives Employees Mega Bonus For Resisting Trump
2019-11-12zero_hedgeHong Kong Police Warn City On Brink Of 'Total Breakdown'
2019-11-12zero_hedgeNow That We've Incentivized Sociopaths... Guess What Happens Next
2019-11-12zero_hedgeMass Chemical Attack On School In China Leaves 54 Injured, Mostly Children
2019-11-12zero_hedgeA Correction Is Coming, Just Don't Tell The Bulls...Yet
2019-11-12zero_hedgeFutures Frozen Ahead Of Widely Expected Trump Trade Speech
2019-11-12zero_hedgeWorld's Ultra-Rich Preparing For Market Crash, UBS Warns
2019-11-12zero_hedgeHorowitz Report Will Be Damning, Criminal Referrals Likely
2019-11-12zero_hedgeVindman, The 'Expert'?
2019-11-12zero_hedgeVideo Shows American ISIS Member Stranded In Greek-Turkish Border 'No Man's Land'
2019-11-12zero_hedgeStocks Stall After Chinese Media Comments On Trump Speech "Lies"
2019-11-12zero_hedgeCould Vape Users Sway The Presidential Election?
2019-11-12zero_hedgeOwner Of "Salt Bae" Steakhouse Chain Is Scrambling To Find A Partner At A $1 Billion Valuation
2019-11-12zero_hedgeBolivian Coup Comes Less Than A Week After Morales Stopped Lithium Deal
2019-11-12zero_hedgeMark Sanford Ends Bid To Challenge Trump In GOP Primary
2019-11-12zero_hedgePerformers Stabbed On Saudi Stage Amid Controversy Over MbS' Liberalization Initiative
2019-11-12zero_hedgeTrump Talks Trade, Praises Negative Rates At Economic Club Of New York
2019-11-12zero_hedgeUS Stock Markets Up 200%, Yet Illinois Pension Hole Deepens 75%
2019-11-12zero_hedgeIsrael "Preparing For War" As 150 Rockets Fired From Gaza
2019-11-12zero_hedgeIgnoring Women Costs Financial Industry $700 Billion a Year? Mish Calls "Bull$hit"
2019-11-12zero_hedgeThe $22 Trillion Market Keeping Coal Afloat
2019-11-12zero_hedge"These Gates Will Open" - Erdogan Declares As Turkey Begins Deporting ISIS Captives To Europe
2019-11-12zero_hedgeSanders Hot With Nurses; Earns Endorsement From Largest Union In Country
2019-11-12zero_hedge"I Feel Like A Stranger In A Strange Land..."
2019-11-12zero_hedgeWhat Blackout Period: BofA Just Had Its 6th Busiest Week Ever For Stock Buybacks
2019-11-12zero_hedgeIn Search Of A Traitor
2019-11-12zero_hedgeBolton Trashes Trump During Private Speech; Says Real-Estate Tactics Hurting Foreign Policy
2019-11-12zero_hedgeWisconsin's Dairy Crisis: "We're Losing Two Farms A Day!"
2019-11-12zero_hedgeWatch: Gaza Rockets Narrowly Miss Cars Traveling On Israeli Highway
2019-11-12zero_hedgeIf Impeachment Fails, Will The Elite Crash The Economy To Prevent Four More Years Of Trump?
2019-11-11zero_hedgeTulsi Gabbard Demands Clinton Retract 'Defamatory' Russia Smear
2019-11-11zero_hedgeRabo: A Look At Markets "Through The Lens Of The Wall"
2019-11-11zero_hedgeAs Winter Storm Arrives, Chaos Unfolds At Chicago O'Hare As Passenger Jet Slides Off Runway
2019-11-11zero_hedgeManhattan's Retail Industry Is Imploding Before The Holiday Season
2019-11-11zero_hedgeNordea Warns "Not Unthinkable That The Fed Cuts Its Planned Bill-Buying Pace This Week"
2019-11-11zero_hedge"Everyone Was Bleeding": Teen Survivor Of Mexican Cartel Massacre Recounts Horrifying Details
2019-11-11zero_hedgeChanging Attitudes On Veterans Day
2019-11-11zero_hedgeGold Gagged With Bonds Away But Boeing, Boots, & Apple Save Stocks
2019-11-11zero_hedgeFor Millions Of Americans In The Middle Of The Country, It Feels Like An Economic Depression Right Now
2019-11-11zero_hedgeIran Is Blowing Past Enriched Uranium Limits, New IAEA Report Confirms
2019-11-11zero_hedgeRon Paul Asks: Is The "Mother Of All Bubbles" About To Pop?
2019-11-11zero_hedgeGoogle Secretly Harvested 'Detailed' Healthcare Data From Millions Of Americans
2019-11-11zero_hedgeThe Globalists Have Declared War On Your Savings
2019-11-11zero_hedgeBank Of America: Stocks Are The Most Expensive Since The Jan 2018 Meltup "But There Is No Alternative"
2019-11-11zero_hedgeEconomists Are Still Hooked On The Myth That Saving Is Bad For The Economy
2019-11-11zero_hedgeTrump To Release "Tantalizing" Transcript Of First Ukraine Call This Week
2019-11-11zero_hedgeWho Wants To Destroy The World?
2019-11-11zero_hedgeCaught On Video: Hong Kong Protester Shot By Police During Morning Clashes; Hang Seng Tumbles
2019-11-11zero_hedgeBank Behind World's Largest Money Laundering Scandal Offered Russians Gold Bars To Hide Their Fortune
2019-11-11zero_hedgeGabbard And Trump Jr. Change America's View Of 'The View'
2019-11-11zero_hedgeOld People Can Start Infusing Children's Blood Again
2019-11-11zero_hedgeDoug Casey On What Happens When Socialists Win Elections
2019-11-11zero_hedgeYoung First-Time Buyers Are Vanishing From US Housing Market
2019-11-11zero_hedgeMauldin: How China Plans To Take Over The US
2019-11-11zero_hedgeWeWork Disaster Aftermath: With 97% Of Companies Using Non-GAAP Metrics, Is Everything Fake?
2019-11-11zero_hedgeItalians & Spaniards Still Believe 'Cash Is King'
2019-11-11zero_hedge"Too Many To Count": The Global Persecution Of Christians
2019-11-11zero_hedgeHow The Deep State "Justifies" Itself In America
2019-11-11zero_hedgeChaos In Bolivia After President Morales Resigns, Claims He Was Victim Of A Coup
2019-11-11zero_hedgeWhere U.S. Troops Are Based In The Middle East
2019-11-11zero_hedgeAlibaba Breaks 'Singles Day' Sales Record With $31 Billion Haul
2019-11-11zero_hedgeThe End Of NATO?
2019-11-11zero_hedgeIreland First, Italy Worst: European Commission Releases GDP Growth Forecasts
2019-11-11zero_hedge30 Years After The Berlin Wall Came Down, East And West Germany Are Still Divided
2019-11-11zero_hedgeGold Slammed To 3-Mo Lows Despite Dollar Dump
2019-11-11zero_hedgeMSM Adamantly Avoids The Word "Coup" In Bolivia Reporting
2019-11-11zero_hedgeBritain Narrowly Avoids Recession As Economy Grinds To Halt
2019-11-11zero_hedgeRemember Why We Celebrate Veterans Day
2019-11-11zero_hedgeUber CEO Backpedals After Comparing Khashoggi Murder To 'Mistake' Similar To Self-Driving Car Accident
2019-11-11zero_hedgeChina's Credit Creation Unexpectedly Collapses At The Worst Possible Time
2019-11-11zero_hedge"Not"-QE, But "Definite" Asset Inflation
2019-11-11zero_hedgeKKR Reportedly Approaches Walgreens Boots In Biggest LBO Ever
2019-11-11zero_hedgeWho Needs Graham & Dodd When We Have 'Quantitative' & 'Easing'?
2019-11-11zero_hedgeMan Set On Fire In Hong Kong After Confronting "Enemy Of The People" Rioters
2019-11-11zero_hedgeBlain: "When There Is Too Much Cash The Market Will Remain Irrational For Longer"
2019-11-11zero_hedgeUS Futures, Global Stocks Slide On Lack Of Trade Optimism, Hong Kong Violence
2019-11-11zero_hedgeIn Major Reversal, Farage Says Brexit Party Won't Challenge Tory-Held Seats
2019-11-11zero_hedgeNew York Rep. Peter King Becomes 20th House Republican To Announce Retirement Plans
2019-11-11zero_hedgeVIXtermination & Megadeath
2019-11-11zero_hedgeWhite Helmets 'MI-6 Co-Founder' Found Dead In Turkey
2019-11-11zero_hedgeICE "Tank" Appears In Queens Sparking Leftist Outrage
2019-11-11zero_hedgeThe Death Throes Of A Party: Is Pelosi Planning To Shaft Schiff?
2019-11-11zero_hedgeTesla Shows Off Its First Shanghai-Built Vehicles Despite China's Impending EV Collapse
2019-11-11zero_hedgeDiMartino Booth: "Remember, This Is A Confidence Game"
2019-11-11zero_hedgeSprint, T-Mobile Shares Slump On Reports CEO Legere In Talks To Run WeWork
2019-11-11zero_hedgeAs Insider-Sales Hit Record Highs, Travis Kalanick Dumps 20% Of Uber Stake After Lockup
2019-11-11zero_hedgePlatts: 5 Commodity Charts To Watch This Week
2019-11-11zero_hedgeDow Jumps As Boeing Soars On Claims 737 MAX Deliveries "Could" Resume In December
2019-11-11zero_hedgeThe One Chart Every Millennial Should Ignore
2019-11-10zero_hedgeThe Long March Has Paid Off: Millennials Love Socialism
2019-11-10zero_hedge53 Million Americans Drowning In Cycle Of Low-Wage Work
2019-11-10zero_hedgeDavid Stockman On How The Deep State Really Works
2019-11-10zero_hedgeCalifornia Approves $3.2 Billion Bond For High Speed Train To Nowhere
2019-11-10zero_hedgeCA Wildfires Make Homeless Crisis Even Worse
2019-11-10zero_hedgeD.C. Braces For Erdogan Visit Next Week: Here's What Happened Last Time
2019-11-10zero_hedgeScientists In China Are Using Live Pigs As Crash Test Dummies
2019-11-10zero_hedgeCTAs Are Almost Done Selling Bonds: Why The Market's "Great Rotation" Is Almost Over
2019-11-10zero_hedgeEscobar: America's 'Blue Dot' Barely Visible From New Silk Roads
2019-11-10zero_hedgeA Visual Timeline Of AI Predictions In Sci-Fi
2019-11-10zero_hedgeThe "QE, Not QE" Rally Is On... What Happens Next?
2019-11-10zero_hedgeSchiff Rejects GOP Whistleblower Testimony Demand, Due To "The President's Threats"
2019-11-10zero_hedgeUK Election Math: What Are The Odds Of A Hung Parliament?
2019-11-10zero_hedgeBroke Bond Markets Mounting: Italy Surpasses Greece As Europe's Riskiest Sovereign
2019-11-10zero_hedgeA Miracle In Berlin
2019-11-10zero_hedgeUS Threatens Sanctions On Serbia, Scrambles To Thwart Possible S-400 Purchase
2019-11-10zero_hedgeUN Envoy Issues Grim Warning Over Assange's Life
2019-11-10zero_hedgeWill Durham Investigation Tank Impeachment Efforts?
2019-11-10zero_hedgeIran Finds New Oil Field With Over 50 Billion Barrels: Rouhani
2019-11-10zero_hedge'Resistance'... Are Futile
2019-11-10zero_hedgeGoldman Sachs Investigated Over 'Fu**ing Sexist' Apple Card
2019-11-10zero_hedgeBitcoin Jumps Back Above $9,000 As Bobby Lee Forecasts "Flippening" Of Gold By 2028
2019-11-10zero_hedgeSaudi Arabia's Final Attempt To Boost Aramco's Valuation
2019-11-10zero_hedgeBezos Begged Bloomberg To Run In 2020
2019-11-10zero_hedge"We're Living In A System Of The Banks, By The Banks, & For The Banks..."
2019-11-10zero_hedgeLeaked US Memo Confirms NATO Ally Turkey Pursuing "Intentioned Ethnic Cleansing" In Syria
2019-11-10zero_hedgeJ.P.Koning: The Gamification Of Bitcoin
2019-11-10zero_hedgeOnerous Loan Terms Are Crippling Already Broke Subprime Auto Buyers
2019-11-10zero_hedgeMorgan Stanley: "Climate Will Be A Key Driver Of Asset Prices In The Months And Years Ahead"
2019-11-10zero_hedgeTwitter CEO Hosted MbS 6 Months AFTER Saudi Spies Discovered Within The Company
2019-11-10zero_hedgeFormer Central Banker: "As A Young Man I Would Have Never Imagined This Would Be Our Destination"
2019-11-10zero_hedgeMcKinsey Under Federal Criminal Investigation Over Its Work Advising Bankrupt Companies
2019-11-10zero_hedgeRand Paul: Trump Has "Every Right" To Withhold Ukraine Aid Due To Corruption
2019-11-10zero_hedgeUS Infantry Fighting Vehicles Appear In Northern Syria
2019-11-09zero_hedgeMapping China's Global Debt-Serfdom-ification
2019-11-09zero_hedgeThree Deep State Confessions On Syria
2019-11-09zero_hedgeChina Auto Sales Fall 6% In October As Global Auto Recession Shows No Signs Of Slowing
2019-11-09zero_hedgeAmerica's Endless Wars: "At West Point, Graduation Day Felt More Like A Tragedy Than A Triumph"
2019-11-09zero_hedgeCalifornia's Housing Nightmare Is Only Getting Worse
2019-11-09zero_hedge4 Reasons Why Socialism Is Becoming More Popular
2019-11-09zero_hedgeVisualizing Walmart's Domination Of The US Grocery Market
2019-11-09zero_hedgeNobel Prize Winner Suggests Blasting Nuclear Waste With Lasers
2019-11-09zero_hedgeHong Kong Student Dies From Injuries In First Fatality Linked To Protests
2019-11-09zero_hedgePaul Craig Roberts: "A Successful Coup Against Trump Will Murder American Democracy"
2019-11-09zero_hedge"Clients With Guns" Are Demanding Deposits From Crisis-Stricken Lebanese Banks
2019-11-09zero_hedgeBloomberg Officially Files Paperwork For 2020 Presidential Primary
2019-11-09zero_hedgeHarvard Wants Students To Bone Up On Oral And Anal Sex, Stop Judging Fatties
2019-11-09zero_hedgeExposing The Plan For A Global Dystopia
2019-11-09zero_hedgePentagon Official Warns China Exporting Killer AI Drones To Middle East
2019-11-09zero_hedgeEast Germany Remains A Powerful Example Of What Happens After We "Smash Capitalism"
2019-11-09zero_hedge"Maybe The Rich See The Writing On The Wall": CEOs Stepping Down At Highest Levels Since 2008
2019-11-09zero_hedge"Wake-Up Call" To Europe: Iran Vows Increase Of Nuclear Activity Every 2 Months
2019-11-09zero_hedgeSwedish Government Grants $175,000 To Fund Drag Queen Shows For Children
2019-11-09zero_hedgeMaybe Just A Coma? Russia Reacts To Macron's "Golden Words" About "Brain Dead" NATO
2019-11-09zero_hedgeThe Battle For The Soul Of Great Britain
2019-11-09zero_hedgeDaimler To Slash 10% Of Management Amid Global Auto Industry Bust
2019-11-09zero_hedgeThe Court Of Justice Of The European Union Limits Free Speech
2019-11-09zero_hedgeThe Economics Behind The Fall Of The Berlin Wall
2019-11-09zero_hedge"An 'Oh Shit' Moment": Mattell Accounting Coverup Prompts Questions Of Chronic Audit Fraud
2019-11-09zero_hedgeVisitor Logs Reveal 'Whistleblower' And DNC Contractor Visited Obama White House Multiple Times
2019-11-09zero_hedgeLearn To Code: Traditional Bond Traders Now Being Overrun By Programming Quants
2019-11-09zero_hedgePork Hyperinflation Sends Chinese Consumer Prices Soaring Most In 7 Years
2019-11-09zero_hedgeRiding The Type 3 Mega Market Melt Up Train
2019-11-09zero_hedgeNunes Demands Schiff Testify After Lying; Also Wants Whistleblower And Hunter Biden To Appear
2019-11-09zero_hedgeThe One Metric That Matters For Electric Cars
2019-11-09zero_hedge"It's As If JPMorgan And Goldman Vanished..."
2019-11-09zero_hedgeTechnology Spurs On Our Ability To Deceive
2019-11-09zero_hedge'Greta' Uber Alles?
2019-11-09zero_hedgePentagon: We'll Shoot Any Syrian Official Who Tries to Access Syrian Oil
2019-11-09zero_hedgeAmerica's Richest 1% Now Own As Much Wealth As The Middle And Lower Classes Combined
2019-11-09zero_hedgeIs China's Embrace Of Blockchain A Warning Shot To The West?
2019-11-09zero_hedgeActivist Shrinks Want To Tell Impeachment Panel Trump Is Crazy