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2020-04-01indiewireListen to Samuel L. Jackson When He Tells You ‘Motherf*ckers’ to Social Distance — Watch
2020-04-01indiewire‘Contagion’ Still Tops Classic Streaming Titles, Along With ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Fifty Shades’
2020-04-01indiewireTelevision Streaming Increased 85 Percent During March — Report
2020-04-01indiewireStream of the Day: ‘The Spectacular Now’ and the Brilliant Long Take That Deserves More Praise
2020-04-01indiewire‘Rise of Skywalker’ Axed Storylines: Finn’s Lost Sibling, Poe’s ‘Apocalypse Now’ Journey
2020-04-01indiewireA Shutdown Theater Turned Its Parking Lot Into a Drive-In and Sold Out Every Movie
2020-04-01indiewireChristopher Meloni to Star as Elliot Stabler in ‘SVU’ Spinoff Series For NBC
2020-04-01indiewireHBO to Pay Actors on Shows Impacted by Coronavirus Production Delays
2020-03-31indiewire‘To the Stars’ Trailer: ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ Favorite Kara Hayward in Sundance Hit
2020-03-31indiewire‘The Plot Against America’ Episode 3 Review: The Pace Picks Up as the Walls Close In
2020-03-31indiewireJohn Krasinski, Steve Carell Discuss Favorite ‘The Office’ Memories
2020-03-31indiewire‘The Plot Against America’: Costume Designer Jeriana San Juan Breaks the Mold on 1940s Fashion
2020-03-31indiewireDozens of 100-Year-Old Photos From the Making of ‘Dr. Caligari’ Go Up For Auction
2020-03-31indiewireTrevor Noah’s Big ‘Tiger King’ Lesson: Joe Exotic and Trump Are the Same Person
2020-03-31indiewireStream of the Day: Time-Traveling Romance ‘About Time’ Proves the Value of the Present Moment
2020-03-31indiewire‘Elephant’ Review: Meghan Markle Narrates Another Emotional, Educational Disneynature Doc
2020-03-31indiewire‘Better Call Saul’ Review: Commitments Great and Small Anchor a Fantastic ‘JMM’
2020-03-31indiewire‘The Scheme’ Review: College Cheating Scandal Doc Hints at a Bigger Problem
2020-03-31indiewireEdgar Wright to Direct Film Adaptation of ‘Set My Heart to Five’ Novel
2020-03-31indiewire‘Normal People’ Trailer: Sally Rooney’s Bestselling Novel Steams Up Hulu
2020-03-31indiewireWhen Quentin Tarantino First Tried to Direct Brad Pitt’s Shirtless ‘Hollywood’ Scene He Failed Miserably
2020-03-31indiewireEmmy Predictions 2020: Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
2020-03-31indiewire‘My Brilliant Friend’ Episode 3 Review: An Unhappy Lila Takes Her Rage Out on Everybody
2020-03-31indiewireSony Aggressively Pushes Back Its Entire Summer Release Slate
2020-03-30indiewire‘Ozark’ Boss Breaks Down Season 3 Finale Shocker and What It Means for Season 4
2020-03-30indiewire‘Trying’ Trailer: Apple TV+ Tries Its Hand at Parenting in British Comedy Series — Watch
2020-03-30indiewireNATO and Will Rogers Foundation Offer Assistance Fund for Out-of-Work Movie Theater Employees
2020-03-30indiewire‘Outlander’ Review: War Hits, and the Fate of a Major Character Ends on a Cliffhanger
2020-03-30indiewire‘The Walking Dead’ Review: ‘Look at the Flowers’ Gets the Job Done Despite Being Overly Familiar
2020-03-30indiewire‘Westworld’ Review: Episode 3 Showcases Tessa Thompson and Starts a Revolution — Spoilers
2020-03-30indiewireStream of the Day: ‘Stop Making Sense’ Will Give You All the Joy You Need to Get Through the Week
2020-03-30indiewire‘Tiger King’ Fans Go Crazy Over Connection Between Netflix Series and Britney Spears
2020-03-30indiewire‘Genius: Aretha’ Becomes Latest Emmy Contender Ousted By Delay
2020-03-30indiewireJohn Oliver: Trump Is Less Equipped for This Crisis Than Anyone in History Could’ve Been
2020-03-30indiewireExhibitors Sweat as Audiences Warm to the Studios’ VOD Experiment
2020-03-30indiewire‘Run’ Review: Merritt Wever and Domhnall Gleeson Carry a Romantic Thriller That Can’t Find Its Stride
2020-03-30indiewire‘Matrix 4’ Crew Members Band Together to Seek Financial Aid After Filming Shutdown
2020-03-30indiewireThe ‘Succession’ Opening Credits You Love So Much Owe a Lot to David Fincher — Watch
2020-03-30indiewire‘The Good Fight’ Season 4 Trailer: Things Are About to Get ‘Motherf*cking Nuts’
2020-03-30indiewire‘Three Busy Debras’ Review: Bite-Sized Absurdist Comedy Upends Suburban Boredom, but It Needs More Zing
2020-03-30indiewire‘Tiger King’ Directors Face Off Against Carole Baskin After She Slams ‘Salacious’ Series
2020-03-30indiewireCritics Choice Real TV Awards Delayed Until Late June
2020-03-30indiewireSenior Disney Executives to Take Pay Cuts Due to Coronavirus
2020-03-30indiewirePremium VOD Dominates FandangoNOW Top 10, Led by ‘The Invisible Man’
2020-03-29indiewireTiffany Haddish Says She and Her ‘Girls Trip’ Co-Stars Are Blazing Ahead on a Sequel
2020-03-29indiewireSpike Lee Shares Script for Unmade Jackie Robinson Passion Project — Read Now
2020-03-29indiewireKrzysztof Penderecki Dies: Influential Composer With Music in ‘The Shining’ and ‘Twin Peaks’ Was 86
2020-03-29indiewireJ.J. Abrams Says Hollywood Can Learn From Original TV Like ‘Fleabag’ and ‘Atlanta’
2020-03-29indiewireGamechangers in Box-Office History: When ‘Titanic‘ Proved Its Dominance, Once and For All
2020-03-29indiewireRyan Gosling Heading Back to Outer Space in New Adaptation From ‘The Martian’ Author
2020-03-28indiewire‘Ozark’ Spoilers Review: Season 3 Delivers, From Marital Battles to a Bang-Bang Ending
2020-03-28indiewireIssa Rae’s ‘Insecure’ Gets the Mobile Game Treatment
2020-03-28indiewireJeffrey Katzenberg Is Courting J.J. Abrams for Quibi: ‘He’s Leaning in and Is Intrigued’
2020-03-28indiewireWatching Kate Winslet Demonstrate Proper Hand-Washing Is the Salve We Need Right Now
2020-03-28indiewire‘Dragon’s Lair’: Ryan Reynolds in Talks to Star in Netflix’s Video Game Adaptation
2020-03-28indiewireStreamers See Huge Subscriber Gains as Viewers Seek Out Indoor Entertainment
2020-03-28indiewire‘The Mandalorian’: Michael Biehn to Guest Star in Season 2, Bill Burr Set to Return
2020-03-28indiewireTrish Regan Out at Fox Business After Referring to Coronavirus as ‘Impeachment Scam’