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2020-04-01TheNextWebCoronavirus leads to global decrease in oil demand, air quality is on the up
2020-04-01TheNextWebSpotify’s new Warner Music deal will bring tunes from Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, and Linkin Park to India soon
2020-04-01TheNextWebWe asked a computational poet if machines will ever replace human writers
2020-04-01TheNextWebThis handy tool lets you record GIFs straight from your browser
2020-04-01TheNextWebOur coronavirus symptom-tracking app has been used by millions — here’s what we’re learning
2020-04-01TheNextWebThis startup made a coronavirus knowledge graph to help doctors with diagnosis
2020-04-01TheNextWebTrump’s trade war created a sweet-ass laptop stockpile for US schools
2020-04-01TheNextWebRussia developing coronavirus tracking app to ensure patients stay home
2020-04-01TheNextWebNew coronavirus contact-tracing app coming to UK ‘within weeks’
2020-04-01TheNextWebThe challenges TikTok must overcome to stay on top in 2020
2020-04-01TheNextWebAll the coronavirus antivirals and vaccine research projects being fast-tracked right now
2020-04-01TheNextWebHow to manage anxiety if you’re working from home due to coronavirus
2020-04-01TheNextWebDaily Distraction: The origin of Facebook’s ‘pandemic’
2020-04-01TheNextWebSatoshi Nakaboto: ‘Bitcoin loses top position on CoinMarketCap index’
2020-04-01TheNextWebIf your kids are bouncing off the walls already, we’ve got a few ideas
2020-04-01TheNextWebDon’t believe Zoom: Its video calls are not encrypted end-to-end
2020-04-01TheNextWebHow to stay in business during coronavirus: Lessons from running a remote-first company
2020-04-01TheNextWeb4 things I learned about innovation by working under Intuit’s Scott Cook
2020-03-31TheNextWebThis tool erases web page text to reveal hidden poetry
2020-03-31TheNextWebReport: Nintendo to release several remastered Mario games this year
2020-03-31TheNextWebMicrosoft takes on Grammarly with new Editor extension for Chrome and Edge
2020-03-31TheNextWebHubble telescope discovers Galaxy-ripping quasar tsunamis in space
2020-03-31TheNextWebGoogle offers comprehensive coronavirus datasets to researchers for free
2020-03-31TheNextWebStartup post-mortem: 5 lessons from a failed business venture
2020-03-31TheNextWebHere’s why YouTube videos are maxing out at 480p in India right now
2020-03-31TheNextWebCanva Pro can save you hours building your own digital graphics. It’s on sale now for $12.99.
2020-03-31TheNextWebConcerts Might be Canceled, But You Can be Your Own DJ with These Ableton & Logic Pro X Courses
2020-03-31TheNextWebHouseparty offers $1M bounty for proof of hacking ‘smear campaign’
2020-03-31TheNextWebSatoshi Nakaboto: ‘Bitcoin and S&P 500 Index highly correlated during coronavirus liquidation’
2020-03-31TheNextWebGrab makes e-scooter and cab rides free for frontline coronavirus workers in the Philippines
2020-03-31TheNextWebEntrepreneurs must warm up to AI — or risk their own ‘AlphaGo loss’
2020-03-31TheNextWeb5 quick tips to help manage your startup’s cash flow
2020-03-31TheNextWebScientists are working on new ways to recycle chemicals from electronic waste
2020-03-31TheNextWebThe night is always darkest before the dawn
2020-03-31TheNextWebMeet the quarantined street photographers documenting life in ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’
2020-03-31TheNextWebAnimal Crossing’s Tom Nook is a patriarchal tyrant in raccoon form
2020-03-31TheNextWebDaily Distraction: How to get fit within your four walls
2020-03-31TheNextWebHoly sheet: Here’s how to grab a web page’s data with Google Sheets
2020-03-31TheNextWebThe debut electric vehicle from former Tesla engineer faces delay
2020-03-31TheNextWebCoronavirus hype leads New York’s top lawyer to probe Zoom over security
2020-03-31TheNextWebHere’s why Huawei’s P40 has US components despite the ban
2020-03-31TheNextWebIf you’re starting an online business, this suite of over 50 tools for the entrepreneur can help
2020-03-31TheNextWebFacebook offers $100 million to help news outlets during coronavirus
2020-03-31TheNextWebAn entrepreneur’s guide to startups battling COVID-19
2020-03-31TheNextWebClaims that AI detects coronavirus in X-rays aren’t convincing medical experts
2020-03-31TheNextWebHow to sort your Facebook feed by most recent in the new redesign
2020-03-30TheNextWebHow to adapt your content and PR strategies during the coronavirus pandemic
2020-03-30TheNextWebNarcissistic CEOs weaken collaboration and integrity
2020-03-30TheNextWebCOVID-19: All you need to know about testing for this coronavirus
2020-03-30TheNextWebIt’s official: The OnePlus 8 series will be revealed April 14
2020-03-30TheNextWebA year after Inbox’s demise, Gmail still doesn’t have its best features
2020-03-30TheNextWebSaudi Arabia allegedly spied on its citizens in the US through a network flaw
2020-03-30TheNextWebUK electric vehicle charging point expansion plans paused — because coronavirus
2020-03-30TheNextWebByte Me #14: Bat Woman, Britney Spears, and social distance warriors
2020-03-30TheNextWebLabs experiment with new and unproven methods to create COVID-19 vaccine
2020-03-30TheNextWebHQ Trivia is making a comeback, thanks to an unnamed investor
2020-03-30TheNextWebSatoshi Nakaboto: ‘Bitcoin is now worth as much as PayPal’
2020-03-30TheNextWebSave hundreds on Microsoft Excel training that will really make a difference
2020-03-30TheNextWebSocial distancing doesn’t have to seal off your world. Here’s how to open it back up.
2020-03-30TheNextWebStudies of racist algorithms don’t break anti-hacking law, court rules
2020-03-30TheNextWebThe Resident Evil 3 remake falls short of its amazing predecessor
2020-03-30TheNextWebBMW readies for hydrogen-powered X5 tests in 2022
2020-03-30TheNextWebDaily Distraction: Kicking Monday away
2020-03-30TheNextWebStudy: Awkward pauses in online calls make us see people differently
2020-03-30TheNextWebThe Analog Motion AM1 e-bike is a great budget ride for sweaty commuters
2020-03-30TheNextWebEven in isolation, your time is valuable. Integrity Training can help you take full advantage of those hours.
2020-03-30TheNextWebWorld Health Organization and gaming industry partner to encourage social distancing
2020-03-30TheNextWebScientists use AI system to translate brain activity into text
2020-03-30TheNextWebMicrosoft rebrands Office 365 as it adds features for beyond work hours
2020-03-30TheNextWebBezos and Musk’s internet-from-space race is back on
2020-03-29TheNextWebWhat will we do when diseases reach space?
2020-03-29TheNextWebThe distorted idea of ‘cool’ brain research is stifling psychotherapy
2020-03-29TheNextWeb3 critical App Store Optimization mistakes you’re overlooking
2020-03-28TheNextWebIn one hour, you could be ready to be a certified AWS cloud services professional
2020-03-28TheNextWebSlack wants to let you call Microsoft Teams users (yes, you read that right)
2020-03-28TheNextWebComet Atlas could be the brightest comet in decades
2020-03-28TheNextWebHow chronic stress changes the brain — and what you can do to reverse the damage
2020-03-28TheNextWebWhat designers can learn from Candy Crush’s brilliant UX